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  1. Well they seem to be on top of things Got 1 Banned doing 58-70 Paid quester Got 3 Banned Same spot In Nagrand ( not going again) Got 1 Banned on another Self Made route, was also never going over 3 hours at a time
  2. wonder how everyone doing, Ive had 5 banned char so far
  3. If they once worked I dont see why they would not again tho, aside from not beeing opptimized , the bot just run straight at the walls, but sometimes it works... go figure
  4. you can tell it doesnt know where to go as U dont see Clicks on the ground as usual
  5. No matther what profile im using, the bot seems to have no clue where he is, sometimes it works fine for a few min/hours sometime its just broken and run straight up Profile Tried Eeny paid profile Maylu paid profile FNv Profile
  6. heres my review using all Paid Profile from Known ppl around here, no Heirlooms just normal gear - first download Ive got corrupt files from rocket R ( there was no 1-13 profile , it was a copy of the 13-31) -1 - got fixed in a direct link from creator +1 - 1-13 profile couldnt get past level 10 on a rogue, kept dieing over and over on nissa quest ( would suggest removing it) -1 - 13-31 didnt try it from level 31, was a hassle to figure out what to checkout from the profile but thats lazyness on my part so no comments +-0 - 31-44 managed around 7k xp per hour on a mage and a druid, gave out at around 34 because to slow compared to eeny simple grinding giving 12k on mage and 18k on druid -1 -44-53 managed 4k /hr on both mage and druid for 2 or 3 levels, jumped back on Grinding profile from eeny paid version like above, and i get 36k hr on mage 51k/hr druid -1 - Will update when I get further into it. - Other issues, will bug out most of the time when using relogger with the weird Authentification process or the Profile Laucher not firing it at all -1 So far would not recommend if speed is a concern for you, I beleive the Profile Are nicely written but the whole running around and taking 10mins to fire a new profile and the whole auth problem is a big no-no. the Big + is you wont get reported since your mostly standing afk. Thats ontop of the Force Buying SKinning knife everytime server crash and reloggers kicks in the edit you did on the profile is re-written, trip to ogrimar everytime ( running) What I used: -Paid HMP -Public Eeny druid 1-70 Fight class -Paid Matenia Frost mage 1-70 -Public Z.e Frostmage 1-70 My ''credential'' botting for 15 years on different platform and used most paid known profile/fightclass creator around here. If someone has a different experience please share
  7. my other 2 toons are mounting just fine but for some reason my paladin wont mount it keeps stutter stepping and trying to mount but never does? does it have to with the fact that paladin is a spell rather than an item? also my priest wont mounbt anymore lvl 73... logs says that it keeps trying but doesnt work?
  8. any plan to use Beastial wrath?
  9. my toon is currently lvl 8, after immolate and corruption the bot doesnt use my wand it just stays there trying to right click
  10. both my mage ( paid fightclass)and Druid( eeny 1-60 druid) have issue with turning around and actually facing the enemy units, In case of the mage when it frostnova and runs to kite, it takes some times to turn around and fire another bolt and its not smooth its more like stuttering in case of the druid , he sometimes outruns past the unit in melee range and causes the bot to not do anything for a while
  11. which class do you think is the fastest
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