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  1. Ask on the warmane forum, if this is related to wow, rather than the bot. There is a chance others have experienced what you have. Obviously don't mention that you are botting lol
  2. Click the button to set everything to default in wow and try again.
  3. Still not there yet. I haven't had time to code in a long time. I will hopefully get to it!
  4. That boat has already sailed friend. 🙂
  5. I don't use discord, I use these channels. However you can pm me on discord. Find me under "elites" on the wrobot discord. 🙂
  6. Hey Chiffon. It's the server you are on. I've been trying to fix the issue. If you read the latest update notes, you'll see it's in there. People are seeking other servers to bot on, which are not based on mangos (Which wrobot is). So I have to keep changing the fight-class. The reason it spam calls/revives pet is because of the servers way to handle pets. I've been trying to fix it, but I only have 1 guy on discord. Not heard from him since i last wrote to him. 🙂
  7. It's out of Droidz hands. If he had an ETA. I'm sure he would have posted it. It's being worked on by Invision, hopefully it won't be too long till it's fixed. 🙂
  8. I feel that Droidz put an end to this thread. No reason to keep it going with the same posts over and over. 🙂 Probably, wanna finally lock it, if youthemannowdog is satisfied with how it is now.
  9. The pathing server needs to be updated. Without internet, the bot would run into a wall 😉
  10. It depends a lot on what plugins/profiles/fc's etc. you use. Those that auto updates themselves, depending on how the creators have made them pings a server somewhere and compares version.
  11. @Droidz As soon as I have the time, I will be adding all my fightclasses without in-game interface for free. You can add them to the default download by then. 🙂
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