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  1. It's out of Droidz hands. If he had an ETA. I'm sure he would have posted it. It's being worked on by Invision, hopefully it won't be too long till it's fixed. 🙂
  2. I feel that Droidz put an end to this thread. No reason to keep it going with the same posts over and over. 🙂 Probably, wanna finally lock it, if youthemannowdog is satisfied with how it is now.
  3. The pathing server needs to be updated. Without internet, the bot would run into a wall 😉
  4. It depends a lot on what plugins/profiles/fc's etc. you use. Those that auto updates themselves, depending on how the creators have made them pings a server somewhere and compares version.
  5. @Droidz As soon as I have the time, I will be adding all my fightclasses without in-game interface for free. You can add them to the default download by then. 🙂
  6. Just an update: There definitely is no anti-botting system on neither of the servers I'm running. Still no ban a month later. I even know other people who has leveled 1-70 on NW. Obviously not gonna mention them. There is also one that leveled 1-69 then he got himself banned, because of posts here.
  7. This is fake news lol. I have been running a bot there for over a month now, no ban. I know there are other people here on the forum (not gonna say who) doing the same, we're actually TRYING to get banned. But in a smart way. So no... it's definitely not detected... Yes, they have active GM's and people are reporting.. anti-cheat that is detecting wrobot.. - Nope!
  8. Not directly, but the code is right there. You can edit it to do whatever you like. 🙂
  9. I don't think that "support" is the right word though. 😉
  10. It's fair enough that people complain about this stuff and I partly agree with some of what you say. But it IS possible to complain while using a sober tone. This is not a kindergarten...
  11. Coco.. Seriously... that tone.. this is not fornite... Anyway, you people are just circling around and around and around.. If you think that those of us who develop stuff for wrobot is gonna make better stuff by you guys calling us "apes" and whatnot.. you are very much mistaken. The only thing that this thread is getting out of this is pissing off those of us that actually DO make quality stuff.. This is like yelling at your parents because you don't like all the candy in your bag.. It's fair enough that some of you compare this to HB or whatever, and you expect more.. but honestly, you guys have what you have got. If that's not good enough, then you certainly won't get better stuff by acting up. That is not how the world works lol....
  12. Even if Droidz wanted to, he can not pay anyone anything. You have to remember, the way taxes and laws work are not identical all over the world. 🙂
  13. It's obviously one of the owners of the private servers, trying to kill wrobot! 😛
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