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Found 24 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Need people to QA profile Free Night elf quest profile that should get you 1-20 hands free. I didn't like the Darkshore quest lines (too many stucks) so i just pulled in the 10-20 block from the Draenei profile which works OK. I have seen some issues with the flight co-ordination from Darnasus to Exodar so you may need to watch that. around lvl 10. Requires the Quickquest addon and auto-gear addon to be full afk. I tested with non heirloom'd bots and hit 20 each one. Let me know if you see any stuck's. Im looking to make a 1-20 for most classes / starting zones.
  2. Version 1.1.0


    Released 4th may 2017- STILL IN BETA / TESTING Free profile for 1-20+ Draenei start zones. this profile is 100% quest Requires the Quickquest addon and auto-gear addon to be full afk. I tested with non heirloom'd bots and hit 20 each one. Let me know if you see any stuck's. Im looking to make a 1-20 for most classes / starting zones.
  3. Version 1.3.0


    This is my free 1-18 Quest Profile. It will do most quests in Elwynn Forrest and Westfall, besides ~5 quests in total, that aren't very important. It uses grinding only as a back-up mechanic, if you didn't reach a certain level so far, but won't play a significant roll most of the time. As you can see in the title, this profile is a demo version of my Alliance 1-60 Quest Pack I plan to release in the upcoming weeks. That version won't be free though. Important: {Fixed!} This profile uses custom paths, to avoid getting stuck or just die trough large enemie camps. (Only) After stopping the bot, you have to disable these done steps in the settings. Otherwise, the bot will try to do them again. (25, 27, 127, 132, 135, 140) {Fixed!} Found a workaround for the route problem. Should now work without manually deactivating these steps every time. Step 139 is the trigger for 127, 132, 135. Please let me know your experiences, feel free to give feedback and report bugs that may occur! Further information: - Your fight class should be able to deal with at least two enemies at once, depending on your chosen class -You should try to get the best possible gear ("cheap" greens are fine) in the auction house and learn new skills now and then. The bot itself will always auto pick the first item as quest reward -Water movement and because of this, quests that include water movement may look kinda bottish. The reason for this is not the profile, but the bot itself. There are only a few quests, where this is the case, so it shouldn't bother you too much -Class quests are not included -Add the following items to the vendoring-blacklist: Goretusk Liver, Flask of Oil (-Recommendations: Search radius 100, Max units near target 0/1, Blacklist zones where bot died enabled) Known Bugs: -The Peoples Militia is kinda broken in this version and I can't figure out why. The bot will just continue killing mobs, even after completing both objectives. So there is probably something wrong with the objective detection of this quest. Next steps of the quest chain work just fine. The only work around until now is to turn in this quest by hand and disabling the two belonging steps (111, 112) in the settings. (FIXED: Quest should now function as intended. Props to Matenia.)
  4. Version 1.0.0


    About This File Profile is for Alliance 58-70 Retail -7.1 legion created by @Arcangelo and @eeny - it starts in Hellfire Peninsula. This is a quest profile hundreds of hours of creating and testing. We have prioritised 58-70 speed for this profile. We have attached 1-12 as a demo (as this profile continue from the 1-60 profile). At this time only 1-70 is ready for release however we would expect to release 1-80+ in due time. 1-60 Done 58-70 Done 70-80 in progress Highly recommended to run with Heirlooms. Not only the +exp but the gear is just...better, bots kill faster etc. This is a questing profile - the aim is to get to 70 as fast as possible, so let it run and train professions when it's done The profile comes with two WoW addons to be placed in the wow/interface/addons directory QuickQuest is a must as it streamlines all the quest "admin" activities. Autogear is for those who are running without heirlooms. It will upgrade gear for you. The bundle has known good versions however we always recommend going to and getting the latest versions. Updates Updates to the profile will be provided free of charge to users who can prove they have bought the profile. Send a PM to @eeny or @Arcangelo and we will update this thread with anything major- those who prove they have purchased will get and updated file sent to them. - This file can be obtained for free if you have bought the 1-60 profile, that can be found here: Price for the whole pack may go up as more profiles are added !. We are using to distribute / sell the file. the direct link is: The expansion will cost 2.5 euro, if you buy it alone - or will be provided free of charge if you bought the whole leveling pack for 10 euro: This profile have been tested to run 58-70 - however as it is still version 1.0.0 so some glitches may be unfounded by our testing. If you have already purchased and would like the updated bundle send a PM to @Arcangelo and @eeny with the purchase confirmation and we will send you a download link! There is an optional extra for levelling fight classes built for 1-70+ levelling as a lot of the 110 profile do not work at low levels. The FightClass bundle contains 12 files (one for each class) with the recommended spec for each class to lvl as quickly as possible. The bundle costs 2.5 Euro. Note: - Don't use travel mount as a druid, as it will make some quests unavible to turn do ! - We recommend to disable flying mount, as the patching of wrobot is sometime not the best in the air. We are not associated with WRobot company Enjoy! Arcangelo and Eeny
  5. Version 1.0.0


