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  1. Respect! Free product and often updated. you should accept tips via paypal or so
  2. i hate that guy haha thats not me for sure, but i returned the money ofc, i hope your scam show will be over soon, i will check the domain in 1 week 😄 here check this: https://discord.gg/FEuuA5W you think they are all on my discord because i am a scammer? 😄 I recommend talking to Droidz maybe you can sell some profiles here instead of scamming people Let's not get political but why am I not surprised you mention Trump haha
  3. you are out of your mind xD there was 1 guy with 1 post calling me a scammer, i am a known person in the community, i could bring hundreds of people to this thread that would tell you the opposite ahah, i would love to get a link to that forum, where can we find it? only after the 2x100€ transactions? 😄
  4. http://prntscr.com/rrxqfj I regularly get emails from rich people that try to give me their money, but first I have to send them money for the transaction fee. Is this similiar? For some reason these emails always end up in my spam ordner and are marked as fraud.. what's this all about i wonder
  5. @Droidz for the sake of your own community, remove the links and ban this guy. i think it is very obvious. if he wanted to prove his point he could come here and give you a trial licence for the bot. DO NOT BUY! YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR MONEY ON THIS!
  6. you are definitely not affiliated with that "bot" 😄 😄 never seen such an invested customer, the bot creator can be happy to have you PS: Your english is hard to read, you shouldn't throw shit at somebody elses english. It is really hard to read through your blocks of text.
  7. After this shitstorm in this thread no sane person would buy your product lol
  8. He can make the perfect bot but can not use UnitRace("player") API or what 😅
  9. Droidz it is obviously a scam. A small one time fee for lifetime licence with a bot like this? Its not real .
  10. i would love to see a fix for it too @Mike Mail aka @Smokie
  11. lua belongs to blizzard hahahaha you sir have made my day oh and spoiler alert, just because the scripting language is publicly available doesnt mean that all code falls under that same licence. but nice of you think about it that way 😄
  12. freaking out is the right term sorry but thats hilarious
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