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  1. It's the forum/website software he uses, which our licenses are validated by. For some reason they must've broken his authentication mechanism or just messed with licenses.
  2. There is no solution. We have to wait for Droidz to fix it.
  3. Not that this is at all relevant to this thread. But if you want to buy vanishing powder, you need to set this up yourself. A 6€ fightclass doesn't come with an internal database of vanishing powder vendors. You can set it up in wRobot yourself to buy any item from pre-set vendors. The fightclass supports using the item - that's it. It's up to you to make sure you have it. Same as poisons. If you want someone to code buying poison mats and craft them for you across expansions, good luck. HB also never had to deal with an expansion where you had to do ANY of those things because the game was already dumbed down to shit by then. It also doesn't use evasion randomly, it uses them either on multi pull or when you drop below a certain HP percentage in a single fight to prevent you from dying (this only happens if enemy HP is above your own). If you die in a pack of 3 mobs, that might be an issue in itself. I mean, rogue is a garbage class to bot until like WotLK/Cata. Everyone has always known this. Every profile rates rogues slightly above warriors and mages slightly above rogues - THEN everything else. Check out FNV's old profile. Lower your scan distance to 70 yards. Set "max enemies near x" to 1 (maybe even 0 if you're feeling frisky). Maybe let it grind out green mobs for a few levels if you feel your profile is using a shit spot for grinding as rogue. There are plenty of mass botters who run rogues successfully.
  4. It does rezz your pet. Read the #faq on my Discord channel if you're running into any issues
  5. I highly doubt it's the auto download. It's probably a mixture of WoW and pathfinding requests of wRobot. But 1GB is really not a lot in today's age. Even just the shit windows sends back and forth all the time accumulates quickly. On the bright side, you should be able to run WoW even with slowed down internet. I did this frequently in school when I was playing on my laptop during class (school's internet didn't allow connections through Wow's ports, so had to improvise).
  6. Because you just need to implement an interface and then it doesn't matter how it's implemented. So wRobot can load any code that implements this interface at will. It's very extensible. But also, I wouldn't want my PAID SOURCE CODE to be publically available. Anyway, if you compile a binary, which consists of more than just one C# class (and should, otherwise it's not maintainable) you end up with a dll file.
  7. Matenia

    [Suggestion] spell

    He wants another log level, I think. Like Logging.WriteSpell("xxx") in pink (light debug).
  8. Just... don't. It's anything but easy and you're in way over your head. Settings.CurrentSetting.ToForm() Doesn't even have a return type. It's a void type method that opens a WInForm menu in wRobot. I keep telling you, you need to learn the basic of programming and I've linked you courses. Until you actually understand what you're doing instead of just copypasting, you won't get anywhere
  9. https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/API_UseContainerItem So when you open the vendor, then your bags and use that Lua API, it will sell the item.
  10. Enable fighting back. It's not ideal, but wRobot WILL fight back if you get attacked while you're running around trying to find a mob. If he adds them to the targets for the grinder, wRobot will actively target them (and if you keep dying, they are the closest mob, thus being the priority when targeting, getting you killed again), which is much worse than the occasional body pull.
  11. Pretty sure he's talking about the HMP combat log bug where it might get stuck trying to look the beacon. Sometimes if other code unblacklists mobs it will continue to attempt to loot them rather than ignore them.Best choice would be to disable combat looting in HMP and just enable it in wRobot. It shouldn't happen, but it's hard to tell when/why things are being unblacklisted. Edit: - Looting is (minus the combat loot HMP offers) handled by wRobot - Pathing, including flightmasters is handled by wRobot (if a profile chooses to go to a certain vector, wRobot decides how to) - Tram I can't say, it's not HMP if it's turned off - if it gets stuck it might be wRobot's pathfinding having fucked up meshes - Quest turn in is wRobot. It should cycle through all quests - possibly addons interfering or latency settings too low
  12. Read GameTooltip documentation
  13. Just fyi, a full 1-110 profile for retail takes about the fraction of the time an effort someone has to put into making 1-80 work in WotLK or even worse and even harder 1-60 in Vanilla. If you knew anything about this game and how difficulty has changed over the years, you'd understand that alone.
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