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  1. Version 3.0.00


    Overview I’m proud to present to you my All-In-One TBC FightClasses which includes 13 solo rotations and 18 party rotation. SOLO Feral PARTY Feral Tank PARTY Feral DPS PARTY Restoration SOLO Beast Mastery PARTY Beast Mastery SOLO Frost SOLO Fire SOLO Arcane PARTY Frost PARTY Fire PARTY Arcane SOLO Retribution PARTY Protection PARTY Retribution PARTY Holy SOLO Shadow PARTY Shadow PARTY Holy SOLO Combat PARTY Combat SOLO Enhancement SOLO Elemental PARTY Enhancement PARTY Restoration SOLO Affliction SOLO Demonology PARTY Affliction SOLO Fury PARTY Fury PARTY Protection SOLO rotations are designed around smooth grinding, prioritizing combat uptime over high DPS. PARTY rotations are designed for group plays, especially dungeons. It handles tanking, healing and DPS. This file only works with the English client of the game. How to install Copy the .dll file into your FightClass folder, and then select it in the General Settings tab of WRobot. The AIO will automatically detect your class and launch the appropriate Rotation. If the FC supports multiple rotations for your class, don't forget to choose your rotation in the settings under the "Rotation" tab. Party rotations Party rotations are made for group plays (Party and Raids). Make sure you select a party rotation for all your bots if you intend to group them together. With the party product Settings: Turn "Resurrect when dead" off. The AIO can handle party resurrection (casting the res spell and accepting the resurrection), but not if your bot has released. WRobot settings: Make sure this option is turned on (General settings -> Class / Fight Class), otherwise your characters will not assist the tank. Note: - The Party product does not handle resting states. I have added a setting to force drinking when out of combat under a certain mana percentage threshold. Keep in mind that any State can interrupt the drinking (Follow/Loot/Combat...). Leave empty to turn it off, if you're not sure how to use it. - All tanks rotation have a setting to automatically switch to a target that is attacking a group member in order to regain aggro. It only switches target. Which means it doesn't fire a new fighting state. It is designed to work with the WRotation product. These options are here to try and fill in the gaps of the Party product. Keep in mind that it is normally not the FC's job to handle States or Targeting. It is possible to complete dungeons with 5 WRobot bots. Until a Dungeon product is available, the best way to do it is to control your tank with WRotation and have all the other members follow them with the Party product. Automatic Talent Assignation This AIO Fight Class can automatically assign talents. The option is deactivated by default. It must be manually activated in the settings. Each class comes with a default recommended talent build. If you use the recommended build, Make sure to reset your talents in the game beforehand in case of mismatch. Talent checks will be done at the start of the Fight Class, and then every 5 minutes. You also have the option to input your own talent build. In order to do so, please use http://calculators.iradei.eu/talents/ and then copy the code that comes after the URL once your build is done. Talents will be learned in order from left to right. Therefore, several talent codes can be set in the settings for sequential learning. Please note that PARTY rotations and SOLO rotations have different default talents code. Autoupdater This FC comes with an autoupdater. Every time you press play, it will check if a new version is available. If it finds one, it automatically installs it and restarts. Donation This AIO is free to use and share, although I have set up a Paypal donation link in case you are happy with my work and want to encourage me with a donation. Project Wholesome – A quick word The goal of Project Wholesome is to develop, test, and freely share wRobot products. All the code created under the project is transparent, open-source, and then released in the store for free. Nothing released under Project Wholesome is sold for profit, although individual donations are welcome. We are always looking for more testers and developers. If you want to participate, please join our Discord channel. Wholesome team Discord: https://discord.gg/NEq4VA6 Wholesome team Club: https://wrobot.eu/clubs/9-wholesome-team/ Special thanks Special thanks to the entire Wholesome team for their help and feedback, in particular: @Marsbar for the launcher @Talamin for his support and help @Kamogli, @Energia and @g2bazman for their great testing and feedback Thanks!
