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  1. I doubt it's possible because memory editing doesn't work the same way as it does on windows
  2. by making questing profile that knows when you shouldn't do a quest and do something else instead
  3. https://wrobot.eu/clients/purchases/
  4. i fell asleep within 3 hours of playing wow just the other day. No chance
  5. which is as outdated as it can be. Should probably just delete it
  6. hope you're not trying to play retail with the bot. Guaranteed ban there
  7. good and bad thing about these detections is there is limited ways to detect bots just like limited ways of avoiding the detection. At some point they will detect every way people use to exploit them and then shit hits the fan
  8. Not a tutorial. Moved to general assist
  9. if this is what warmane calls "improved anticheat" b*tch please 🤣
  10. [E] 16:39:34 - Warning: You need to activate 'Vertical Sync' option, for it go to 'Game Menu' > 'Video Options' > in 'Miscellaneous' activate 'Vertical Sync'. [E] 16:39:34 - Warning: You need to use '60Hz' at option the option 'Refresh', for it go to 'Game Menu' > 'Video Options' > in 'Display' select '60Hz' at the option 'Refresh'. [E] 16:39:34 - Warning: It is recommended to disable all wow AddOns. Fightclass Authentication' not found. You haven't authenticated the fight class and missing vsync
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