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  1. My best guess is that a GM randomly came upon your char. Bots are dead give away.
  2. People get banned on that server everyday it's definitely not detected. I have been botting there since day 1. Still 0 accounts banned.
  3. You are obviously using google translate. Copy paste his code without google translate.
  4. ofc. 🙂 If you do a dungeon or a raid, notice that you can't hear any of the other players yelling "Spell is not ready yet". Trust me 90% of wow players mash keys. 😛
  5. I didn't mean your post was necro, but that I replied to a necro post. I can see how those two things could get mistaken, sorry bad choice of words from my side. I've only had issues with the downspiralling when using a gather profile, if I was getting to high. It could probably be fixed by doing more Z moving. 🙂 However, post stuff in the bug tracker instead of the forum if you want to get stuff fixed. These posts drown
  6. First of all, it's quite a necro post but I will however still add this. NEVER use the client downloaded from a servers site on that same server. It's very likely that the server has installed some kind of anti-cheat into the client they are hosting. The last part with the hang-up that is because of a bad profile, if you make your profiles go too high in the air over a herb it will try to get to the herb by flying in a 180 degree line, which is not possible, so it will get offset by 1 degree, which will make the bot turn it around, which will repeat itself. This is how the last video happens. So if you want it NOT to do that, go closer to the herb so it doesn't fly in a 180 degree line directly down to the herb. 🙂
  7. First of all UnitBuffName is something I added to my api. It's not native to the wow lua api. It's funny how stuff from my api keeps showing up on these forums, not sure where people are getting it from. Depending on what expansion you are on you shoudl use either UnitAura("Unit", "SpellName") or UnitBuff("Unit", index) or UnitDebuff("Unit", index)
  8. He already posted a method that works?
  9. You can't interact with released corpses
  10. That would be amazing man!
  11. Too bad. Do you have any suggestions for a workaround?
  12. Not without any coding knowledge
  13. Random randomNumber = new Random(); int iceArmorTimer = randomNumber.Next(15, 30); // Makes the int iceArmorTimer into a random number between 15 and 30
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