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  1. I do not have any clue at all why it's not working for you. Are you using Quester? Are you using my profile or you own? As you can see from the below screenshot I do not have any issues at all. They cleared the first 3 packs without issues, they had their break all that. The private server you are running is it the TrinityCore one? I am out of ideas as to why it's not working for you. Unless you can have some guess yourself. All i did was: Create 5 accounts. Level them to level 15, make sure they had gear and skills. - I downloaded my product from Sellfy (To make sure I had th
  2. The site I use? Might I ask what server you are on? Probably wanna pm me the answer to that. 😛
  3. I am still working on this issue @TheSmokie So far no luck getting the same error that you are getting. I will return here as soon as i manage to replicate it. Are you using any addons etc?
  4. Great. I promise I will see if I can reproduce it during the weekend. As everybody else I'm completely swarmed with work due to corona. 'Unfortunately' I haven't had anyone else have your issues, but hopefully I will figure it out quickly.
  5. Looks correct on the screenshot. At least on that character. That error would suggest that the WRDungeonFrame isn't created. Which it obviously is. Are you running any other plugins? I know that in the code you posted here on the forum that was taken from my source code had some of my variables created by this plugin in it. (It had no use in that code snippet you posted), but it would definitely mess up my plugin. Edit: I will have some time this Sunday to install wotlk and see if i can reproduce the issues.
  6. Have you remembered to use the plugin?
  7. You should have it under your files on selfy if you made an account otherwise there will be a link in the mail you got when you bought it. Just search in your mails for Selfy
  8. That code makes no sense at all. 😮 You are making two variables one called position and one that is called npcEntryID, then you don't use them? 😮 Also why do you have two Thread.Sleeps after eachother? if (wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc(33742,93 ; 2834,23 ; 90,82549 ; "None", 26184)) { Usefuls.SelectGossipOption(1); System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000 * 2); Usefuls.SelectGossipOption(1); System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000 * 2); Usefuls.SelectGossipOption(1); System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000 * 2); Usefuls.SelectGossipOption(1); Syst
  9. NordVPN could VERY well be the reason. I haven't heard of anyone else having these issues. So unless you do what I wrote above, it's hard to help. 🙂
  10. There are tons of software out there that will tell you exactly what software on your pc is causing your net to spike. It's very unlikely that it's wrobot itself doing it. Might be something in conjunction with wrobot. Check it out mate. 🙂
  11. Wouldn't make a difference. However, if you have the setting called something like (I don't have wrobot open as i write this); Wait Is Casting turned on, turn that off. Because it won't begin casting the next spell until it's aware that it's done casting the previous spell. 🙂 Edit: If it's a channeling spell, you obviously shouldn't turn it off. Since it'll interrupt a channel. 😉
  12. I'm sorry you had to use so much energy making this post. It would appear that your account was hacked or has been reported as hacked. You should take this up with Endless, there is not really anything we can do for you here on the wrobot forums.
  13. Wait what? WRobot doesn't work for retail? 😮
  14. I am using this method daily. 🙂
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