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  1. So my bot isnt looting on tbc servers its a fresh install of wow and wrobot. ive tried it on two servers now warmane and netherwing. What it dose is it tries to loot the dead bodies hangs there with the loot window open and then stops looting without looting anything then moves to the next mob to kill. Then gose back to looting the old mob and loots it succesfully sometimes not always. ive turned off auto loot and had it use shift click to loot and still dont loot mobs then turned on auto loot and it still dont loot the dead bodies. i dont know what else to do its bothering me alot cause i want to bot on TBC servers but i cant if it wont loot dead mobs.
  2. im still getting crashes heres the last log of it7 Apr 2019 16H14.log.html 7 Apr 2019 15H51.log.html
  3. so i ran for 18 mins with lua off and ctm on and it spammed movement then crashed. dont know if thats related to all of this but yeah.
  4. can you even roll back wrobot? it also happens when i use wrotation droidz
  5. can anyone confirm that new toons are working fine? or deleteing the settings and config settings are working when they are deleted and re made the settings makes it work?
  6. yeah the recent update has made the bot unstable.
    a really good product! dose what it says it dose and quests from 1-40. There are a few quests ill disable when i use on a new character like vanquish the betryers and some other quests that are bugy by default. Some quests are just better to skip which isnt a big deal and the profile is better that way. i love this product and will be buying more of bambo's product cause he puts his time and all his effort into them.
  7. its also eating when its set to eat at 65% but its eating at 95% its drinking like normal but im sure if it wasnt low on mana it would drink at 80% when its set at default to drink at 35%.
  8. here its buying a shit ton of refreshing spring water when its set to only buy 60. 17 Jan 2019 10H05.log.html
  9. my bot is set to buy 70 food and 35 water but for some reason i bought 17 stacks of food. i have the log from the session, and i dont get it. maybe the plugin hmp did it or something? 9 Jan 2019 09H28.log.html
  10. Is there a way to slow down the mailing speed? Out of 10 items only 4 items are mailed cause it dont enter the recipients name and tries to mail to many items at once. THere should be a option to slow the speed of how fast it mails or a setting to wait for all items to be mailed before stop mailing.
  11. Botting more then one account at a time on one ip is a banabe offense and is not tolirated by lightshope tos. so need to have each wow.exe behind each owns proxy. but as for bans go i lost 3 accounts the other day all running seperate proiles and all hidden behind a proxy i cant say for sure but i dont think they were reported. as for botting more then 5 accounts on northdale, i heard they can detect if u use more then 5 proxies at a time and there for can ban u. Dont know if thats true or not but it seems legit siince there has been reports of other peopel losing more then 5 accounts at a time out of no where with no reports. In my opinion i think over 6 is overkill and shouldnt be done but thats on u if u want to create all those accounts and deal with setting up that many bots. But one thing you should do when creating accounts is make an account using that proxy ur gonna bot that account on. If you make 15 accounts and use the same ip to make them then they will be flagged when u start them up to bot and there on different ips then what u created them on.
  12. so just an opinion but the 6-45 should skip redridge cause 1 redridge is bugged with pathing issues. 2 the mobs arent high enough level to really give enough xp. 3 u level till 19 in westfall and the mobs in duskwood are level 20 so its not hard to level once you're 19. just a thought, im running the bot now and i made it skip redridge and its doing fine as a paladin and hunter combo and im sure just the paladin would get along smoothly.
  13. miltonbrad

    relogger issue

    Issue is still there 😞
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