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  1. If it's following anyone, you didn't take off free mode for your BG. I'd suggest taking that off and creating your own profile that the bot can follow (it's just a path), you can find ScripterQQ's example profiles and my discussion with him on how to create them on the forums.
  2. Turn off free mode and record a profile (or leave the profile empty, but that mode doesn't work so well either)
  3. It will NEVER be less than -1. You would need -2 arrows... how can you ever have negative arrows? Just set it to buy new ones if you're below 200. The food thing probably works because wRobot automatically buys food, if it's available at a vendor that it's using during normal ToTown run.
  4. bool visible = Lua.LuaDoString<bool>("return GroupLootFrame:IsVisible()");
  5. Droidz - run 2-3 wRobot sessions at the same time. People have said if you do that it happens much faster
  6. No. It's not easy to implement and it makes no sense. Plus the trend is to use it for science, education and in machine learning, not real software development.
  7. When you test droidz binaries, do NOT let wRobot update after restarting it. I can't test atm (maybe Monday at earliest).
  8. You redownload the products you own if they have been fixed already
  9. I didn't break compatibility and I didn't know Droidz was going to (he likely didn't know himself). We're developing third party binaries that are loaded through the C# API itself. This isn't a simple API change as you'd get it when distributing open source libs to a bunch of users. Discord has all the necessary info, including telling you not to update wRobot until I (or other creators) give the approval. It took me a total of 1:30h after the update to fix all binaries AND announce the update. Not a big deal. Also forum threads are NOT updated. It's considered bad manners between creators to push their own files into the forum's spotlight.
  10. Every single one that uses custom authentication and gets the wRobot key that way. All of my products have been updated already.
  11. Code to extract key before: var authKey = robotManager.Helpful.Others.StringBetween(authManager.LoginServer.GetSubcriptionInfoThread(), robotManager.Translate.Get(""License Key"") + "": "", ""... - "" + robotManager.Translate.Get(""Subscription time expire"")); Code to extract key after I fixed it for the update: CompilerResults result = RunCode.Compile(RunCode.CodeType.CSharp, @" public class AuthMainClass { public static void Main() { System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match matcher = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(authManager.LoginServer.GetSubcriptionInfoThread(), ""(Key: )(.*)(\\.\\.\\.)(.*)""); if (matcher.Success) { robotManager.Helpful.Var.SetVar(""wRobotAuthKey"", matcher.Groups[2].Value); } else { robotManager.Helpful.Var.SetVar(""wRobotAuthKey"", ""TRIAL""); } } } "); RunCode.InvokeStaticMethod(result, "AuthMainClass", "Main"); Logging.WriteError(RunCode.ErrorsToString(result)); this.wRobotAuthKey = Var.GetVar<string>("wRobotAuthKey");
  12. fbarboza, update your fightclass/plugin/profile. This is not an issue with wRobot, the wRobot update broke third party software This is just a request for droidz to add something more stable. And the log file is in your Logs folder, you don't need to copy it...
  13. Can you please add a property somewhere for the short wRobot auth key? All authentication features currently use this, but since you changed the string to include (1/10 sessions) now, it's broken unfortunately.
  14. No, I don't want to publish everything on my server because it makes it too easy for people to gain unauthorized access. I'm sorry if people can't read the readme and come to the forums with that.
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