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  1. [PAID][PvP] Subtetly Rogue

    Set up mounting and correct latency settings and it should mount up when finding battlemasters.
  2. SmoothMove

    Nope. HMP doesn't modify pathing like that at all. Neither should SmootheMove. Rather what I think is happening is that your profile contains 2 very close waypoints next to the objective and wRobot keeps cycling between them. You should be able to see this if you enable Navigation logging.
  3. [PAID] Frostmage 1-60

    Iteration took 179ms Here it jumped over. Other than that it looks fine to me, so I'm not sure what could cause the previously explained issues. To clarify, is the spell ACTUALLY called Berzerking in your client? It is called Berserking in mine and this might be a rare issue between the enGB and enUS client. Yes, it specifically uses rank 1 frost nova, because higher ranks do barely any damage (we're talking 200 damage difference between rank 1 and max rank), but cost a wasteful amount of mana. Please join my Discord for additional support.
  4. [PAID] HumanMasterPlugin

    That's part of the mage fightclass. If it doesn't generate the highest rank, it's possible that you are using addons that mess with its ability to recognize which is currently the highest rank of food available. It updates food ranks automatically when it learns a new one at the trainer (but only if this happens while the fightclass is running) or after restart (pause -> unpause)
  5. [PAID] Frostmage 1-60

    Try redownloading. I changed something about it, but since it's worked for me before, I'm not sure if this will fix your issue with it. As for your system - vanilla is badly optimzied for modern hardware. If there is some sort of bottleneck (I've heard this from Nvidia users), it struggles to even get 30fps sometimes. I'm not sure this is the case for you, but it very well could be. You can check out the "Fight" logging. If the rotation constantly jumps over 100ms, that's an issue that needs to be taken care of. You are doing the whole 60hz/60fps/vsync enabled with CTM, correct? I'm at work, so can't take any screenshots. But for latency increasing (in advanced settings, for wRobot), you can find plenty of threads her -. like this:
  6. [PAID] HumanMasterPlugin

    General settings -> Advanced settings -> Buy/Sell -> Food Amount -> Drink Amount
  7. [PAID] Frostmage 1-60

    Gonna address this one by one, but it's clear to me that you didn't use wRobot without my product and therefore aren't really sure what wRobot can and can't do or how it works in general, so I'll try to give you a short rundown: If you have problems with the rotation being slow (i.e. there is time between frostbolt casts), you're either running on a toaster or 30 bots at once - something is severely slowing the rotation down. If you actually check the log, it will tell you very clearly how long the average rotation is taking. You can disable framelock, it will slow the rotation down but works better with slow computers. This can sometimes skip some spells. I don't really understand why it bothers you that I am switching out hotkey bars. But this has to be done in vanilla, to check if the spell can be casted. This isn't PQR, if you're using this while playing the game yourself, you're doing something wrong. Disable the ingame sound if action bar swaps are bothering you (or disable the background sound, I'm sure you're not actually sitting there waching the bot play). If you have problems with it casting conjuring spells while running, adjust your latency settings in wRobot. 500-800 is the least you need on most vanilla servers. The profile does not run into mobs at all. wRobot controls this behavior, I only control behavior once wRobot starts a fight. The plugin comes with a smart pull option that improves this behavior a bit, but if you are running a quester and your "attack before being attacked" option is not on, wRobot will only fight back against enemies already attacking you. It doesn't attack enemies that aren't on your current grind/kill list. Now for the actual rotation. Most players don't have good gear. Cone of Cold is pretty mana cost intesive, therefore it is ONLY used to shatter, as it says in the product description. That means if your enemy is in CoC range (or there are several enemies) and right after casting frostbolt. Fireblast is used in the exact same way, plus on enemies below 15%. The reason the bot will sometimes cast frost nova into frostbite is not because I don't check this (I do), but rather because by the time you personally see frost nova hit, it was casted "ages" ago. It is either that, or your wRobot updating enemy debuffs too slowly (again, CPU/computer speed issue). Implementing first aid (and re-sheeping the same mob on your own timer) aren't easy tasks, that's why you will not see them around here anyway. Automating (properly) first aid alone is a huge undertaking that, if I ever implemented it, would either come as a separate plugin or as part of HMP - but definitely not inside a regular fightclass. Berserking is part of the fightclass, so I'm not sure what you're talking about... HMP does account for additional mobs and tries to avoid them when making a path to escape. It clearly says in the description that this won't work in crowded areas. It is set to run 125 yards away. If you don't drop aggro by then, you're pretty much dead anyway. There is only so much you can do programmatically and I cam very open and honest about where the products are flawed. There are videos included for a reason. You cannot say you feel cheated when there are free plugins all over (created by me) portraying parts of the functionality, as well as a free demo version of the fightclass attached to evaluate the product. I encourage you to make your own fightclass using the fightclas editor and run wRobot without my plugin to see how advanced things actually are.
  8. [Vanilla/TBC] Vendoring broken since last update

