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  1. Probably going buy a license again, just been worried of botting this server
  2. Having it do dungeons is maybe the safest? That or of course lower population zones
  3. I might have some unreleased stuff can just post, but going be bit before get into making cata content again. I'm on Whitemane and will hopefully be able to do more on cata when they move to cata.
  4. Is the bot detectable on Whitemane.gg? I have yet to test it there because keep seeing ban notices for botting.
  5. I can maybe look at it. It's been a minute since had time for any wow or that.
  6. I'll edit it bit because noticed something dislike with it using this on tbc and vanilla again
  7. Nope, I kind of went horde and left what did ally sitting there with work to just go back to the npc if it can.
  8. Version 1.0.1


    Right now it does 18 quests and need pick up the quests manually before starting the profile this will change in a future update probably to be fully afk. However, for now I'm leaving the message on atm because need workout "Bombs Away!" some pathing things really wanna do and adding in the few missing quests. Same commendation use QuesterParty and MoveDuringCombat.
  9. Version 1.0.6


    Right now it does seven of the possible dailies and more will come as unlock more of the front. Also, I might start work on adding the other dailies out side the front to it and changing to to be auto pick up instead of manual like my Tol'Barad profile that isn't out yet. I recommend using the plugin called QuesterParty with it and if on a private server using MoveDuringCombat. Current quests: Burn Victims Hostile Elements The Protectors of Hyjal Traitors Return Wisp Away! The dogs of War Breach in the Defenses
  10. I can start one once get another 55 toon on hades or finally deiced to do an alt.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Okay, this a work in progress as swap between my paladin account and this one. It uses the following spells: Power Word: Shield - in combat at 5 Inner Fire - at 7 Flash Heal - less than 50% hp at 3 Shadow word: Pain - at 4 Shadow Word: Death at 32 and stops Pain at 31 Mind Blast - at 9
  12. How i got it to work, was had a fresh bot just for it and one used for quest/grinding/gathering. I need get back up to 60 for flying and can test it again, they banned me for grinding in deepholm. However, that'll take time working on a questing file and due to alternating toons just to recheck might be minute; won't be to long using trinity database to help.
  13. I'm hurt Tauri is the best mop out there, just to tight nit for me to find a new 10 man NA raid group on evermoon.I have no idea why would waste time on wow freaks unless can't handle working raids, dungeons, scenarios and in general scripted content. Other note botting is easy there just use plugins like combat reset and you'll be fine.
  14. Had no issue with it and started using it today on Hades, Alliance maybe been fixed since then or what. I set it up like normally do in mop or retail no issues with it at all
  15. started battlenet and it seems to be doing an update, but could be paranoid it's been fine since the last one on Friday
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