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  1. If you log back in, it will tell you if it's perma. If it doesn't mention being temporary, it's perma. 99.99% chance it's perma, btw.
  2. You will need to write everything from scratch. WRobot doesn't support smart functionality like that for battlegrounds.
  3. You don't have a wrobot license *and* you're looking for help with your obviously cracked version. Good luck.
  4. All I had to do was use the search function and type "bg leave"
  5. I suggest playing with your latency settings in wrobot and seeing if that resolves it. The fightclass doesn't control food itself and it's possible the regen state doesn't kick in fast enough after combat.
  6. If anyone wants to update the SmoothMove that apparently works to make it work with HMP, I have the source code of the old SmoothMove that was compatible with HMP right here. I will, however, not adjust HMP any further to work with other plugins. SmoothMove.zip
  7. Wrobot has this functionality built in, you just need to set it up and manage a database of vendors. Additionally, there are some free plugins for buying food/drinks and some paid ones for every expansion.
  8. He will probably solve it when he wakes up. Something must've gone wrong.
  9. You're using Wow Addons and a random Grinder profile. If it fights back when you're attacked, the problem is that you need to make a proper grinder that actually chooses and fights enemies. Recording a route isn't enough. This is by no means a full (or working) profile, just something that I messed around with a few years back. In fact, it's dated 2019 in my folder. But you can load this in the Quester product and give it a try (try on a fresh character, preferably): HordeGrinder1-60.xml HordeGrinder1-60_TBC.xml
  10. Wrobot isn't magic. You need a profile (grinder, quester, etc) for your expansion, continent and zone. You need a fightclass for your WoW class that controls the rotation too. If you're using all of these and wrobot still doesn't fight, despite you using the bot correctly, please upload a full log file.
  11. You can't. You need a wrobot license and to pay for the premium seller status (which also needs to be approved by Droidz). But considering you have already broken the rules, I doubt that will happen now.
  12. Then please post the answer here as well.
  13. What do you mean? Guid128 has a constructor that takes Int128 and the ToString method parses it to ingame GUID names. Whatever you want to do, you can work with that. If you want to parse the string to a Guid 128, you would need to fill the respective bits of a 128 bit integer. I haven't done that so have no example code
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