    takes off from . If you used that profile you should be in lower STV so take the boat from BB to Ratchet, walk down the merchant coast for a bit until you hit the box '1' from the screenshot- start the profile and let the bot do its thing. This is a quest profile- load it as a quest profile. 35-38 Duskwallow murlocks 38-40 Duskwallow blackhoof tauren 40-43 1-Thousand needle Galaks 43-45 Tanaris Sandfury trolls 45-50 Tanaris Dunemaul compund 50-55 Un Goro loops 55-50 Sithilus loops enable selling Its a grinder so if your gear is not so great take an hour to run an instance or two to get some passable gear Add cloth to 'do not sell list' to make some OK gold. there is merit in turning on 'accept resurection sickness' in special options tab if your bot is undergeared... a few times if the bot dies in the middle of a camp it would just keep ressing and dying so taking res sickness should stop that. My bots has no issues moving between zones- let me know if you encounter issues.
  6. [A] [Quest] WoD 58-70 oneclick

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a very basic (quest) grinding profile I use to mindlessly lvl Alliance bots in outland. its 100% grind so heirlooms will help here, however not required. Its written as a quest profile so load it as such. 58-60 Hellfire Peninsular: Legion front 60-63 Hellfire Peninsular: Zeth Gor 63-65: Terrokar Forrest: Bonechewer Ruins 65-70: Nagrand: big loop everywhere Exp is 100-150K / hour depending on gear. i havn't observed any issues with pathing between locations.
  7. tanaris_from_theramore.v2.xml

