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  1. Anticheat violation doesn't mean shit. Anyone can write anything they like as ban reason
  2. You simply won't find one without finding correct person first which won't be found here
  3. The only bfa bots available are private for a reason. It's too much work and requires so much skill to win against blizzard devs
  4. BetterSister

    Story of scamer -Mike-Mail

    Mike messaged me in a panic on facebook asking for help to finish the profile that is literally missing 2 hard to script quests that he can't finish because of divorce and dealing with a child and other crap that is going on. If you guys had a wife and had a hard time with family you would know if shit hits the fan you will have no power to do anything. I know he is telling the truth at this point even if doesn't sound like it but he isn't the best guy at explaining what is going on so what I want to propose we do at this point: @Mike Mail sends the buyer current profile as it is and fixes it when he has time. Maybe the time never comes but shit happens. If the profile really is missing 2 quests it is no big deal. If I had a DK quest zone profile which wasn't 100% afk but missed 2 quests I'd be happy
  5. BetterSister

    Why wrobot restart sometimes!?

    Seems like it restarts bot when it loses connection to pathfinding server. Just a good thing
  6. Any fight class that don't have any own movement control can work with wrotation. If you want it to avoid stuff then it requires all new own engine
  7. BetterSister

    [Vanilla] RunMacroText not implemented

    it's WoW issue not wrobot. WoW doesn't have this API
  8. BetterSister

    Warmane Lordaeron Bans

    tests that don't help to fix the issue
  9. BetterSister

    Warmane Lordaeron Bans

    @Ordush "Example: I used to host a minecraft server, where i recorded every block a player mined.I could then compare the amount of blocks mined to the amount of diamond blocks people mined.This way i could very easily see if people used "xray" to see where diamond blocks were.However if instead of going directly for the diamond blocks, they would mine a shit ton of stone, just for lols.I would have a harder time catching them.Then i'd compare amount of diamond to the time spent on the server, or diamond compared to other materials etc" I used same tactics but i even spectated people. If they knew they have a diamond on their left and few times were correct with their random mining in short time they were hacking. I even used xray myself to see where diamonds are so i saw way sooner if they are heading for them then ban them and rollback everything they done. Logblock addon was so good for this
  10. BetterSister

    Warmane Lordaeron Bans

    if wrobot was AUTOMATICALLY detected you would get banned even if you had wrobot on background doing nothing