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  1. You would have to specifically call a macro "/stopattack". Every time the bot "right clicks" an enemy, in TBC it automatically attacks the enemy because auto shot is not an extra skill like in vanilla
  2. Matenia

    Pressing a specific keyboard button

    You can add imports (using derictives) in the Custom Script part of the quester editor or just add a fully qualified name for the classes you're using.
  3. Post the full log to Droidz (of the wow error). Pretty sure it's related to one specific spot on the server that crashes your client. I've always solved this by moving my char 50 yards.
  4. Matenia

    Shaman Ghost Wolf between mobs

    Keep in mind, this only works for my TBC fightclass - vanilla does NOT have this feature. PM me on Discord with your order id, I'll send you the latest version that shouldn't leave Ghost Wolf - I'm unsure if I had updated it already.
  5. Matenia

    How does the Rotation Bot work?

    Make your own. All wRotation does is put you in fight with whatever target you select and then the fightclass does the rotation. When wRobot runs normally, it picks targets, walks towards them and puts you in fight, then the rotation handles the rest. The general consensus amongst the people selling fightclasses is that they're meant to keep your bot running while you're afk. If you're not good enough to press 3 buttons for your PvE rotation or want to script in PvP because you've failed to git gud, you won't find much help here.
  6. I noticed the problem only with Freewind Elevator, I think Thousand Needles elevator still works (mesa elevator)
  7. This is still happening with Smooth Path option. Don't forget to fix it in the next big update, please
  8. That's not the error that happens in the first place. Nobody can help you, unless you actually show us the REAL error thrown when wRobot crashes. If something crashes wRobot, it's probably a fightclass/plugin/combination of those/etc, or you didn't install wRobot correctly.
  9. Matenia

    Fight Class stopped working

    Stop using addons
  10. Matenia

    How to Pass Anti-Bot

    Client can receive certain packetss, for example for BG invites. If you modify the content slightly, the client might still accept those packets but the text is modified. Now if they accept the fake BG invite, they agree the math problem shown to them is correct, otherwise it's not (I imagine). This looks like it's most definitely a modified client though
  11. Matenia

    1-70 Ally char stuck

    Probably because you bought cheap grinders and they only do a handful of quests. The profile you bought is from 2016.
  12. Matenia

    Stop all movement

    Sorry, I've just seen too many arrogant posts from you and am currently enjoying proof of your own incompetence.