  2. Version 1.0.0a


    Tag ‘n Bag Plugin UPDATE 5/30/2019: In case anyone is wondering, I have not abandoned this project and have started working on a new update as of today. I will be making various functionality improvements, bug fixes, and fixing GroupRegen. I will be working on this during my free-time (which I do not have a lot of) so this update should be released in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned ? All credits for original plugin 'PartyHelperPlugin' go to Matenia. This is a modification of that plugin ?. This plugin will allow you to grind/quest/play on one character and have another (ideally higher level) character(s) follow you around and kill stuff for you after you've tagged it. The benefit being that you get to keep all of the XP and loot on your leveling char ? It works essentially the same as PartyHelperPlugin except that it does not invite the followers. It must be run on all bots you would like to assist you as well as the leader bot. Enter all follower bot names in the 'Followers' setting and set the 'Is Leader' setting to true on one bot only, the one that you want the followers to assist. Followers will automatically assist the leader. NOTE: Just like PartyHelperPlugin, the followers will not do quests, only the leader will (If it is running a quester profile). Leader must run Quester, Grinder, Gatherer. Others may work as well (such as WRotation). Followers must run Party/WRotation. Group regeneration is the only feature (that I know of) which does not work yet. As far as I know, group training (when one bot goes to train, all of them go), and group ToTown does work. Technically will support as many followers/slaves as you want, although I'm sure there are problems with that. This plugin has not been thoroughly tested whatsoever, so it's possible that some things are not working as intended. This plugin as it stands will clog up your ability to speak in General, Trade etc. or any other channel, as it uses a private unique channel to relay information between bots. (You will not see the communication between the bots on your chat frame unless you manually add the channel to it.) This system is possibly unsafe, so use at your own risk. I can release a version that uses /whisper instead (which will clog up your chat frame) if there is demand for it. Will not work with HumanMasterPlugin (bots refuse to attack tagged mobs) or any FightClass that stops the bot from attacking taggged mobs. I have included a few basic FightClasses that will work with this plugin. This is my first plugin, so feedback on bugs/code/features is appreciated. I may update this as I see it as a learning experience, I also would like to see GroupRegen working. Feel free to do whatever you want with the source. This was a quickly put together project over the last couple of days and I consider it to be slightly unfinished (namely the GroupRegen feature not working). You may contact me on here or at RADON#2926 on discord. IMPORTANT 'Channel' and 'password' setting MUST BE USED and MUST BE THE SAME ON ALL BOTS! Password is optional but if one bot has it, all of them need it. If not, the bot will not work. Description of that is in settings. Recommended that on first run, you start the leader bot a few seconds before the followers so it has a chance to create the channel (or else a follower will end up being the owner of the channel) It is also recommended that you sync all settings so they are the same on every bot you're running. 'Followers' must be the same on every client as well. FILE INFO TagBagPlugin folder contains source. TagBagPlugin.dll is the plugin. (in Plugins folder) FightClasses are (you guessed it!) in the FightClass folder :^) Known Bugs Healer mode seems to have some issues that I will address in the next update: occasionally won't heal, and it only heals the leader & not other followers. Occasionally the communication channel is not visible to certain followers. Seems to be a character-specific issue and I have only seen it happen once. Future Features Group regeneration In-game commands/macros (ex. command certain follower to attack mob, command healer to heal me, etc.) Open to suggestions ? Enjoy ?
