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  1. "Wrobot - Bot for WoW Private servers"
  2. Your grinders aren 99% afkable. It took you like 2 months to fix an area where mobs would drop little to no loot in Aszhara and your character would end up loosing money because of repairs. Your grinders are still the best that there are out there though, however I cannot say the same about your questers.
  3. Maybe if we speak out against creators who lie about the quality of their product they will start improving on it, or Droidz will actually start caring and enforce policies that require the profile creator to disclose how well a profile performs through videos, logs, etc. People need to know what they are buying and not have people forcing them to buy extra addons just to make sure that the profile they are buying is somewhat decent. I know what some people will say, "But look at the reviews", but if you look into the discords of many of these profile creators, it's obvious that there are certain "benefits" for people who have left a good review, and often times the creator will flood you with messages to give the profile a good review after he/she has helped you set it up, even though you haven't tested it. It's disgusting. And stop with the bs about how complaining won't get people anywhere. If people were complaining about free products, then sure, I could understand why creators would respond the way they have, but these are paid products with no guarantee of a refund if its trash.
  4. Doesnt make up for the fact that all these ape fucking profile creator state that their profiles are 99 or 100% afk. No matter how you put it, they are lying about their profiles and Droidz is supporting it by letting them continue selling it. People need to stop saying "If you don't like it, make your own". Thats not the fucking point. The point is that people are charging ridiculous money for bullshit profiles with trash quality. "Just dont buy it if you dont like it". Too bad most of these ape creators wont refund after purchasing, kek. People here are lazy cunts because they can get away with it, that's it. Can't make a 99% afk quester? Then dont advertise for one.
  5. When I was botting hardcore on Northdale I would have gladly paid 150-200 euro every month if it meant that I could have a decent bot with some built in fightclasses + a quester that actually works. With this money Droidz could easily hire one or more programmers who could also work on this project.
  6. Conclusion: NEVER buy any paid profiles, they aren't worth the money. Make your own grinding profiles and download free fightclasses.
  7. No, you are wrong. Some of them are complete fucking idiots. Not giving a single fuck and just pumping out shit quality quest scripting and also horrible grind spots with 5000 mobs stacked on top of each other. Its completely their own fault. Take a look at andoidos stream when he is making his profiles. Not a single fuck is given when it comes to how well a character will be able to handle the quests, he just puts in the spots for where the quest items/mobs are, with no regard whatsoever if the bot can handle that many mobs. I doubt that this is a bot issue, but rather a problem with profiles not being controlled properly. Profiles on Honorbuddy's paid profile section were tested properly and were only allowed if they were well scripted. I hope for the love of god the rules change for what kind of profiles are allowed to be up for sale on here.
  8. Exactly, they use shitty paid ones:)
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