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  1. just one time for each profile start, at least for the usual wRobot auto update code. I doubt it is the reason 😕
  2. Well i never had anyone mentioning problems in desolace since those mobs have been removed. He literally is the only one demanding them back. Everyone else is happy with desolace at it's current state and so am I. Also i had to defend my grinders alot why they farm so many green mobs. Looks like you understand why.
  3. I still don't count that as a bug. It is a leveler and not a money maker. And the xp/h was insane. Still thanks for supporting my grinders. If you have any ideas for my questers except that Horde needs launcher go ahead and let me know via pm or in discord. I am done with this thread. All you guys achieve is that some of us get too upset and then you are looking at FNV 2.0 and then you guys will be really upset all of a sudden. Whenever (if) @Droidz kicks in I will be back and have a hopefully healthy discussion with you guys. He is also responsible for things and shouldn't remain silent for longer.
  4. I dont Drink any beer and neither do i add skorpashi lashers that have an insane debuff stack for melees or the dread Flyers who disarm warriors easily. Oh guess what he is a mage.!! Now it makes sense.. how about I perfect the profile for Mages and I dump other classes completely? I have used my grinders alot and especially Horde works so well. I suggest everyone to try themselves. This guy is just toddling because he is not getting his 10 Euro public product tailored to his needs. Both mobs are bad for my profile that is not being used by mages only. the route in desolace is so good XP/h it doesnt make sense to go away from there. I am sure people would cry out loud at least. Also I have updated and cleared my bugtrackers many times and have mentioned that i am currently struggling to do so because of rl stuff. I don't plan to dump my projects just because I haven't updated them for a few weeks. And neither is my bugtracker a facade. What kind of shit are you on? You clearly are not helpful. You are annoying and sticking to points that will never make it to the profile. Your 2 mobs will never be added since they might work for your mage but will make other classes unhappy. Again, Nothing helpful from your side. Just moaning. I will ignore you now. Edit: honestly i even used mages in desolace with my profile. I can't remember anything comparable that would explain an outrageous demanding of adding these dangerous mobs. The mage might not be the best class for this route but it works and will eventually leave. Other classes work fine. If I adjust it to your needs we have it vice versa. Warriors and rogues will be very unhappy. No thank you.
  5. Does it happen on any mobs that would give a value or are you still mad about me not adding the bears which are straight up too strong or the skorpids who are op against meele (both have been in the profiles and people begged me to remove them) If so speak up and let me know facts and mob names Edit: i rather have a few unsatisfied people and know what i am doing instead of making hundreds of people mad. You can not please everyone and my numbers speak for themselves. I am down to discuss facts but there is no facts coming from you other than what I already admitted
  6. Hey Zer0, now that you mention these things I remember our conversation back then. If we are talking about adding valuable mobs to the lists I am all for that. But (can't remember too detailed) you either wanted me to add the very strong bears or the skorpids with the debuff stack. In both cases I still defend my point: Better without them! I would be more than happy to hear more mob IDs that would get a value to everyone using my profiles and not giving a disadvantage to some classes. I did find a fix for Feralas but have not implemented any live updates and I stated elsewhere I had to deal with more important reallife stuff. Or still have to actually. But again you are wrong. It is not my profiles fault. Whats happening is that it is targeting a Wolf (i could remove id but that mob is crucial for feralas leveling) it tries to path down and interrupts soon. Back and forth. How is that a thing with my profile buddy? It is the pathfinder not realizing it is trying the same thing over and over again. I neither have access or the knowledge to fix pathfinder stuff. Outland not being travelled to automatically finally is something I am definitely supposed to fix if it is really broken. And I also hear your words on old eenys grinders working better but I have heard different opinions also. If you have any idea how I could improve it give me details pls. The buying armor is only in alliance. If it is still in one of my Horde threads it was copied over falsely. The bot should bind HS sometimes to varying locations depending on profile. Although different Gossip Orders due to different private Servers probably cause issues with that.
  7. Bambo#6404 I have always been open for productive chats and always will be.
  8. pretty sure this is on me, but this whole thread is nowhere near a productive environment to isolate bugs, i still dont know which profile he is using anyways. And honestly if someone is interested in working things out, we have a big discord for my products.
  9. you can disable profile steps and force the bot/my profile to start higher level zones
  10. I am simply not capable of fixing many of these mentioned things and I don't need to and will never feel obligated to. As I don't sell a botting program at all. I sell .xml files that are being used by that program. When there is things I can fix within my profile, I always did it and will always do so. But you can't expect a profile developer to fix pathfinding issues. Or if you expect it, you don't know what you are asking for.
  11. well the upcoming classic launch indeed hits our sales, but that wouldn't change with a new Updated API. The API is just fine. We need fixes on the core of wRobot and they are happening, but they are happening too slow. I agree. Am I in the position to tell Droidz to hire people? No! Do I want to be in this position? No! Is it my job to fix wRobot and make sure things OUTSIDE my products work? No! EDIT: the bug you mentioned is within my profile state and therefore kind of falls into my reliability. I would love to note it down but I need the info which profile it is and what mob drops the beacon.
  12. I also had some restaurants here in Berlin that were much cheaper with better food, they are gone now though. What do i do about it? EDIT: Just went into one of the new restaurants and told them the old ones were much better and cheaper. I was laughed at and got kicked out.
  13. all the crying and hate and nothing is gonna change, what do you guys want us to do? my grinders are 99% afkable, if wrobot is in control though and there is a complete different state going on like ToTown or Resurect, I feel like I am not responsible anymore. Whenever my grinder profiles are active, they indeed are close to 100% afkable. Ofc sometimes you get stuck in a mesh or end up in a different region with high level mobs (guess what dude, it was ToTown)... I can agree that questers are just much more prone to being buggy and a 99% afkable statement for a quester is probably a bit over the top but also on these ones most bugs are actually happening OUTSIDE the profile state (if it is a polished and dedicated profile, which I would call my products). I see no point in this thread, it is getting nowhere. I am not calling anyone a peasant but there is clearly people lacking wrobot knowledge here and that is no shame. But then don't speak up that loudly and shoot bullets towards people that are in no way responsible for the problems you are mentioning.
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