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  1. Version 2.2.1


    I AM CURRENTLY COMPLETELY REWRITING THIS! AND ALL MY OTHER TBC STUFF WITHIN THE NEXT DAYS THESE WILL BE REWRITTEN!!! This is my paid version of the TBC Hunter Beastmaster Wrobot Rotation It is highly advanced, and has an in-game interface, where you can control almost every aspect of the rotation. For support and suggestions please use: https://wrobot.eu/forums/forum/85-hunter-fightclass-tbc/ Purchase Links https://sellfy.com/p/3UYd/ Features The Paid version comes with some unique features like the in-game interface, /commands and more. The hunter will move b
  2. Version 1


    Overview Hi guys. I’m proud to present to you my All-In-One TBC FightClasses. 11 classes are included in one single file: Beast Master Hunter Retribution Paladin Frost Mage Enhancement Shaman Elemental Shaman Fury Warrior Feral Druid Affliction Warlock Demonology Warlock Shadow Priest Combat Rogue This file only works with the English client of the game. It is meant for leveling/grinding purpose (1-70). I do not recommend you use them for dungeons/raids or PvP. They are designed around smooth grinding, prioritizing comba
  3. Version 1.4.7


    (This is a digital product, there are no refunds). This is my paid version of the Vanilla Hunter Beastmaster Wrobot Rotation It is highly advanced, and has an in-game interface, where you can control almost every aspect of the rotation. For support and suggestions please use: https://wrobot.eu/forums/forum/84-hunter-fightclass-vanilla/ https://sellfy.com/p/pGN2/ http://armory.twinstar.cz/talent-calc.php?cid=3&d=vanilla&tal=0500320152521051510510304000000000000000000000 The Paid version comes with some unique features like the in-game interface, /comman
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Hey Guys, Since many servers detect PQR now, i begun to migrate all my PQR Profiles to wRobot in C#. All my FightClasses will have a Ingame StatusFrame so you know whats happing next. You can disable it with /dRotation or hide it with the close button. Features Using Trueshot Aura Using Aspect of the Dragonhawk if we have more than 10% Mana Using Aspect of the Viper if we have less than 10% Mana Using Hunters Mark* if its not on Boss Using Misdirection on Focus if you have a Focus Using Rapid Fire* Using Readiness* to ref
  5. Version 1.0.3


    Hunter Fightclass for WotLK ::Features:: Cast Aspect of the Viper if you are below 10% Mana Cast Aspect of the Hawk if you are over 90% Mana Cast Raptor Strike if Target in Melee Range Cast Mongoose Bite if Target in Melee Range Cast Hunter's Mark on Target but only if you are over Level 20 (Otherwise you have Mana issues) Cast Serpent Sting on Target but only if you are over Level 20 (Otherwise you have Mana issues) Cast Kill Shot if Target is below 20% Cast Rapid Fire Cast Kill Command if Pet exist
  6. Version 2.1.0


    A Free Hunter FC you can use 1-60 without adding spells to the bars. Built towards working with my vanilla levelling profiles This profile works best with grinders where you are engaging mobs, not questers where you may aggro mobs. Will attempt to feed the pet from the first bag slots from the first bag. So make sue you have food in there. Rotation is simple Will buff with aspect Will use consumable scrolls on you / pet Will try and move back if target is close and focusing pet Will move closer if pet is low on health Fighting is usi
  7. Version 1.2


    This plugin is gonna feed your Hunters pet automatically the correct food, as long as you have some in your inventory. Therefor, it is usable with any kind of auto choose food plugin and allows for a much more AFK experience, when botting Hunter. It's not just selecting a valid food depending on your pet currents level, but your pets individually diet as well. This plugin will by default only feed food that is available for purchase by vendors. But you are free to add your own food (by ID), when activated. "Auto choose food": Main feature, automatically feeds your pet, depending on
  8. Hey there, so i recently got the bot and bought a BM hunter fighter. Now when he runs out of arrows, he continiues to grind, dosent go and fetch any arrows at all. Tried to add it in the settings, but no reactions. I added to buy water when below -1 buy food when below -1 and i tried this in arrows "Razer Arrows | Arrows | Buy when less then -1 |" but he dosent buy it ? Food is okay, but no arrows. /sigh Any help ? Feel free to contact me on discord, would love some help! Frifi#5608 BR Frifi
  9. Version 1.4.0


    This is my paid version of the Vanilla Hunter Marksmanship Wrobot Rotation It is highly advanced, and has an in-game interface, where you can control almost every aspect of the rotation. For support and suggestions please use: https://wrobot.eu/forums/forum/84-hunter-fightclass-vanilla/ Purchase Links https://sellfy.com/p/wyVU/ Talents http://armory.twinstar.cz/talent-calc.php?cid=3&d=vanilla&tal=5000000000000000520510305130513300242010000000 Features The Paid version comes with some unique features like the in-game interface, /commands and more. The hunter
  10. Hi all Currently using Wrobot for Vanilla running Hunter by Eeny fight class and a profile. My issue is that no matter the profile or change in fight class, my hunter seems to not engage a mob unless it is right next to it (like 5 steps) or if it's attacked by it. This means it will walk the loop or hotspot endlessly without using range or attacking any creep. Only when it is right next to the mob, or been attacked, does it combat cycle. I did not have this issue before and only seemed to happen once I had a pet? Likewise, any idea how to get the bot to buy ammo or return to tow
  11. Version 1.2.4


