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  1. Hello, could somebody write a plugin for wrobot, so the toon doesnt resurrect on the exact location of his death when mobs are around or is camped by enemy players? But rather wait out until enemy player has left and rez at a safe distance to mobs. That would be great!
  2. oh cool idea, any idea how i can priorize it over blood boil? only blood boil when several hostiles are affected by diseases? What does the condition "Is spell usable" actually do? If the spell is usable gets checked anyways.
  3. Besides the aoe disease distribution its working really nicely
  4. Pestilence isnt a buff , so it cant check for that, i worked around by setting to "Only once per target" even tho thats suboptimal. This is what ive done yet: Unholy DK Allaround.xml
  5. Thanks for the reply. I did that already. Sometimes it works , sometimes other things take over in the priority, also blood boil should only be used when pestilence applied the diseases to all near hostiles. I guess what i want can't be achieved without deeper c# knowledge.
  6. Hello, im currently working on my DK Fight Class. But i havent found out yet how to properly use pestilence when more than one hostile is in the area. Can this only be achieved by a script? I have no experience in writing those. Any help maybe? Thank you!
  7. This constant stopping stems from the Fight Class Profile. The Hunter tries to summon a pet , he doesnt have yet. Edit your profile to not use a pet until the character actually can. This should fix your problems.
  8. MoveInCombat is only a workaround. And it doesnt work everytime. The bot should blacklist Mobs after x seconds itself.
  9. Voted 15-20 More or less depending on how well it runs with different classes. Id be fine if it has to be monitored. If its running very well with few hiccups id pay 25 for a 1-60. Also people will share it anyways for them who cant afford it on ceartain websites. Rather higher quality/price. It sure it quite some work, and if its done well, you dont need to have a guilty conscience about the price. But in the past ive bought profiles (not from betterSister) for other bots and they just werent executed very well. Questbotting isnt very dangerous in general, but on lordaeron i
  10. How do i use it correctly? Ive put it in both Fight class folder and plugins, its also showing up in plugins, but i cant open any settings. Druid is in Partymode with Healer enabled. ,
  11. Nah. The create error concurs because of the wod models. They arent implemented completely, mostly some hair is missing and undead textures. But its these files that cause an error when creating a character and they can also cause crashes ingame. So either you might use the old textures by renaming/deleting "Mainfolder/Data/enUS/patch-enUS-w.mpq" and "mainfolder/data/patch-w.mpq or live with that you cant use every hairstyle and a few missing face features. I chose the latter, cant stand the old faces anymore. As WoW only could adress 2gb of ram back in the days, you want to install Larg
  12. Coroutines mean more in depth If ..then conditions? Does the option "Unlock fps limit (improves reactivity)(needs restart" not improve exactly this, correct skills at the right time? What about a combat routine like lazyraider? When you set fps to 60, its performing better because of sending more requests to the spell logic, or am i wrong?
  13. Im not too experienced with this, but if you not have set "Unlock fps limit (improves reactivity)(needs restart)" in the Advanced General Settings, and your fight class is running at the default 25fps, its only updating the ticks on your spell prio so often. So if your spell list is very long , you would want to unlock fps and set fiight class fps higher. This may not be exactly right, but its along the lines. Also you might want him to stopcast for a kick. http://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/2652-how-to-cancel-the-current-cast/
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