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  1. Matenia

    Pathfinder wrong path

    Even with offmesh distance 1000+ it does not work. I PM'd you the code, you can take a look. It's 6 different offmeshes for all directions.
    Stop pushing this. You haven't updated anything in over a year and you're breaking the rules. Edit: the rules state clearly, that paid products are only up be pushed when you're making changes to the thread that can't be avoided. Yet with no actual update to any of your products in months, you keep pushing the most expensive thread with 0 reviews to the top just around every new server release. As for an actual review, we also both know tons of quests are constantly skipped and kept as finished in the quest log due to ridiculous max level settings. Lots of broken stuff, but at least some of it works.
  2. Matenia

    Pathfinder wrong path

    Can you remove the path I have shown anyway? It is wrong. The bot falls down a wall. There is no valid path down there.
  3. Matenia

    Pathfinder wrong path

    In my case, I have 6 offmeshes. Darnassus Portal Down Darnassus Portal Down and Auberdine Ruth'eran to Auberdine So depending on where the bot is, it should always find the correct connection, I think. I will try incrementing search distance.
  4. It's definitely possible to hook GetTickCount() and modify it. But we are taking a very WILD guess that this is what they use to identify your computer. This is mostly because I cannot think of anything else they would use (from Lua) to create a "hardware" fingerprint. You'll be better off just running VMs.
  5. It will simply create a straight "path" without meshes if you disable that option.
  6. Pathfinder seems to think there is a path here. [N] 07:04:47 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 53 (4214,631y, 679ms) (resultPartial=True, resultSuccess=True (more info with server log option)) I added offmeshes to go through the portal in darnassus (even with useifcanmakepath) and they are ignored unless I am already close to that route. Even with blacklisting this area: Can I somehow remove any vectors from that path and make it unusable for wrobot? It simply DOES NOT exist.
  7. Dude, I'm only taking guesses. It's up to you to figure out what they do. And yes, custom MPQ that loads FIRST is probably what you have to do.
  8. If they don't check your IP (seems you're proxying) they might check your GetTime() (Lua) result because it is unique to your computer. You can modify this function by hooking it and adding a random offset. Search the forums.
  9. Um, you don't have a wRobot license. The updater likely isn't working because you're not actually using the correct wRobot version. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about 🙂
  10. So basically they hook CastSpellByName etc. Smart and exactly what I thought they were doing. Load another custom before BEFORE this one and hook it BEFORE them. Then you may use your own custom function.
  11. Did you just link him to a thread where the answer was his own?
  12. They probably disconnected you, because you didn't have their MPQs. You can probably add a custom MPQ that's loaded at the very beginning that just loads FrameXML or something that copies CastSpellByName originalCastSpellByName = CastSpellByName -- later in wrobot use this code: originalCastSpellByName("Frostbolt") Maybe that will work. Otherwise - weird. THey definitely heavily modify the UI with their MPQs
  13. There is no classic bot. It's a private server bot. You can download the trial and see what it includes.
  14. You need to add UseEvenIfCanFindPath or w/e it's called to the connection.
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