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  1. But imagine you just rename it, Tauri will ban you and say that "Renamed" is detected and will disconnect you. That's what i think.
  2. it was happened to me at 3hoo (am) when the toon reached 10. No server restart or something like that. No, was so tired, i will try later and take a screenshot. EDIT: Scottjones has take a screenshot, so finaly don't need to do it.
  3. Tauri is running on 5.4.8. Level up a char up to 10 using quester with my own profile and then they detected wrobot and said a message in yellow, it was hungarian but the word "Wrobot" was wrote. After that I tried 2 times to connect wrobot and as soon as i click on play button, the char sit down and the same message show up. No idea about what triggered the warden.
  4. Hello, It seems that Tauri can detect Wrobot, It say a message with wrobot and then disconnect the player after 20 sec. @Droidz can you try to fix it please ?
  5. There are no buffs detection or something like that. Was working on it but i admit that now i've almost give up all support for all my profile, plugins cuz i spent my time somwhere else. I've never tested it on vanilla and at the time it was working correctly on tbc and cata. Can you give a try with the option "Unlock fps limit (improve reactivity)" i always use that option, if it not change anything tell me and i will try to add an option time before switching
  6. Tauri is the best MOP server out there. Months ago, no ban mainly because this was not a priority for the devs and they even claim that on forum and mail (in game). At this moment, i can't tell you if the devs change their mind.
  7. Sinon pour le blacklistage en lui même c'est assez facile (il te suffit d'ouvrir le profil avec l'éditeur, de te positioner au dessus/ à côté du minerai, ensuite de cliquer sur le bouton approprié (dans l'éditeur). Pour faire une OffMesh, c'est un peu plus compliqué, il y'a un tuto pour cela( mais cela demande quelque essai pour comprendre le fonctionnement). Edit: c'est un profil de farm MOP ? (je sais que cela arrive souvent en pandarie)
  8. Pas beaucoups de solutions là, soit il faut que tu regarde ton bot pour voir où il bloque et arreter le profil. Essayez de regarder dans les logs si la position est mise (pas sur ça fait longtemps que je n'ai pas créé de profil) Utilisez le plugin StuckAlert, comme ça pas besoin de regarder le bot.
  9. Salut, Oui c'est bien ça. PLusieur solution existe suivant la nature du blocage, mais généralement blacklister les minerais / Off mesh (s'il se prends un mur par exemple) suffit. Tu peux aussi recréé le profil et ne pas le faire passer via ce passage.
  10. It seems ok. it did sell twice. Strange that it needed a relaunch to take the change on. Thank you for your helping
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