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  1. Sent you a PM with an updated file that has zero ingame ui functions. Let me know if that fixed the issue and ill push the update(s) to all the files. Can use "WhatsGoingOn" plugin, if you need ingame stuff.
  2. Its possible it could be from the lua events via the ingame interface. Can you please try disabling the interface. (DisableLINE 4) in the profile editor list. And get back to me please. I may just remove the interface all together with the new plugins avaialble.
  3. Sometimes the windows defender will trigger the exe as a virus. to fix this youi just need to add it into the exception list for the defender
  4. Shoot me a PM, I can give you the custom code used in most of my Profiles if you are interested. The link above works too!
  5. Great! Humanmasterplugin will help you greatly. Glad you are doing well man. If you have questions or issues don't hesistate to ask us
  6. as for vanilla profiles working. The content is the exact same. So Yes the profiles will work. Same ID's same everything. So if you could explain your problem a little better i could help.
  7. My profile contains custom codes to click flight paths, and to use them in certain situations while questing. I dont controll buying food or drinks that is a plugin that you should look for on the forums. HMP does this. Its a simple runluacode that goes to the flight path clicks, it then clicks the defined destination. If you do not have the destination then you will run into issues, for example starting at level 20 and not having camp taurajo FP. and the profile says lets fly to taurajo.. Well it wont =p. Other than the flight path issue. There are plugins like "Vanilla Flight Master" or its updated version atleast, which will always fly. I recommend you look into using this.
  8. Yea he needs to contact me - as stated in all posts + Rocketr on discord. Andoido#0218 In order to get the fix for this since my auth server is no more, you and the many beofre you are getting a fixed version.
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