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  1. Hey, trying to fine tune some profiles to my preferences, but im running into this problem. When it looks for a buff ObjectManager.Target.BuffTimeLeft(new List<uint> { 84617 }) < 2000 it doesn't check if the buff is by me or not, how can i fix this?
  2. thebk150 doing anything special to make it work? or just normal injection?
  3. thing is, Pioo can't detect Wrobot users using Wrotation, but automated stuff he can, i've also had 2 warnings on 2 different accounts for using PQR, so PQR is offically detected by Sunwell, i still think Wrobot is undetectable for now, its just him trying to trigger users
  4. Mini Update, seems a fresh install may have fixed the issue, i will keep this thread upto date with my findings Fresh install, still crashing randomly
  5. it varies quite alot, but i found you can do it on demand if you are playing without it for say 30 minutes then activate rotation mode, the first attack will cause a crash out Tested on 2 different spec's crashes happening on both specs on multiple profiles
  6. I'm not sure our issues are connected, if im not running the bot (basically just Rotation bot because im lazy AF) im perfectly fine, its only when Wrobot is running and active i have random crashes
  7. Encountered it a lot today, as of the latest update, my game will just hard crash after a while, might be good for an hour, or 5 minutes, and when engaging in combat boom, crash to desktop, maybe it has something to do with the new update they pushed to crash Wrobot and thus the game?
  8. old news, i confirmed this months ago! i'm an Ex GM from there and they have a home build Warden module that detects EVERYTHING
  9. 2 main issues I'm running into using a custom fight class for Rogue. When the target leaves melee range, it will stop auto-attack, and won't continue unless i right click the target forcing auto attack, or the FC casts another attack FC just refuses do attack the target when they are stunned, or in an instance i experienced recently, if they resist Kidney Shot for example, the FC won't attack the target until the "stun" runs out Are these issues specific to the FC or to do with my settings in the WRotation Module itself
  10. Just as an FYI from an Insider Source, when the reason is "Cheating" it is an automatic ban made by Netherwings home made Warden Module, as the Head GM "Narilrave" prefers manual bans have legit reasons so when he (and he alone) does ban appeals he can see the exact reason
  11. yeah i think i might have to, i saw 1 person speaking about it and i sent a PM but got no response
  12. Thinking about trying out using Wrobot on Omegawow for FC, can anyone share their experiences they have encountered on the server?
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