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  1. No, it doesn't wait, it just goes right back to fighting, ignoring your low HP, and usually dies.
  2. When fighting in the water, the bot appears to ignore food settings. The logs don't show "Regen [Started]", it just loots and hops to the next fight. I've seen this in multiple locations, took awhile to figure out what the common thread was, but water appears to be it. If I'm swimming, I can't eat, obviously, but it doesn't appear to be trying to.
  3. I'll post logs when I have some relevant ones again. I have tried clicking, around, too, but it doesn't seem to help. e: playing on a vanilla private server, haven't tried a reinstall
  4. I generally babysit my bot pretty hard, and I often have to stop it, because it's running into too large a pack or whatever. If it's already picked a mob and is running towards it, though, I have a hard time getting it to actually stop. I hit stop on the program, and my toon just keeps running. I try sitting, jumping, turning, hitting forward, backward, whatever. My character just keeps running toward it's target until it runs right up to them. This usually results in death. I image I look like a broken bot, too. Any ideas on how to actually stop my character when I stop the bot? It's really frustrating ....
  5. Thanks, this seems to do it. Sometimes, it seems like I still wander a bit off. Does this control the max distance form the hotspot, or from wherever the character is at the time? I think it's chaining so it goes from the hotspot to X yards away at max distance, then X yards away from that again. Is there a way to stop that?
  6. I feel like I've seen this setting somewhere, but I can't seem to find anything now that I want it. I am doing a very basic grinding profile, but it's dangerous to go far from the hotspot. I am farming 2 kinds of mobs, and they span a fairly broad distance, but if I run too far away from the spot I want to stay, I run into more problematic mobs. So, how can I set it to only walk X yards from the hotspot? I'd much rather restart and stand still awaiting respawns than die over and over. Thanks!
  7. What should I do with that? I added a C# Code condition, and plugged that in, didn't seem to change his behavior. When I drop below my chosen HP%, he casts renew on himself before casting it on me. e: sometimes he just casts on himself, and doesn't heal me at all.
  8. update: I switched: "Cast spell on" to "none", and he heals the warrior again. Still burns a lot of mana on himself unnecessarily, and also won't heal outside of combat. I would much prefer, as you say, to have separate conditions for healing himself, Is there addition C# code I could plug in to force him to not cast on himself?
  9. I have done that, and it seems to just make it worse. The setup i use now uses the following settings for each healing spell: For friends (party): true Cast spell on: target Cast spell on self: False Everything else in Spell Settings is default, and there are conditions for target health percent, and target buffs (for renew, pws, etc.) With these settings, it doesn't seem to heal the warrior at all.
  10. Hi All! I am trying to get a priest to follow my main (warrior) and heal. I'm working on the Fightclass through the Fightclass Creator. The problem I have is that, when conditions for a spell are met, the priest casts them on my warrior, and also on himself, which eats mana like crazy. I have Product set to Party, "Healer" is turned off under Product Settings. In the Fightclass, I have "For friends (party)" set to "True" for the healing spells, and consitions set to "Target Health Percent" & "Target Buff". For ex, for PW:S, I have Target Health % under 90%, Target Buff PWS set False, Target Buff Weakened Soul set Fasle. When the warrior drops below 90%, priest shields the warrior, then shields himself. Same with renew. Here's the .xml as it is. This is a work in progress, so it may be different by the time you reply ... Thanks! gheals.xml
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