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  1. Can you specify what you mean with: "won´t do anything"? I run personally most of the time 5 bots on the same machine without any problems. Maybe you can post a log of the Bots who deny the work?
  2. The easiest way is: ItemsManager.GetItemCountByIdLUA(12345) >0 Instead of 12345 you have to enter a proper Item ID
  3. Add something like this, but you should think about moving all the casting checks into one Function and do the Checks only once. if (Corruption.IsSpellUsable && Corruption.KnownSpell && Corruption.IsDistanceGood && SpellManager.GlobalCooldownTimeLeft() == 0 && !ObjectManager.Target.Rooted && ObjectManager.Me.HaveBuff("Life Tap")) { if(!DebuffCheckOwner("Corruption") { Corruption.Launch(); return; } } public static bool DebuffCheckOwner(Spell spell, bool owner = true) { List<Aura> DebuffList = ObjectManager.Target.GetAllBuff(); Aura aura = null; if (owner) { aura = DebuffList.FirstOrDefault(s => s.GetSpell.Name == spell.Name && s.Owner == ObjectManager.Me.Guid); if (aura != null) { return true; } } return false; }
  4. You need to have a wrobot license to pay the premium seller status, like Matenia mentioned before.
  5. Don’t know who you are, never noticed a report from you. Shadow priest don’t apply dots? DK sucks at Aggro? You are using the right FC? Make a proper bugreport, send a log and you will get help. Or just stick to the superior FC‘s from Apex. You are free todo as you like!
  6. Feel free to make them available for free, show all how great you are. I just ignore further comments from a superior being like you ☺️
  7. ? first: I made the adaptions above. second: you are free to make your own AIO. third: you should think about your tone.
  8. I added now an Option for a intelligent buffing and a standard buffing. You can deactivate both, but i would highly suggest to try the intelligent Buffing! Will upload in an hour or two.
  9. Did you look in the settings? There is a setting to enable and disable Buffs and a Setting for enable and disable De-Buffs, and there is an explanation what every Settings do! nevermind, found some incombat Buffing which doesn´t take the Option into account, will fix this. Whats causing this is that the FC estimates the cost of buffing individually against using group buffs, so this can cause your multiple buffs.
  10. hmm, your Spells have a Base Damage per Tick. I would take the Basedamage and compare it to the actual health. Let´s say you have a Target with 1000 Health, but the Basedamage of your ShadowWord: Pain is 300 per Tick (total of 5 Ticks) it´s not worth to cast it. On the other side, when you "wand" the target down like every SPriest does while leveling, a DoT comes in Hand. So in General, there are different Ways to Achieve what you want: 1. Read the dmg Output out of Combatlog of the Spell you desire and compare this against the enemy health 2. Calculate the Base Damage of the Spell you want to see and compare this against the enemy health 3. Limit your Dot´s, compared to the Health again, flat to the kind of Mob you are Facing (Normal Grind, Trash in Dungeon, Bossfight in Dungeon) 4. Maybe some more... Actually i try to understand the Point of the Addon above. In the AIO we did Point 3. We checked for the kind of Target we have actually and this is the Trigger for the Rotation. Like in ShadowWord:Pain (Bossfight: Ignore Health, Trashmobs in Dungeon: 5%, Grindmobs outside Dungeon 30% <-- Because we Wand them down). Hope i could give you a rough idea what i am talking about. If you need something more specific, let me know.
  11. could you be more specific what the point is behind this? You want to estimate if it´s worth to reapply your Dots on a Target?
  12. This is fixed in our WOTLK AIO and can be achieved by taking a closer look into RelativePosition.
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