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  1. HMP doesn't bring mailboxes. It's up to you to add them to the database.
  2. Andoido has free profiles for UC to OG etc. Take a look at how it's done.
  3. Nothing like that exists for free and I doubt anyone will release something as complicated for free either. There's a reason the only plugins (HMP and the vanilla one by elitecas) are paid
  4. He has the same issue when using battelgrounder. wRobot just doesn't attack players for him for some reason. Has nothing to do with HMp
  5. For some reason your clsas isn't recognized. Either you're trying to run a DK and go to trainer (doesn't work, disable training) or you have a corrupt install of wRobot of some sort, since it's not reading your class correctly.
  6. If it says is empty but doesn't go to vendor, you don't have enough money. HMP isn't responsible for mage water/food. Fightclass has to manage that and you should disable water/food buying in HMP
  7. Don't use "calculate target distance by hitbox size" in the settings and lower your pull range in your fightclass a bit.
  8. The timer isn't random (and there's no reason to convert it to the string). The selection of which grinder profile it uses is random. It selects between them. It literally even says "Random areas" in the title.
  9. You've probably activated is "Is spell, not item"
  10. Do you even see the irony? On top of that, you've been ignoring the fact that the 1.12 and 1.13 clients have nothing in common. If you understand anything about how bots or software works, you'd understand that you can't just flip a switch and hack completely different software. Plus anti-cheat since patch 7.x is insane and Blizzard is going after bot creators legally too. It's not happening. Edit:
  11. NO IT WILL NOT WORK. It's a bot for WoW clients that are NOT PATCH 1.13.x. THE GAME ISN'T EVEN THE SAME. IT DOES NOT SUPPORT ANYTHING BUT PRIVATE SERVER WOW CLIENTS. How is that so hard to grasp? It's been said a million times. Why not give the trial a shot though? Don't forget to run the battle.net client in the background to make sure you 100% will get banned though!
  12. Use your eyes. All other threads are locked for a reason. wRobot will NEVER support retail servers. It's a private server bot. Pay someone to hand level for you, if you can't be bothered at all.
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