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  1. That code makes no sense at all. 😮 You are making two variables one called position and one that is called npcEntryID, then you don't use them? 😮 Also why do you have two Thread.Sleeps after eachother? if (wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc(33742,93 ; 2834,23 ; 90,82549 ; "None", 26184)) { Usefuls.SelectGossipOption(1); System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000 * 2); Usefuls.SelectGossipOption(1); System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000 * 2); Usefuls.SelectGossipOption(1); System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000 * 2); Usefuls.SelectGossipOption(1); Syst
  2. NordVPN could VERY well be the reason. I haven't heard of anyone else having these issues. So unless you do what I wrote above, it's hard to help. 🙂
  3. There are tons of software out there that will tell you exactly what software on your pc is causing your net to spike. It's very unlikely that it's wrobot itself doing it. Might be something in conjunction with wrobot. Check it out mate. 🙂
  4. Wouldn't make a difference. However, if you have the setting called something like (I don't have wrobot open as i write this); Wait Is Casting turned on, turn that off. Because it won't begin casting the next spell until it's aware that it's done casting the previous spell. 🙂 Edit: If it's a channeling spell, you obviously shouldn't turn it off. Since it'll interrupt a channel. 😉
  5. I'm sorry you had to use so much energy making this post. It would appear that your account was hacked or has been reported as hacked. You should take this up with Endless, there is not really anything we can do for you here on the wrobot forums.
  6. Wait what? WRobot doesn't work for retail? 😮
  7. I am using this method daily. 🙂
  8. Can you add me on discord? I'm on the official wrobot discord as Ordush
  9. Hey mate, is all your wrobot sessions running in the same folder?
  10. if (Lua.LuaDoString<bool>(@"if UnitExists(""party1"") and UnitAffectingCombat(""party1"") and not UnitExists(""target"") then return true else return false end")) { Lua.LuaDoString(@"AssistUnit(""party1"")"); Fight.InFight = true; } This is some very very crude code that I just wrote out of memory for party1. You can just add all your party members to a list and then iterate the list instead. Maybe there is even some api in wrobot. But I am not by my PC. Wrote this just to give you a gist of it.
  11. Rotation bot isn't supposed to target for you. (Just notiiced you wrote rotation bot). If it does, then it's because the fightclass OR a plugin has some code that targets target of party members if they are in combat.
  12. "Help Party Members" or something like that in advanced settings. 🙂
  13. We're coders, we're not salesmen. 🙂 (Edit: I even offered to pay someone do this for me, no one took the bait) Comparing Wrobot to Honorbuddy is like comparing a lemon to a cat.
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