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  1. 07:53:57 - [Security] Pathfinder server seem down, pause bot for 20 secondes Same here! 1 out of 5 accounts.
  2. Well, it is suited actually for 5man Dungeons, so it should perform "ok" there. For Heroics i haven´t tested it but it should work, sometimes you have to adapt the Healing Treshholds. For Raids it could be that there will something come up. 😉 And about the Tranquility, i will give it another look. It should work but i think the Treshholds needs to be adjusted.
  3. Entering Treeform got completely lost by the updates 🙂 So you have to enter it one time manually until the next patch. Tranquility is already in there, but i have to be honest, it pops not so often like i want it to have, so maybe this need some change.
  4. It does, just the Crusader is gone, while we did the Frameworkupdate. About the Blessing of Might: Thx for the report, will release an update in a minute.
  5. And about the Lock, i really don´t have the problem you described there. If you set the Treshhold for Wandusage he will use his Wand. And if you set another Pet then Imp he will cast it, when the Conditions are met like having Soulshards and so on. Tested it myself again with the latest Version and it worked fine for me.
  6. Thx for the compliment. We are doing our Best 🙂 And Shaman Totem handling will get better and better, so if you have some points for improvement, feel free to tell us.
  7. You can make something like this: public static bool DebuffCheckOwner(Spell spell, bool owner = true) { List<Aura> DebuffList = ObjectManager.Target.GetAllBuff(); Aura aura = null; if(owner) { aura = DebuffList.FirstOrDefault(s => s.GetSpell.Name == spell.Name && s.Owner == ObjectManager.Me.Guid); if(aura != null) { return true; } } return false; }
  8. Dann poste doch mal deine Settings bitte 🙂
  9. Also bei der AIO WOTLK Fightclass castet er so lange bis er 20 Wasser hat und danach verbraucht er diese. Hast du da das gleiche Problem?
  10. Most, nearly all Bugs, Issues will be solved in the next large Update with a lot of speed improvements and a lot of behaviour changes. Maybe we can push it this weekend, we will see.
  11. Out of curiosity: Did you set the Force Mail List?
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