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  1. Just for documentation's sake, stoneskin can only be turned off after level 14. The reason being that 2 damage less is really useful at those low levels and the mana cost is incredibly low.
  2. You should probably point out which fight class. I believe this error occurs if the fightclass throws an exception (i.e. the fightclass thread crashes).
  3. GoToTask is blocking, it will not stop walking unless you also pass a breaking condition to the "whileCondition" parameter. Or use normal MovementManager.Go which is not blocking - but if you have a complete condition, it will just call MovementManager.Go over and over until the condition is fulfilled. This is tick-based vs blocking.
  4. If that's what you want, yes you need to write a plugin or you can set up a macro ingame and use wrobot's macro settings to hit it every 30 seconds
  5. It shouldn't crash, but also using :Click is a protected function, so you need a plugin or something that only runs that code ONCE
  6. You can't review a product you haven't bought. A demo will BY DEFINITION not have all features. If you want to replace HMP's features with free plugins, you can try that but you still need to maintain NPC DBs yourself and nothing will have the full functionality. https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1925-free-air-breatherswimming/ https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1918-free-automatically-use-health-mana-potions/ https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1724-free-foodanddrinkhelper/ https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1215-free-combatlooter/ https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1318-free-mining-node-blacklist/ https://wrobot.eu/f
  7. That bug was in for less than 10 hours before I fixed it, back in March. You wouldn't know anything about this plugin, because you never purchase dit. You downloaded a free demo (NodeBlackList). You can find lots of free plugins all over the forums that are combined in HMP in a much advanced way (I usually release free code for other developers and people who can't afford paid products). After seeing that you're just going around the forums leaving bad reviews, I can't decide if you're doing it on purpose or if you're genuinely too stupid to use wRobot and that is your issue
  8. If you want good quality products because you're too lazy to set up your own profiles that automate everything - then yes. That being said, you're welcome to remove the review you left on a paid product of mine that you never purchased and only downloaded the free demo (for blacklisting nodes).
  9. The settings aren't advertised. They're an example of how to enter the order ID. It even says in the screenshot that that's humanmasterplugin. What's advertised are the features in this thread and nothing more.
  10. Latency setting should be the actual time events take. So network latency + server delay + artifical delay. Try 500-800ms.
  11. Correct your latency settings and make sure the mob isn't "no loot" which skips skinning. That being said, if the server is "shit" and reuses mob GUIDs, they can stay blacklisted (from looting/skinning) upon respawn for a certain time.
  12. Matenia


    There is no other way. If you are on their threat, you are in combat. Otherwise literally there is NO WAY. It's not in the game.
  13. Matenia


    That's correct behavior. It only checks if you're being targeted by the unit and have combat state AND if you're not ignoring combat in settings. If you want to know whether a unit has threat towards you, use the threat API (only works in Wotlk+)
  14. There is no IP block unless you've made it onto a global blacklist of scammers (which I doubt). I also don't understand - other Americans purchased wRobot just fine and you actually have a license. What is it that you're trying to buy?
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