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  1. WRobot is not as powerful as honorbuddy was, that´s true. You have to take in mind that Bossland had his own Company behind, with some great Core Developer like Apoc, Main, Raphus, Kickass (the most awesome Profile Writer), EchoTiger and many more. So they had huge Manpower behind this. So more manpower, more knowledge. But they had a huge Userbase too, which developed a lot of free stuff. The lack of profiles and fightingclasses of WRobot is hard to compensate. I agree on that point too. I hade to write my own to compensate the lack of the missing and i wasn´t aware of this when i bought the Bot. Dungeons was introduced, after one of the Coredevs (i think Raphus) developed the basic part. Arena was never supported by Honorbuddy, just by some Customclasses (for which you had to pay). "There isn't a single dungeon/BG/Arena/questing full without constant issues profile for 1-70 AT LEAST and that's because there's no confidence and the documentation/client itself doesn't allow for it. " There are some free profiles, which you have to babysit. Honorbuddy Questingprofiles were mighty because of the CustomBehaviours which are shipped with it. To sum it up: I agree on your points of quality, but i can´t agree about the Honorbuddy/WRobot discussion 🙂
  2. I don´t get your point. Glider is no more, Honorbuddy is just for 3.3.5 available without the needed meshes for 58+. If you are not satisfied with what you get you have to leave the boat. I´ll understand your frustration if you want a all in one solution and you don´t get one, or if you pay for profiles which say they are 100% afk and the don´t, or if you pay for a fightingclass which doesn´t do the job. On the other hand, you can get some free Profiles and Fightingclasses in the download section, maybe try to use them instead of paying one. I don´t know if there is a quality standart for payed releases in the download Section. Maybe there should be one, if none exists. And for your last words: You should ask yourself first why you can´t bot with Glider, Pirox and Honorbuddy in Retail, then you will find the answer.
  3. True words. The Content changed so much until Cata. Therefore it is much easier to level after this and creating Profiles.
  4. Huge Giveaway. I personally run 4 DK's with this profile through the starter Zone. You can save soooo many times with this 😍
  5. The Plugin does the job great. The Profile is awesome.... little Babysitting, but overall a nice give away for the Community 🙂
  6. It is not easy to build a Honorbuddy feeling. The Options you have in Profiles and the Bot itself are huge but limited too. Targeting is one of the most annoying part of the Bot, followed by flying. I can´t talk about the Profile quality, because i use my own customized profiles. So everytime a character is stuck on a wall, is not using Flightpaths, is Chaindying can come from the Profile, the FightingClass, the Bot itself, your Client... and many more. But to be honest, no one should write something like 100% afk, because that is not true! Plugins like this extend the behaviour of the Bot:
  7. It should have this Check integrated. There are Goto Profiles from Silvermoon to UC and then from UC to Orgrimmar. Both checks where you are, so if you don´t stop it, it should to the run. I´ll make a new Char later and check if the transition works as it should.
  8. first: True, the Bot checks if you have reached level 12+, so it could start the Questchain in Barrens, from here on all Quests are the same, so it speed up the Process of leveling. If you want to let him level until 15 you have to select the Blood11 profile and load it manually. second: Baron Lonbeard, that´s true. When i get a new Character to this level i can add more Hotspots. (or if you are around this area, give me the hotspots you want to have added and i´ll make an update)
  9. There are some Information missing: First a huge thx @webruxim. His Profiles are the Base which i used for the 12-60 Part. The Profiles should get you 280 Quests done until 60. The only hiccup are the Lack of Quests until the End of 60, so i have added one large Grindspot for the last 2 or 3 levels. The code is heavily edited and and has a lot of if conditions, so just load the settings and install all the Profiles under /Quester/Project X/ to be load correctly. Until now there are supported Classquests for B11 Hunter and Orc Hunter + Warlock. Known Bugs are the Missing Offmesh Connections in Booty Bay for some Questivers. It although could be that you end up with not killing enough Mobs until the Profile 12-20 reaches the end, so i have to add some Grindspots after this. I have run several Characters to 60, so i know there are some hiccups, most depending on the server you are running the Profiles. Some Quests are not supported by the server so you have to wait on the Questgiver until WRobot blacklist it. Support for the Profiles you will get @ https://discord.gg/ppm8Ufc If you will report Bugs or Ideas, pls describe it as detailed as you can. I will hop on as soon as i get to it. Btw. this is for 3.3.5 and was developed on Warmane and Dragonblight.
  10. Any Petclass, Paladin, Death Knight.
  11. Just download some and test them. If you see any Bot Behaviour, the GM will too.
  12. It depends on your FightingClass too. Some are very easy to spot.
  13. Don´t know if you can do this with the normal FightClass Editor, but it should doable with a Fightclass in C#.
  14. Um überhaupt eine Aussage treffen zu können müsstest du schon, wie Kamogli es sagt, mal angeben welche FightClass, welche Plugins, welches Profil etc. du benutzt.
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