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  1. Title Change! 2/15/19 Come check out the stream, starting ina bout 5-10 minutes. Going to be showing everybody Andoido's botting techniques, tips tricks, etc. Great info come check me out 😃
  2. https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCm9AVFUq6a4yJTwjas20DYw/live Live! OR https://www.twitch.tv/wow_bots Twitch
  3. Stream is back up guys 😃 Come support, talk etc
  4. Stream going live in about 10 minutes!! Hopeto see you there guys
  5. 3,149 downloads and not one person besides you... mentiones this? odd. should work dood.... i re-encrypted it and works fine for me.
  6. Hey all! Heres the stream to the remake of Alliance. I hoipe this helps you like it has MANYothers! 2/15/19 Going to go over a lot of tips and tricks for everybody who is a botter! If you wanna learn some neato shit come tune in. Also working on the 1-60 Remake , a lot of new stuff to check out! https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCm9AVFUq6a4yJTwjas20DYw/live
  7. is your file size 0kb? I Reccomend re-downloading the file it should be 39 bytes in size. Not set to a reference usually means this. Are you using "QUESTER" bot? - You should be. Do you have a good fight class? Try switching them if they are public.
  8. hmm, I dont have any code that forces the bot to use hearthstone my friend. If you have Human Master Plugin, it could be that. or another plugin perhaps? Hillsbrad, basically just grinds, back to back. No other codes unfortunatly.
  9. does it? ill have a look at this. Are you sure you dont have this quest unchecked?
  10. thats why =x, tbc has different code that vanilla. and requires more attention. just skip the quest for now. Uncheck everything from the IF to ENDIF,, for the kodos.