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  1. You need to have each WoW Client on a seperate ip 🙂 This can be done with proxifier.
  2. GM's on this server are pretty shady if im not mistaken. Then again, it's a realm made for profit 😉
  3. If you get a new ip when you restart, it should be good.
  4. "Talented programmer" nah dude They are just checking the time your pc has been running which is possible through warden (Matenia mentioned it before), and if multiple players match the same time, it's obviosly a multi-botter. Matenia even wrote a script that lets you bypass this, but I can't find it at the moment 😕
  5. Depends on the server, I have a strategy on how to avoid bans on most, feel free to PM me 🙂
  6. Still having problems. The bot will still try to path to mobs when fighting
  7. Hi, I was wondering if someone could make a plugin or show me how to make it so the bot will not do any movement at all.
  8. I have been botting like a complete idiot since the server came out, and I haven't gotten banned 😕
  9. Its hard to make a bot look human tbh 😛
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