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  1. An All-In-One Fightclass for TBC has been released. 9 classes included, 1-70. Enjoy.
  2. Version 1.0.1


    Overview Hi guys. After weeks of development and testing, I’m proud to present to you my All-In-One TBC FightClasses. 9 classes are included in one single file: Z.E. Beast Master Hunter Z.E. Retribution Paladin Z.E. Frost Mage Z.E. Enhancement Shaman Z.E. Fury Warrior Z.E. Feral Druid Z.E. Affliction Warlock Z.E. Shadow Priest Z.E. Combat Rogue Those fight classes are meant for leveling/grinding purpose (1-70). I do not recommend you use them for dungeons/raids or PvP. They are designed around smooth grinding, prioritizing combat uptime over high DPS. Please read their description carefully before using them. This AIO is free to use and share, although I have set up a Paypal donation link in case you are happy with my work and want to encourage me via a donation. Project Wholesome – A quick word The goal of Project Wholesome is to develop, test, and freely share wRobot products. All the code created under the project is transparent, open-source, and then released in the store for free. Nothing released under Project Wholesome is sold for profit, although individual donations are welcome. We are always looking for more testers and developers. If you want to participate, please join our Discord channel. Project Wholesome Discord: https://discord.gg/NEq4VA6 How to install Copy the .dll file into your FightClass folder, and then select it in the General Settings tab of wRobot. The AIO will automatically detect your class and launch the appropriate Fight Class. Z.E. Beast Master Hunter Features: Keeps your pet fed and happy Will fight in melee when out of arrows Uses a mana saving rotation for maximum combat uptime Backs up from melee if the pet takes back aggro Will switch between different aspects depending on the situation Calls/Revives/Mends pet Feigns death in the most dire situation Uses freezing trap on multi aggro (WIP) Options: Set weapon speed for Steady Shot use (WIP) Choose whether to backup from melee or not Choose to use freezing trap on multi aggro Choose whether you want Z.E.BMHunter to manage your pet feeding, in case you prefer using a third party plugin Choose to either use high CD spells on multi aggro or as soon as available Recommendations: The hunter is a weak class before level 10. Once you get your pet, it becomes unstoppable. Complete your pet quest as soon as you hit level 10. Get yourself a large Quiver/Ammo pouch. Matenia’s HumanMasterPlugin can help you automate buying ammunition. Make sure you always have food for your pet. Be aware that the pet will not attack if it is in the process of eating. Recommended settings: Tab: Food / Drink Food: 30% to 99% Drink: 15% to 99% Use drink: ON Tab: Vendor (Selling or Buying) Food Amount : 40 Drink Amount : 40 General Settings: Attack before being attacked : ON (will help restarting fight against trap-frozen enemy) Z.E. Retribution Paladin Features: Uses a different rotation depending on your mana situation Can keep you healed up between fights to lower food consumption Purifies/Cleanses poisons, diseases and magic debuffs Uses Lay on Hands in the most dire situation Switches between appropriate seals Uses Rank 1 Seal of Command on low mana Options: You can set under which mana percentage threshold the class enters a mana saving rotation (50 recommended) Choose whether to use Hammer of Wrath Choose whether to use Exorcism against Undead and Demon Choose whether to heal up between fights. This is designed to save on food consumption Choose to use Blessing of Wisdom over Blessing of Might Choose to use Seal of Command over Seal of Righteousness Recommendations: The Retribution paladin is a safe class for leveling, but it’s also not the fastest. He is largely gear dependent. Getting yourself a good 2H weapon should be your number one priority. Recommended settings: Tab: Food / Drink Food: 5% to 50% (if Flash Heal between fights is ON) Food: 45% to 99% (if Flash Heal between fights is OFF) Drink: 35% to 99% Use drink : ON Tab: Vendor (Selling or Buying) Food Amount : 20 Drink Amount : 60 Z.E. Frost Mage Features: Backs up from melee when the target is frozen Creates best available food and drinks (will always make sure you have at least 10 of each) Uses wand under a set enemy HP threshold Uses mana stones Uses evocation Removes curses Uses a set of high CD spells on multi aggro Uses Ice Lance once available Blinks when backing up from target Options: You can set the HP percentage threshold under which the class will use a wand Choose whether to use Cone of Cold in your rotation Choose whether to use Icy Veins on multi aggro Choose whether to use Blink when backing up from target