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  1. BetterSister

    WRobot Not Working (Can't access memory?)

    E] 21:50:52 - Keyboard access problem, activate option UseLuaToMove. [E] 21:50:52 - Warning: You need to activate 'Vertical Sync' option, for it go to 'Game Menu' > 'Video Options' > in 'Miscellaneous' activate 'Vertical Sync'. [E] 21:50:52 - Warning: You need to use '60Hz' at option the option 'Refresh', for it go to 'Game Menu' > 'Video Options' > in 'Display' select '60Hz' at the option 'Refresh'. [E] 21:50:52 - Warning: It is recommended to disable all wow AddOns. [E] 21:50:52 - Warning: You need to run Wow in Windowed mode, for it go to 'Game Menu' > 'Video Options' > in 'Display' activate option 'Windowed Mode'.
  2. BetterSister

    Warmane bans

    30-50 lvl ban isn't quick. if you get banned within first 20 lvl then it's quick ban
  3. BetterSister

    Can i get banned on live?

    Yup. Doesn't matter what version of wow you bot they see it and you get hammer
  4. could you please post full log? maybe it tells better what happent
  5. will interrupt drinking and doesn't work since 1lvl. All you need to do is add another shadow bolt for using under 10lvl. Dunno about why drinking is being interrupted
  6. BetterSister

    Retail wow

    yeah guaranteed ban if you do
  7. BetterSister

    [PAID] HumanMasterPlugin

    must have. There is no other way around
  8. BetterSister

    Northdale Warden scanning for hardware?

    my priest got banned today at 36 lvl and i know it is because of my fight class. Guaranteed not detection related
  9. looks like you died and bot got confused. Restart and continue
  10. BetterSister

    Unable to connect to wrobot server

    Server may have been down for a moment. It works for me now
  11. BetterSister

    not work on official servers?

    Forever. Check the news
  12. BetterSister

    Wrobot CPU usage depend on ... ?

  13. BetterSister

    PartyBot Helper

    Game changer. Now we will start seeing more "multiboxers"