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Found 6 results

  1. Version 0.0.3


    A simple plugin to destroy items from your bags using a collection that you specify as well as a quantity of that item to keep. C O N T R O L S + => Add a new item row. - => Remove selected row(s). Delete Timer (sec) => The count-down timer will start and reset while not in combat. Once the timer reaches 0, it will scan you bags for items. Delay Time (MS) => Adjusting this value will wait the desired (millisecond) delay between each deletion. Adjust higher if you are ejected from the server. Export => Save your collection to the \Plugins\ directory. Donate (If you like the product, please consider a small donation.)
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Overview Hi guys, The Wholesome team is proud to present the Wholesome Inventory Manager plugin. This plugin has been created to facilitate items and inventory management. It comes with easy-to-use presets and advanced options for the user to fine-tune its usage. How to install Copy the .dll file into WRobot's Plugin folder and enable it in the Plugins tab of WRobot. Autoupdater This plugin comes with an autoupdater. Every time you press play, it checks if a new version is available. If it finds one, it automatically installs it and restarts the product. Features Auto Equip Gear: The plugin will regularly scan your inventory and check for better gear to equip. Each piece of equipment will be attributed a gear score according to the user defined stat weights. Auto Equip Bags: It can also equip larger bags. You can also choose to equip ammo containers such as quivers and ammo pouches. Stat Weights: Gear selection will rely on each gear item's weight score. The weight score of items is calculated according to the weight stats set by the user. If you choose to let the plugin autodetect your weight stats, it will choose a preset according to your detected class and specialization. It will also update its preset each time you assign a talent point, in case of spec change. All presets were copied from Pawn with a few adjustments, which means it's mostly suited for late-game content. You can also choose to input your own stat weights. Quest Reward Selection: The plugin can select quest rewards for you. It will either choose an item you want to equip (higher weight score than currently equipped) or the one with the highest sell price. Loot Filter: You can choose to auto-delete items that match your settings. The loot filter is disabled by default. Be very careful with its configuration. The plugin will delete items in your bags without asking for confirmation and with no chance to recover them. By Quality: Each quality has 3 settings: KEEP, ANY, and DELETE. KEEP means that no matter the other options, items of this quality will never be deleted. ANY means that items of this quality will be deleted if it matches other criterias. DELETE means that items of this quality will always be deleted. By Value: Items that are worth less than the set value, and that have the ANY setting for the quality will be deleted. The loot filter will never delete an item that is in your WRobot Do Not Sell list. Other filter criterias might be added on demand. Project Wholesome – A quick word The goal of Project Wholesome is to develop, test, and freely share wRobot products. All the code created under the project is transparent, open-source, and then released in the store for free. Nothing released under Project Wholesome is sold for profit, although individual donations are welcome. We are always looking for more testers and developers. If you want to participate, please join our Discord channel. Project Wholesome Discord: https://discord.gg/NEq4VA6 Special thanks Special thanks to the entire Wholesome team, as usual, for their support and help. Enjoy!
  3. Hey i took the ForceMail.xml from Honorbuddy and stripped out all the xml stuff to get a list of just item names. You can copy paste this into your "force mail" and "do not vendor" list in the WRobot settings. ForceMail.txt
  4. The bot settings thinks that ammo bags count as empty space and won't return to town or stop farming, etc because it thinks it has open bag slots. Plz advise.
  5. Do I need to use KillandLoot, or Gather or what behaviour to pick up x amount of items that are randomly on the ground. This is for the Easy Profile Maker,
  6. how do i use my pvp trinket in my fighting class? id like to use it to get out of fears so i dont pull more shit. and i'd like to use life spirits in combat to heal me additionaly for more survivability with shitty gear. any idea?
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