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  1. pudge


    Interact.ClearTarget(); Works fine in latest version, thanks ❤️
  2. @Droidz There is a faction field in the xml file, but it's missing in the editor, fix please. I dont know its bug or suggestion but if it’s not difficult for you, please add. ps: many many thanks for so quick adding the kill and loot path type :)
  3. Hey. To quickly find errors in the profiles I use this code in the plugin to display the current profile name in the logs: wManager.Wow.Helpers.Quest.QuesterCurrentContext.ProfileName == "test.xml" I searched hard, but didn't find a similar code for the grinder..... something like Grinder.GrinderCurrentContext.ProfileName == "test.xml".... Does anyone know a similar method? The next code gives an error if product is not quester: Quester.Bot.QuesterSetting.CurrentSetting.ProfileName == "test.xml" Same code gives an error if product != grinder: Grinder.Bot.GrinderSetting.CurrentSetting.ProfileName == "test.xml"
  4. pudge

    Vehicle options

    @Droidz We need it, update pls
  5. Thank you in advance! I look forward to it.
  6. pudge

    3.3.5 Relogger bug

    Seems it works! Many thanks ❤️
  7. pudge

    3.3.5 Relogger bug

    Okay, will try it reight now
  8. pudge

    3.3.5 Relogger bug

    And I will correct, this is not relogger bug, this is wrobot bug. And judging by the comments (more precisely by their absence), I only have this bug/error. PLEASE! Help me to understand why i get this error.... When i launch wrobot.exe by default way ( wrobot.exe shortcut ( with dx ) or from relogger ) - i have 100% wow crash when killing wrobot process. This is wow crash each time when wrobot process is forcedly terminated by relogger or task manager or this code System.Diagnostics.Process.GetCurrentProcess().Kill(); When i launch wrobot.exe no dx hook ( and from relogger with -nodx arg ) - i have no crashes.... what this mean?... That might be the solution.... But when the bot starts with -nodx arg from the relogger, the graphics in WoW doesn't work and the bot doesn't work.... I also tried to delete d3dx libraries and installed SlimDX.... no effect, same error. Windows 7, windows 10 with all updates..... same error.
  9. @Droidz Not planning to implement this? What do you think?
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