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  1. Yes, there is no way to prevent wrobot from spamming the code when it's made in the fightclass editor. Please see your pm. If you insist on using my fightclass editor version that you have now, just turn off the log to prevent it from crashing. Otherwise use the file I pm'ed you..
  2. This doesn't have anything to do with anti-cheat. His issue is that his wow turns black when he goes windowed mode. Not related to wrobot, but rather the client itself.
  3. You create these tables yourself, and no you don't need to download anything. You actually might not even need to make a table, it was just some way for you to keep your stuff sorted. Get the stats from the tooltip, compare these stats with your weight, if the stats comes out as something you'd roll on, then roll on that item. Do you HAVE to make it an wow item? Can you not skip this alltogether? I personally haven't used wrobot to roll.
  4. I understand, are you only able to roll based on ID? Because if not, then the 0 ID bug, can be avoided simply by using name. 🙂 You could make a table with the item name and stats, if the stats meets your satisfactory, then roll need on the item otherwise greed/disenchant. Edit: Tables (Lua) is about the same as 'arrays' in c#. 🙂
  5. Do you need to roll based on ID? Sounds a bit like double work to first convert to ID? Can't you just make the roll based on item name? Another solution is to get itemlink from the frame itself. You can use framestack to figure out what frame it is, then you can both get stats as well as item id from that. 🙂 Edit: I obviously didn't mean itemlink, I meant tooltip lol
  6. Did you ask on warmane forums as i suggested?
  7. Ask on the warmane forum, if this is related to wow, rather than the bot. There is a chance others have experienced what you have. Obviously don't mention that you are botting lol
  8. Click the button to set everything to default in wow and try again.
  9. Still not there yet. I haven't had time to code in a long time. I will hopefully get to it!
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