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  1. Thx for giving a fuck about this topic 👍
  2. Is it possible to get a changelog for the updates??? @Droidz Everytime i get an update, i am forced to guess what was changed. The Changelog in the wrobot link just shows a very old Changelog!
  3. You gave yourself the Answer! Honorbuddy Replacement for Live? You won´t see one.
  4. I left the Addon aside, it caused some Problems with my Client. I will fill the missing Talenttrees for iTalent, so you have the choice.
  5. There is the zygor addon under Addons for wotlk. You searching something specific? Maybe I can add it tomorrow for italent.
  6. You should be able to. Just load the single Profiles and don´t use the loader.
  7. We have enough space on our Discord for new Developers. So if someone wants to join on the Project, just follow Zeros Link :-)
  8. Hmm, i´ll take a look for Wand using. Under normal Conditions, the Rotation should be enough to kill all adds. If you want testing Beta Builds you can join the Discord and give Feedback 🙂 Anyway, thanks for the Advice.
  9. Now i get what you mean. The AIO FC uses the same Base as the 1-40 FC. I will take a look later, if i see what it will be. Maybe you can send me your log, or join the Discord and message me there.
  10. 🙂 I´m on it. Can´t give any eta, have to think about the Poisonlogic and some other little things, but i have made a huge Update which needs some finetuning and maybe Rogue will jump into it.
  11. There is a Range Bug at the Moment i have to fix, until next Update there you can just use Melee classes
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