  3. I have put together a few vanilla fightclasses which are working well with the Party and WRotation addons. I've stitched them in C# using Matenia's framework and a patchwork of other code gleaned from this site. I have a tank class, a healing class and a dps class. They are configured thusly: tank - uses Grinder product to follow a path, pick targets and murder things. healer - uses Party product to follow and heal tank dps - uses Party product to follow and assist tank While using the Grinder product, I need to give the tank the ability to switch from its current target to taunt units that are attacking/targeting partymembers in mid-fight. Currently the behavior is Acquire target Kill target Attack & kill remaining adds Goto 1. When I am manually driving the tank using WRotation, I can manually pick targets at will. I am able to switch from my current target to another without any constraints. The healer follows and heals, the dps follows and assists. The tank even rushes to assist partymembers AFTER the current target dies thanks to the Party product. The problem is that when I use the Grinder product, I am unable to get my tank fightclass to switch targets DURING the fight to taunt adds off the others. I am currently attempting this from the fightclass .DLL. I have a series of functions inside the TANK FIGHTCLASS to ascertain if there are targets that need to be taunted off partymembers. public static void CMD_Priotarg() { WoWUnit target = GetHighPriorityUnit(25); // Returns GUID of 1st mob within 25 yds that is targeting a partymember if (target != null && target.Guid >= 0UL && target.IsAlive && target.GetDistance <= 25) { LuaPrint(target.Name + " is attacking a partymember. Switching!"); CombatUtil.TargetUnit(target); MovementManager.Face(target); } } If there's a mob that is targeting party members and needs to be taunted off them, GetHighPriorityUnit() spits out the mob's WoWUnit GUID and I use Matenia's CombatUtil.TargetUnit() function to switch to it. I have the CMD_Priotarg() function bound to a hotkey defined by the fightclass. It is currently working with WRotation. I followed these two threads for guidance. https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/7658-prioritize-low-hp-targets/ https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/7681-left-click-unit/ This does not work if I am using the Grinder product. The issue is that Grinder owns the targeting. I've put the function above in a subroutine that ticks alongside the rotation in Matenia's framework. When it is triggered and GetHighPriorityUnit() returns a valid WoWUnit GUID, the tank will switch targets to that mob's GUID for a second, then immediately snap back to the original target. So I found this thread "OK, that probably means that I should be doing this via a fightloop event," I thought. That thread referenced a few event driven fightloop code examples that are much more elegant than my CMD_Priotarg() example. But they all yield the same unwanted behavior. WRobot still acquires the new target and immediately switches back to the original target: public void Initialize() { try { ... FightEvents.OnFightLoop += new FightEvents.FightTargetHandler(Methods.FightEvents_OnFightLoop_Taunt); ... } } ... private static void FightEvents_OnFightLoop_Taunt(WoWUnit unit, CancelEventArgs cancelable) { // If running Grinder, Gatherer or Automaton, switch to targets that are targeting partymembers if ((OffensiveWarrior.productCategory == "Grinder" || OffensiveWarrior.productCategory == "Automaton" || OffensiveWarrior.productCategory == "Gatherer") && woWPlayer.IsPartyMember) { unit = Methods.GetHighPriorityUnit(8); // gets all units attacking you // if a mob is attacking a partymember and we haven't switched targets in the last 5sec if (unit != null && unit.Guid > 0UL && Methods.LastTargetSwitch.AddSeconds(5) < DateTime.Now) { Methods.LuaPrint("FightEvents_OnFightLoop: switchTarget"); CombatUtil.TargetUnit(attacker); Methods.LastTargetSwitch = DateTime.Now; } } } This results in the same snap back targeting behavior while running Grinder. Works fine when using the WRotation product. TL;DR: I can reliably get a fightclass to switch targets after combat has been initiated when using the WRotation product. Can the same be done with the Grinder product? If not, is a workaround possible?
