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  1. refund please

    Send Droidz pm if you want the refund stop spamming forum about it
  2. Auto use Bags

    I have added this as description
  3. Auto use Bags

    Add proper description or this will be deleted
  4. Trojan?

    it isn't trojan for sure. Since 7.3 wrobot had to add own system to protect files against blizzard automatic detection
  5. Very expencive.

    With current setup it isn't possible to give access to specific module only
  6. Question before i buy

    Ban reports area shows it really well. On average 0-3 bans a week?
  7. RIP 32-bit

    Droidz is working on 64bit version but it can take some time
  8. WOTLK Horde 13-60 questing profile by BetterSister

    It is possible. This profile is discontinued & incomplete with old features that aren't needed anymore
  9. Crash WoW...

    Believe or not but we've been trying to fix this issue for years and it still happens for some users
  10. Crash WoW...

  11. Not everyone play warrior like 400apm but when you see someone doing it you know they are good or bored af
  12. Reason for warrior bans is these who really play warrior move all the time they never stop during combat. It is literally impossible to make bot look like human while botting on warrior. It required only 1 person who knows differences of bot and player warrior and good enough explanation to GMs Druid is same story but Druid is in stealth 80% of the time
  13. 5 extra % usage for newer game? Eh Ofcourse it takes more... Try playing doom 1 then doom 3
  14. WRobot - Official

    It's updater that you download from this post with it you can decide which version to use
  15. Safest way to get Gold to Main Char? [Lights Hope]

    Safest way is to not try to transfer