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Found 45 results

  1. How go to next file

    I use grinder mod, for example,I am lvl 15, use profile lvl15-20,when i am lvl 20,I want use profile 20-25 automatic ,how to set?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Nether Scale farmer It will grind nether dragons for Nether Scales.
  3. hey folks, i created a lot grinder profiles by myself and yeah, i love this bot :D . Now i have a problem with a new profile . In a classic zone (first classic zone profile). I setup my waypoints, npc id´s and then a vendor npc, a repairing npc and a mailbox (clicked guy nearest to mailbox ^^) . Now i enable selling/repairing mailing and my toon walks on vendorrun (i set to 100 minutes) not to this 2 guys. He went straight through 3 other country, in a zone which is +30 level for him. I would share my profile private to someone who can help me. Ty shamroxx
  4. Hi there so I am just getting used to the bot, but one thing I cannot seem to solve is that my profiles are working as I want them following the path I have set up and are killing mobs in that area, with the setting to reverse the paths once getting to the end of the grind. However always my bot goes off the path I have given it and goes off on its own killing spree. For example I made a profile north of darkshore killing crabs as a test, but the bot decided it much prefered killing the crabs to the south and in the water around darkshore which I never gave it way points to do so. Is there a setting somewhere to limit how far it will go from the path I give the bot. Thanks
  5. Hey! I'm using Wrobot for several months now and never had an issue i couldnt really fix on my own.But now when i start the grinder bot for skinning which is the most basic one in my opinion my character just skips mobs or just kills them without skinning them at all. i used the same settings and profiles for months without any problems and now i cant get a single one of them to work.i have no issues with gatherer fishing or any other botbase so i keep wondering why the grinder is so bugged. I reinstalled wrobot multiple times and wrote some new profiles without any progress.Skinning and Ninja loot is on, latency change didnt work out either. I attached a log of a 5min bot session where nothing worked out. 1 Aug 2017 14H52.log.html
  6. Version 1.0.0


    takes off from . If you used that profile you should be in lower STV so take the boat from BB to Ratchet, walk down the merchant coast for a bit until you hit the box '1' from the screenshot- start the profile and let the bot do its thing. This is a quest profile- load it as a quest profile. 35-38 Duskwallow murlocks 38-40 Duskwallow blackhoof tauren 40-43 1-Thousand needle Galaks 43-45 Tanaris Sandfury trolls 45-50 Tanaris Dunemaul compund 50-55 Un Goro loops 55-50 Sithilus loops enable selling Its a grinder so if your gear is not so great take an hour to run an instance or two to get some passable gear Add cloth to 'do not sell list' to make some OK gold. there is merit in turning on 'accept resurection sickness' in special options tab if your bot is undergeared... a few times if the bot dies in the middle of a camp it would just keep ressing and dying so taking res sickness should stop that. My bots has no issues moving between zones- let me know if you encounter issues.
  7. Hello there, what happens to me is that if I farm place which is heavily farmed. My bot will go and use instant on one of the mobs, but since it is heavily farmed.. some people tag the mob before me and bot still goes all out against that mob, wasting time and efficiency, also giving others time to tag other mobs, while helping the enemy. Heh. Well is there a way for bot to recognise whether I have tagged the mob? And if not leave it... At the moment I am botting on tbc
  8. How Do I add repair into my route?

    I setup a nice grinding path. There is a repair next to my path. How can I add the NPC to my path so I can repair/sell junk during my grind? thanks.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Hey there, i just created a simple grinding profile i use to level my Alts from 85-90. It also grinds a lot of Meat and the turtles are skinable and provide a lot of Sha-Touched Leather. Enjoy Grinding
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Hey fellow Companions, just a farm spot for Sumptuos Fur in the South of Nagrand [Draenor]. It got 400 Loots / hr without skinning. So its around 600 to 800 Fur / hr. Enjoy Grinding
  11. Hello again, did you miss me ? Anyway. I recently began to mess up with the party chat command plugin from droidz, to study the way the bot can work with user input from the game itself. It turned out the bot can do a crazy tons of things with this plugins. So i began making a quest profile that use the custom commands to make the bot do simple things like grind a mob or gather some stuff around him. With this system, the player can play his character while being assissted by the bot. example: "go take out thoses bunnies around my farm" - NPC - just target a bunny, use a macro, and the bot will grind the bunnies as long has the user tell him to stop. The problem is... is it possible to change the profile or change a specific settings while the bot is running ? If i use the automaton to grind bunnies, i need to set the bunnies as the mobs to kill. I was thinking of use the grinder and create a profile everytime you use the farm command then restart the bot but it might cause trouble to users with low performanc pc. Do you guys have any idea ?
  12. Evade Fix

