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  1. Matenia

    [PAID] Combat Rogue 1-60

    You can turn off/on constant range pull in the fightclass settings if wRobot has an issue with sticking to your target (try a higher latency setting (500-800) to resolve this.
  2. Matenia

    Afk Loop spam

    Fyi: FNV's Fightmaster also uses pathing (I think) so he might need to recompile with the new wRobot binaries as well.
  3. Big thanks to both you for implementing this and providing road preference as well as water areas and Reapler for providing the data. It's a great day for wRobot pathfinding :)
  4. Matenia

    Afk Loop spam

    I sent you a version of HMP on Discord that should work. I cannot reproduce this error you're getting. But you can temporarily disable escape from combat and it should never occur again. Edit: Also updating HMP on Rocketr
  5. Matenia

    Afk Loop spam

    I've been running with and without HMP and I still get that AFK problem, but it only occurs after running a quester for a while. It's never instant.
  6. Matenia

    Afk Loop spam

    The escape from combat option is throwing errors for you. However, I just checked and the method that your errors say doesn't exist DEFINITELY exists in the binaries with the latest wRobot update. So maybe try a clean install
  7. Matenia

    Library in Python

    wRobot is written in C# and C++ (for the pathfinder). You'd have to learn those and then learn to reverse engineer binaries and how to do memory reading/writing.
  8. New wRobot update should be able to take offmesh even if you can make a path - so you can give it a try. Otherwise ask FNV for the little piece of code he used to and from Searing Gorge. Basically it intercepts movements and enters your own. Or do something similar to how I automate the Darnassus portal in HMP: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Drawing; using System.Linq; using System.Threading; using System.Threading.Tasks; using robotManager.Events; using robotManager.FiniteStateMachine; using robotManager.Helpful; using robotManager.Products; using wManager; using wManager.Events; using wManager.Wow.Bot.States; using wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks; using wManager.Wow.Forms; using wManager.Wow.Helpers; using wManager.Wow.ObjectManager; public class Darnassus { public static bool TakingPortal; private static WoWLocalPlayer Me = ObjectManager.Me; private static Vector3 _currentDestination = Vector3.Empty; private static List<Vector3> _darnassusPolygon = new List<Vector3> { new Vector3(10749.604f, 2412.323f, 0f), new Vector3(11296.502f, 2097.9175f, 0f), new Vector3(11259.335f, 936.64453f, 0f), new Vector3(10914.204f, 317.97504f, 0f), new Vector3(9990.316f, 104.99061f, 0f), new Vector3(9236.339f, 480.24902f, 0f), new Vector3(8944.306f, 1230.7659f, 0f), new Vector3(9045.189f, 2295.6887f, 0f), new Vector3(9512.443f, 2792.6523f, 0f), new Vector3(10292.969f, 2904.216f, 0f), new Vector3(10569.073f, 2655.7341f, 0f), new Vector3(10946.0625f, 2371.7546f, 0f), }; public static void Start() { MovementEvents.OnMovementPulse += MovementEventsOnOnMovementPulse; } public static void Stop() { TakingPortal = false; _currentDestination = Vector3.Empty; MovementEvents.OnMovementPulse -= MovementEventsOnOnMovementPulse; } private static void MovementEventsOnOnMovementPulse(List<Vector3> points, CancelEventArgs cancelable) { //cancel all movement events that aren't our own /*if (_takingPortal && _currentDestination != Vector3.Empty && points.Last() != _currentDestination && !Logging.Status.ToLower().Contains("taxi")) { cancelable.Cancel = true; }*/ if (!TakingPortal && points.Count > 0) { bool taken = TakePortalIfNecessary(points.Last()); if (taken) { //GoToTask.ToPosition(points.Last()); cancelable.Cancel = true; } } } private static bool TakePortalIfNecessary(Vector3 destination) { bool taken = false; if (Usefuls.ContinentId == 1) { if (VectorHelper.PointInPolygon2D(_darnassusPolygon, Me.Position) && !VectorHelper.PointInPolygon2D(_darnassusPolygon, destination)) { PluginLog.Log("Player in Darnassus, leaving through portal"); GoThroughPortal(new Vector3(9947.029, 2618.881, 1316.962), new Vector3(9946.723, 2618.692, 1316.909)); taken = true; } else if (!VectorHelper.PointInPolygon2D(_darnassusPolygon, Me.Position) && VectorHelper.PointInPolygon2D(_darnassusPolygon, destination)) { PluginLog.Log("Player outside Darnassus, entering through portal"); GoThroughPortal(new Vector3(8786.36, 967.445, 30.197), new Vector3(8788.761, 967.9706, 30.19558)); taken = true; } } TakingPortal = false; _currentDestination = Vector3.Empty; return taken; } private static void GoThroughPortal(Vector3 destination, Vector3 direction) { TakingPortal = true; _currentDestination = destination; var tmp = wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.CloseIfPlayerTeleported; wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.CloseIfPlayerTeleported = false; GoToTask.ToPosition(destination); //For some reason, GoToTask ends right away if (Me.IsDead && Me.HaveBuff("Ghost")) { MovementManager.Go(PathFinder.FindPath(destination)); while (Conditions.InGameAndConnectedAndAliveAndProductStartedNotInPause && Me.Position.DistanceTo(destination) >= 2) { Thread.Sleep(500); } } MovementManager.MoveTo(direction); Thread.Sleep(500); Move.Forward(Move.MoveAction.PressKey, 5000); //Reenable(tmp); } private static async void Reenable(bool close) { await Task.Run(() => { Products.InPause = true; Thread.Sleep(5000); MovementManager.StopMove(); MovementManager.CurrentPath.Clear(); MovementManager.CurrentPathOrigine.Clear(); wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.CloseIfPlayerTeleported = close; Products.InPause = false; TakingPortal = false; //Products.ProductRestart(); PluginLog.Log("Resetting path after port"); }); } }
  9. Matenia

