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  1. It is, but the error I'm seeing would indicate blocked access to wrobot's uptime check and if you've already followed the clean install guide, the only problem I can see is that you're not actually trying to use the trial.
  2. Hi, you don't have a wrobot license 🙂
  3. Lol no, there are no good BfA servers and there won't be any for thenext 5 years. But more importantly, Firestorm has always been known for low quality cashgrab bugfests. They're literally some of the worst servers on the scene. Worse than Freakz and Wowcircle combined. Don't waste your time on BfA. If you want to support other expansions, look for Cata and MoP, as there are some decent servers for those.
  4. Because wrobot isn't inside the client directly and things like reading Lua events are done frame by frame on another thread. So if there's a 50-100ms delay to even receive the event and then more delay to accept your requests, you won't be able to counter instant spells with instant spells. If you're capable of accessing WoW directly in memory (including Lua events and such info as spell targets - which to my knowledge the client has no info on, except maybe patch 5.x), you don't really need wrobot. You'll be able to do a lot but not in the same way as if you were in-process injected
  5. You can check owners. Either use an IDE or check documentation on what Auras on enemy provide in terms of attributes/methods
  6. You're not going to get rotations the way that you want. Not unless you write a very sophisticated profile - otherwise you will run into problems with performance. Also more likely than not, reacting to combat log events to death instant spells etc is not going to work.
  7. No, he can't. He was basically reselling something he stole from someone else as his own. He does not have the knowledge to make modifications.
  8. No, it doesn't unlock Lua completely.
  9. If there are no mailboxes in your profile/database, it cannot send mail. HMP tries to work around this by scan for the mailbox, but if it's not visible, it relies on wrobot's NPCDB, which is what wrobot relies on internally as well
  10. Keine Ahnung woran das liegt. Der Error hat aber nichts damit zu tun, der wird abgefangen und es wird nochmal probiert. Es lässt sich leider nicht anders machen. Eventuell hat es was mit dem auto-updater/restarter vom Profil zu tun. Support nur auf Discord.
  11. If you want to avoid targeting the unit, you can use mouseover (ObjectManager.Me.MouseOverGuid). I use these methods to convert GUIDs between wrobot (ulong, 64 bit) and Lua's hex string: public static WoWUnit GetWoWObjectByLuaUnitId(string luaUnitId) { ulong guid = GetGUIDForLuaGUID(Lua.LuaDoString<string>($"return UnitGUID('{luaUnitId}')")); if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(luaUnitId)) return ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWUnit().FirstOrDefault(o => o.Guid == guid); return null; } public static ulong GetGUIDForLuaGUID(string luaGuid)
  12. It only works on the English client and it's possible that your cache is mixed from playing servers that send English and German item names.
  13. Der Bot ist nicht in der Lage vollautomatisch essen zu kaufen beim Vendor. Probier Automaton. Wenn dort alles geht ist dein Profil das Problem. Sonst guck, dass wrobot als admin gestartet wird und die Rechte hat inden Ordner zu schreiben
  14. It's Lua.RunMacroText("/uninvite " + playerName) or Lua.LuaDoString("RunMacroText('/uninvite " +playerName + "')")
  15. Du musst wahrscheinlich die Profile im Quester Editor verändern, da sie aktiv C# benutzen um eine "sensible" Voreinstellung von Settings für dich zu treffen. Generell sind diese sehr alten, nicht mehr gepflegten, Profile nicht zu empfehlen. Mach lieber deine eigenen oder such dir welche aus, die etwas neuer sind und/oder kontaktier die Macher wenn du noch Probleme hast. Da wir kein Logfile von dir haben könnte es auch sein, dass du wild irgendwelche Plugins benutzt, die du nicht verstehst und diese zum Verhalten führen, was dich stört.
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