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  1. BetterSister


    Possible to do but low priority
  2. Time to make it yourself then
  3. BetterSister

    how do i make quester set hearthstone

    Should add some wait time between commands especially after last command so if there is lag it wont redo same crap
  4. BetterSister

    Can 2 wrobot speak together?

    only programmer is the limit 😉
  5. BetterSister

    Bot causes windows to lag

    I can confirm. Aftrr 1803 my laptop freezes constantly. Never again with 1709
  6. BetterSister

    New pricing policy

    i would still raise the price to limit new users
  7. BetterSister

    WRobot 2.0 released

    how many times have i? i believe under 1000 times lol
    too good fight class. Makes life too easy.. I just wish it would have better support for pvp situations but it is quite hard to script
    bought it long time ago and i still love it. Works 99.99% flawlessly all the way from 1 to 70
  8. BetterSister

    1-60 Grinder <3

    not for me
  9. Warmane is known to have dedicated team who gets paid to look for botters so it's nothing new. If bot was detected all your bots would've been banned
  10. BetterSister

    WRobot Discord is gone.

    Wellll shit
  11. BetterSister

    WRobot Discord is gone.

    Would be good to know wtf happent to it
  12. BetterSister

    I am back in business, bitches

    So you quit without saying anything and now you're back in business? Alright
  13. BetterSister

    The Dungeon

    You have to make background thread that looks for death event and when it occurs it will take over the bot with your custom code to go back into dungeon