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Found 43 results

  1. Hello i am trying to run wrobot with relogger, but whenever wrobot starts it pops up a window asking me to select a xml profile. and it wont load the gathering profile i selected on relogger, same with class fight profile
  2. Running WRobot through Wine

    Hello, I've heard numerous people are running WRobot through Wine or its derivatives. I had no success myself yet. I'm creating a blank wrapper, adding the WRobot No DX.exe to it, pressing launch and absolutely nothing happens. I'm on OSX. Would appreciate any help.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Support only in my DISCORD! Hello Wrobot Community, This is my first Profile that comes Online to you! this Questing Profile start at the Human Zone(other zones will added later) and Questing at the moment from Level 1 to 30 for you! this profile will be for free and i will add new zones in the next days that it goes from 30-XXX but this will take many time that the Profile is finish No Screenshots becaus i will do a Video later(comes Tonight!) If you dont wanna level a Human you can SKIP the first Quests and start at Number [25] but atleast level your Character to level 5 befor you start then! Discord: Invite Link Donate: Donate with Paypal!
  4. Version 1.0.8


    World of Warcraft (Vanilla) leveling profiles: - new version uploaded (download on sellfy), making it much more afk friendly! - Unfortunately other people have started to sell my profiles - (so updates won't be added before some kind of security) - The profiles are still in Alpha - Created for Vanilla version 1.12.1 ! (Use it on TBC / WOTLK at your own risk - specific profiles for these expansions will be released later this year) - I have focused on doing as many quests as possible (following Jonas Vanilla guide) * Read the spoiler - The profiles only support new Chars (chances are it will need a lot of pre-quests, and therefore run really bad, if you don't use it from level 1.) Shop: Press the "reveal hidden content" Setup guide - Read me before you start the profiles !: Press the "reveal hidden content" The future plan for the profiles: Upcoming (so stay tuned): Clean up + adding stuff like flightpaths, HS, Boat/zeppelins and so on Remember this is a huge project, and it takes time to complete each mark, so be patient. Note: I have stopped making refunds from people buying a file for the wrong version of the game ! Almost on a daily basis someone bought it and though it was for retail/other versions of the game, so read the description before you buy please. And as i can't remove your axx from the selly, all sales are now final! Happy old school WoW end game experience!! Direct link: Find my other work here:
  5. Hello, I searched around the forums a bit, but I cannot find an answer here. I was wondering how I can insert abilities based on the condition that I am fighting an actual player of the opposite faction? reaction = UnitReaction("unit", "otherUnit"); -- In Blizzard Code, UnitReaction is only used between the player and a Non Player Controlled target. Would I need to check each enum? wManager.Wow.Enums.PlayerFactions.Dwarf
  6. Relogger not working

    hey, i need some help with the re logger. everything is set to what it should be. it logs in okay enters the right details but it gets stuck when selecting which wow to operate. i set it to WoW 3 but it would just stay stuck on the pick option to select a wow. i have to manually click on wow 3 before it enters the world. is there a way to fix this

    hey ive been running the bot. everything is normal, but when i go to start it up again for the next session the files have all changed to .config the application and all has changed. i tried to run the updater to fix it but nothing happen it just came up with errors. when i got to reinstall wrobot everything is fine i open update it starts to load everything but when its done and i press launch nothing pops up. i looked in the files and the application file to open wrobot isnt there. i tried re-downloading everything again multiple times and its still not in the files
  8. Click start NOTHING (QUESTER)

    Hi i load a profil and a fight class but when i click on strat nothing happened im currently at the 7.2.5 of wow uptade and my window is uptade , i download all the thing that forum says of how to repair but nothing work :( PLZ HELP ME :) 5 août 2017 00H32.log.html
  9. Português (BR) translation

    Version pt_br_1.9


    Tradução do WRobot feita por mim :) Reportem erros se possível! Obrigado Aproveitem
  10. well i'm new in game and never played previous expensions. i moved to US but i could only afford the battlechest without legion. So i don't know what to farm and what sells good normally. anyone know what is good to farm so i can buy game time, and also sell some gold?
  11. I'm currently trying out WRobot to see if it fits my needs. I was able to find a Combat Routine for feral druid somewhere online, and also some herb/mining profiles. Now, WRobot is basicly doing a fine job, but as soon as the bot detects an ore node or a heb, it flies directly towards it, in a straight line. More than often does this lead to problems, for example if there's a hill/mountain between my char and the target. Or a tree, or whatever. I can't imagine other people don't encounter these problems as well, does anyone know a fix for this?
  12. Changing region?

