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  1. Hello maybe anyone can make a Plugin for this so I don't have to specific run Quester? Should work on Gatherer/Quester/Grinder I guess. https://tbcdb.com/?spell=30548 It's tbc Item but there are Clouds in wotlk also
  2. I've been banned on Questing only Characters (mostly public profiles), Herb/Mining only Characters, Chars who have been only running WRotation in Raids (he came 3 mins after I turned it on). I can imagine that they build something to check the public profiles waypoints but that doesn't explain WRotation. I think u can't use it atm bcs chances on Bans are too high.
  3. Same here. Used Quester, Grinder and Gatherer and all Accounts are banned when I was long time offline already.
  4. Well u can't bot bcs of WoW crashes atm & I think the admins are very busy with the release of Naxx. Botted all that night, not hiding much. U can definitly bot through Classic with a good Chance of not getting banned.
  5. I got same problem. Crashing since the new Patch. Different Setups. Just started Wrotation and instant Crash
  6. [Quester] New step (12): TakingBackMightstoneQuarry>TurnIn [Quester] New step (13): TakenbytheScourge>TurnIn [Quester] New step (14): CuttingOfftheSource>PickUp [Quester] New step (15): UntoldTruths>PickUp U could change to for time saving and more realistic: [Quester] New step (12): TakingBackMightstoneQuarry>TurnIn [Quester] New step (14): CuttingOfftheSource>PickUp [Quester] New step (15): UntoldTruths>PickUp [Quester] New step (13): TakenbytheScourge>TurnIn Gonna keep running the Profile
  7. I'm pretty sure they don't have a Detection, but they have alot of player keeping Eyes open and a active & expierenced GMs. If u report a Bot there will be a GM in seconds. If u are once suspicious it's so easy to confirm. Some Option that the Bot will rebuff if buffs<1minute should help a bit. Atleast he only banned me for 1 Month...
  8. Did u use free Profiles or private? I only got 2 / 10 banned so far. They are very quick on the player Reports and there are several "hunting" Botters.
  9. Dragonblight DalaranWoW Sunwell Omegawow
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