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  1. You'll have to take that up with Droidz, I only gave you an explanation from what I understood. You paid for a product for retail servers. That lifetime license expired because the product does not exist anymore. That's usually how things worked with bots in the past.
  2. You seem to have paid for wrobot (retail), retail wrobot was discontinued in 2018 when Blizzard came up with their new warden and pretty much all public bots ceased to exist.
  3. If you're using HMP it uses its own resurrection state, which you can disable in the settings. There's also a bunch of debug logging surrounding that. Anyway, that's what log files are good for.
  4. If you use code, you can use polyarea_water and roads, which should help general navigation to avoid water and prefer roads
  5. Can you just use my code example and see if it works? Another example: ExpirationDate = 2020-11-11 18:48:30 (static point in time) CurrentTime = 2020-11-11 18:48:20 (this obviously changes) FullBuffDuration = 10 seconds TimeLeft = ExpirationDate - CurrentTime (this will get lower and lower with time, at the start here, it's 10 seconds) TimeAlreadyPassed = FullBuffDuration - TimeLeft (this is 10-10 = 0) Now as time passes on, the result of TimeAlreadyPassed gets HIGHER and HIGHER until it reaches 10 eventually. So if you look at my condition in my original post, you will see
  6. My solution still stands. GetTime() is a timestamp of sorts. It ALWAYS changes. That's why you need to calculate the time that has already passed since the spell was applied, which is its full duration MINUS the in which it's going to end. And THAT needs to be larger than 2.
  7. What do you mean, "it doesn't work"? Is there a Lua error or is your condition just faulty and never gets hit? Because if you think about it, GetTime() always changes. You need to know when the buff/debuff started. Yes, you know when it expires, but you don't know when it started unless you take the duration into account. You're not calculating "timeLeft" you're calculating "timeAlreadyPassed". local timeLeft = expiration - GetTime() local timeAlreadyPassed = duration - timeLeft if (timeAlreadyPassed > 2) then CastSpellByName('Simple Logic') end
  8. I hardcode lists and partially rely on user feedback. Now you could parse combat log events, store the results per mob entry and maybe even serialize them. That way, you're good to go. Unfortunate though, if mobs are immune for only a few seconds and you never use certain spells anymore because they temporarily immuned thanks to a buff. Although I guess you could write some smart detection for a "buff state" in combination with the school/spell. Spell school can be ready from spell info and combatlog iirc.
  9. There's no official server support, so ALL subscriptions are for private servers. Options are available as per sales page. I will be giving a discount for my products around Christmas.
  10. Droidz will not support the retail client. It's not related to profiles.
  11. Okay, now we know there is actually a bug. Before when you didn't tell us anything, just saying "I can't turn off lua to move", we had no info. That's what log files are for and why Droidz asks for them. You cannot debug everything on your own machine all the time. For HMP, I do the same because it's impossible t recreate someone else's conditions on hard to find bugs.
  12. Dude, just post the log file for him. A LOT of profiles and fightclasses force enable Lua to move, because with frame lock, you get permanent game freezes in combat otherwise
  13. You haven't even paid for WRobot, I doubt you're going to pay 40€/hour for what would amount to 200-500 hours of work, assuming you want literally every single dungeon playable in every single role the way that DungeonBuddy did. Big no from me.
  14. Trying to path up a wall. [D] 16:27:47 - [MovementManager] Current pos: -4677,907 ; -13824,86 ; 10,62618 ; "None" - Target pos: -4676,899 ; -13928,4 ; 93,96194 ; "None" Continent: Expansion01 Tile: 57.92162_40.77108 [N] 16:27:47 - [MovementManager] Waypoint timed out [N] 16:27:47 - [MovementManager] Report navmesh poly to avoid it [N] 16:27:47 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -4677,911 ; -13824,84 ; 10,60667 ; "None" to -4656,256 ; -13960,54 ; 86,16243 ; "None" (Expansion01) [N] 16:27:47 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 4 (172,3896y, 0ms) (resultPartial=True, resultSuccess=True (more info wi
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