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  1. CocoChanel

    Getting gold to my main account. Help!

    Depends on the server, I have a strategy on how to avoid bans on most, feel free to PM me 🙂
  2. CocoChanel

    Stop all movement

  3. CocoChanel

    Stop all movement

    Still having problems. The bot will still try to path to mobs when fighting
  4. CocoChanel

    Stop all movement

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could make a plugin or show me how to make it so the bot will not do any movement at all.
  5. CocoChanel

    Netherwing TBC IP Ban?

    I have been botting like a complete idiot since the server came out, and I haven't gotten banned 😕
  6. CocoChanel

    Smoother flying

    Its hard to make a bot look human tbh 😛
  7. CocoChanel

    Mass ban on Northdale

    Namreeb is a loser, dont believe anything he says, he is just trying to flex.
  8. CocoChanel

    Multiple High level characters on Vanilla?

    Sounds like a good idea, but I want to make a lot of gold with the bot 😄
  9. Hi, as someone with multiple max level characters, what should I do to maximize gold making ? I obviously can't run the same profile for all bots.
  10. Pulling has something to do with your fightclass.
    Bought both of Bambo's questers for Draenei and Bloodelf! Excellent work, 10/10
    Bought both of Bambo's questers for Draenei and Bloodelf! Excellent work, 10/10
  11. CocoChanel

    Any difference between LUA and C#?

    Jamais 😞
  12. The gate is open in other expansions and that's why its fucking up. Use the tram.