Recommendations: Get yourself a wand as soon as possible for best performances. The Frost Mage is among the slowest classes for leveling. Not because it lacks DPS, but because it will be drinking every 2-3 fights. On the bright side, Food and Drinks are free. Your gear will strongly affect your performance. A larger mana pool will greatly increase its sustenance when grinding. Make sure you automate selling your items so you don’t end up lacking room to conjure your food. Recommended settings: Tab: Food / Drink Food: 65% to 99% Drink: 50% to 99% Use drink: ON Search in the bag best food/drink item available: ON Tab: Vendor (Selling or Buying) Food Amount : 0 Drink Amount : 0 Z.E. Enhancement Shaman Features: Smart totems management and recall Uses Ghost Wolf Smart pulls Out of combat healing Interrupts casters using Earth Shock Cures poisons and diseases Keeps your weapons enchants up Options: Choose whether to use Ghost Wolf Choose whether to use Totemic Call Choose whether Magma Totem should be used on multi aggro Choose whether to use Flame Shock in your rotation Choose to use Stoneskin Totem instead of Strength of Earth Totem Choose whether to use Lightning shield Choose to prioritize Water Shield over Lightning Shield Option to pull using rank 1 Lightning Bolt in order to save mana Option to interrupt using rank 1 Earth Shock in order to save mana Choose to only use Shamanistic Rage on multi aggro Activate/Deactivate totems by element Recommendations: The Enhancement Shaman is a very strong leveling class, especially once you get the WindFury enchant for your weapons. Do not hesitate to make use of all the totems, they greatly increase your performance and are smartly managed by the Fight Class. It is recommended to use 2x 1 hand weapons. Take some time to carefully craft your rotation using the settings. For example, using Lightning Shield will greatly increase your DPS, but will also largely increase your mana consumption. Recommended settings: Tab: Food / Drink Food: 35% to 99% Drink: 35% to 99% Use drink: ON Search in the bag best food/drink item available: ON Tab: Vendor (Selling or Buying) Food Amount : 60 Drink Amount : 60 Z.E. Fury Warrior Features: Smart pulls. Will only charge in when no enemies are around the target. Otherwise, uses a range weapon to pull the enemy in Keeps shouts up Uses the appropriate stance depending on the situation Interrupts casters using Pummel (Prioritizes Berserker stance against casters) Makes use of all available skills in the right situation Smart use of AoE skills. For example, will not use Demoralizing Shout if a neutral enemy is too close, in order to avoid aggroing it Options: Choose to prioritize Berserker stance over Battle Stance Choose to always range pull Choose to use Hamstring against Humanoids in order to keep them from fleeing Choose whether to use Bloodrage Choose whether to use Demoralizing Shout Choose to use Commanding Shout instead of Battle Shout Choose whether to use Rend Choose whether to use Cleave on multi aggro Recommendations: The Fury Warrior can be a strong leveling class with the appropriate gear. Good weapons, Stamina and Strength should be your priority. 2x 1Hand are recommended. Get yourself a ranged weapon as soon as possible. A Thrown weapon is recommended over a bow or a gun, so you don’t need to buy ammunition. Recommended settings: Tab: Food / Drink Food: 45% to 99% Use drink: OFF Tab: Vendor (Selling or Buying) Food Amount : 60 Z.E. Feral Druid Features: Moves behind the target when prowling or pouncing Out of combat healing Removes curses and poisons Keeps buffs up Uses all appropriate feral forms depending on the situation (Bear/Cat/Travel) Smart pulls. Will only approach when no enemies are around the target. Otherwise, uses a range spell to pull the enemy in Uses a different rotation depending on the feral form used Calculates which healing spell rotation to use during combat in order to make sure you have enough mana to get back to your animal form afterwards Options: Choose to always range pull Choose whether to use Travel Form. Might not be recommended. Can cause unwanted shapeshifts, therefore wasting mana Choose whether to use Innervate Choose whether to use Barkskin Choose whether to use Enrage (Bear) Choose whether to use Swipe on multi aggro (Bear) Choose whether to use Tiger’s Fury in the rotation (Cat) Choose whether to use Prowl to sneak up behind the target (Cat) – Can be buggy Recommendations: The Druid is a difficult class up until level 10. Once you get your Bear form, things go much smoother and quicker. You are not strongly gear dependant. Stamina and Agility should be your priority. Make sure you improve your stealth and your cat speed in your talent tree. Your healing spells will keep you healed up