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  1. Why? It works well on land too, for example, to simulate movements in combat.
  2. Hi! Have a two questions. Float precision, for the better (more accurate) result in the ground movement this value must be higher or lower? From zero to... what is the maximum value?
  3. I don't know how it will be work, I haven't tested it yet, code looks like this: var anton = ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWUnit().FirstOrDefault(g => g.Entry == 24291); if (anton == null) { Lua.LuaDoString("print('searching for npc')"); wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPosition(path[0]); MovementManager.Go(path); } if (anton != null) { if (Is.In path) // checking if it moves in "path" need to do { MovementManager.StopMove(); } Lua.L
  4. Hmm, this is a good option, thanks for the tip. GoToTask.ToPosition(path[0]); MovementManager.Go(path); Should work like a loop to find npc.
  5. Hello, I need a little help. How can I make this function to use pathfinder to find the first/nearest position in the list of vector3? Because it goes in a straight line at start, and only use pathfinder after getting stuck. I would like to make a search path for the required NPC in the override quest type, and then interact with it when it appears, but the bot goes to this path in a straight line through sea. var path = new List<Vector3>() { new Vector3(134.4189f, -4571.758f, 268.0376f, "None"), new Vector3(146.1211f, -4538.368f, 261.461f, "None"), new Vector3(150.3505f,
  6. Hello, please tell me what code you need to use in the quest to load another quest profile using Runcode? Quester.Bot.QuesterSetting.CurrentSetting.ProfileName = "ProfileName.xml"; when trying to use something similar, the code only fires after restarting the bot.
  7. usually a bot behaves like this when an NPC or game object is blacklisted
  8. For the mount name fields, the changes do not take effect immediately. I found a quest in which the use mount is disabled, everything is fine, the problem was in the quest.
  9. Hello, I want to know how it works, it's only save the last one changed setting? This command sometimes mysteriously disables mount and pathfinding settings, are there any alternatives to apply the settings instantly?
  10. For the tests I have set this settings: Setting.FlightMasterTaxiUse = true; Setting.FlightMasterTaxiDistance = 1000; Setting.FlightMasterDiscoverRange = 500; Setting.FlightMasterTaxiUseOnlyIfNear = true; and it seems the bot stopped running to the flightmasters in a loop and (sometimes) takes a taxi, later i will check if the coordinates are correct
  11. checked, the maximum possible resurrection distance on bridge is 39.95726
  12. Hi, need a little help. How can I remove one blacklist (without removing other blacklists) by comment or directly vector3? I tried using add session blacklist, than ClearBlacklistOfCurrentProductSession but it delete entire blacklist list anyway.
  13. But in this case it ignores popup for some reason (when corpse in water) I'll try to add a stopmove when the popup appears, maybe this will help.
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