    Is there a way to change region on relogger? I might get a US wow account soon so i am asking also is it possible to bot on 2 regions at the same time?
  13. hello, i'm needing some help on RMT since i'm new at it. currently i have 3 WoW bots running on official servers farming herbs and mining. roughly i make like 30-40k per day running the 3 of them 24/7. the Thing is, the best buyer i found is giving $0.04/k which is like $20 per 500k. So i really wonder if real RMT players still sell to those buyers or sell directly at other players, also won't that increase the chance of your account getting banned, since you would write in chat looking for buyers. And for a living i would have to make 500k everyday, and it does take some time to get 500k, 2 weeks probably. to get at least $500 monthly. am i missing something here? or is WoW RMT really that hard? sorry for the long thread but really needing some advice from RMT pros
  14. Hello, i'm looking for a partner that has many wow accounts, i have a server running 24/7 and we can bot there. hit me up if you're interested PM me or skype: robert.snow76
  15. hi i am having this issue where i start relogger and wrobot windows keep popping up without stopping, unless i stop relogger they keep opening 1 by 1. how can i fix this?
  16. relogger crashing

    ok so i have a relogger running on my old PC without any problems, but on my new PC it crashes when i run the relogger, it logs into the game and then crashes immediately. why is this happening? i have everything updated..
  17. Relogger crashing everytime

    this is so annoying, if i try to start wrobot through relogger the game gets to the loading screen and after a few seconds it will crash and re-open the wow client again. But it works fine if i open it through WRobot. i've tried to install net framework, directX disable blizzard streaming run pre-installed wrobot change operating system but none of them worked. how can i fix this?
  18. Hi. Been using Wrobot for off and on for 6 month. Wanna give all new user some helpful info in order to get started and to make some easy gold. First thing you shuold do after you install it is to update it (this does automaticly). After that take you time and download a fight class for your current class. It´s a small xml file that you can get from this page. You put it in your fight class folder. Alot of people talking about making brand new so called profiles in order to get the most off wrobot, this imo is unececary at first. You have plenty of built in profils in wrobot from the get go. Then you should take a bit of your time to go in advanced setting and set it up how you like it. After this you are set to go. I recommend you go get herb and mine at first. And chose gathering if you a low lv. Every herb and every mine you pick or farm will get you xp. When you have enuff gold buy bigger bags, this helps alot. Don´t think you can make millions of gold at first, ´that comes in time. Be patient, baby sit wrobot as much as possible. It´s common you get stuck ingame. Don´t bot 24/7. Turn off wrobot from time to time so Blizz don´t get your attention. Don´t put to much in Action house. Bot in low pop loctions. When you get more advanced in your boting you can if you want create your own profils. (This is a bit safer and harder for Blizz to detect). Bannwaves do happend. Thats life. So suicide bot if you can. Have fun and stay safe. Soory for my spelling.
  19. So I have 2 different issues the first being I am having issues with my bot going through periods of not being able to mount. When it goes through this period it will mount then dismount and just run around on foot to farm. It's really annoying and effecting the amount I can farm I have been trying to run multiple sessions but it is not working for some reason. I tried running multiple session on the same PC but when that didn't work I tried running multiple sessions on different PCs but same IP network. What typical happens is they will both will run for a while then one will stop working randomly. any suggestions? If you need any more info let me know and I will update the post
  20. Hello! First of, I don't know whether this is the right subforum or not, so my apologies in advance. The groundbreaking deal for me whether I'm buying the bot is whether my "main" account that I WILL NOT bot on can get banned if I bot on an alt account? And did you get banned for wrobot, even though botting "safe" 1-2 hours sessions? First post here, sorry if I'm breaking rules but I don't think I am, hopefully. Best Regards
  21. whats wrong with the bot?

    bot isnt working for me, i start relogger, it opens the game but it doesnt login, opens the wrobotbsaying game version incorrect and its updated. wut? i double checked my details and everything was right any fix for this?
  22. Can't update wrobot.

    hello i'm having a problem while trying to update wrobot. i do the regular update, but when i try to open the game it says the wrobot isn't updated and if i would like to update again, no matter how many times i update, it tells me to update over and over again
  23. Polska społeczność

    Witajcie Polacy, mam nadzieję, że jest tu Was trochę. Aktualnie pracuję nad spolszczeniem WRobota na język polski. Wczoraj przekazałem pierwszą, ale jak widać nie dokończoną wersję tłumaczeniową strony, pominąłem kilka tekstów, ale wybaczcie było już późno. Dzisiaj podeślę poprawioną wersję.Może macie jakieś propozycje dot. spolszczenia samej aplikacji czy strony? Może przyda się tłumaczenie poradników lub napisanie nowych?
  24. Just a feature request to make a mode either grinder or quest pulse to clear a path (attack before being attacked) for ALL npc's within a configured range while following a path, Reason being is with grinder the bot will always move towards the nearest mob and i notice the bot will spend extended periods of time in a single location if the respawn rate is fast. Even if you put a large area and amounts of pulse points it will sometimes spend a lot of time in a single location which can look suspect. If it was following a path it would move around a lot more and look less bottisht. Also a mode like that would be helpful for instance farming lower level raids.
  25. Hello, can someone explain me how can i create my own fighter profile? Because i prefer to use my own talents and class, Also do i need to learn some programming or something? Or is there a record function that will automatically create the fighting profile for me? Thanks