between fights, so you will mostly need drinks. Recommended settings: Tab: Food / Drink Food: 25% to 99% Drink: 35% to 99% Use drink: ON Tab: Vendor (Selling or Buying) Food Amount : 20 Drink Amount : 60 Z.E. Affliction Warlock Features: Takes smart control of your pet Make sure you always have your pet by your sides. Will force regeneration if you can’t summon due to lack of mana Uses a combination of Life Tap, Health Funnel, Dark Pact and Drain Life to keep you grinding as long as possible Keeps your buffs up Uses Health Stone Uses Soul Stone (not reviving yet, WIP) Uses wand Manages multiple enemies and fear on multi aggro Makes sure you always have at least a set amount of Soul Shards in your bags at all time Reacts to Shadow Trance Options: Choose whether to use Life Tap (Highly recommended) Choose whether to use Soul Shatter on multi aggro Choose whether to use Incinerate (High mana consumption) Choose whether to fear additional enemies Choose whether to prioritize using a wand over Shadow bolt (Highly recommended in order to save mana) Choose whether to let Z.E Affliction Warlock control the Torment spell of your Voidwalker or leave it on autocast Choose whether to keep using Immolate once Unstable Affliction is learnt Choose whether to use Siphon Life (only recommended after decent green TBC gear is acquired) Choose to put the pet on passive when out of combat (can be useful if you want to ignore fights when traveling) Set the number of soul shards you want in your bags at all times (default: 4) Choose whether to use Unending Breath Choose whether to use Dark Pact Choose whether to use Fel Armor over Demon Armor Choose whether to use the Soul Stone Recommendations: The Warlock is an excellent grinder with formidable survivability. Stamina and Intellect are both paramount stats. Getting yourself a wand as soon as possible should also be your priority. How you set your Food/Drink threshold defines how risky the class will play. If you find the bot putting itself in dangerous situations too often, raise the Food/Drink threshold. Make sure to take some time to craft your rotation using the options depending on your level, gear and spot difficulty. Recommended settings: Tab: Food / Drink Food: 35% to 99% Drink: 35% to 99% Use drink: ON Tab: Vendor (Selling or Buying) Food Amount : 60 Drink Amount : 60 It is highly recommended to adjust those values to your specific needs. Z.E. Shadow Priest Features: Uses wand Cures diseases, dispels magic Out of combat healing Keeps your buffs up Silences casters Options: Set the wand threshold (Enemy HP percentage under which the wand should be used) Choose whether to use Inner Fire Choose to use Power Word: Shield on pull (useful since Mind Flay will only be used if your shield is up) Choose whether to use Shadowguard Choose whether to use Shadow Word: Death Choose whether to use Shadow Protection Recommendations: The Shadow Priest is a powerful leveler and grinder with very few downsides. He is not too gear dependent, although getting a wand as soon as possible should be a priority. It is recommended to take some time to adjust your rotation using the settings in order to improve its performance. Recommended settings: Tab: Food / Drink Food: 35% to 99% Drink: 35% to 99% Use drink: ON Tab: Vendor (Selling or Buying) Food Amount : 20 Drink Amount : 60 Z.E. Combat Rogue Features: Uses Stealth Uses appropriate opening Smart pulls. Will only approach when no enemies are around the target. Otherwise, uses a range weapon to pull the enemy in Interrupts caster Uses and refreshes weapon poisons Uses High CDs on multi aggro Ripostes against humanoids Will detect the type of weapon you have in your main hand and choose skills accordingly Options: Option to always range pull Choose whether to approach in Stealth Choose whether to use Garrote as an opener Choose to still enter Stealth even if poisoned Option to use Sprint as soon as available Option to use Blind + Bandages during combat (Garrote should be off, and weapons poisons should all be instant) Recommendations: The combat Rogue, despite is high DPS, is among the hardest classes to level. He is very gear dependent. You should always try to get him good weapons and equipment. Using bandages and poisons appropriately will help you in the long run. The weapon you'll specialize in is up to your personal preference. Recommended settings: Tab: Food / Drink Food: 50% to 99% Tab: Vendor (Selling or Buying) Food Amount : 60 Special thanks Special thanks to the entire Wholesome team for their help and feedback, in particular @Marsbar for the launcher, @Bigmac, @Talamin, @Kamogli and @g2bazman. Feedback Feedback and bug reports are very much appreciated. Please feel free to join our discord channel: https://discord.gg/NEq4VA6 Enjoy!