    I think if I call ToTown.NeedToRun() in my plugin (during CheckBeforeIfNeedRunState) it just cancels the state. It seems to work if I change some things around. But how ToTown.NeedToRun() evaluate and why does it seem to change whether the state is actually being run?
  9. You are using a plugin that modifies this, probably iEquip. Read your log.
  10. [Vanilla/TBC] Vendoring broken since last update

    I think it might be related to calling NeedToRun() on the ToTown instance (when subscribing to State events).
  11. Hey @Droidz did you change something about vendoring in vanilla/tbc lately? ToTown state seems to constantly get aborted. People are reporting this as an issue to me, and I managed to reproduce it. In the log, it says that it's going ToTown, but it never actually does. It just continues grinding. What could be causing this? 12:21:55 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Adding vendor Nizzik for next ToTown state! 12:21:56 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Choosing vendor Nizzik and repair Nizzik for ToTown state! 12:21:56 - [ToTown] Go to vendor Nizzik (Repair) 12:22:00 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Venture Co. Builder (lvl 21) 12:22:10 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Looting Venture Co. Builder 12:22:10 - [Regen] Started 12:22:12 - [Regen] Use drink Melon Juice 12:22:19 - [Regen] Finished 12:22:19 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Venture Co. Engineer (lvl 21) 12:22:33 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Looting Venture Co. Engineer 12:22:34 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Venture Co. Engineer (lvl 20) 12:22:45 - [Regen] Started 12:22:46 - [Regen] Use drink Melon Juice 12:23:00 - [Regen] Finished 12:24:37 - [Fight] Player Attack XT:4 (lvl 23) 12:24:54 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Looting Venture Co. Logger 12:24:54 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Enemy in the way, can't pull here - pulling Venture Co. Logger instead 12:24:55 - [HumanMasterPlugin] cancelling regen while in combat 12:24:55 - [Fight] Player Attacked by XT:4 (lvl 23) 12:25:09 - [Looting] Loot XT:4 12:25:12 - [Regen] Started 12:25:13 - [Regen] Use drink Melon Juice 12:25:27 - [Regen] Finished 12:26:20 - [Fight] Player attack before being attacked by Venture Co. Operator (lvl 20) 12:26:30 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Venture Co. Operator (lvl 19) 12:26:31 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Looting Venture Co. Operator 12:26:42 - [Looting] Loot Venture Co. Operator 12:27:11 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Venture Co. Deforester (lvl 20) 12:27:20 - [Looting] Loot Venture Co. Deforester 12:27:27 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Venture Co. Operator (lvl 19) 12:27:34 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Looting Venture Co. Operator 12:27:34 - [Regen] Started 12:27:35 - [Regen] Use drink Melon Juice 12:27:48 - [Regen] Finished 12:28:05 - [Looting] Loot Venture Co. Operator 12:28:20 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Looting Venture Co. Operator 12:29:43 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Venture Co. Deforester (lvl 19) 12:29:55 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Looting Venture Co. Deforester 12:30:02 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Venture Co. Logger (lvl 18) 12:30:10 - [Looting] Loot Venture Co. Logger
  12. SmoothMove

    WHat does 60Hz+ mean? It needs to be exactly 60 Hz and your monitor needs to be forced to 60 Hz, not only the game (unless you use external graphics card driver software to force 60 Hz on the game).
  13. [PAID][TBC] Feral Druid 1-70

    It uses stealth as soon as you get pounce, otherwise no point as you have no opener and wRobot loves bugging out when you approach a target in stealth.
  14. SmoothMove

    On vanilla, for CTM to work, you need to set your monitor (or use software to force it on WoW) to 60Hz, enable Vsync ingame and cap your FPS at 60.
  15. Healer Fightclass

    I'm not really 100% sure how wRobot handles targeting friends, but this should work: ObjectManager.Target.Guid > 0 && ObjectManager.Target.Guid != ObjectManager.Me.Guid