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  1. DropWatch - loot alert plugin based on rarity

    So simple plugin yet so useful. Great work!
  2. AH Automation Using TSM

    If you got the skills you could ask Droidz for auction bot module source code and edit it for your needs
  3. The bot isn't detected GMs started whispering players and monitoring high demand gathering zones a year ago already. They just collect list of people and ban in waves. It was just about time for them to do something
  4. it may take up to 24 hours before someone who can help you sees this topic. I can't help with this
  5. 3.3.5a bot unable to relog (bug in reloger)

    This is new bug. Old bug was fixed
  6. LFR Botting

    there isn't public ones for it
  7. LFR Botting

    with custom plugin it can join LFR and attack boss and loot but it can't follow any tactics
  8. Is Warmane trying to scare us?

    poor lazy idiots
  9. Is Warmane trying to scare us?

    easiest way to get banned is using same profile on multiple characters doing same route the same time
  10. Is Warmane trying to scare us?

    100 using same HB profile is guaranteed ban
  11. Is Warmane trying to scare us?

    these who get banned 5+ accounts at once are gold farmers on same IP
  12. Is Warmane trying to scare us?

    People get banned on warmane only if they bot insane stupidly like 24/7 places where it gets stuck constantly (just how i got banned...) or when bot behaves like retard. If you use good profiles that won't stay at same location for days you should be fine
  13. [Feature REQ] Quester objective priority

    No quest as specific this would help users to create quests without being required to make seperate quests for each step in quest. This would also help create dungeon profiles easier when bot would prioritize bosses over trashes if you would like it that way. Just overall would improve the bot questing system and possibly reducing the size of profiles and making them easier to edit. Of course these are big changes but i think it is worth doing