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  1. Might be bc you don’t have it select as repeatable
  2. Can you post the profile? I’ll take a look at it
  3. Just out of Curiosity, why do you need this for botting?
  4. Even tho I’d love to see the battleground code also, healing is part of fightclass, not the product
  5. [N] 00:21:24 - [MovementManager] Waypoint timed out [N] 00:21:24 - [MovementManager] Report navmesh poly to avoid it [N] 00:21:24 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -4619.148 ; -3172.836 ; 34.85954 ; "None" to -6867.624 ; 731.9318 ; 46.6624 ; "None" (Kalimdor) [N] 00:21:25 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 458 (12551.29y, 1072ms, smoothed) (resultPartial=True, resultSuccess=True (more info with server log option)) [N] 00:21:30 - [MovementManager] Think we are stuck [N] 00:21:30 - [MovementManager] Trying something funny, hang on
  6. Both, when it comes to wrobot, lua and c# go together
  7. I’ve posted the code here : https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/12492-miscellaneous-code-idea-developers-only/?tab=comments#comment-60258
  8. Note : this is not the code used in selector, the reward selection in selector is more advanced, but i think this will help make the whole quest reward problem go away for a lot of devs. enjoy. using wManager.Wow.Helpers; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Threading; public static class Quester_rewards { public static void Select() { wManager.Events.OthersEvents.OnSelectQuestRewardItem += delegate (CancelEventArgs cancelable) { cancelable.Cancel = true; gossip(); Thread.Sleep(100); if (Lua.LuaDoString<bool&
  9. hello, is there a way to dump all lua on a screen? like if i have a frame there. it will dump all the code inside the frame?
  10. @Droidz Can you add the same function for picking up quests?
  11. This code i made for running normal instances, come out to sell items to "traveler's tundra mammoth" Quester > Custom Script. using robotManager.Helpful; using wManager.Wow.Helpers; using wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks; using wManager.Wow.ObjectManager; using System.Linq; using System.Threading; using System.Collections.Generic; using wManager.Wow.Enums; using System; using System.ComponentModel; using System.IO; using System.Configuration; public static class Main_Thread { public static List<string> Sellitems = new List<string>(); public static WoWPlayer Me = ObjectManage
  12. TheSmokie

    Corpse submap

    Hello, Can you add a way to return a Corpse (Me) submap? like if i am dead in side a instance.
  13. This does not work on blizzard servers
  14. i simple just used priest for a fightclass, i havent really use much, my code gets the highest talents spec instead of if 2 talent trees etc.
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