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[PAID] [PVE] [RAID] Beastmaster - Hunter - 1-70 - TBC(2.4.3) by Ordush 2.2.1

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About This File



This is my paid version of the TBC Hunter Beastmaster Wrobot Rotation
It is highly advanced, and has an in-game interface, where you can control almost every aspect of the rotation.

For support and suggestions please use: https://wrobot.eu/forums/forum/85-hunter-fightclass-tbc/

Purchase Links

The Paid version comes with some unique features like the in-game interface, /commands and more.
The hunter will move back if you are too close to the target to use your bow. This requires that the target does not have aggro on the hunter.
The hunter will feed it's pet if needed, and you can set the food in-game.

This fightclass will save your settings between sessions, so if you set something example: Turn off Multi-Shot. Then next time you log on it will have saved that setting!

Can be used for leveling (Utillizes level abilities)

Optimized rotation for max DPS
Does not break Polymorph, and doesn't break drinking (Unless your mana is full)

Using these abilities can be turned off in the interface
Hunter Combat Abilities
- Steady Shot <- Your ranged attack speed is automaticly calculated and made so it fits with Steady Shot, so you don't clip your auto attack. it is your AS +0.01 (Even works if you use speed buffs etc.)
- Arcane shot <- Will only use if Aspect of the Hawk is active to save mana if in viper.
- Multi-shot <- Will only use if 3 or more targets
- Aimed Shot <- Has three modes: Pull (This will only use Aimed Shot to pull), Cooldown(This will use aimed shot on cooldown like arcane shot. and last the default: Off (Only set it to Cooldown if you have very high crit)
- Hunter's Mark <- Will only cast on targets that is sensible (Hostile targets etc.)
- Rapid Fire <- Has 3 modes Cooldown, Elite & Boss
- Misdirection <- Can change between pet and focus in the main Status Frame (Will only cast if target has more than 30% hp)
- Volley <- Uses Volley if 5 or more mobs around target
Pet Combat Abilities <- None of them will attack if target is shielded
- Bestial Wrath <- Will only use if you have pet, Has 3 modes Cooldown, Elite & Boss
- Kill Command <- Will only use if you have pet
Hunter Misc Abilities
- Aspect of the Hawk <- Smart aspects | Uses this if you have enough mana and you are in-combat
- Aspect of the Viper <- Smart aspects | Uses this if you need mana and you are in-combat
- Feign Death <- Smart | Will only use this if pet is close to target and it will also wait some time for your pet to get aggro.
- Volley Mob Amount <- Set the amount of mobs that needs to be in a group, to use Volley.
Pet Misc Abilities
- Pet Auto Attack <- Pet will auto attack your target (will not spam)
- Call pet
- Revive Pet
- Mend pet
- Feed pet <- Very smart | Will feed pet whatever food you have specified in the Pet Food area. It will only feed pet if pet needs it. Pet will not attack while being fed
- Pet Food <- Define what food your pet eats (Default: Clefthoof Ribs)
Racial Abilities
- Blood Fury <- Will only be able to use if you are an Orc, Has 3 modes Cooldown, Elite & Boss
- Berserking <- Will only be able to use if you are a Troll, Has 3 modes Cooldown, Elite & Boss
- Arcane Torrent <- Will only be able to use if you are a Blood Elf. Will only use if you are below 25% mana or have many enemies around you.
Item Abilities
- Trinket 1 - <- Will use your first trinket if it has a use ability, Has 3 modes Cooldown, Elite & Boss
- Trinket 2 - <- Will use your second trinket if it has a use ability, Has 3 modes Cooldown, Elite & Boss
Leveling Abilities
- Serpent Sting <- Will be off by default unless you are below level 62
- Ratpor Strike <- Will be off by default unless you are below level 62
- Mongoose Bite <- Will be off by default unless you are below level 62
- Freezing Trap <- Will be off by default unless you are below level 62. It will use freezing trap if there are more than 1 mob in front of you (good if you don't have pet, or you pull too many mobs while questing)
- Aspect of the Cheetah <- Will be used between fights, to get there faster.

/statusframe <- shows/Hides the in-game interface
/rotatoggle <- Toggles rota pause on/off.

