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  1. I've been banned on Questing only Characters (mostly public profiles), Herb/Mining only Characters, Chars who have been only running WRotation in Raids (he came 3 mins after I turned it on). I can imagine that they build something to check the public profiles waypoints but that doesn't explain WRotation. I think u can't use it atm bcs chances on Bans are too high.
    Works great, nice for Tanking
  2. Same here. Used Quester, Grinder and Gatherer and all Accounts are banned when I was long time offline already.
  3. Well u can't bot bcs of WoW crashes atm & I think the admins are very busy with the release of Naxx. Botted all that night, not hiding much. U can definitly bot through Classic with a good Chance of not getting banned.
  4. I got same problem. Crashing since the new Patch. Different Setups. Just started Wrotation and instant Crash
  5. [Quester] New step (12): TakingBackMightstoneQuarry>TurnIn [Quester] New step (13): TakenbytheScourge>TurnIn [Quester] New step (14): CuttingOfftheSource>PickUp [Quester] New step (15): UntoldTruths>PickUp U could change to for time saving and more realistic: [Quester] New step (12): TakingBackMightstoneQuarry>TurnIn [Quester] New step (14): CuttingOfftheSource>PickUp [Quester] New step (15): UntoldTruths>PickUp [Quester] New step (13): TakenbytheScourge>TurnIn Gonna keep running the Profile
  6. I'm pretty sure they don't have a Detection, but they have alot of player keeping Eyes open and a active & expierenced GMs. If u report a Bot there will be a GM in seconds. If u are once suspicious it's so easy to confirm. Some Option that the Bot will rebuff if buffs<1minute should help a bit. Atleast he only banned me for 1 Month...
  7. Did u use free Profiles or private? I only got 2 / 10 banned so far. They are very quick on the player Reports and there are several "hunting" Botters.
  8. Dragonblight DalaranWoW Sunwell Omegawow
  9. Most people here are nice and dedicated to help, don't let him bother u. U can do almost everything with that Bot, very versatile.
    Works very nice. I only saw that he sometimes died bcs he's oom from chaining Regrowth on every InstantspellProc. But that doesn't happen at higher level anymore.
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