    The proxy and you

    ... no, not at all. When you log into the website, you're using the http/https protocol. When you connect to the game, you connect through entirely different ports that those proxies don't support
  10. I usually use C#, you can find my resto shaman fightclass and the source code on the forums here attached to the partyhelper plugin.
  11. You can't create party fightclasses with the XML editor afaik. But also, if this is about vanilla - you need to cancel cat form before casting anything else
  12. I'm guessing the loop in your fightclass stops when you die. You should just the condition.
  13. Matenia

    [PAID] Frostmage 1-60

    Are you sure you've downloaded the fightclass through the link in your purchase email as opposed to the demo attached to this forum post? It definitely works - make sure you run WoW without addons and polymorph is activated in your fightclass settings. Edit: Also obviously they need to be humanoid or beast so it's possible to poly them
  14. Zuukbot is C# and hooks. Warden is entirely different in Vanilla to MoP. ZzukBot just filters warden calls in vanilla to prevent detection. In MoP, Warden is much more advanced and way harder toget past that detection. Regarding BetterBot, it was and will never be the same as ZzukBot. It's a Java based bot that uses C to do memory reading for camera angles and such, then sends clicks into the game. You have to run every instance under a different windows user. None of what you said really contributes. I happen to know both the guys behind BetterBot and ZzukBot too. They are incredibly skilled - but none of this applies to MoP, the situations are just not comparable. None of what you linked (which isn't even ZzukBot V3 anyway) is going to help here. And even vanilla can detect hooks and injection, if you write to memory at all. That is how oGasai was detected for quite a while. From TBC upwards, servers have implemented a way to detect insecure Lua calls too, which is how most servers now instantly ban PQR.
  15. Matenia

    [PAID] Arms/Fury Warrior 1-60

    Yes, it means PER purchase, you can only run 2 warriors. However, if you run all wRobot instances through the same IP, you can run as many as you want. So - if you run each wRobot in a VM with a different VPN - only 2 at a time. If you run each wRobot in a dfiferent VM with a proxy (only proxying wow through socks5), you can run as many as you want. If you run 10 wRobots on your main computer, no VMs, you can run all of them using this fightclass without problems.