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  1. Matenia


    Use the poison plugin from the forums or if this is for vanilla, my fightclass uses them just fine. It does NOT create new poisons though.
  2. Matenia

    Revenge is not a priority

    Also it should be "Not spell, is Lua script", the other part is Lua code for the bot (so for example, using Lua to access the objectmanager etc).
  3. In the fightclass editor, instead of adding a spell name, you add an entire Lua script. Then in the top right corner, choose "Not spell, is Lua script" and you're good to go.
  4. Matenia

    game incorrect

    You downloaded wRobot for 7.3.5 Legion and you're wondering why it doesn't work on 3.3.5 wotlk? Do a fresh install and download the one for 3.3.5
  5. Has happened to me plenty of times and I could never find out what caused this. had to solve it through detargeting friendly units while Fight.InFight == true.
  6. No, there's an actual setting (upper left corner I believe) to set the range. In C# you implement a getter for the range property.
  7. Set range in fightclass editor to 25 or 30 yards
  8. Matenia


    You are running with your client forced to 60 Hz, vsync on and ALL of your monitors running at 60 Hz?
  9. Just use the 1-60 quester for Warmane:
  10. @Droidz in ToTown state, make the loop i < 25 instead so people can enter larger amounts of food. Easy fix!
  11. Matenia

    Vanilla profiles?

    Make your own or buy FNV's or Eeny's quester profiles. For grinder, you should NEVER use anything public.
  12. WRobot was never made for BGs. You only have limited options in creating your own profiles, but you definitely need to do it. It is not detected on Warmane and defaults Warden scans anyway. That being said, back in the day I botted 16 hours/day on most of my chars on Warmane and never got banned. Eventually, my main got caught because I was careless and they improved their "natural" detection. Also, depending on your class will you HAVE TO write your fightclasses in C# or they will be too obviously bots.
  13. Matenia

    [PAID] HumanMasterPlugin

    There is no free version. The attached file is one of my free plugins (I have SOME of the functionality of HMP spread out over free plugins across the forums so you can test it).
  14. Don't use Questie. It hooks half of the UIs functions and overwrites some of their functionality. This WILL mess with wRobot. I'm one of the authors of the addon. Turn it off when you use wRobot