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  1. Yes, had this with my old Questingprofiles too. Even the "Loader" Profiles will get slower and slower, each time you restart them. Atleast i noticed this in the WOTLK client. @Droidz You can reproduce this when you take a larger profile and restart this. You should notice this after the second restart. Tbh, i have this since i started with wrobot, but i was told that this is already known but can´t be changed.
  2. Yes this could absolutely be the problem. With windows 7 you are missing some stuff which is needed for Wrobot. I’m glad that it now works for you.
  3. Sorry, but this is no log. In your Wrobot folder is a subfolder for logs. This is what I need.
  4. Put the aio dll inside your fightclass folder. Select it as fightclass. Then post a log here.
  5. You have Settings where you can activate the Multidotting.
  6. Deactivate LUA Errors in WoW for this time. Actually the FC is handling your Pet for Spells, Attacks and a lot more, and since it is in a leveling Process it can cause some LUA Errors because of missing Spells. You could send me a Log and i can take a look what exactly is happening there. EDIT: I pushed a change, i noticed something inside the Warlock Pet handling. It will be pushed through Autoupdater. Can you test this pls? Version 3.1.21
  7. If you use the Updater through Teamviewer or something like this, the Screen will go black. If you then just hop on your PC you will see that the Updater started normally. Have the same problem since a long time and the only fix for this is to hop on the PC and do it one Time without the Updater. Or you dl it on your normal machine and push it over to the Remote PC
  8. My Dungeongroups were one time visited by a GM. Luckily i was on my Desk and could respond. People will report you when you are level 20+ and are guildless, or if they see a level 68 staying in OG with level 10 gear and so on... several ways lead to a report. Lowpop Zones will be the best bet, Dungeons are the savest atm. This are my Observations.
  9. i actually have there round about 15 accounts with tons of Toons. So from my experience, no! They have a active GM Staff which checks manually after user reports and they are fast with banning, but it´s all manual!
  10. Sure, you can create your own server. That´s what most of us do when we build something until it is in a testing state for private servers. .modify speed 5 .tel Orgrimmar .modify money 100000 .die .gm fly on ... and many more helpers will help you to build Profiles/Plugin/Products.
  11. ? don´t know exactly what you mean. I only define that this specific quest jas one objective which has to be true after all the Peons are awaken. When you have a quest with let´s say kill 7 x and kill 7 y, you have 2 objectives to fullfil and therefore you go with Has objective 1 True, and Has objective 2 True. But again: Check if you have the right Quest ID!
  12. And on wotlk Lazy Peons Quest has the ID 5441, don´t know about other expansions.
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