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  1. What do you mean by saying "work" ? If you are asking if the bot is working normally then yes. If you are asking about chance of get banned - as always there is a chance for that (for all games, bots and stuff like that).
    As always high quality from our friend. There is no bad impact on the bot. Sorry to say that but the reviev from @1ff1eeff is as much poor and random as his nickname. Guys please be nice to people who develop's such wonderfull things for you for free. 5 ⭐ from me because I know how hard Zer0 can work to please us all with his amazing tools ? Keep up the great work man ?
  2. Indeed it's true. When you stop and play big profile like quester many times the bot get's slower and slower. Closing the bot completely and reopen it helps.
  3. @tiesto123 new wotlk server called Whitemane should be pretty easy to bot on also ?
  4. Hey man, It's very hard to answer your question because it really depends on a lot of things. From my experience most of bans I got was from the other players reports (if not all of them). To decrease a chance that someone will report you try to follow this steps: 1) Find or create a good Fight Class for yourself 2) Same for the profiles you are using, quality matters here 3) Some plugins are very helpful, others are not. You need to really understand what they are doing before enabling them in too much numbers 4) It's important to take a look at bot security tab in your options (example: if you are using a gatherer product you can set to avoid other players in 300yd range. In many cases it will prevent you from meeting other players near the nodes which means less PvP and ganking. 5) Maybe this will be controversial but you need to at least keep your one eye on your bot (especially in the beginnings) 6) To test stuff you can set your own private server so you dont need to be stressed while waiting for your results. Be sure that there are a lot more factors more or less important. It's just my tips. Remember that even most careful and paying attention person can be and will be banned sooner or later. You can't eliminate the risk in 100% but you can greatly decrease it.
  5. Hi all, I want to join to the victims of this problem. This one happening not very often. NPC window is not showing up at all (as if the bot never interacted with npc). Examples - pick up / turn in quests or discovering flight master. Even when my bot is played and I will click on npc bot refuses to pick up / turn in the quest at all. For me that was on TBC servers only too. 1 think I want to mention is that I tried to disable all my plugins, I am not using any addons. Tried to reset wrobot, relogger, PC... Nothing helped.
    This plugin is AWESOME. No more flying loops from village to village. No more flying to the wrong place. The taxi nightmare ended for me when I started to use this plugin. This one really adds up to your leveling process speed. I am 100% that the product like that can be sold here for good amount of money but as usual - @Zer0 created something special for you guys FOR FREE. Much love dude!!! ❤️
  6. It is happening for me (and not only me) too. I need to press "space" or "q" / "e" because sometimes he is flying constantly up or behaving like the any of the strafe keys was pressed. Looking veeeeery bottish and can lead to very quick ban ?
  7. My leveling hotspots changing always properly for my level so I don't know... No stucks, no chaindying at all. Quiet spots.
  8. Got banned 3 times on Endless already using different profiles (quster / grinder). First bot at 14 lvl (!), second one at lvl 19 and third was 41...
  9. Got banned on all my characters which used the wrobot. It's impossible to bot on Frosthold nowadays... All where on different IPs and banned while offline again.
  10. Today me and my friend got caught by Crafty while doing some dungeons with bots following a manually played tank. I think it's a clear proof that they have a detection system. It's not possible that we got reported and we don't get stuck inside. It's obvious that we need some update from @Droidz .
  11. Energia


    Same Issue here. Any advice how to make it work ?
    Ok, I delayed writing a comment here for a long time but finally this time has come! Primarily I want to thanks @Zer0 @Talamin @Marsbar @Kamogli for giving me a chance to join the Wholesome team. We are helping each other and cooperating on many wRobot levels for a long time. After that time with a clear conscience I can give this product 5/5 stars.Why ? Here we go : - Continuous development of all classes FOR FREE - All in one file. Very handy. - Many different specs - Tested myself MANY different classes and @Zer0 always reacted to my (and not only my) feedback very quickly and definitely - Epic UI and a large range of settings that everyone can operate according to their own preferences - These are just best fight classes on the market! Keep it up Zero and your product will be one of the most famous on this forum - I am sure!
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