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  1. How many times do you need to get banned until you finally leave for good, Smokie? We have proof you've been scamming people again. You were given plenty of chances the redeem yourself by Droidz and still chose to steal money from people. Why are you still around with a new account, posting products?
  2. Make sure you use the English version of the game.
  3. Zer0

    Profil herbe

    WRobot propose un éditeur de profile assez simple à utiliser. Il suffit d'enregistrer un chemin point par point dans la zone qui t'intéresse. Tu peux sélectionner le product "Gatherer", puis cliquer sur "Profile Creator" dans l'onglet "Product Settings"
  4. There's an option called "Framelock", make sure it's disabled.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Overview Hi guys, The Wholesome team is proud to present the Wholesome Inventory Manager plugin. This plugin has been created to facilitate items and inventory management. It comes with easy-to-use presets and advanced options for the user to fine-tune its usage. How to install Copy the .dll file into WRobot's Plugin folder and enable it in the Plugins tab of WRobot. Autoupdater This plugin comes with an autoupdater. Every time you press play, it checks if a new version is available. If it finds one, it automatically installs it and restarts the produc
  6. That's great. Do you mind sharing with other users the kind of measures you take to avoid getting caught?
  7. Bump for visibility. New people have joined and we are working on different future releases.
  8. https://wrobot.eu/clients/purchases/ Then click on your purchase.
  9. I almost exclusively work on TBC but I think this should work in WotLK too: // Returns the time left on a buff in seconds, buff name is passed as string public static int BuffTimeLeft(string buffName) { return Lua.LuaDoString<int> ($"for i=1,25 do " + "local n, _, _, _, _, duration, _ = UnitBuff('player',i); " + "if n == '" + buffName + "' then " + "return duration " + "end " + "end"); }
  10. Here's the method I've made to handle elevators: public static void AddTransportOffMesh( Vector3 waitForTransport, Vector3 stepIn, Vector3 objectDeparture, Vector3 objectArrival, Vector3 stepOut, int objectId, ContinentId continentId, string name = "", float precision = 0.5f) { OffMeshConnection offMeshConnection = new OffMeshConnection(new List<Vector3> { waitForTransport, new Vector3(stepIn.X, stepIn.Y, stepIn.Z, "None") {
  11. The link to the github project is on our discord
  12. If you want to move to the first spot on the list, use GoToTask.ToPosition(path[0]); If you want to find nearest spot on the list, you can do it this way: using System.Linq; List<Vector3> closestSpots = path .OrderBy(spot => spot.Position.DistanceTo(ObjectManager.Me.Position)) .ToList(); Vector3 closestSpot = closestSpots[0]; I haven't tested it and there's probably a more efficient way to do it, but that should work.
  13. @TheSmokie So far, it's been reported that the fix works. Thanks for that. @Droidz I'm sure this is not a blacklist issue. I've had this issue randomly with test characters and empty profile. Unless I'm missing something, there's no way any NPC was blacklisted in those situations. It seems to be a recent issue, I don't remember the bot having this problem before, but I could be wrong. We have several testers working on both TBC and WotLK and the problem only has been reported with TBC. Never heard or seen that issue on WotLK. I haven't tried to modify the interact distance. Unfortun
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