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  1. You're not a seller, you're not allowed to sell anything. In fact, you don't even have a wRobot subscription and this is your first and only post. I'd be surprised if this wasn't a virus.
  2. It only works on the player. Just look into any actual 1.12 addon that uses those timers. Enemyframes, LoseControl, you name it. https://github.com/0ldi/LoseControl/blob/master/LoseControl/LoseControl.lua
  3. HMP doesn't bring mailboxes. It's up to you to add them to the database.
  4. Andoido has free profiles for UC to OG etc. Take a look at how it's done.
  5. Nothing like that exists for free and I doubt anyone will release something as complicated for free either. There's a reason the only plugins (HMP and the vanilla one by elitecas) are paid
  6. He has the same issue when using battelgrounder. wRobot just doesn't attack players for him for some reason. Has nothing to do with HMp
  7. For some reason your clsas isn't recognized. Either you're trying to run a DK and go to trainer (doesn't work, disable training) or you have a corrupt install of wRobot of some sort, since it's not reading your class correctly.
  8. If it says is empty but doesn't go to vendor, you don't have enough money. HMP isn't responsible for mage water/food. Fightclass has to manage that and you should disable water/food buying in HMP
  9. Don't use "calculate target distance by hitbox size" in the settings and lower your pull range in your fightclass a bit.
  10. The timer isn't random (and there's no reason to convert it to the string). The selection of which grinder profile it uses is random. It selects between them. It literally even says "Random areas" in the title.
  11. You've probably activated is "Is spell, not item"
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