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  1. You literally hear one of the streamers still saying "classicwowbot thanks [...]" because he didn't even have the money to pay proper voice actors 🤣 Video even starts with a streamer saying "sorry for being a sellout boys". Probably subbed to a bunch of channels. Dude keeps sinking more and more money into a scam with no return value. Imagine the dedication though. Going to several streams and getting them to say some shit they don't understand. You can even hear it in the tone of their voice. Also still with the guy who "joined in February 2018" and has a "3 year member" badge. Imagine if that kind of dedication went into real, honest work.
  2. Our guy Yakub over here still trying to break even after wasting his money on UI development courses. @Bambo said it earlier, but if Yakub had actually spent the time he's wasting attmepting to scam people just developing bot profiles for wRobot or retail bots, he'd probably have made much more money by now. Hey Yakub, if you're worried about making rent this month, don't worry. Just send me a PM on here. I feel so sorry for you, I'll help you out with the money I've made from Classic since release. To backup Droidz: If you're accepting PayPal as a payment method, I will literally buy your bot for 5x it's price right now. Of course as a secure business transaction and not friends and family 🙂
  3. Before he deletes everything because he got caught red-handed, I took the liberty to save his bullshit: https://web.archive.org/web/20200403101005/https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/11808-need-a-bot-for-wow-classic-official-servers/?page=3 https://web.archive.org/web/20200403101818/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fq7t_rL2jI https://web.archive.org/web/20200403101840/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvUE_Odfaec Pretty obvious if you ask me: In case videos won't load, I backed them up too: https://workupload.com/archive/uAsZsAD https://gofile.io/?c=hLJe2j
  4. These dudes aren't on your side. But please, continue deluding yourself. I really hope those 100€ you scammed can help you make it til the end of the month. I hope you actually paid the developers you hired to make your scam look believable, since you clearly have no decency and no respect for people who know their shit and are reputable professionals. And if you didn't, I sure hope they sue you in bankruptcy 🙂 If he's Romanian, that explains a lot. But on the bright side, there's a good chance with EU law his scam will be taken down in a short amount of time. Hope you reported it to your bank as fraud too. In the future, it's saver to only pay using credit cards, as your credit card company will generally protect you.
  5. Yakub liking posts of people disagreeing with him is still my favorite thing - dude is just that painfully unaware he's making a fool of himself. Everyone with half a brain can tell he's desperately attempting 2005 era SEO "tricks" by posting the bot's URL over and over. All it will do is present proof to anyone who googles that shitty scam that it it indeed that. That and the shady "business" tactic of coming to a different product's forums, advertising a scam and then insulting the owner of the other product, the product itself and pretending that anyone is promoting it when it clearly doesn't work for Classic because it's a private server bot. Also his blatant homophobia - you really think any potential customers are gonna buy anything if you keep going around calling people poor, gay and faggots? I understand the dude has no real experience in web development whatsoever, which is why he can't tell the difference between inspect element and analyzing web traffic and used a shitty 3rd party API instead of building his own basic ass submission form for reviews. I understand him though. Dude paid a lot of people more skilled than himself to make a few videos and orchestrate a scam. Now he's down a few hundred bucks and desperately trying to break even. No wonder he's so aggitated - with COVID-19 hitting he's probably on his last leg. It's a scary situation when you bank on shady, scummy business tactics and they don't pay off. @Bambo deleting this would be stupid. It's possibly the best way to prevent other people from falling for this. @jeppe010 I recommend posting your experience on as many independent review sites (there is a reason they exist), like Trustpilot, as possible. And of course it's understandable it took you 24 hours to produce the original emails. Unlike him, you aren't heavily invested in this and you don't check these forums frequently. Plus you'Re on mobile. For future reference - nobody is going to produce a reliable 5 man dungeon system (including profiles for all dungeons) in a few days. Not even as a big team. That should've been a red flag. It takes time, unless you have it all done before and only need to "convert" it to a new bot. The same thing is true for 1-60 quest profiles. It takes months (on average play time) to just reach 60. Now imagine having to manually code all the steps and making sure a bot can handle them. Bots aren't as smart as humans, you won't always be able to perfectly dodge every NPC or decide the perfect order of quest objectives automatically. Sometimes things have to be hardcoded in and adjusted. Not every class in Classic is a hunter - you need to make it work for all classes. This takes retesting - over and over and over. Even skilled developers probably need on average 500 hous for a 1-60 quester that includes quite a few grinding routes.