    WORK IN PROGRESS (currently 0 -> 16)! You can use it past this level but newer active abilities won't be used Hello fellow hunter ! This is a basic C# Fight class for Hunters . What it does, when you're in close combat range: Aspect of the Monkey Attack Raptor Strike Wing Clip What it does, when you're in ranged combat range: Hunter's Mark (out of combat) Auto shot Aspect of the Awk Serpent Sting Arcane Shot Concussive shot (when target is fleeing) Kown Issues: Currently not working und
  12. Version 12.14


    Base on http://www.wowhead.com/beast-mastery-hunter-rotation-guide Tryed to cover all spells/talents/artifact powers. Maybe its required a bit of tuning. I will post update after some testing My profiles
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Good pvp fighting profile for MM Hunter. These talents are for the best damage output. If you like me to do changes, let me know, but i have done the best damage with this setup. The profile does: Use "Sidewinders" as often as possible together with "Marked Shot" Fil up the cooldown times with "Aimed Shot" Use "Binding Shot" to stun moving enemies Use "A Murder of Crows" off cooldown Bot interupts enemy casting with "Counter Shot" Bot uses "Disengage" if enemies are close Bot uses "Tar Trap" and "Flare" in enemy groups. Bot uses artifact o
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Set your talents like on the screenshot MMv2.xml
  15. Hello, I decided to create this post to put any free fight classes that I create in here to help everyone. My profiles are basic, you can tweak them a little more to your liking. I made this post as reference to come back and add more classes if I made any. I hope they come useful to you somehow. Cheers
  16. Is there an "Additional C# Code" the will make the bot wait if your pet has the effect "Feed Pet Effect?" I have the bot feeding my pet finally, but it won't wait until for the buff's duration. I am using an addon to feed the Pet automatically.
  17. I searched the forums and found a few topics about it, but I can not for the life of me get any of them to work. Can someone help me? I need a plugin, lua code, etc something that will feed a pet when it's happiness is below green and wait Xx amount of time before attacking again so the effects can work.
  18. I am having trouble getting this two abilities to work together. They share the same CD. I have them with the condition to check if the opposite is usable before they are activated. However, the bot will still attempt to use one or the other while they are on CD. I am also having an issue with Aimed Shot, it is a cast spell, but doesn't have a cast bar so they bot isn't waiting until it is complete before attempting to use another ability. Advice? EDIT* Seem to have them working slightly by off setting their CD times in the Flightclass manager. Still looking for additional advice
  19. im currently writing a free hunter FC based on the lock one i made- however im seeing something that i have never encountered. On every second or third mob the bot will stand there, target selected, in range... and do nothing. If i hit any spell the client, the bot will spring into life and start fighting the mob with no problems. More often the not the bot will blacklist the mob and turn away, at that point the FC will start , pet will charge in and away it goes. Is there any way to over-ride the 'check if mob is bugged" and just start the FC rotation? Se
  20. Looking for a plugin, etc to check at regular intervals if the hunter has ammo if not will Hearthstone and log out. Seems go to town is still working some bugs out. Want this to ensure my bot won't just run around botting/grinding without ammo.
  21. Looking for some help with creating a code snippet or pluigin, etc. That will pause a classflight, won't attempt to use abilities, then will check target distance. If the distance to the target is less than X it will move back by X than resume the flightclass rotation. *Yes this is for a hunter flightclass *I have everything working for a vanilla hunter flightclass, but the deadzone issues where it gets stuck between melee and range.
  22. Hi, I noticed a problem with the ammo bag on a hunter, it counts it as free bag space. So if i have 3+ free spaces in my ammo bag and the bot set to sell when it hits 2 free spaces it will never sell! Will continue to try and loot and fail everytime. Can we have the ammo bags blacklisted so it doesnt count? Also, was looking for an option to buy ammo, but cant see to see it on the advanced setting, options for dont sell your ammo and hearthstone, but nothing for buy. Is this coming? Or am i a dope!? Great product! Keep up the good work and support :)
  23. Version 1.3.0


    This is a little plugin to help hunter for people who doesn't have a payed FC. As I do not have hunter, I've tested it only on Warmane (fun server) in the pet zone, I've not tested that much, just aggro pet and move. Is nothing fancy at all, I've just wrap up what I've found on the forum here and there. I've not tested the feed pet function (as the pet seems always happy on warmane) is just a copy/paste from a thread, so thank you to all for it. this plugin has 3 features Movement Manager smartMove (Random area, Check presence of hostiles units and LoS, again is
  24. Hello, Team I purchased the private server package and I have ran into a few issues, but ultimatlmy have been able to find a work around for most with the help of the forums. But for the life of me i cannot figure out to get the bot to us the "Mend Pet" skill as intended, it simply ignoring it. I am using the below fight class that was provided via the software. But its still skipping the mend pet spell. Hunter - [Leveling 1-80] [Beast Mastery] | [Marksmanship] | [Fightclass] | [3.3.5a] WRobot for private server > WRobot for Wow Wrath of the Lich King > Fight Cla
  25. Version 1.0.0


    Simply Hunter's fight class. (Using spirit beast heal) Set your pet at call pet 3. Hunter BM 7.1.5 v1.xml
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