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  1. Because I'm not using trial edition? C'mon why you gotta be all up in my business when i'm trying to help out?
  2. I'm banned on 50 character i made. I botted from first quest to level 50. Then I ran into opposite faction and was camped and reported. My first account is still not banned.
  3. * Edit * As soon as it got purify it tries to use it all the time and also have issues selling to vendors now. I wish we could open dll file with the fight class editor and disable the spell or something. I wish it added talents as well.(all tho talent plugins fix that part np 🙂 just a qol) When fighting a mob it keeps removing the target and retarget as well - video here: https://streamable.com/i0frr Sidenote - Discord link is dead 😕
  4. So far i've been using this profile on sunwells frosthold server with extra exp. I love that the bot isn't breaking just because it doesn't have the correct spells trained at the levels it should (lack of coins). Doing fargodeep mine quest isn't resulting in a million deaths which most have been for me. So far so good. I'll write a review later on when i'm higher level. Looks really promising
  5. I have 4 days in game time /played without being banned. I'm 80, i've used a grinder and quester a lot over night and I am not banned.
    Started it as Alliance in dustwallow marsh and it ran all the way to tanaris and started mining with only 1 problem and that was 1 skill away from small thorium vein it kept looping around trying to pick them. But I moved the bot a bit and started again and it looped around with no problem.
  6. It runs down and dies to the elite. Not what I call good.
  7. Works fine but the steps are so short that when you run with 100% mount you're stutterstepping. At least when I use it.
  8. This one is working quite well. Make sure you're level 60 when you start it oterhwise it can't pick up all the quests it wants to. One q that's really annoying tho is Helboar, the Other White Meat. It mounts up, tried to use the prufication and don't start fighting properly.
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