  6. This guy who is still pretending it's not his bot (even though he instantly had access to my test to their form - because he's apparently best buds with the "real admin") actually has so little experience in developing actual bots for WoW that he doesn't even understand how Blizzard's detection works on Windows processes. I love how he dismissed possible detection vectors that would be instantly picked up on a public bot because he doesn't even understand them. Just goes to show the dude hasn't spent more than 5 minutes on figuring out the changes that 7.3.5 brought in terms of their updated protection. If the bot were real, you could've allowed Droidz a 30 minute trial license and gotten positive responses despite advertising your product on a website you have no business on. But it's (real) not and you thinking that you can just copy or steal source code that needs to read and write memory from and to several constantly changing binaries is proof of that if nothing else. I admit I was wrong about the form not submitting intially. But everything still stands. You're sending reviews you clearly didn't implement yourself to a third party domain and there's good reasons my browser extensions recognized that as an easy, even if the other site is adjusted for CORS policy.
  7. This guy still thinks SEO works by reposting the same link over and over on the same URI. What is this, 2005? I sure hope Google does actually index it, so everyone can see what a C class scam this guy. Also insulting wRobot... it's not even a competitor. It's a private server bot. It can't get your WoW account banned because it's not for retail. But at least it works, unlike the review page that's full of fake reviews. I'm surprised they put some 4 star reviews in there now. Last I checked they didn't have them. You can tell it was quickly thrown together because they couldn't even be bothered to make the missing star look like it fits the rest 🤣 Keep in mind, he's saying other people are toxic and overwhelming him, yet he came onto this site and attacked the owner of a website that he chose to advertise his product on. Calling him a poor faggot with no life. Look at this garbage: Submission form is also completely fake: Success message hard coded instead of a server response, full of javascript serialization bugs. As if not being able to select the amount of stars, but being asked to put them in as text wasn't a clue enough how fake this is, the form doesn't have a target either. So it would have to be submitted through javascript. Also says it requires recaptcha, but doesn't actually display one. Here is what happens when you try to submit the form: It's just tracking data. If you allow ads and tracking, it simulates a form submit. Also sends some data to secureserver.net's API, which as far as I can tell is more or less a public API beloging to GoDaddy. There's no reason they should send an XHR request to another domain. Basically anyone reaching this from Google, wondering if that bot is legit - no it's a huge scam and you'd be better off investing in an EWT or LuaBox based bot for retail Classic WoW. They have become fairly advanced and a lot of people are selling advanced bots using the Lua unlocker's API. It may seem a bit pricey, but it's well worth it and veeeeery scure.
  8. I love how this random guy who isn't even a wRobot member (i.e. lil shit doesn't have the 20 bucks for a subscription) comes in here, calls the OWNER of this bot that actually functions cheap and a faggot, claims he's not affiliated with the bot he's advertising and insulting other members. "Begging for free stuff" lmao. He's asking for proof so he will allow to continue advertising a different product on his public website. As if anyone finding this obvious scam post will look at unprofessional comments like that and go forth buying the bot. Poor widdle babby is scared he will lose the 10 bucks a month he makes scamming people after domain and server costs lmao.
  9. Lua belongs to Blizzard... actually cracked me up. Might wanna let the Brazilian owners know: https://www.lua.org/license.html
  10. if ObjectManager.Me.FocusObj.IsCast { SpellManager.CastSpellByNameOn("Shadowstep", "focus"); }
  11. @RADON have a look at the updated PartyHelperPlugin, so you can fix this to work again. Droidz broke chat event parsing.
  12. Just fyi, PartyRegen is included in the PartyHelper plugin and training cannot really be broken (or shouldn't be anyway).It just adds wRobot's training state, so if you have trainers in your wRobot database, it should go on every level up (if you've activated it). Otherwise everything will be ignored as is customary for wRobot.
  13. They don't know what you're doing client side on the server unless you modify the client's memory somehow or spamming packets (at much higher rate than every few seconds). They also don't know what you have on your action bars, since that's a concern I've seen over and over.
  14. Just for you, I've updated it to cache first aid known bandages state. This still won't solve all of your issues. You can redownload through the original link. But just for the record, while 20€ might seem like a hefty amount of $$$ to you, I have spent easily over a thousand hours on the development of that plugin over the years and I'm still nowhere near the amount I would've made if I had just done freelance work. To this day there is no comparable (multi-expac) product on wRobot available and you can trust me you'd definitely waste more than 20 bucks worth your time setting up wRobot in a way that doesn't vendor in highlevel zones or runs to the wrong vendor because it checks 3D straight path over pathfinding distance, restocks on consumables, adds offmesh connections to make plenty of vendors and transports available, not to mention training, auto equip, anti stucks, combat helpers (and spirit-rezz and anti-drown, before they were implemented by Droidz into the base).
  15. The Esc thing has nothing to do with HMP and the noise is the first aid window. Disable first aid or your sound. Idk why you're trying to play the game while you're botting.
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