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  1. The site works fine for me. But, i am not using proxies atm. So don't know about that. 🙂
  2. HMP is really great for stuff like that. 🙂
  3. Doesn't matter, the bot will run to the corpse, even if the mobs dies outside the "kill zone". Please try what i wrote. 🙂
  4. There is no such thing as marked points in the bot. 🙂 The targets locations are live. 🙂 Can you please try using wrotation without any fightclass/profile/plugins in a clean wrobot install. Have it handle movement, and see if it loots the target? If that works, then you add your fightclass, do it again. Then you add your plugins, do it again. after that start your quester. If it has issues with your quester, then turn off your plugins, and only use your quester and your fightclass. If that works, then turn on your plugins 1 at a time until you find out what is causing it.
  5. Make sure that you press "Enter" after entering the food name.
  6. Depends on the software honestly. 🙂
  7. He is using my fightclass for Druid. I tested it myself, i am having the same issue. The same Druid that has been working for ages. It's made in the fightclass editor ages ago. It's probably some bin changes that has made it stop working. You will not get anything out of the logs, I've already looked through them. I am rewriting the Druid right now.
  8. The new version will have modular range. 🙂
  9. That is weird. I am currently working on some rewrites. I will get to the druid too.
  10. Hey mate. Maybe there has been some changes to wrobot, can you test on focus target?
  11. What do you mean if it's stable? Please check it out and make sure you know what it is. 🙂
  12. makes no sense, but glad you sorted it out lol.
  13. That's weird. See if it also sells it without HMP, if it doesn't, maybe @Matenia knows what could be root of this?
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