  4. Hi All! I am trying to get a priest to follow my main (warrior) and heal. I'm working on the Fightclass through the Fightclass Creator. The problem I have is that, when conditions for a spell are met, the priest casts them on my warrior, and also on himself, which eats mana like crazy. I have Product set to Party, "Healer" is turned off under Product Settings. In the Fightclass, I have "For friends (party)" set to "True" for the healing spells, and consitions set to "Target Health Percent" & "Target Buff". For ex, for PW:S, I have Target Health % under 90%, Target Buff PWS set False, Target Buff Weakened Soul set Fasle. When the warrior drops below 90%, priest shields the warrior, then shields himself. Same with renew. Here's the .xml as it is. This is a work in progress, so it may be different by the time you reply ... Thanks! gheals.xml
  5. Good morning. There is some plugin for Party. I need the party not to split up and play together.
  6. Hi i want make Party leader say /p Eat and drink when he eat (BUFF Food) and make Party Command Plugin force Toons To Eat How Can i make that Please Thanks
  7. Version 1.0.4


    This is a Holy Priest Custom Class for Legion especially made for leveling by healing in dungeons or groups (party mode). It's a highly modified version om my old WoD Holy Paladin healing class: http://wrobot.eu/files/file/569-holy-paladin/ The code is still based on Pasterke's Druid Restoration Heal Routine and AudreyH's Holy Paladin Fight Class. The class is not intended to be used in battlegrounds! All spells need to be configured before the class can be used, all options are deactivated by default. Currently used talents: (Only Halo and Body and Mind are actually build into the class) Configuration Tips: Product Settings for Party Mode Healer: ON (the class manages targets itself) Follow distance: 10 (should be between 7 & 13) General Settings Any harvesting and looting should be OFF Close bot if teleported: OFF (needs to be off for Dungeons) Fight Class Settings explenations: Auto Interrupt : interrupt enemies spells with Holy Word: Chastise (has very low priority) Follow Tank : enables the built in movement of the class - will follow tank or party members in and out of fight Follow Tank Distance: the distance between you and the tank if Follow Tank is enabled Use Attack Spells : Attacks the partys targets with Holy Fire and Smite (makes healing and movement slower) "Healing skill" HP% : Cast "Healing skill" on party members with health equal or below to value % "Group healing skill" HP% : Cast "Group healing skill" when amnount of players health is below value % "Group healing skill" Players : Amount of players whith health below % Resurrection on : Select what type of partymembers to revive This fightclass is not a final version, there's many stuff that can be improved or added - any questions, help or ideas are welcome! Problems you migth encounter: Healing a PVP flagged partymember wont work if you are not PVP flagged Purify will only work for the partymember with the currently lowest hp% (fixed in version 1.0.2) Follow Tank: If the party leader is not the tank and Follow Tank is enabled you migth be walking back and forth between the tank and the party leader Use Attack Spells: attacking slows down the heal rotation - espacially lazy tanks that don't use mitigation skills might die while you attack Last but not least: DON'T use this Class in dungeons while being AFK - movement in dungeons is pretty messy, you will get stuck!
  8. dears what is the distance that slave charters folow the leader and how can i incress it i face some problem when follower toon stop follow leader and leader use "wait addons " Thanks
  9. I was hoping someone could develop a small plugin for the Quester module that just disables helping group members in combat when the quest objectives of the current quest are completed.
  10. Version 1.2.4


    WORK IN PROGRESS (currently 0 -> 16)! You can use it past this level but newer active abilities won't be used Hello fellow hunter ! This is a basic C# Fight class for Hunters . What it does, when you're in close combat range: Aspect of the Monkey Attack Raptor Strike Wing Clip What it does, when you're in ranged combat range: Hunter's Mark (out of combat) Auto shot Aspect of the Awk Serpent Sting Arcane Shot Concussive shot (when target is fleeing) Kown Issues: Currently not working under Grinder/Quester : the toon just stand still and spend is time swaping between close/ranged weapons To Do: add Party spell logic add new spells add Talents management enhance the logic [MAYBE] add a target manager [MAYBE] add a movement/following party manager Notes : If you plan to use it with WRotation I strongly recommend you to disable "Product Settings > Manage character movemement" with WRoutine YOU MUST : OR check "Launch rotation when combat start" if you want to use right mouse click (but you will attack every hostile target you left click on) OR start combat manually with Auto Shot (for low levels hunter without pet) OR have your pet on defensive (will attack first then trigger combat routine) Have a nice hunt !
