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  1. Got it. My apologies and I hope it gets fixed soon. Good luck!
  2. Exactly. This is false advertising. If you don't want to or can't fix it, then just say it instead of ignoring our messages @Droidz
  3. Yup, @Droidz is ignoring it. He read my message as well, but never replied.
  4. Me too, and we still didn't get any kind of feedback by Droidz.
  5. @DroidzAn update would be great if possible. Let us know if this can be fixed or not.
  6. Same thing happened to me pretty much. We just have to wait for Droidz, I suppose.
  7. Droidz, I used the plugin wRemote and my own fight class. I pressed play, and after 2-3 minutes, I was forced to log out. As Mykoplazma said, it's detecting injection, seems like. I'm not even using their client, and I've deleted the .dll files.
  8. Wrobot detected, can confirm. Got the popup message after around 2-3 minutes. Not using their client even. @Droidz are you planning on releasing a fix any time soon?
  9. Bump, anyone else having issues? I haven't used it in a few days. Kaoz, give us a bit more info. What profile did you use, for how long, etc?
  10. Now, this is what I've signed up for. Great job Droidz, thank you!
  11. Greetings, I'm looking for a profile that will run the raid Tempest Keep for the Ashes of Al'ar mount. It'd be much appreciated since I can't find it, and mine doesn't seem to be working.
  12. Greetings, I was wondering if Tauri still detects wRobot?
  13. My bad, in that case. Just curious why did they ban accounts that I didn't even bot with. It's weird.
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