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  1. Restart WoW + Bots every 4-5 hours. I honestly have the same problem and haven't really found a solution yet. It's possible that some collections somewhere are never cleaned up (or only partially), so iterations take longer, requiring more CPU power.
  2. This happened on Outland every day since day 1. They ban at least 50 accounts a day. It means nothing, because the bot isn't detected. It's just manual reports adding up. If their GMs actually put in any real work, they'd be banning 200 accounts a day. I've been botting on Warmane since day 1, got banned twice after never really logging out and staying in one spot for days.
  3. You have it correct. Now if you have a bool for your fightclass like this private bool _IsLaunched = false; private bool ChangeRange = false; private static WoWLocalPlayer Me = ObjectManager.Me; public float Range { get { if(ChangeRange) { return 29f; } return 5f; } } private void Pulse() { while(_IsLaunched) { //check if player not in combat yet, but bot wants to fight its current target //then set ChangeRange to true if target is further away than 12 yards, otherwise false ChangeRange = !Me.InCombat && Fight.InFight && ObjectManager.Target.GetDistance >= 12; Thread.Sleep(100); } } Then you need to call Pulse once in your Initialize method (in your fightclass). Pulse should basically be executing your rotation. You can take a look at existing fightclasses like Eeny's to get a better idea at how they work. Anyway, that should change your range accordingly. It's possible, that the bot won't react to this right away. If that's the case, you basically have to intercept events and change the range before they fire.
  4. public float Range { get { if(somethingInMyClass) { return 29f; } return 5f; } }
  5. If you convert your fightclass to C#, Range() is a getter, so you can set it dynamically.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This profile selects the correct buyable water/food from a list that you can edit (if you open the .cs file in Notepad). It then checks your bags for remaining items and forces the bot to go to a vendor if you're out of food/drink. If you have drinking disabled, it will not buy drinks. Should work for all expansions, but I only set the correct items from 1-60.
  7. [TBC] Bot tries to fight vendors, if they are neutral

    Hey, it just tried to attack a friendly flight master. I don't think there's anything interesting in the log, other than that around the same time, it blacklists the Plainstrider (that it did not have targeted). 14 Okt 2017 09H44.log.html
  8. Why does it matter, if you're calling it again? Anyway:
  9. Hey Droidz, it would be awesome, if we could set level ranges for "trainer" type NPCs in the NPC database. This is because early trainers only teach spells until level 10. Then they become useless. So if you put low-level trainers in your profile, the bot will go to them and either get stuck or never learn any new spells.
  10. TBC : pretre Disci Wrotation BG

    Hello, I don't speak French, but you can try:
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This plugin stops combat if your bot attacking a mob that's been tagged/tabbed/etc by someone else (their portray is grayed out). It's very simple and straightforward and should help you looking less like a bot as well as getting a higher xp/hour rate.
  12. Version 1.0.1


    Disclaimer: This fightclass only works with the English client. It is possible, that I will add support for more later. Do NOT use this in arenas. This is not PQR. For questions and bugreports, please reach out to me on Discord. The attached file is a simplified demo version. For questions and bugreports, please reach out to me directly. Creates Water/Food, so that you can use it for max level farming in highly contested areas too. It automatically sets your current water/food in general settings. You only need to activate drinking. Dynamic Rotation Polymorphs offtargets if you are attacked by more than 1 enemy Evocation during combat, only after kiting so that you aren't interrupted Kites away from your enemies if they are melee and will switch target if someone gets closer to you Uses Frostbolt+Fireblast at low levels and Shatter (Ice Lance) at higher levels Wands if no mana is left Situational Spell Usage Uses all your spells, Water Elemental, Evocation, Cold Snap, etc Humanized Uses spell rotation that are unlikely to make anybody recognize you as a bot This profile uses frame lock. This means it freezes your game for a short amount of time to make sure no spells are skipped and the correct spell in the rotation is always selected. If you have problems with your FPS, deactivate frame lock in the profile settings. PURCHASE NOW - 6.50€ I, the owner and creator of this file, am in no way associated with the wRobot company. By purchasing this file, you agree to the contract of the purchasing website and that alone. Check out my other Fightclasses
  13. Since one of the recent updates, if the bot approaches a vendor that is neutral, it will try to fight it after it's done buying/selling. At first I thought this was due to my fightclass, but my fightclass only tries to cast if Fight.InFight evaluates to true. So for some reason, the bot tries to fight.
  14. Target Buff Casted by Me Doesn't work in TBC

    If it has a timer known to you, then it is your own.
  15. public static bool CastSpell(RotationSpell spell, WoWUnit unit, bool force) { // targetfinder function already checks that they are in LoS if (unit != null && spell.IsKnown() && spell.CanCast() && unit.IsValid && !unit.IsDead) { if (wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.IgnoreFightGoundMount && ObjectManager.Me.IsMounted) return false; Lua.LuaDoString("if IsMounted() then Dismount() end"); if (ObjectManager.Me.GetMove && spell.Spell.CastTime > 0) MovementManager.StopMoveTo(false, 500); if (ObjectManager.Me.IsCast && !force) return false; if (force) Lua.LuaDoString("SpellStopCasting();"); if (AreaSpells.Contains(spell.Spell.Name)) { /*spell.Launch(true, true, false); Thread.Sleep(Usefuls.Latency + 50); ClickOnTerrain.Pulse(unit.Position);*/ SpellManager.CastSpellByNameOn(spell.FullName(), GetLuaId(unit)); //SpellManager.CastSpellByIDAndPosition(spell.Spell.Id, unit.Position); ClickOnTerrain.Pulse(unit.Position); } else { if (unit.Guid != ObjectManager.Me.Guid) { MovementManager.Face(unit); } SpellManager.CastSpellByNameOn(spell.FullName(), GetLuaId(unit)); //Interact.InteractObject also works and can be used to target another unit } return true; } return false; } This is the function I use to cast spells and make sure my bot stops walking, if required. Here, spell.IsKnown() and spell.CanCast() are shorthand functions on my spell class to make sure that the spell is not on cooldown and IsSpellUsable is true. AreaSpells is just a list of strings containing spell names like Blizzard, Rain of Fire and other targeting AoE spells. Then when deciding whether to use buffs (or like combat spells on an enemy), I just check as follows: if(Fight.InFight || ObjectManager.Me.InCombat) { //Rotation here, for example CastSpell("Corruption", ObjectManager.Target) }else { //use buffs }