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  1. Hey. Pls add me on discord and send me a logfile Bambo#6404
  2. I can proof that this file has been bought and used by at least 30 tbc users. Stop fooling yourself Edit: which Review haha
  3. Yes offense. Because you are the only one doing this shit show. Tell me where are all the people you tell us about that are also unhappy with my quester? My discord is Full with people that say it is the best quester for Horde they ever used. How come you are literally the only one speaking up?
  4. Lol you are the only one who claims that vanilla is different from tbc. Literally everyone uses vanilla profiles on tbc and the other way around. Also many people disagree with you. Warrior is bad for Botting. You think warrior is fast lol. Maybe you Play different wow than we do. Everyone else is using it on vanilla and TBC. Pls stop talking to me. You are being ignored now. PayPal and droidz will decide. Not you and me. Edit: i had a conversation with Santa claus. He confirmed that mauka is just a mad rude Boy Who will not get christmas gifts.
  5. I will stop talking to you now. Check my reviews on vanilla quester (which is the exact same file) some people mention wonderful tbc usage there 🙂 also you can come join my discord and ask many many people that use it on tbc.. hehe
  6. BE startzone is patched in today. Sorry. My XP Rates are very good compared to for example archangelos Horde quester. I do Support my products. You are just mad that you fucked up so badly that your only way to annoy me is wrobot.eu pm. Weird. For me and many users 1 to 30 is completely afk. And 30 to 50 also works quite well. We must be all on drugs and you are in the right. As you chargebacked i have all right to fully ignore you now, which is what i will do. You can have one Support answer every 24h so I do not lose the paypal case
  7. This guy desperately tryhards to get his money back, he is a littlemad that i declined that request. Check my Reviews on my vanilla Horde quester. It is the exact same product. Greetings
  8. Bambo

    Firestorm BFA Private server

    Can you give us a statement pls? @Droidz
  9. Bambo

    Linking different profiles

    hi, you have a few options here. 1 "easy") you use the "schedule" product of wrobot 2 "medium") you set up a relogger containing multiple "Run profile steps" for a set amount of time on each in relogger.exe 3 "hard") you convert it to a quester profile and set up your quester profile so it gathers, farms, or w.e. in order with set IsComplete Conditions.
  10. Highly unlikely. I think you are not caught