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  1. Warmane is a mystery for me too. No i am successfully botting a Character since some days there, got banned on several accounts before. The Bot is not detected, otherwhise some other Devs i know won´t have level 80 characters sitting there. So it´s possible, most of the time bad luck. And of course it depends on what you are doing with your quester, which Fightclass do you use, which plugins and so on...
  2. Just tell us which Expansion you are running, which Profile you try and what´s inside your log (located in your Wrobot Folder)
  3. You filled in the Mount Name? Can you be more specific what your Problem actually is?
  4. If you have the Trial/Paid Version Bot you don´t need any Meshes
  5. Isn´t the float Precision a parameter which alters the Click by given yards? Like precision 3 means it´s altering the click by 3 yards?! Don´t know it exactly, so that´s my guess.
  6. Ich glaube das es nicht wirklich ein freies Plugin für so etwas gibt. Ich habe mal gesehen das jemand genau ein solches Plugin entwickelt hat, allerdings ist es nie public geworden, von daher stehen die Chancen dafür im Moment eher schlecht.
    Works out of the Box, quality Product as usual 🙂 a long existent Problem get´s solved with this Plugin! It speed up the process of leveling dramatically and this since the first Alpha Release 😉
    Gave it a quick Test on WOTLK Server with a level 33 Hunter, worked well. This is a nice idea btw. 👍
  7. 07:53:57 - [Security] Pathfinder server seem down, pause bot for 20 secondes Same here! 1 out of 5 accounts.
  8. Well, it is suited actually for 5man Dungeons, so it should perform "ok" there. For Heroics i haven´t tested it but it should work, sometimes you have to adapt the Healing Treshholds. For Raids it could be that there will something come up. 😉 And about the Tranquility, i will give it another look. It should work but i think the Treshholds needs to be adjusted.
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