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  1. Archaeologist

    Had no issue with it and started using it today on Hades, Alliance maybe been fixed since then or what. I set it up like normally do in mop or retail no issues with it at all
  2. Game version incorrect

    started battlenet and it seems to be doing an update, but could be paranoid it's been fine since the last one on Friday
  3. Archaeologist

    I'll do some testing when get a few 85s up and running in the next few days there.
  4. Cata/Mop window quests

    yes, tried a few different button clicks most recent was "WatchFrameAutoQuestPopUp1" right after it finishes, but no luck still with it. I've also tried see if could find an auto turnin addon that can do those windows not had luck there either yet. edit: think got something just remembered a thing did with buttons before. can't seem to get anything to work going just give up on those quests should be fine after strangle thorn I might look at old HB 4.3.4 because was testing it and realized didn't like how stupid it acted, but the only thing noticed is it clicked those windows just fine. I'm try few different things later and if nothing else there is a lazy way of going back to these npcs to turnin.
  5. Okay, so tried what was shown in the Tanaan Jungle profile, but it doesn't seem to want to work in cata or mop. Tried redoing it with different button clicks no luck.
  6. Ret Paladin 1 -85

    Version 1.0.2


    Goes through the spell book changing spells based on level and only one think forgot atm is Inquestion. It also will start using flash of light over holy light when hits 16 and power word over templer's verdict low on health.
  7. Little late sorry, but I have it's apart of the Alliance Profile, I released bit back for vanilla. I just get so side tracked with doing things on every wow server play, trying real hard to do stuff on Tauri wow since it's scripted well.
  8. human 1 -60 grind

    Shouldn't be shocking turn off the training/ fly IF statements for SW
  9. Tauri-Klaxxi-Dreadspinner-day

    matters on the day what dailies u get btw. Also It worked fine, but when school finishes I'll work on 2 missing quests.
  10. Tauri-Klaxxi-Dreadspinner-day

    Version 1.0.2


    Please give feed back and a few quests in here I haven't had time to figure out yet. Also noted for this one to work no issue suggest using ground mount. It does everything but the Following: Sap Tapping Debugging the Terrace( Might not work)
  11. Deepholm Mining

    Version 1.0.0


    It Flies around Deepholm getting decent amount of Obsidian and Trillium.
  12. Tauri-Klaxxi Daily-Vess-Guard

    Version 1.0.0


    Since things work right on tauri re-working dailies into single packs because it seems when the Vess Guard daily pops up get same ones on rotations for that day. Also, still not had time to fully look over the quit now and it's click to get it to drop down.
  13. I normally give no fucks private servers and bot for hours. Main thing is grinding for Golden Lotus and Klaxxi.
  14. It's kinda of a shame that botting private servers is getting harder :( It's just now clicking they might already know of any botting done because can't confirm if those issues arose any where else.