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  1. Happened to me too. Don’t know if they have some detection pattern or they are visiting players manually...
  2. Put the DLL pls in the right Folder and select it as Fightclass.
  3. Never had a crash. Maybe try again with a clean wrobot install?
  4. Botted yesterday at maintime, 3 hours straight, just rotation Bot and account is still alive.
  5. ^this. It doesn´t matter if you use the "smooth path Beta" option or not, the Movement is still bottish.
  6. I´m level 40+, still not detected. Using questing Bot, my AIO FC and private Profile. If it would be an autodetection System they would have hit me. But others had several detections too. Most were in the levelrange of 20-30... looks more like they have very active GM´s.
  7. I don’t have included something like this. Have you tried another Fightclass?
  8. I leveled successfully several warlocks as affli. And voidwalker has a higher priority the imp. If you have the shards and the needed mana it will cast voidwalker. If you prefer another spec for your warlock, you are welcome to develop your own fightclass. You are free to choose which one you want to use 😊
  9. You are right, never seen this 😬 will change this with the next update. About the asked changes for DK, I will think about a option to add !
  10. Death and Decay will only be used if there are more then 3 enemys near a radius of 10 yards who are attacking you.
  11. Which class are you using? Death and Decay will be auto used (this FC is designed to be used for leveling). Donating? Nice intention, but this one is free. There are so many who say they will donate something and then they do nothing, so just keep your bucks 🙂 Check the profile you are using. Sometimes profiles change your wrobot settings. This FC attacks only if wrobot allows it.
  12. Yes, use the AIO. This here is an really old Version.
  13. Talamin

    [BUG] disconnect,

    Yes, do what smokie says... he has the plan!
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