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  1. Getting this after a while on 3.3.5a wotlk client It stops the bot for some reason but never boots me from the game = afk all night with this message on repeat.
  2. Version 1.3


    Part of the EasyBeasts series, this takes advantage of the large space between mobs to make it rare that you will pull too many mobs. Especially useful for a weak leveling class. It will occasionally pull golems, elementals and the few humanoid mobs outside the cave but they are usually not grouped with other mobs making it relatively safe. Please comment if any issues.
  3. I don't know why but my grinder profile ignores the blacklisted zone and seems to be deliberately going for mobs without their ids being tagged... any ideas?
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is the next step to my Nesingwarys camp beasts 28-35 -- It will grind very close to the previous route and use the same vendor but will instead level on the 33-36 mobs to grind you to level 40. The beasts in this area are great for leveling as they are so spaced out that you aren't pulling extra mobs. The vendors are set for alliance, you can still use this for horde provided you have humanmasterplugin and have the vendor override option on. If you see any problems feel free to comment or message.
  5. Thanks a lot! Noticed some strange behavior last night when it was on loop so have updated the loop/file again! Should be even better this time 🙂
  6. Version 1.2


    I couldn't find a good profile for this level range so I made this grinder which will follow a set path near the Nesingwary camp and grind the beasts. It should work with any client up to Wrath of the Lich King, AFAIK. Please report any issues though. This profile is great for weak solo classes as the beasts are far enough apart so they don't pull multiple mobs; it also kills two birds with one stone as you can leave it to do the first Nesingwary quests! Hope you like it, have fun. FYI it works with Vanilla, TBC and WotLK clients.
  7. Serpent sting does not work even when turned on -- I'm level 32 and it was working fine for a long time. Now it doesnt work regardless of what I turn on / turn off.
  8. I did, they aren't very responsive. It's happening with both IDs from different sellers so it must be something not right on my end.. Its not very clear tbh.
  9. Hi there, So I've paid for a fight class and a 1-60 grinder profile and it pops up with a transaction id box but there is no way for me to tick it and hitting enter does not work. How do I get the profiles to accept the ids?
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