    Alright, so I know this question has been posed numerous times but i've only been able to find superficial fixes that dont really address the problem. We all know sometimes mobs evade / are bugged and it can be frustrating when you leave bot for 8 hours, come back and its STILL trying to attack the same mob. I understand current fixes are: A. Blacklist the mob / area B. use "Move During Combat" Plugin. Problem with A: its hard to monitor every single mob that will bug out, and often it only bugs because of where you are standing, also it requires you to have the problem before you can fix it, which makes it easy for people to report you (for attacking same mob for hours). Problem with B: Move During combat is probably the best solution, but still only solves part of the problem. some mobs are so stuck, that no matter how much you move it will still evade. Or if you are a hunter, the mob is attacking your pet and regardless of if you move, the mob will not. Solution: Surely there is a way in which the bot can determine the mob is not losing health after X amount of time, and autoblack list it and move on? other free crappy bot programs have this feature implemented which works great. I know its been asked but its never been answered, why cant this feature be implemented?
  13. hallo brauche hilfe beim erstellen eines grinderprofiles. alles passt bis auf die stelle wo ich in dalaran ein portal nutzen möchte. lasse das profil aufzeichnen. doch beim portal hakt es. wie kann ich es benutzen. muss ich etwas einfügen? Hello need help with creating a grinderprofiles. Everything fits to the place where I would like to use a portal in dalaran. Let the profile record. But with the hobby it. How can I use it. Do I have to insert something?
  14. I was just wondering how I can run a grinder profile in between battlegrounds during the que. I know there is the option to "use different product during que" I can select Grinder but I am not sure how to choose a profile for the grinder. So for now my Character just sits and waits in between ques. Thanks!
  15. I'm using topfit, it is perfect that i can adjust the weights of each stat, but it is not working well because it doesn't equip bind on items that drop from mobs.. Any other addon that can help me?
  16. Hello. I've set my grinder bot to drink when my mana is at or below 30%. After it has drunk the water up to 100% mana, the bot just sits there, nothing happens. 18.13.25 - [Regen] Started 18.13.25 - [Regen] Use drink Purified Draenic Water Is there a way for it to automatically continue grinding, or do I have to stop and resume the bot every time this happens?
  17. Lunarwing Shallows (100-110)

    Version 1.0.0


    Simple Grinder profile that takes place at Lunarwing Shallows in Val'sharah. I get an average of 130k XP/Hr. Rate varies of course.Be cautious while using as the area is a Quest Line area and also a World Quest area. So activity can be high at times. Please leave feedback/review.
  18. Hi, I looking for some help/guidance on how I would approach creating a profile for a dungeon in vanilla wow(private server). What product would be best used? Quester? Grinder profile with hotspots? I would be doing this as a party and my first profile in WC(Wailing Caverns). I have my own private server for testing so and help or guidance as to where I would begin would be greatly appreciated! Seems to be a very new thing on this forum, and finding educational material for me as a new member is starting to become a bit overwhelming. As guessing is really not going to get me anywhere. I have had a look at this; However that seems it heavily relies on the the objective tracker which doesn't exist on vanilla wow. Or is their a way to do whats displayed in this video and it be applied to vanilla wow aswell? As I said before any help will be greatly appreciated. P.S. Wasn't quite sure whether to put this thread here in general assistance or under Vanilla Wow Private server. Moderators move if necessary, thanks in advance.
  19. Version 1.0.1


    This is grinder profiles to farm Coin of Many Faces in Shadowmoon Valley. Profile grind this mobs: Brackish Cultivator Salty Dreg Boneship Reveler You must be character level 100, only farmable while Hallow's End active. My profiles
  20. Hallo ich bin noch neu beim "Botte", könnt ihr mir sagen, was man machen muss um ein Profil zu machen, welches alle Spots von Poseidus abklappert und diesen killt. Ich wäre euch sehr dankbar für eure Hilfe
  21. Hello, I didn't see this anywhere else yet (or I'm bad at searching) but whenever my Warrior hits a target and Mace Stun (talent) procs he drops target and acts like it doesn't exist - moving on to the next viable target. Generally this just results in him running a few steps away and then the mace stun effect finishes and he runs back to attack - others can be problematic when he gets himself on a 2v1 scenario actually reaching another mob in 4 seconds. Any ideas as to why this might be the case? Thanks,
  22. 1-13 Mulgore

    Version 1.0.0


    Vendor Repair Mailbox Classtrainer Important Set Search Radius to 40
  23. Was trying to run a profile I made and tried blacklisting a mob that is currently invincible in the game, but since the mob attacked my char first my char will never stop turning around and trying to attack it. the mob is blacklisted and I double checked and made sure it's not in the target list either. the mob is the felblood initiate in the outlands
  24. Temple of Shaanar Daily

    Version 1.0


    This is technically a Grinder Profile but it is solely to complete the Daily quest Assault on the Temple of Sha'naar. Download, place it in the Grinder Profile section, run your character there and click start. Some gear is required to solo. My character is a 690 Feral Druid and has no troubles at all doing this. Takes roughly 45-60 minutes to complete. Any questions or concerns just post a comment and I'll get back to you asap!
  25. Grinder failed to start

    Anyone else getting this error? Only happening for one character. Not sure what the deal is. Gatherer works [E] 15:37:39 - Load(): System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Grinder.SettingsUserControl.Putoqaoh() [E] 15:37:42 - Save(): System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Grinder.SettingsUserControl.Xuwox() [E] 15:37:49 - Save(): System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Grinder.SettingsUserControl.Xuwox() [E] 15:37:50 - Grinder > Bot > Bot > Pulse(): System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Grinder.Bot.UguluebupevuodOliam.ExiuvivefacoloJeuka() 15:37:50 - [Grinder] Failed to start [E] 15:37:51 - Save(): System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Grinder.SettingsUserControl.Xuwox()