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  1. Version


    Check out the promo video! Tracker++ is a plugin for WRobot that has been in development since 2018 when it’s original release was known as, “WRadar”. Tracker++ will allow the user to use two basic key-binds, [Insert] and [Delete] to add and remove Target object names, or Game Object names to a list in memory (unless the user specifies to keep their lists saved to text files for each character logged in). If the player is near any of the added entities and the settings allow it -- WRobot’s Radar3D will draw lines and circles to the entities’ position from the player’s position.
  2. Version 1.01


    Basic Player Detector to play an alert file if someone was found nearby. I may update this further. Tested on 3.3.5a but it should work on everything i think. How to Install: Put the plugin in your plugins folder. Put the alert.wav at WRobot/Plugins/Sound/alert.wav Enable the Plugin. Purpose: I just wanted a very basic alert working before I dig into doing some custom behaviors to look more human. It will print out player-names if any are in render distance, if they stay in render distance longer than 15 seconds, you hear an alert. Note: T
  3. Version 1.6.2


    Replaces the current, unreliable taxi system of wRobot with a dedicated system for Vanilla WoW. It also adds the functionality to automatically discover previously undiscovered taxi nodes. It is currently Alliance only, due to primary created with my quester profiles in mind. Don't ask me to create a version for Horde as well. I have plans for that, but without an appointment. Features: -Take taxi, when detecting a long path -Discover undiscovered taxi nodes -Optional: Automatically updates the discovered / undiscovered taxi nodes of a character, when the taxi map
  4. I would like to create a simple addon with a basic frame that can be dragged around the screen, and will show strings of text from my plugin. I am not quite sure how to communicate between the addon and Wrobot's plugin. Thank you in advance!
  5. Version


    GoToClick - a WRotation plugin This plugin enables the user to move to a location by a click on the Wow map. To move on, just hold ctrl and click! Note: - The plugin itself is a port from another bot credits can be found in the file. - The plugin doesn't support travel to other continents(api limitations), but supports typical actions like using taxi or unstuck.
  6. Version 1.0.1


    Hello, Ive been using few quest profiles here and there and I noticed everyone of them was missing crucial thing for me.. which is training herbalism and skinning (and buying skinning knife and not selling it later..) So I decided to make a plugin which is doing following things: Currently works only for Humans 1) Go to SW at lvl 6 (or if ure higher up to lvl 10) and bind HS to SW 2) Train herbalism 3) Train skinning 4) Buy skinning knife and blacklist it so it never sells it 5) Set skinning and herbing "on" in wrobot settings 6) Check if you have 5
  7. Version 1.2.0


    EvadeHate stops fights with evading npcs and blacklist it. Currently it only works for english clients. If you encounter any problems feel free to post a log with the proceedings and information about the used product, fightclass & a screenshot of the situation would be helpful. Additional features: -take screenshot on evaded npc -fight back if npc is attacking the player again (currently it only detects the player's target - bugged combatlog) => since new changes to combatlog, a new version can be expected, if other projects are done Any Ideas
  8. Version 1.0.2


    This is my Dungeon Party (Dungeon bot) for WRobot. It's an advanced plugin that makes it possible to use/make dungeon profiles. It makes sure that your groups stays together, lets the tank pull while the group follows. For support and suggestions please use: https://wrobot.eu/forums/forum/91-dungeon-party-plugin/ Purchase Links https://sellfy.com/p/sdHg/ You are buying a digital product, there are no refunds. ** Release sale: 25% discount the first week! ** ** DOES NOT INCLUDE DUNGEON PROFILES FOR ALL DUNGEONS - ONLY INCLUDING PROFILE FOR RFC!! ** Features: The
  9. Version 1.0.0a


    Tag ‘n Bag Plugin UPDATE 5/30/2019: In case anyone is wondering, I have not abandoned this project and have started working on a new update as of today. I will be making various functionality improvements, bug fixes, and fixing GroupRegen. I will be working on this during my free-time (which I do not have a lot of) so this update should be released in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned 😉
  10. Version 1.0.0