  11. Hi I'm using Party Chat commands which reads party chat and does lua/c++ commands accordingly, this is very usefull for when im running my 5 man bot group but I've got a problem where it can only read chat from party members and not the party leader. This is the code where it reads the chat while (chat.ActuelRead != Channel.GetMsgActuelInWow && Products.IsStarted) { var msg = chat.ReadMsg(); if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(msg.Msg) && ((int)msg.Channel == 49 || msg.Channel == ChatTypeId.PARTY)) { foreach (var c in PartyChatCommandSettings.CurrentSetting.Commands) { if (c.IsValid() && string.Equals(c.CommandChat.Trim(), msg.Msg.Trim(), StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase)) { c.Run(); break; } } } } If i change leader then the leader won't be able to litsen to the commands anymore. I need my bots being able to litsen to the leader because that's where I have all the logic for queuing and joining dungeons. Thanks in advance!
  12. Version 1.0.0


    WORK IN PROGRESS (currently supports spell 0 -> 10)! You can use it past this level but newer active abilities won't be used Hello fellow paladin! This is a basic C# Fight class for Paladin. Tested and working in Party mode (Don't put "heal setting" on) and WRotation What it does : Attack Seal of Righteousness Blessing Of Might Hammer of Justice Holy Light (if you're below 80% health) Judgement (on Seal of Righteousness) Action below are added when you're in a party: Holy Light on party members (if they are below 80% health) Devotion Aura Kown Issues: ... To Do: add new spells add Talents management enhance the logic [MAYBE] add a target manager [MAYBE] add a movement/following party manager Notes : I reuse some of Cindarella code If you plan to use it with WRotation I strongly recommend you to disable "Product Settings > Manage character movement" May the light be with you!
  13. Been fiddling a bit with this in order to get a good and strong party healer up and running. Levelled a Druid for that purpose due to good mana management and strong heals. However, i struggle immensely with getting a fight class to work, and even the party setup to work as intended. Problems: 1. Fight classes work, but only partly: I've tried building a fight class from scratch - that is, my knowledge isn't good enough so i took the Priest Pocket Healer and modified it. It didn't work, it only casts healing touch. Doesn't buff (I've replaced Fortitude with Mark in the Fightclass). I've also tried the class BetterSister mentions in this thread: I copied the text from it and saved as a file with .cs extension. Is that correct? In it's settings, I can change the first ones, but from Rejuvenation and beyond, it resets to default as soon as i exit the settings. 2. Party members won't eat or drink. I do dungeons where i control the tank and healer, and perhaps a ranged dps, but neither of the followers will eat nor drink. The profile for them works individually when not in party. Any help would be appreciated!
  14. Hello everyone, I found this (potentially) awesome plugin that would easily allow me to run my bots in a dungeon with a simple grinder script. When I activate the plugin and run start the bot, WRobot just crashes. I'm not good at coding so I'm struggeling a little with altering my fightclasses to run perfectly together as a group. However my only problem right now is my party heal, actually off healers. Does anybody know how to fix this plugin? I am running it on vanilla. Depending on how severe the problem with the plugin is, i am willing to pay a little to have it running. Beeest, Seb
  15. I usually like to run party and carry several alts but tabbing and pausing all profiles to turn in quests is super annoying. Anyway to do what I want on not specific quest. I suggest, Auto turn in nearby quests. You should add a /follow especially when mounted or out of combat. If Party Leader it follows mounts it should mount instead of waiting distance.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    WORK IN PROGRESS (currently supports spell 0 -> 10)! You can use it past this level but newer active abilities won't be used Hello fellow priest! This is a basic C# Fight class for Priests. Tested and working in Party mode (Don't put "heal setting" on) and WRotation What it does : Attack Smite Shadow Word: Pain Mind Blast Lesser Heal (if you're below 80% health) Power Word: Fortitude (rebuff yourself when buff is depleted) Inner Fire Action below are added when you're in a party: Same thing as below + Lesser heal on party members (if they are below 80% health) Power Word: Fortitude (rebuff party members when buff is depleted) Kown Issues: ... To Do: add new spells add Talents management enhance the logic add racials [MAYBE] add a target manager [MAYBE] add a movement/following party manager Notes : I reused some of Cindarella code If you plan to use it with WRotation I strongly recommend you to disable "Product Settings > Manage character movement" May the light be with you!
