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  1. It could be that you will face some new Problems here and there. The Movement is called on several points inside Quester/Grinder and other Products. The only reliable way is to use your own product where you have full control over your movement (for example if you want to use keystroke movement instead of ctm).
  2. Well, then show him how you would solve this, I already gave my opinion about this!
  3. exactly, if you want control over the incombat movement without depending on the standard movement you have to build your own combat state where you can handle the movement to the target, after engaging combat.
  4. As Ordush said, you only will be able to Assist the "Tank" if he is a Warrior and only one Warrior. If it is your own preset group you should be fine. If you want to handle Target switching in Combat, it would be the best to add it to the OnFightLoop like Ordush said too. Take a look in the Fightclass Section, there you find some examples how to handle Combat MidFight. Alternatively you can check in your FC Pulse if the Target of your Tank is the same as yours, and if not then change it.
  5. If you are talking about the HMP from Matenia, it would be the best to contact him directly or join his discord for support for his Plugin.
  6. I only can recommend to use less LUA, as Matenia said, LUA can slow down your Rotation a lot if you don´t use it correct or unneeded. Let the Debug Output stay in wrobot like Logging.Write(). I can recommend to take a look how Matenia handled Stuff in his free Framework for Developers which he posted on Wrobot.
  7. So, assuming you use wrotation you can do something like this to get the Tankname: public static string LUAGetTankName() { return Lua.LuaDoString<string>(@" for i = 1, 4 do local isTank,_,_ = UnitGroupRolesAssigned('party' .. i) if isTank then name, realm = UnitName('party' .. i) return name; end end"); } With this you get the Tank name. Then you can use ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWPlayer().FirstOrDefault(p => p.Name == Tankname) and store it in a variable. With this you have the Basic to Assist the Tank, Ignore the TankTarget and much more. Same goes for every Member in the Group. But be aware that the LUA only works after you joined the Dungeon through Dungeonfinder. If you don´t use Dungeonfinder you have to set the Tank by yourself. If you need more Help, or have more Questions feel free todo so. Sometimes it would help more to post the part of the Code where you struggle, this helps more then describing the things ?
  8. Do you use a specific FC or do you build your own? 1. You have to differentiate between auto Choosing Targets (handled by the Product) or you choose manual a Target. Which one is the case? 2. You can store a guid into a Variable or set an FocusTarget or Filter through Enemies and so on. You should be a little bit more specific. 3. This is something which should be handled by the Product (or the FC if you make your own). 4. Again, this is something the FC you use handles. Overall everything you mentioned is doing (with less effort in C#).
    Keep up the good work, Questers are needed for every expansion ?
    As usual, a top working product which closes the huge gap in missing free Plugins. Thx for the work ?
  9. The FC makes use of nearly all Feral Spells. Shred was considered by the Testers as useless for Leveling. In Catform it uses: Prowl, Feral Charge, Pounce, Faerie Fire, Ravage, Dash, Tigers Fury, Rake, Rip, Ferocious Bite, Mangle and Claw. (this is no Order, we use a Priority System to determine when which Spell should be used). If you have Suggestions to improve the Behavior, just let me know.
  10. Actually not, will see if i can add a Tank Override in the near Future.
    Honestly, the best Plugin here for Managing your Inventory. The guy who wrote this other review before is not able to install the Plugin correct (put one dll at the right place). This Plugins save so much time! Just try it out yourself! And btw. the Plugin doesn´t shut down the Bot ?
  11. Can you guys please do this again and disable your addons? You have a ton of addon active and this can cause bad behavior. And pls post a log with all addons disabled, thx
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