These commands can be bound in-game by making a macro and adding to an action bar.

Coming Soon
-  Please add suggestions on my Discord.



- Release
- Fixed Stuttering when moving if you have a target.
- Sopping rotation now also stops auto shoot.
1.1.0 - Big update:
- Fixed the moving away from mobs if you don't have aggro (it no longer keeps walking backwards).
- Made the profile leveling friendly, it's now very good for leveling as well (Utillizes level abilities)
- Added Racial Abiltiies, Item Abilities, and Leveling Abilities
- Clean up in code. It is now more responsive and clean (DPS is increased!)
- Fixed Serpent Sting keep spamming, even when target allrdy has the debuff.
1.2.0 - Big Update
- You can now choose mode for cooldown based skills like Rapid Fire, Bestial Wrath etc. Modes available: Cooldown: Keeps it on ccoldown (uses it all the time), Elite: Only uses it on elites (Good for questing), Boss: Only uses it on bosses.
- Made a lot of the code smarter. (No more setting an ability to On then reverting back to off, if that ability is not available, now you just can't change it to On.
- Fixed Bestial Wrath not working on Cooldown.
- Added aspect of the cheetah (reupdate after WRobot has fixed lua-leak)
- Added Volley to the rotation.
- Removed some trash code that was no longer being used.
- Cleaned up code for faster reaction, and optimized the FPS.
- Fixed Cooldowns not being used asap.
- Aimed Shot now has mode switch, Pull (Only used once per target (Pulling)), Cooldown (Uses Aimed Shot on cooldown) and Disabled
- No longer breaks Polymorph
- No longer breaks drinking (unless mana is full)
- Aspect of the Hawk/Viper is now used out of combat as before (only if not using Cheetah)
- Added /wrautomove to disable/enable auto moving from mobs.
- Fixed the auto move away from mobs, it will no longer keep backtracking, and it will no longer stutter if you are using a questing profile or have character movement management enabled.
- Removed /wrautomove since it is no longer bugged
1.3.0 - Big Update:
- The fightclass will now save your settings between sessions. So if you have turned off some abiltiies and turn off your game. Then later when you load the game and the FC the settings will return to what they were. (The first time you load the FC it MAY bug out as it writes the settings file. just do /run ReloadUI()
- Your attack speed is now automaticly calculated, even if you have speed buffs this will change so it fits. (try opening the settings and use Rapid Fire).
2.0.0 - Rewrite of all the code
- All of my code has been rewritten in C#
- Fixed some bugs, that was not fixable in xml here are some of them: The UI does not bug first time you use the fightclass. - You can now ReloadUI even without stopping the bot.
- When you pause the rotation in-game WRobot itself will pause; The bot doesn't try to auto-shoot anymore!
- The bot will not attack CC'ed mobs.
- Volley Mob Amount has been added, where you can change the amount of mobs that needs to be in a cluster for the bot to use volley.
- The bot no longer interupts drinking uless you have full mana.
- More tight rotation, meaning higher dps and faster use of cooldowns.
- Much more has been tightened up.
- Removed Ranged Attack Speed from GUI, since this is now automaticly calculated.
- Fixed UI messing up if people clicked the fightclass settings before loading the fightclass for the first time.
- Changed Aspect of the Viper, it now uses Viper if you have less then 80% mana, and you don't have Hawk on, this is in case you use Aspect of the Cheetah, and don't have enough mana to pop hawk.
- A lot of small fixes that did not affect the gameplay.
- Rewrote Fightclass AGAIN, now there is no more lag, not even in the in-game menu! Everything is Silky smooth now! (Prettier Interface as well)!
- Fixed Bug where bot would walk away from dead targets when trying to loot.
- Fixed UI bug, where Aspect of the Viper would Change Aspect of the Hawk.
- Fixed the fightclass so it now works on Netherwing (same issue as K3 for vanilla)
- Another attempt to fix revive on netherwing, if old version didn't work try this.
- Arcane shot now requires > 60% mana to be cast.
- Serpent sting now requires > 50% mana to be cast.
-- This will be changed in the future, because it's not viable for high level playing.
- Fixed Feign death.
- Added better pet control.
- Added Auto Updater
- Will automatically use new spells
- The pet control I claimed to have added in 2.2.0... Seems I made the method for it, but never called it... doh.. It's added now!
- Made a fix for revive on servers that is not based on cmangos.



