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  1. Link: https://atlantiss.eu/news/321/the-future-of-netherwing They also announsed perm x2 xp rate (1-70) and "paid" x3 rate (1-58). Transfer from LH etc. So this comfirms the Bambo's and other people's suspect on how they detact bot. Now the question is can we do anything to it?
  2. Are u using no memory edit Wrobot or the normal one?
  3. @JhinCould u show your reason of ban on that banlist, and is this your first ban on netherwing on your machine? And do u use no memory edit wrobot/use vpn, virtualization? I thought warden of TBC is not that effective, if they found a way to detect this then Wrobot is pretty much dead on vanilla(LH)/tbc(NW)/mop(tauri) @Droidz is there any way to fight back? if not...then I don't see any future on wrobot
    Overall a great profile, the bot will do lots of quests flawlessly, and grinding is very efficient too. The creator is enthusiastic and helped me quite a lot during setting. Definite worth the money. Looking forward to next TBC quester profile!
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