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  1. Can you see if you can support this?
  2. Hello, Can you add a way for the bot to move out of fire or AOE ground effects?
  3. wrobot doesnt work on custom servers.
  4. TheSmokie

    wrobot freezing

    Message: [string "Odaiti.lua"]:33: stack overflow (table too big to unpack)
  5. TheSmokie

    wrobot freezing

    i think this error is coming from EventsLua.AttachEventLua tbh.
  6. TheSmokie

    wrobot freezing

    @Droidz i am getting Table to big to unpack errors in my product. i do not use a single table besides my grab info from rdf frame (note i do not have this open added yet.)
  7. Hello, i cant seem to get this to work. i believe i am getting boolen back but idk if i am wrapping it properly. Lua.LuaDoString($"SetLFGRoles(false, {RDFSettings.CurrentSetting.Tank}, {RDFSettings.CurrentSetting.Heal}, {RDFSettings.CurrentSetting.DPS});");
  8. Interesting, I didn’t know you could use strings.
  9. Hello, Can you provide the file?
  10. Hey @Droidz, i am using this function to join RDF, but for some reason it never fires anymore. used to amount a month or so ago. EventsLua.AttachEventLua(LuaEventsId.LFG_PROPOSAL_SHOW, m => Lua.LuaDoString("AcceptProposal();"));
  11. @Harvest Golem you can use something like this, local MountsNames = { } for i = 1, GetNumCompanions('MOUNT') do local _, Name = GetCompanionInfo('MOUNT', i); table.insert(MountsNames, Name); end for B = 1 , 25 do local BuffName = UnitBuff("player", B); for Y = 1, #MountsNames do if string.match(BuffName, MountsNames[Y]) then return true; else return false; end end end
  12. Warmane doesnt detect wrobot. people forget its easy to get banned because they have over 12k people online
  13. @Zer0 i dont believe people can use Csharp functions in fighclass editor. but yes, you code will work for wotlk. This is lua code. (Tested) works good. Change the timer and Combo Points amount with whatever you choose. local RS, _, _, _, _, _, timer = UnitBuff("player", "Savage Roar"); if (not RS or RS and timer - GetTime() <= 3) and GetComboPoints("player", "target") >= 2 then CastSpellByName("Savage Roar"); end Update file. Feral DPS.xml
  14. I am using my own hosted to be able to make profiles
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