  3. I'm not going to argue with you. I'm leaving the decision to Droidz. If he thinks we are the threat you think we are, he can ban us from releasing anything free. I'll accept that and move on.
  4. Due to the lack of free available third party products in the store (plugins, fight classes, grinders, questers), I have decided to gather developers and testers under an umbrella project called "Project Wholesome". The goal of Project Wholesome is to develop, test, and freely share wRobot products. All the code created under the project will be transparent, open-source, and then released in the store for free. I insist on the fact that not a single line of code released under Project Wholesome will be sold for profit. We already have a few people working together on fight classes and on profile creation. Developers : You want to help the community grow and participate in providing quality products or you want to learn how to create plugins, fight classes and profiles. You are willing to share your knowledge and your code to others. You are aware that you are not in for the money. You will take testers' feedback into account to polish your product. Once you finish a product, you will release it for free in the store, although you can call for donations on the product page. Testers : You will have access to unfinished/beta products from our team under the condition that you provide active feedback through bug reports in the discord channel. You are willing to treat developers with respect and patience, keeping in mind that they are providing a service for free. Project Wholesome is all about trust, and keeping wRobot alive. We start small, setting realistic goals, but we intend to create a momentum and keep it growing as much as possible. If you are interested, feel free to join our channel. https://discord.gg/NEq4VA6
  5. There it is. Right on cue. Frost mage, shadow priest and ret paladin. All 3 struggled terribly at the same places. But hey, whatever. You know what pisses me off? Not the 10 bucks I've wasted. It's the fact that you come here boasting about how perfect all your products are. I know I promised in PM not to call you out, but that's just too rich. You think I'm a moron, I think you're a fraud. Let's leave it at that.
  6. Yes I'm using fighting back. It doesn't fix anything. You know very well that "attack before being attacked" only works when you're like 8 yards away from the mob, rendering it useless, especially if you're a weak ranged class, like a mage. It's so bad that we both tried to fix this issue with our respective plugins. Look, just give his profile a try and let me know how it goes, if you don't believe me. Wait till you reach the lower barrens, thousand needles, feralas, desolace etc. you'll know exactly what I mean. You can't be serious. When I spoke up and gave you facts, you straight up told me I was wrong. Here's proof from your bug-report discord channel: Mob names, level portion, location. It's all there. How more factual can I be, exactly? So please, don't act annoyed, telling me I don't give you facts. Let's take this example from 2 months ago, I'm telling you that two mobs are missing from the profile, and although I don't use your profile anymore, I remember very well that this specific grind loop is infested with those 2 mobs, it's not an occasional issue, it's constant and I remember dying more than 10 times an hour there because of countless disadvantageous/multiple body pulls. I've leveled 3 characters with your profile and every time it was a pain, with always the same issues, this one just being one of them. It's so bad that I remember switching to the automaton at specific portions because it straight up worked better. So what will it be now? My FC sucks? I can't setup my wRobot properly? I'm undergeared? Explain how when I switched to Eeny's profile, things suddenly worked much smoother, to the point that I can finally let the bot run without me babysitting it. If at first I hoped that you would fix things thanks to feedback from your bug report channel, I quickly understood that the channel is just a facade ,and you just counter argue or straight up ignore reports instead of seriously looking into potential issues. You're still doing that right now. Go ahead. Take a normal geared lvl37 mage to desolace and run your 37-40 portion, let me know how it goes. And if you resort to bring up your "numbers that speak for themselves", I think I've made my point. I'm very glad you're making "hundreds" of people happy. Have your next Bier in Kreutzberg on my dime, bro. Cheers! 🙂
  7. But... you realize removing them from the profile doesn't remove them from the game, right? If the grinding loop stays the same, you will still run into their face and it's gonna be even worse cause you're probably gonna aggro them while pulling another mob. I'm not talking out of my ass here, I'm talking out of experience. It happens constantly with your profile. It looks very botish, and it makes you die a ton. It's incredibly frustrating. If mobs on a loop are too problematic, change the loop! The fact that you still defend your point on this very subject blows my mind. It's cool that you intend to fix the rest, but to me, as long as this problem remains in your profile, it makes it unusable.
