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  1. I resolved this issue when i changed checkboxes in taxi database. Also it could be problem with different languages.
  2. Thank you! Please, tell where i should put this code? It's need to create plugin?
  3. It's not help. Bot will be running for route and jump. It's not human behavior.
  4. Hey! Does anyone know how set bot close game and pause Wrobot or Relogger when any player attack bot in game? Bot often get ban when other player kite bot in game and shooting this to video and send GM.
  5. Yeah, it's could be. Same problem with mana gem. @Talamin thx for changes!
  6. It's work great on RUS client, problem only with creating food.
  7. Hey! This FC on Russian client have issue - it's none stop spam creating food. Can you add food function for frost mage fight class, that would disable creating food?
  8. This problem appeared after the last update.
  9. Will someone help me in solving this issue? This problem is not only on TBC, but also on vanilla. Through the relogger, only 1 profile is launched, and the rest is a mistake. I can not run more than 1character. Having reinstalled the bot many times, nothing helps. Profiles without protection works fine.
  10. Perhaps this is due to the Russian language.
  11. Andoido and I reinstalled the bot for 2 hours. He helped me.
  12. I tried on 3 profiles. 1-60 AFK Quester and [PROFESSION] Mining & Herbalism and [PAID] Micam's Vanilla 1-60 Problem only in TBC.
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