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  1. My bad, in that case. Just curious why did they ban accounts that I didn't even bot with. It's weird.
  2. I doubt it, since some of the accounts aren't taken down. And I can still access the forums, so it's not an ip ban. And I was in the same zone with 2 bots, other zone with other 3.
  3. That was probably the case, however, the bot was in the same zone the whole time. I've been checking it over discord regularly with wDiscord and I didn't see any kind of teleports or anything similar. Not all of my accounts got banned though, but some of the accounts I didn't bot on got banned, which is weird. Lol.
  4. I did not receive any kind of whisper, from GM or otherwise. I was using a relogger, 80-90m sessions with 20m break. 5 accounts, 2 in Vale of Eternal Blossoms, 3 in Towlong Steppes. Grinder profile. Those areas are not populated at all. There was noone around the entire time. My accounts have been closed, which means permanently banned probably.
  5. Greetings, I was just banned on Warmane on 12 accounts. MoP server (Frostwolf). Beware. I was running a battlegrounder profile, as well as grinding one. Mainly grinding mobs, though. Best regards.
  6. Unknownxx

    Setting the main town

    Thank you, that solved it.
  7. Unknownxx

    Request for Gear Buyer plugin

    Dead thread, but please make this happen
  8. Greetings, Is it possible to make the bot go to PvP vendors and buy PvP gear when it's honor capped? Thank you.
  9. Unknownxx

    Setting the main town

  10. Unknownxx

    Bot sell flask why?

    Put the flask on the do not sell list on the vendor tab in advanced settings.
  11. Unknownxx

    Setting the main town

    Greetings, I was wondering, how could I set the "main" town for a specific zone? The town where the bots would go to to vendor when pressed "Go to town" option and stuff. I don't want to remove ALL the NPCs from the list, though. An answer would be really appreciated. Thank you and best regards.
    Absolutely LOVE this plugin. It's pretty much necessary for AFK botting. Being able to take FULL control of as many characters as you want remotely is amazing. Not to mention all the options it has, like go to town, vendor, etc. I just recently got it, and I'm absolutely in love with it. Keep up the great work!
  12. Unknownxx

    Updater not starting?

    Works perfectly now, thank you! Could you please check your messages, though? Much appreciated.
  13. Unknownxx

    How can I freeze my account?

    You can not.
  14. Unknownxx

    Updater not starting?