  8. I didn't want to come to this, but seeing you bragging in this thread about the quality of your "polished and dedicated" products... I have to react. As you know, I bought your 10€ TBC grinder and here's my experience with it: The amount of mobs you blindly removed from the grinding loops is so high that the bot keeps running face first into multiple enemies. I can't even count the amount of time I died because of this. We argued about that. You camped your position saying it's "better like that". No, it's not. It's objectively really bad. The bot gets stuck in Feralas running back and forth on a path (the state NOT being ToTown). It's happened to me and other, it's been reported 2 months ago, nothing has been done about it, despite it being a critical issue. Once lvl 60, the bot is supposed to go to Outlands. It's bugged and just stops moving until you manually take over and run to Outlands yourself It's supposed to have features like "Automated Buying of low level weapons & armor", never seen that happened, although I don't mind it too much. Same with Hearthstone. The only plugin I'm using is HMP, which you actually recommend. On top of all this, and despite my will to take some time to report those bugs, you instantly assumed I, or my FC, was incompetent, and nothing has been ever fixed. You seem to reflect all your product's issues on incompetence or misusage from the user, or external factors. The problems I've listed are your product's fault. Cause if you had tested it, you'd have encountered them as well. I resorted to buying Eeny's 1-70 grinder (which disappeared from the store?), and well, it sadly performs much better. What do we want you to do, you ask? Take responsibility. Fix your products. Maintain it. QA it. Test it thoroughly with an undergeared character. Remake faulty routes. And give users a little credit. I'm very much aware of how hard it is to make profiles, but you, and only you, chose to make a business out of it. Quit the defensive outrage.
  9. What an analogy. I'm not sure what the point of it was, but it only states that you're either viewing customers as children, or that you're some kind of benevolent Santa Claus. You are selling stuff here. Trying to make a profit. Don't fool yourself. This is really strange. I feel like there is some sort of elitism in this community. You're either pat of the godlike creators who can do no wrong, or you're part of the filthy peasants who understand nothing and should remain silent. You have a few people here complaining about the quality of paid stuff and you just call them "entitled millennials"? Come on. If creators here were as philanthropic as some of you pretend they are, they would be teaming up and create free quality FC/profiles for the community. It might sound crazy, but I think the solution lies there. So, if you're a developer, or a tester and you're interested in participating, join my discord and let's actually move forward.
  10. This is where we will agree to disagree.
  11. Maybe I didn't express myself clearly when I said people are in the dark. I'm talking about casual users. Those who don't know programming and who just want to level a few characters. You seem to be saying that anyone who uses wRobot needs to be an advanced programmer. How is wRobot advertised as such? It even says on the front page "Easy to use", "...for even the most novice user...". So he downloaded wRobot and later realized that he's been "tricked". This is what enrages people. It doesn't matter if the OP is a code genius or an HTML beginner. Although I disagree with a lot of what he said and he was clearly in over his head, he talked about his experience as a new user and the problems he faced and everyone should hear it. I faced the exact same problems: lack of free decent third party stuff. Actually, Profiles and Fight classes shouldn't even be called "third party" since they're so core to wRobot. This is the real subject: the shady practices behind wRobot and the reasons behind them. When people put money into FCs and profiles that suck, they feel robbed, they rage, they leave and never come back. That creates a thinner user base, a recalcitrant community... and less customers for you!
  12. A lot of people are in the dark when it comes to wRobot and its current state. Bringing its issues to light can help some people realize that they're not necessarily using the bot wrong, and it can help them voice their concerns too. What do you propose? Silence discontent people? You don't like the thread? Fine. But you realize you can choose to just ignore it, instead of actively ridiculing it, right? Believe it or not, I am interested in hearing people's opinions. All of them.
    Works exactly as intended. Very simple yet excellent plugin.
  13. I don't think it's bad at all bad if you can set it properly. That's why I said "valid" hostile mob. That means ignoring low levels, critters, passives, ignore when mounted etc... only mobs that WILL engage you if you step forward another 3 yards, if you prefer. I saw that and gave it a shot. It was funny to notice you've encountered the same problems I did. Then I thought... shit, if even Matenia couldn't make it, I'm toast 😉
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