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
Here you will find the answers to most of your questions.
If your issue is not in this list, feel free to seek help in the support channel that fits the fightclass you're using.

[Q] = Questions
[A] = Answer

[Q]: The xml file is only containing 1 line of code, is this a scam?
[A]: No, this is not a scam. All my fightclasses are encrypted, WRobot reads the encryption key then it loads all my code.

[Q]: WRobot crashes every so often with your fightclass fix?
[A]: This is because you have turned logging on. In WRobot click 'Log' then turn off 'Fight'.

[Q]: I have loaded the file, but nothing happens in-game (no interface).?
[A]: This can be because of a few reasons:
1) Your game client is not English.
2) Your WRobot is only trial version If it's not any of these two then get help in the support.
3) You have the settings stored from a pre v2.0.0, they are messing with the new version. Go to wrobot/settings folder and delete anything with "Ordush" in the name.
4) Your WRobot setup, has a setting set to something that breaks the fightclass. Try making a new WRobot install, in a new folder.

[Q]: All other fightclasses works fine, why doesn't your?
[A]: Most other fightclasses are not nearly as advanced as mine is. My fightclasses utilizes a lot more functions from WRobot. This means more can go worng with your install.
Making a fresh install of WRobot is the safest bet to make sure nothing is wrongly set up.

[Q]: Feed pet doesn't work?
Make sure you press enter after writng food name.

In-game Interface


Always feel free to send me suggestions or bug reports via PM on WRobot Forum or through my Discord channel!

What's New in Version 2.2.1   See changelog


- The pet control I claimed to have added in 2.2.0... Seems I made the method for it, but never called it... doh.. It's added now!
- Made a fix for revive on servers that is not based on cmangos.


User Feedback

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

This is some amazing work. I'm racing level after level with this fc, and with no problems whatsoever. The menu feature speaks for itself, its genius.

All-around 10/10

Thank you for this creation



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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

This guy makes the best fight classes period.... No questions. Pull out your card and buy it. Then pull something else out and fap cause that's all you can do now because you wont have to babysit his program. 

Link to review

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I bought this fight class a few days ago and decided to give it a full test drive before posting here.  I have to say, this is one of the best fight classes that I have used yet.  The options are changed in-game which makes it much easier to adapt to areas and mobs without stopping the bot to change style.  I haven't used the auto rotation feature while manually driving the character, but if it works anything like the afk rotation, it should be perfect.  

**Just wanted to update that I have used the auto rotation feature since I last posted and its phenomenal!  Amazing to be able to basically just run the character around and select a target and watch the bot/your group down mobs. It works flawlessly and it's very efficient, no bug outs or weird movements to make my group suspicious.

All in all 10/10 from me.  This was a great purchase, and I will be making many more hunters because of this.

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   3 of 4 members found this review helpful 3 / 4 members

Tested from 1 to lvl 30

  • What this does is giving a nice interface that works ingame. Major plus
  • Move backware if to close and pet has agro, very good. Side stepning wod have bin better

Thats about it, not worth the money if you ask me. Why?

  • Dont reenter in combat after faint death.
  • Dosent use Disengage.
  • Dosent use pet control on 2 or more target - Major diesadvanges. You will die on two or more agro.
  • Sorry for my bad english.

Response from the author:

This is certainly not the case?
I know this post was from February. But already back then these issues were fixed, are you sure you updated?

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   2 of 4 members found this review helpful 2 / 4 members

I've been botting private server for quite a while now and used many "fightclasses" over the years and this one BLEW my mind!.... It's so simple great little UI, toggles for the moves u wanna do and the rotation is just simply amazing.


Great job Ordush I look forward to more profiles this is definently a 5/5 TOP QUALITY  on this forum!

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Does the Purchase Links still work? Can't buy it via PayPal.

Response from the author:

Should work just fine? What does it say?

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One of the best class fight around here (if not the best one lol)..and this guy is always here to assist you with any issues you got!Good job!keep it up!

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