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  1. I have heard about some people having this issue, I don't know why it happens to some, I can't reproduce it myself. turn off FD till I have rewritten it is all I can say 🙂
  2. Yeah, that can not be right. That interface you are showing there is not in my Vanilla Fightclass. 🙂 If you in fact wrote in the wrong forum. I'd like to point you to the TBC BM Hunter FAQ Look at the LAST point here. 🙂
  3. Ordush


    Yes But it's a bit into my queue. 🙂
  4. Right now, you have to define the pet food yourself, but i am working on coverting my pet food library that is also in the vanilla version. I'm rewritten all of the fightclass. So it takes some time. 🙂
  5. Ordush

    Is using a VPN safe for main account?

    Depends on what solution you have. You can have either static or dynamic IP. I personally have a static IP. Because i have a server in my livingroom. If i had a dynamic IP, i would have to change the DNS every time i got a new IP. However. With dynamic IP, you usually have the same IP for ages. You can check the link i wrote above, see if your IP changed from day to day.
  6. Ordush

    Is using a VPN safe for main account?

    Sorry that is completely wrong. Droidz could even tell you right now what your IP is. Not sure if you are trolling though. https://www.myip.com/
  7. Very nice. You should make a tutorial about this on the forum. 🙂 I mean your guide is simple and easy to understand. But it should be written somewhere people actually look. 🙂
  8. Haha sick. What editor did you use to edit the mpq files? 😮
  9. The one who made the thread most like found out why he was having this issue. Fixed it, and didn't come back to this thread since. The rest of the people here. well. 😛
  10. That is because in Vanilla you can't check if auto shooting is enabled without having the spell on your actionbar or on your cursor. So what you are hearing is the bot picking up the spell, checking if you are autoshooting then putting it away again. I've tried adding it to the action bar, but i have way too many people pm'ing me that the fightclass doesn't work; because they remove the spell from the actionbar. I will in the near future see if i can figure out something smarter. 🙂 For now, playing without sound is recommended. I can't disable sound and enable sound via lua in Vanilla either (you can in tbc+)
  11. i am 100% positive. I do not hook the functions anywhere. I have only made my own versions of functions. I can even list the names here. 🙂 function ButtonControlFC() --<- This is also completely unique and is not even near anything added by the wow api function GetSpellIcon(name) function FindItem(item) function ItemLinkToName(link) function UnitBuffName(unit, spellname) function print(message) --<- well this the same code as added in tbc. function dump(o) --The rest of the functions i have are functions that has to do with how i handle tables, these are functions like AddFood RemoveFood etc. their names are nothing near anything added by the wow api. As you can see, some of my functions are close to wow api, like the item ones. But none of them are actually exactly named like that. 🙂
  12. Nope, everything I've done lua-wise has it's own unique function. So it's not my fightclass making any changes. - Have you tried copy pasting the wrobot folder, so you make sure the settings are the same? Edit: @ryno239 make sure to add your log, so Droidz can have a look at it. 🙂
  13. Ordush


    I need some more details, like level etc. have you read the FAQ? 🙂
  14. Ordush

    The proxy and you

    There is a link in the top of the post to the site i used. 🙂