    ONLY FOR WoW 3.3.5a! | or 3.3.5a+ before poisons get spells, but not tested yet! Plugin to refresh Poisons after they expired. You can set your Poisons in the Plugin Settings. Installation: Extract the two files into the the plugins folder! Then start/restart WRobot and activate EasyPoison under the Plugins Tab. Setup your Poisons: Go into the plugin settings and fill the field's of the main/offhand poisons with your poison-name(case sensitive!) or poison-itemid of choice. NOTICE/SELF-HELP:
  11. Good morning. There is some plugin for Party. I need the party not to split up and play together.
  12. Hi! Im trying to grind level my rogue as safe as possible because its movement so stuttering, im probably getting a report from every other players. So i came up with the idea to make a fightclass thats always casts stealth out of combat, and stays stealthed between every mobs / npc. My problem is the bot casts stealth right after out of combat, and then loots wich is brakes the stealth. Is there any way to make a delay before casting the spell so it will loot / skin first and then casts stealth or any option to make a loot/skin -> stealth order? Thanks for the help!
  13. Is there a plugin that can made disenchanting automatic like milling and prospecting for wotlk 3.3.5a? I know there is one for Mop but it doesn't work on wotlk. The addon TSM and Destroy is not working for wotlk either.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    About This File Auto update every spells you have in every action bars with the highest rank of the spell you have in your spell book. How it works: The plugin checks every 5 minutes every spells you have in your spell book. For every spell it will find if you have it in an action bar slot and replace it with the highest rank of this spell you have in your spell book Limitations: The plugin only upgrade the first spell he will find in your action bars (wow vanilla api ...) so if you have more than 1 time a spell in
  15. Version 1.0.1


    Another super simple plugin. It will attempt to buy any item from the list that you set, every "Buy Interval" which you can set. Probably best to do this with wrotation, without setting a fightclass. The idea behind it is to leave your char afk with the vendor frame open for a limited availability recipe you want and it will buy it as soon as it comes into stock. Things I may add: Only buy up to X amount of an item Mail items in item list to X char then return to vendor Move to a safe place until you want to recheck if limited supply item is available DISCLAIMER
  16. Hey, I'll start off with that I don't know how to script, only modify already existing ones. What would make my day is a plugin, I don't know if it's simple to make, but I think a lot of people could benefit from it. I believe such a plugin could be valuable for a wide range of classes, at least what I try to do when I bot is to get as little attention as possible. A plugin such as this, would greatly improve that. Kind regards, Zeeb. 🙂
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Character jumps at random times. Timers can be modified in the settings.
  18. I was hoping someone could develop a small plugin for the Quester module that just disables helping group members in combat when the quest objectives of the current quest are completed.
  19. Need help with converting the plugin Honorbuddy for WRobot. https://www.thebuddyforum.com/threads/gb2-primal-might-zapthrottle-mote-extractor-primal-farming-profiles.27402/ Very strange that it still does not exist.
  20. Version 11.23


    this plugin check for item ID and check for buff ID, and if you have item and doesnt have buff will use that item to gain buff. works only when you NOT: dead, in combat, not moving, not flying, not casting by default only added: http://www.wowhead.com/item=147877/celebration-package for buff http://www.wowhead.com/spell=243305/wows-13th-anniversary you can add item ID and spell ID in settings: flasks, potions, runes or other Example: for http://www.wowhead.com/item=136708/demonsteel-stirrups add item ID 136708 and buff ID 209563 My profiles
  21. Version 0.1.0


    It is a work in progress, but i think it is already pretty useful, so try the beta release and please post any feature requests or bug reports below. So whats the purpose of "Me Human" ? One way to get banned is due to other players watching your character grind / farm for hours and report you. "Me Human" hopefully will reduce that. How will "Me Human" do that ? "Me Human" will detect if other players are near me and if so it will react in some way. - Opening the World Map, other players should see the map animation on your character and hopefully think "Yeah no bot would open the map" - W
  22. Version 1.0.0


    A simple plugin that applies lure to fishing pole. Bot checks if main hand weapon (fishing pole) has weapon enchant active, if not then it tries to apply the lure. How to: Set lure name in the plugin settings (default: Shiny Bauble) Make sure fishing pole is equipped (plugin does not check for that) Start the bot
  23. Hi, is it possible to "intercept/override" the "move-to-gather node" state of gatherer? I want to add some basic anti-stuck when flying to a node via a plugin. Like ascending / strafing some yards when distance to the gathe rnode does not change for like 5 seconds. Thanks for any help
  24. Hello everyone, I found this (potentially) awesome plugin that would easily allow me to run my bots in a dungeon with a simple grinder script. When I activate the plugin and run start the bot, WRobot just crashes. I'm not good at coding so I'm struggeling a little with altering my fightclasses to run perfectly together as a group. However my only problem right now is my party heal, actually off healers. Does anybody know how to fix this plugin? I am running it on vanilla. Depending on how severe the problem with the plugin is, i am willing to pay a little to have it runni
  25. Hi, I want to pause Gatherer Prodcut at a certain situation, do other stuff for a while (like killing a mob) and then unpausing Gatherer again on my plugin. If i command directly like; Interact.InteractGameObject(Npc.GetBaseAddress); Bot stucks between "continue gather" and "Interact object". It goes back and forward for a while and in the end decide for one of them. It sometimes really "Interact" with the object, sometimes ignore this command and continue to run current gather profile. How can i just pause runnig profile and do stuff for a while?
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