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  1. Hi!! Has anyone figured out how to reduce the priority of armor? Because it changes green equipment that have good stats to gray trash with bigger armor 😞
  2. Hey! But what if, instead of a lua scripts/patches/modifying kernel32.dll, we make a simple script on c# that will be hacking GetTickCount(), what do you guys think? Because attempts to edit interface (lua) files in MPQ always ends up with the same error:
  3. Ok got it. Old meshes are downloaded meshes, did I understand correctly? Are they still available for download?
  4. Just since the last wrobot update in which this option was added (to the settings menu, I know that it existed before that, but) the pathfinder began to run into the wall, in dalaran for example. I rolled back to version 2.5.1 (19181), and it works fine.
  5. @Droidz hello again. All the time I wanted to ask. If I’m not mistaken, the pathfinder is already on the server and "local" (non-server pathfinder from the downloaded meshes) is not provided, so why this option? If it is 'false' then how will pathfinder work? It will generate paths "on the fly" without using the server?
  6. Very need your help sir, I added this function that hooking GetTime in custom addon but still disconnecting.... Maybe need to add this in custom patch or what other methods?
  7. Has always been and has happened in certain places / with a poor internet connection / when a wrobot works through a proxy.
  8. Hi. Often. 30 times at the last 4 hours. These zones are all the time : [Terokkar Forest] [Auchindoun]: kill wrobot.exe if pathfinder server down bug [Terokkar Forest] [Ring of Observance]: kill wrobot.exe if pathfinder server down bug [Borean Tundra] [The Nexus]: kill wrobot.exe if pathfinder server down bug
  9. funny but the fact that castspellbyname doesn't work is half the trouble. In addition to this, I can’t run more than 2 wow windows together on the same server....
  10. You can add Wait task after Run you need to turn off and maybee turn off or set the value to Run time in wait task 99999
  11. Yes, disconnecting because they require to install their patches, which they update daily. Interesting, will have to try, if I understand how to do that :)
  12. Doesn't work when in combat, I showed it right on the video. Only runmacrotext works.
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