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello All, I have been creating "pathfinder" Grinder profiles to get from point A to point B. This one is from Theramore Isle to Gadgetzan in Tanaris as Alliance. It does not require a water mount but is suggested. I have tested it on multiple characters including a druid (0 deaths). thanks!
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Greetings, with this package you gain three quest profiles for alliance characters, starting at northshire and advancing to redridge via goldshire and westfall. I have designed them to be afk for ranged characters, checked out with druid (best) and priest. Please make sure to give 4 bags to your youngest hero and buy him the best green/blue equip from the auctionhouse on level 5 and 10 about, this will save time and preserve him from unnecessary deaths. Decide to spend about 5 gold and if you are playing a priest, do not forget always to buy him a good wand for oom situations. At the end of the first profile (level 5) you should go to stormwind an learn skinning to get this profession up fore free (goto profiles for this are included). I recomend you to use a plugin like Butler or Lootfilter to prevent your bags from getting full because the way to the vendor could be dangerous. Also note that it is necessary to grind from time to time to reach the next level, this will happen at 6 in goldshire (beause it is worst to die within the goldtooth cave at level 5) and sometimes in westfall and redridge. Not all quests (like hogger) are applicable to robots - i have designed the profiles to bring you to level 21 as save as possible instead of the fastest way. Have fun and meet me in Azeroth - Stauffenberg -
  9. Hello guys, I'm trying to load a warlock profile which I downloaded from this forum. Since it does not work, I creat a own one but it does not work either. It should cast a simple shadow bolt for e.g. grinding or questing up to level 10 (ally). But the warlock stays in range to the mob and trys to attack with the auto attack?! (I put the shadow bolt at action bar slot "1" and disabled all addon) Cast the shadow bolt manually is working properly. Edit: I tried it with a warrior plofile and it happend the same with the attacks. The Debug shows at Spell: know = false and usable= false (im Using the german client of WoW, if it is important -> but use the englisch spell names) Edit: I also tried it with the english client and on another pc -> same problems Log from the Bot: 15:17:54 - [Memory] Select game process: 1234 - Player... [D] 15:17:55 - [Blacklist] Added, 0 uniques Npcs, 0 Blackspots and 0 Npcs types (Training dummy ignored = True). 15:17:55 - [Quester] Loaded [D] 15:17:55 - [Blacklist] Added, 0 uniques Npcs, 0 Blackspots and 0 Npcs types (Training dummy ignored = True). [D] 15:17:55 - [Info] Wow Version: 5875 [D] 15:17:55 - [Info] Player found: True [D] 15:17:55 - [Info] Wow Addons: 15:17:55 - [SpellManager] Initializing SpellBook - (Wait few seconds) 15:17:55 - [SpellManager] Initialize SpellBook Finished (10 spell found) [D] 15:17:55 - [SpellManager] List of id found in spellbook: Attack (6603) Dodge (81) Diplomacy (20599) Shoot (5019) Sword Specialization (20597) Mace Specialization (20864) The Human Spirit (20598) Perception (20600) Demon Skin (687) Shadow Bolt (686) 15:17:55 - [SpellManager] Please wait, loading spellbook... 15:17:55 - [SpellManager] Spellbook loaded. [D] 15:17:55 - [Keybindings] Sit / Stand: X Backward: S Forward: W Jump: SPACE Strafe Left: Q Strafe Right: E [D] 15:18:22 - [Quester] Create instance of : DEPRECATEDAThreatWithin [D] 15:18:22 - [Quester] Create instance of : DEPRECATEDEaganPeltskinner ....... (many [Quester]) [F] 15:18:22 - [FightClass] Loading Fight class: D:\Me\WRobot\FightClass\Low Warlock 1-4 shadow spam - ColderPotato.xml [D] 15:18:22 - [Spell] (Id found: 687, Name found: , NameInGame found: , Know = False, IsSpellUsable = False) [D] 15:18:22 - [Spell] (Id found: 686, Name found: , NameInGame found: , Know = False, IsSpellUsable = False) 15:18:22 - [Quester] Started [D] 15:18:22 - [FightPetBattle] Cannot load pet battle fight class, use default. [D] 15:18:22 - [Spell] spellName=Battle Pet Training => Failed [D] 15:18:23 - [Mount] No ground mount selected. [D] 15:18:23 - [Mount] No aquatic mount selected. [D] 15:18:23 - [Mount] No flying mount selected. [D] 15:18:23 - [Quester] New step (5): DEPRECATEDKoboldCampCleanup>Pulse 15:18:23 - [Fight] Player Attack Koboldgezücht (lvl 1) [D] 15:18:32 - [Fight] Mob seem bugged 15:18:32 - [Fight] Can't reach Koboldgezücht, blacklisting it. 15:18:33 - [Fight] Player Attack Koboldgezücht (lvl 2) [D] 15:18:40 - [Fight] Mob seem bugged 15:18:40 - [Fight] Can't reach Koboldgezücht, blacklisting it. 15:18:41 - [Fight] Player Attack Koboldgezücht (lvl 1) 15:18:44 - [Quester] Stopped 15:18:44 - Session statistics: Elapsed time: 00h:00m:21s XP/HR: 0 - 0 min Kills: 0 (0/hr) Deaths: 0 (0/hr) Stucks: 0 (0/hr) Farms: 0 (0/hr) Loots: 0 (0/hr) Money/HR: 0 G 00 S 00 C (0 G 00 S 00 C) Honor/HR: 0 (0) hope I forgot nothing.. Thank you
  10. Version 1.1.0


    Hello, This is a quester profile for doing dailies in Tol Barad peninsula. The profile do some quests and some other quests will add in the future. If you're running on Cataclysm you need to pick up quest manually and uncheck "Pick up". Tested and Worked on Atlantiss Server Special thanks to Droidz for quest : Magnets, how do they works!
  11. [6-14] Azuremyst Isle

    Version 1.0.0


    Just a gatherer file for low levels, non-flight capable character for Azuremyst Isle.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This is a nice spot I used to level two warriors from 75-80. I had heirloom gear for both though so if your toon isn't very strong you should wait until you're 78. It has good exp for leveling and there are both Horde and Alliance FPs & vendors very close. The location is pretty secluded though so I never saw any other players there. There are a couple things you can skin and tree mobs you can harvest for herbs.
  13. 57-59 Blasted Lands Tainted Forest

    Version 1.0.0


    Good for leveling and skinning. Kills bears, bats, and demons. Could be for horde or alliance as it isn't too close to either city.
  14. 96 Spires of Arak Murkbog (Neutral)

    Version 1.0.0


    This profile will get you about 105-135k exp/hr. I was able to level from 96-100 on it. It's also good for skinning and herbalism. You do have a tendency to die a few times at lower levels so I added a repair vendor that isn't too far away. Set your search distance to 25 and your rest/food at 50%. Also set the bot to kill mobs that are already in combat so it doesn't skip a couple that look like they are fighting other mobs.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    This is a quest profile, that works like a grinder profile. It wont do a single quest...Still load it as a quest profile This honestly suits bots with heirlooms better as gear can become an issue, hunters seem to manage OK tho. grind zones are: 1-6 Northshire 6-12 Elwynn hogger 12-14 Elwynn lumbermill 14-17Redridge lower 17-19 Redridge upper 19-24 Duskwood 24-29 STV upper 29-31 STV mid 31-35++ STV lower If you have heirlooms and just want to level- turn off looting and you sit around 50K exp / hour .
  16. Version 1.0.1