  17. Version 1.0.0


    WORK IN PROGRESS (currently supports spell 0 -> 10)! You can use it past this level but newer active abilities won't be used Hello fellow warrior! This is a basic C# Fight class for Warriors. Tested and working in Party mode and WRotation What it does : Attack Heroic Strike Rend Charge Sunder Armor Taunt Kown Issues: Not compatible with use of : pfui addon To Do: add a target manager add group spell management (taunt management basically) add new spells add Talents management enhance the logic [MAYBE] add a movement/following party manager Notes : If you plan to use it with WRotation I strongly recommend you to disable "Product Settings > Manage character movement" Happy crushing !
  18. hey @Droidz can u plz add @party1 , @party2 , @party3 , @party4 , and @raid1-40 heal conditions like u have it for target and self... im not a coder and i just dont know how to add all the code snippets ppl are posting i just want it to not target whoever im healing if this is not possible its ok thanx
  19. I can't figure out how to get one character to buff all party members and himself, and rebuff any party member or himself when a buff runs out. What I tried to do with the mage is add a second arcane intellect to the spell list that the mage would cast on himself under the condition that all party members were buffed first... it works, but then if arcane intellect runs out on a party member, he won't rebuff them unless his own buff is gone too. What I want it to do is rebuff party members even if the mage's own buff is still active, and also rebuff himself if his own buff runs out first. Here is the script, if anyone can help me mage.xml
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Automatically needs or greeds on items if you are botting in a group, in the settings use can switch between need or greed (default is greed).
  21. Version 1.0.0


    WORK IN PROGRESS (currently supports spell 0 -> 10)! You can use it past this level but newer active abilities won't be used Hello fellow rogue! This is a basic C# Fight class for Rogue. Tested and working in Party mode and WRotation What it does : Attack Sinister Strike Eviscerate ( when 3 combo) Stealth Deadly Poison (UNTESTED) Sprint (UNTESTED) Kown Issues: Stealth doesn't work (need to work on logic) To Do: add new spells add Talents management enhance the logic add racials [MAYBE] add a target manager [MAYBE] add a movement/following party manager Notes : If you plan to use it with WRotation I strongly recommend you to disable "Product Settings > Manage character movement" May the light be with you!
  22. I'm grinding together with a friend in a party and we encountered a problem. If we are using 'Party' product the bot doesn't sit down to use food/drink, it just keeps following the other person and waiting till it has mana to use skills. We both tried this out and its same for both of us. We are currently both using Grinder with a party member assist on, but it has a problem where sometimes while one is using food other moves far enough for bots to start going on their own pathing and leave the range of xp/assist. Due to this the Party option would be more preferable, but food/drink makes this impossible.
  23. So from what I have been searching in the forum, the Party product, with the Healer setting under Product Settings selected, is not working. Ive created a small fighting profile for my level 16 Disc Priest to test out this feature (Attached). I have the Healer option on, set the follow to the tank, had him selected as the 'target' and still nothing. This seems to be an issue that I have not found a solution to from searching the forum, any help is much appreciated. Thanks! disc test.xml
  24. So I was trying to set up a partybot with 4 humans and a worgan and noticed that partybot doesnt work with worgan. The worgan wouldnt follow the humans and the humans wouldnt follow the worgan. But the humans would follow the humans?
  25. I reinstalled the client, i can not get party to work at all, the second toon will not follow at all, was useing it to level 2 toons on 2 dif accounts at once to keep them together. Am i the only one?
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