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Found 12 results

  1. Version 1.0.11


    WELCOME ! Authentication Server seems to be down or messed up - Any future purchases will be "NO Auth" versions. Over 1500+ man hours went into all of this work. Around 3,000 quests. Enjoy! Classic Retail Bot - info contact me. DISCOUNTS: Have you bought ANY of my profiles in the past? Offering a DISCOUNT to any of my Valued customers who have supported my work in the past! Contact me on Discord if you are and I will personally give you a discount coupon ATTENTION BUYERS: After purchasing, please open
  2. Version 1.0.1


    Exuals Northdale Horde 1-30 Kit 25 top quality, hand crafted, grinding profiles created by extensive database searching for optimal mobs based off level range, quest objectives nearby, pack density, neutrality, armor, value, PvP etc 13 quests in Stonetalon mountains for making accounts seem more realistic. Contains a hunter fightclass updated to handle Vanilla & overpopulated servers, adequately can handle multiple mob pulls, scare beast, feign death, etc. Based off Eeny's hunter fightclass, shout out to him. and a plugin that opens crab shells, it's nice.
  3. Hello guys i would love to buy Some Good profiles. for vanilla leveling human warrior. Pm Disc Carhdu#8223
  4. So far I am loving this bot, but the one thing I am not liking is the lack of profiles. It cant be that hard to switch profiles from like honorbuddy to here. I feel like you guys are going to get alot of people since honorbuddy is dead really. But the lack of profiles I think would turn them away.
  5. Is there a way to automatically change the gathering profile after an amount of time? Since 7.2 has dropped I've noticed a serious drop in gathered nodes per hour after the third pass of a long route I've build. My profile starts at around 170 gathers / hour and by pass 3 its down to 90 gathers / hour, and slowly drops off from there the longer its left. Ive looked at the scheduler, but I cant see how to change the used profile for the swap?
  6. Hello all, recently signed up here as ive heard good things about this bot and its community. Can any1 give me a quick run down of what languages and so forth are used to create profiles/plugins/bases for this particular bot? Im proficient in a few high level languges/ scripting/ markup. Looking to broaden into this bot, at some point would like to start giving back to the community when i pull myself up to speed on the development. Thanks for any help or advice being given. (No prizes for guessing where ive come from haha)
  7. Hello ! Firstly, if you are busy by another subject you should finish it and then go back here, because it's LONG. Since i buy wRobot and spend some time in my first quester profiles, i realise that the bot is pretty hard to use at the begining. Let me explain, i tried to make a quester file for my daily quest and it quickly turn from a basic quest file (with pickup, pulse, turnin) to a giant pile of RunCode that doing a specific action (just look at it)(TO ALL DEVELOPER: do not look in details if you don't wanna have a heart attack). I'm fine with it ! Mostly because i lik
  8. Can someone make a human questing profile that is a 1-Click easy questing profile please? I understand it's hard/impossible for the Bot to use boats to go to new areas, and that the Bot may get stuck at times or just mess up. Maybe split it up into profiles for the area? Like "Human Starting Area" & then "Goldshire quests" or whatever then maybe westfall? and so on. This way we can Start it and when it stops we can move to the area before starting up the next profile? Just haven't found a good QUESTING profile for 1-90 yet. Anyway one that works without getting stuck or bugging to the poin
  9. Hello all! I scavenged the forums a little bit and cam across alot of info, the bot looks really interresting! Now the thing I bump across is a low amount of usable QUEST profiles. Hbuddy has alot that kind of work, not perfectly but do alot (1-60). Does Wrobot have them aswel or do I need to make them all by myself? Are there any public profiles I might of missed or any paid profiles from 1-80 questing? The grinder bot doesnt seem safe to me, alot of people are already aware of this and are reporting for people grinding( there is even a Forum post about it on Lordaeron so be warned guys, d
  10. Hi, I used the trial version of this bot a long time ago. I have now purchased a month and was hoping to either pay monthly or buy a lifetime subscription. However, while there are some excellent fight classes and profiles for certain things, there are quite a few things lacking. From my own personal experience, Ii have noticed, very few aliance questing profiles, a good levelling balance druid build. in the past I made my own profiles for my monk and at one time my druid, based on what I wanted to use it for. It takes time to make decent fight classes and profiles, not such an
  11. Hi all, I have created a profile to farm some cloths in krassang spot. All works as well, I have specified mailbox & vendor / repair in krassang but when my bags are full, my character don't go to send or sell something. He's continue to farm mobs :/ I have already put checkbox on "ON" for send and sell objects. I have already set checkbox advanced settings for mail and objects to send .. Anyone can help me ? I put profile in attached files :) Thanks for rep !
  12. I notice most of the accounts being banned are using known profiles. Am I risking my account if I use the profiles that come with wrobot? The mining one is awesome but i'm afraid to use it.
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