    Hello. This is my first Quester profile. Its some of the starting quests in Tanaris.. I will try to make it a bit longer. Tanaris 43 quest.xml
  17. [A] [Quest] WoD 58-63

    Version 1.0.0


    STILL IN QA MODE Work in progress need some people to do some QA. If you hit an issue let me know where / what.. dont just say "its broken" Need to be lvl 58 and take portal from Org to HFP. Profile starts once your inside the HFP portal and (from what i have seen) its all AFK from there. will take a few hours and i did trim some problem quests but its free EXP. Got some free time coming up so il add some more- want to get this one tested as a solid profile as a start.
  18. 70- 73 Howling Fjord [A]

    Version 1.0.0


    I made this because didn't like how many people were going though that HB profile converted for "Last Rites"! So I made this one it farms rams, yetis and an elite which can blacklist if bot caan't handle it at 70 solo. It stops in the very near by alliance town to vendor, repair and mail have fun! ^^
  19. Level 3 Mine - Alliance Garrison

    Version v1


    This profile is for the gatherer product in Wrobot. It will gather all of the ore and mining carts from the level 3 Alliance Garrison mine. Just stand out front and run. Read below as Garrison needs special options. *READ THIS BEFORE USING* To use WRobot in your garrison requires some strange configurations. 1) Goto General Settings -> Enter Advanced Settings... -> Looting and Farming options 2) add this to Harvest object (one id by line): 235376 235387 235388 235389 235390 235389 235388 235391 236936 232541 232542 232543 232544 232545 232542 232543 (this adds all of the mines, carts and herbs in your garrison. you can just manually add the nodes and mine carts by item id if you want) 3) set Search Radius to around 10 4) Other Options tab (still in Advanced Settings) make sure Use Paths Finder is disabled (as in not checked) I usually just plop my toon right in front of the garrison and let this do a few cycles and it clears out the mine pretty efficiently. Sometimes it does miss a few nodes but for the most part clears out the mine.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This bot Kills all Anguished Highborne which drop Azure Whelpling in Winterspring. It also kills a few mobs in the area to avoid downtime but shouldn't affect the Anguished Highborne kill rate. INCLUDES MAILBOX for Alliance and Horde! This is my first profile and let me know what you think :). Flying to get to the spot seems to be glitched, idk how to get that to work. WoD 6.2.3 -meepzlol Also im on trial so if anyone wants to donate with a gift card im down :)
  21. [A/H]94-97 Talador Cat Killer

    Version 1.awesome


    94-97 Talador Cat Killer Starts Just north of Gul'rok Tested with 94-95 Frost Mage. Statistics: Elapsed Time: 5hr 20mins XP/HR: 108,952 Kills: 1054 ~200/hr deaths: 1 Loot? Drops loads of Sumptuous Fur: 1050 this run Loads of greens! What am I killing?! - Rare spawn maybe something else? What should I know before using?! Make sure your bot can kill Glimmerwing! it took me down to around 50% the one time I watched it kill him and he had an add on him. I am assuming the 1 death is due to this guy since he does wonder close to others and if you are fighting a cat (or 2) and he pulls you might die. This profile rarely pulls more than 1 at a time so works great for ranged as I have tested and prob just as good for melee. Great way to farm up levels and great cash flow through Sumptuous Fur.
  22. Skinning 375 - Knothide Leather

    Version 1


    This is a grind for Knothide leather on Razorthorn Ridge between Terrokar Forest and HellFire Peninsula. You have to be on top of the mountain to start. 53:12 are the approximate coords. Use Ground mount only for best results and if above lvl 80, place pet into Passive before starting. I avg 70-90 leather per hour with this. There is no mail or city associated with this profile, and there will be no updates or changes. It is a simple full circle of Razorthorn ridge to just grind Knothide leather. The profile is good for Alliance or Horde. Enjoy!
  23. [JimmyN]Alliance Human 7-10

    Version v1.0


    I figured I would contribute a tab bit more. The built in quester profile (atleast) for human was bugged as soon as they got to goldshire. Anyhow I fixed it, then used the Zygor guide to then level till westfall. I actually got to level 11 before I decided to just end Zygor guide and move over. Anyhow what you need: -Ideally grab the zygor guide and configure it to auto-equip the equipment you loot -Make sure you have at least 4 16 slot bags... didnt add a selling point, maybe next change
  24. Temple of Kotmogu

    Version v1


    This profile for Alliance and Horde will do a figure 8 pattern around and through the mid square area. I also lowered the Distance Search Target to 40 (in the product settings.)