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  1. Around 3 weeks and problem will be solved for me 100% sure,i only wish there will be no bots on classic (i know they will be but maybe blizz will better fight with them like they fight now on retail :)) Wrobot now have 2 type of users number 1 everyone who want buy bot click play and get max lvl (like it was on hb:P for moron like me at beggining of botting journey when i start using hb at wotlk and stop on legion when i found better methods to get cash from mmorgs,and basically at this times 2009+ we have only one problem where run max lvl bot to get max $ per day:)) and users number 2 everyone who spend hundreds of hours to get knowledge how to bot with wrobot, becouse to get money with wrobot you are forced to make almost everything from scratch and best idea not share all this with anyone or share for $ less than 50% of this knowledge becouse you cant share everything becouse private gms will fight with this better. This makes botting hardcore and unsuccessful for 90% of people here and i dont see clue for this becouse private tbc,wotlk servers compare to blizz tbc,wotlk are insane hard,old retail have almost 0 defence vs bots, one example who remember times when on retail wotlk you can run 70 bots in one place and it will stay same for month?:) with no ban i remember 🙂
  2. on northdale bot is visible i think, and they can decide when and where they will ban,its only matter of time (becouse you run wrobot earlier on this 6 accounts yes?:))
  3. how i handle this its simple buy(or create yourself) best REAL quester 1-20 (there on site is only one i dont want help gms from this servers and i will not say which one) its important to buy/create real quester with max quests done when you are done with 50-100 quests run grinder (gms cant check at this point you are grinding becouse you have done some quests, like on dragonblight they have shitty system to check you done some quests or not done at this point dont run bot with any close if he detect anything buy plugin RoboAlert run on him beep on whisper and say,and thats all you cant protect bot from ban if gm see you in invisibility you can only protect bot from report from player and it is 99% of bans player report gm check and ban i say only at this 2 servers rest servers is different story and if you run 2 3 4 5 bots on one computer only with proxy on both realms you can get free ban if you share gold at this accounts ( gms see where and who get gold from bot account,and can see is there any more accounts running from this ip anytime if yes they ban them also) sorry for my bad english
  4. you will be banned on both accounts when they ban your bot account from second "window":)
  5. on angrathar you can set distance even 10000000000 yd it will not help gm will see you in invisibility mode and block mob your bot attack or block you from attacking mob and see whot you do if you are human he will se it else you know ban:) and i see on dragonblight gms start do same things and see whot you do with blocked mob or blocked character
  6. for me best solution will be raise price for wrobot and fix wrobot becouse wrobot core have limits. limits cant be skipped and even with good plugin,fc you meet wall wrobot wall at every customer topic i read same text wrobot have limits,wrobot have bugs them why not raise price for wrobot add good programmers to work with wrobot and it will make this bot better,also this will maybe let wrobot once again work on "some" private servers
  7. ah them we are forced to... to make profile or buy it separate but any public is worse cuz everyone can use it and ban chance is higher them all need make custom profiles fight class or buy it separate but any public is worse cuz everyone can use it and ban chance is higher them all need make custom fight class and in end we are forced to make bot more human: rotate to search new target how the bot is going to target how the bot is taking the loot etc,i think this last one CAN be and MUST be fixed by creator of this bot becouse we pay for something yes? im ok with create my profiles my fc even small plugins but god,do i need make everything ???? and in end pay for it. Last months i feel best profit with this bot is create profiles,fight classes,plugins limit it to 1,2,3 ip (but all know to bot safe you need bot one bot on one ip) and sell for $$$$$$ to people who think it will save them from bans,and thats all and i really think better here sell profiles,fc,plugins than run bots :)))
  8. nice idea but how to do it i cant find any guide on forum how to
  9. but even custom quester/grinder dont stop bot from move like a bot;/
  10. custom movement module - you mean private profile? becouse i cant command bot to not move like bot or i dont know how to do it;/
  11. on dragonblight even grinder is ok but warmane is another story for me
  12. anyone succesfully bot on wotlk warmane realms 1-80 this times? i saw sometimes in-game bots on warmane both realms but cant lvl full 1-80 myself,always private profiles and fc.
  13. they can even see if you use virtual machines and proxy on them, i also dont know how to avoid this;/
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