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  1. You need to get the Map.dbc and then there's a formula to calculate from the sizes. I can't access my bitbucket account atm, but there's a thread on ownedcore, where I got the info a while ago. https://www.ownedcore.com/forums/world-of-warcraft/world-of-warcraft-bots-programs/wow-memory-editing/382867-ask-covert-map-x-y-coordinates-world-x-y-z-coordinates-2d-3d.html
  2. Paid and demo files aren't the same. Rockbiter is hot garbage. It will use flametongue until you get WF. Demo version basically only supported until level 15-20, most spells are missing and options may be present but taken out.
  3. If this is HMP (or you think it is) I need an actual crash log. Meaning I need you to ONLY use HMP with an XML fightclass and then when it crashes, send me both the wrobot log file as well as the Wow.exe error log (assuming that's what crashes?) on Discord. Right now, we have don't have nearly enough information to help you out.
  4. You're using a bunch of Lua. That generally will slow you down unless your PC generates a ton of FPS ingame.
  5. I use EventsLuaWithArgs.OnEventsLuaStringWithArgs for pretty much everything. It definitely logs all events. However, if you're using something based on my framework, where I copied this functionality, I specifically only registered it with COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED, whereas Droidz' functionality uses RegisterAllEvents(). Also, have you made sure you're actually getting the event for auto shot in the client? Afaik, at least in TBC, it was never fired.
  6. It's a private server bot, so clearly not. You could've tried the demo version too to find out.
  7. I don't know what you're trying to do. Add it to a fightclass? The spell needs to be ClearTarget() and set to be Lua. Or the spell can be C# and Interact.ClearTarget() with it set to C#.
  8. You're running non-secure code through WRobot, which executes code securely. Just use ClearTarget() as your Lua function
  9. It's not detected. You're just using a bunch of public stuff that makes player reports much easier to spot. It also makes statistical/machine learning analysis a possibility because your behavior and that of others isn't randomized enough. When we say the bot is detected, we're talking about actual software detection executed through Warden. Meaning the server knows that your client is getting hooked into by third party software, because that info is reported back to the server. If that was the case, you would almost instantly get banned upon connecting wrobot to your wow client before even "using" it. Or if you were just using your self-made rotations. If you want a real example of detection, just try using it on Tauri.
  10. No, Blizzard goes after sellers legally. Public bots have been taken down. There are probably some coming and going, but if you can't find them, you also won't get an invite as these communities are usually elitist for "security" reasons.
  11. It's a private server only bot. It literally says at the top that it's a bot for private wow servers.
  12. How do you expect TBC fightclasses to work on a MoP client? It's absolutely not going to work...
  13. It's not in the product. You might wanna check wrobot's general and advanced general settings.
  14. First thing is not part of HMP. Spirit healer does work, but you need to set it in HMP; not WRobot settings. Clam opening does work, however you need to make sure you've got auto loot enabled in your WoW client (for vanilla, it uses your shift key). Please don't use any WoW Addons as they can interfere with the functionality. All HMP does is use the item using WRobot's API. If you want proper support, you can only get that on Discord and only if you read the #faq channel and PM a proper, FULL log file.
  15. It is, but the error I'm seeing would indicate blocked access to wrobot's uptime check and if you've already followed the clean install guide, the only problem I can see is that you're not actually trying to use the trial.
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