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  1. Whoever made the questing profile you made, doesn't serialize the steps so when you stop/start the bot, it goes to the first step. It can be done easily to add your "progress" to a xml file (serialize)
  2. Just search for whatever you need, then you can see the variable, you define that as true/false (If it's bool) example: wManager.wManagerSetting.FlightMasterTaxiUse = false
  3. https://marsbars.gitlab.io/unoffical-wrobot-api-docs/api/index.html It's in here. 🙂 Edit: https://marsbars.gitlab.io/unoffical-wrobot-api-docs/api/wManager.wManagerSetting.html Here to be more precise
  4. Try and search wand on the forum, i seem to recall that wand is the same as a hunter, being a repeatable action instead of a spell. If memory serves me well and this is the case, then it complicates things a lot for you. I seem to recall Droidz explaining someone how to do though. 🙂
  5. Conditions, just like you added the "range" condition, there is one called IsCasting or something like that. 🙂
  6. You just told your code that it should cast "shoot" on mobs that are 30 yards or less from you. You did not add the condition to not cast spells while casting. 😛
  7. Looked at the extended edit i just made. If "shoot" only works as hunter, then the above code that MikeMail posted won't work either, Because that is EXACTLY what it does. 😛
  8. Just add "shoot" as a spell name in the editor. It's the same as what MikeMail did above. public Spell wand = new Spell("Shoot"); Here he instances Spell wand as "Shoot". and his code here: MikeMail wand.Launch(); Basically just tells the bot to cast whatever "Wand" is instanced as. In this case Shoot. So in short he is telling the bot to cast the spell Shoot. Which is the same as adding the spell "Shoot" in the FC editor. if (wand.KnownSpell && wand.IsSpellUsable && ObjectManager.Me.ManaPercentage <= 5 && ObjectManager.Me.GetEquipedItemBySlot(wManager.Wow.Enums.InventorySlot.INVSLOT_RANGED) != 0) This here is his conditions. You can add all these in the editor Just look at what comes after Wand. The last bit with GetEquippedItemBySlot is probably not in the editor, but you can add this via "c#" code as a condition. Make sure you add the condition that it should only "cast" if not casting already, otherwise it will shoot, stop shoot, shoot, stop shoot etc.
  9. I honestly don't think so. It is with wrobot as it has always been with honorbuddy before that, and glider before that, etc. You get reported, or caught by a GM, game over. Now it has ALWAYS been like this: Private profiles are less likely to get caught, while public profiles most likely will get caught sooner rather than later. In Mist of Pandaria I used 2 bots, one that was doing ores and herbs (had virtually no gear), and 1 that had gear (my main account) farming leather. The ores and herbs profiles (I had 4 bots doing that) all got caught eventually (I used randomized public profiles). Where my main account that just farmed leather NEVER got banned. And actually still works fine to this day.. The difference was that the leather farming profiles i created myself, while the herbs and ores were public. On warmane, i have 11 level 70's NONE of them has ever been banned and probably never will. I don't currently play them, but when i did I only used selfmade profiles. I even published two of them here (scales farming) and never used them since i published them here. (Mind you that 5 of the 11 chars are shamans, that i used to multi-box). Can tell you that 11/11 chars has done about 0 quests (they are all leveled with an exploit that i'm not going to share, so please don't ask).
  10. zatvorgt, people are actually trying to help you here. Upload your log, would be a very good first move.
  11. Obviously no one has the code you need sorry. You'd probably have to check how to see what zone you are in and make that as a complete condition, either as Lua or C#. 🙂
  12. There is no such thing as owning the rights to some code, because it's not patented. (which it wouldn't be able to be). However, it is pretty stupid that people steal code from other projects and post them here. 🙂
  13. Again use the wiki to see what works for Vanilla. I just noticed my link was from 2008 (TBC) so no GetSpellInfo does not work. 🙂
  14. This is not a wrobot thing. This is a wow thing. 🙂 You can always check the wow wiki and use the "history" button to see if stuff is in Vanilla or not. I don't think it's possible, been a while since i did healing stuff for vanilla though. 🙂 There are workarounds to cast spells using "id" by using GetSpellInfo() https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/API_GetSpellInfo?oldid=1291791 Using this you can use CastSpellByName(GetSpellInfo(551)) replace 551 with any spell ID HOWEVER CastSpellByName only has an "on self" argument, which means you can either cast it on yourself or on your target. It's useful for stuff like selfbuffing, dispelling, decursing etc. since you won't need to relieve your target. Next thing: You can use TargetLastTarget to achieve "Healing target without targeting them". In a sense, you will be targeting your party member, casting your spell then targeting whatever you targeted before this. (This will look like you never changed target). 🙂 https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/API_TargetLastTarget?oldid=21935
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