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  1. Looks promising! I have been watching some of your streams recently, and it's nice to see that you are working hard on your profiles. Keep up the great work.
  2. Yeah, I can sell 10g for 4 Euro.
  3. I exploited the gold. Its not hard when the devs are mentally challenged and dont put checks in.
  4. I have used the bot very little on this server, but I can say that the people who work here are absolutely retarded. The GM's have no clue what the fuck is going on. This is another cash grab server that lies about population. I'm also pretty sure the server is selling gold back door, as I have spoken to some admins on other private servers that have shown me screenshots of conversations. Don't bother wasting your time here. Its the biggest pile of shit since playtbc, and on day 1 of the server being up, I was able to make 600+ Gold on a character under level 25 and sell all of it without being banned. The only good thing about this server is that it doesn't have Alexensual.
  5. CocoChanel

    Retail Shenanigans

    oh lol
  6. CocoChanel

    Retail Shenanigans

    About a week ago I realised that I had WRobot open while I was playing retail. 1 week later, and I am still not banned. I guess we are safe to let it fuck around in the background? lol
  7. CocoChanel

    Northdale Bans - Detection?

    Why are you idiots still botting on ND, waste of time if what is being said is true
  8. CocoChanel

    Randomized Questing?

    If someone like whitekidney just took the most popular profiles and said "Hey, these profiles are doing specifically these 20-40 quests, lets track all accounts with those quests being a majority of all quests dont overall". Maybe we should make randomized profiles, were the profile has a possibility of doing 200 quests, where it will pick 50 randomly, that way it could avoid bans.
  9. CocoChanel

    Northdale Bans - Detection?

    ah, I see, thats really unfortunate 😛
  10. CocoChanel

    Northdale Bans - Detection?

    3 legit leveled accounts huh... I wonder why someone would need to play on 3 accounts at the same time
  11. CocoChanel

    Northdale Bans - Detection?

    Use a different VM and proxy when you make the account and bot on it then.
  12. CocoChanel

    Best Grinder?

    Looking for a grinder that allows me to touch my bot once or twice a day and be able to do the rest for me.The grinder must also have a few quests in there to not make my account look retarded. Hmu with suggestions:D
  13. CocoChanel

    Northdale Bans - Detection?

    We will find a way :^)
  14. CocoChanel

    Northdale Bans - Detection?

    Exactly.. only thing is that they probably have 7+ checks that we need to monitor bots to find out about.
  15. CocoChanel

    Northdale Bans - Detection?

    You would still get banned dude. If the character just runs away from the mob right when it turns green they will suspect you botting.