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  1. my profile has a path routine for that, the first time he needs to get to hillsbrad he will cross through arathi and do not fight mobs, he will just run through and only walk on the road. So you can get there without dying with my profile
  2. Bambo

    FC question

    So is the Spell name the exact same name as the mount? or is there any addition like "Summon: Mountname"
  3. Bambo

    FC question

    is mounting handled as a spell in vanilla?
  4. Bambo

    FC question

    In vanilla I would try with ItemsManager.UseItem(11111); 1111 = your mount item id PS: Not sure if this is correct
  5. Bambo

    FC question

    Do you mean to force to mount up or to change the wrobot setting to a specific mount name? I understand now. It is a fightclass editor thing that just chains all different conditions one after another and combines with &&. I misunderstood you.
  6. Bambo

    FC question

    do what schaka said and learn c sharp, the forum can help the editor for fightclass and quest is ineffective in many cases
  7. Bambo

    FC question

    Wait, why can't we use logical OR in fightclass editor? it works in easy quester editor as well? Edit: Nvmd
  8. Bambo

    FC question

    https://www.programiz.com/c-programming/c-operators Check "Logical Operators". If I understand correctly you want to use a logical OR but in same condition another OR / AND but your problem is that the bot is not looking for those conditions but instead just checks the first OR? If I understand that correctly you might wanna use something like this (Usefuls.ContinentId == (int) ContinentId.Kalimdor || Usefuls.ContinentId == (int) ContinentId.Azeroth) && ObjectManager.Me.Level = 10
  9. Fightclasses and Plugins use the Settings to enter order id. Profiles bring a popup to enter the order id. If the popup does not appear it is either what marsbar said or you are stuck in a different state like "Ressurect".
  10. And if i change back to wetlands it is constant deaths again... the gank rate is dependant on your private server
  11. That is the authentication system. Do you use one of my products? Or schakas?
  12. i do not know once my tbc products are released i will work on wotlk content you can test it and if it does not work at all, i will refund you
  13. Pls add me on discord if you have auth problems. If you can make detailed bugreports in my discord i wil fix the problems. Or let me know names of buggy quest chain Bambo#6404
  14. Version 1.0.1


    Hey wRobot Community, this is my first TBC product. It is a port from my vanilla grinder, thats why I offer a discount for people who already own the vanilla equivalent of this profile. The demo contains an alliance grinder which will grind to level 10 in any of the starting zones of TBC and then bring you to Stormwind and bind HS there. The TBC Expansion of my almost 5 Star rated Vanilla Grinders! Level 1 to 70 support for TBC! All in one Profile. I am changing all routes where you feel in TBC is a better spot than in my vanilla equivalent! Automated Updates! The Profile updates itself on every start. Automated Buying of low level weapons & armor Buyer-Exclusive Discord for help and fast updates All 4 Starting Zones included (just start the profile) All in one Quester Profile - Easy to handle! Alot of area switching to not stay in the same area too long Very Big Routes to avoid Bot Trains as much as possible Your Bot will make sure to get important Flightpaths! Your Bot will do class quests such as hunter pet quests or warlock voidwalker. [Paid] This Plugin offers so many features that I will not list them here. Must have. Human Master Plugin by Matenia [Paid] A solid Fightclass that is able to handle 2 mobs or more. e.g. Ordush's BM Hunter for Vanilla [FREE] Use HSToTown Plugin in the first 40 levels. HS On Town by Ordush [FREE] Using the Plugin "WhatsGoingOn"! My profile is documented. WhatsGoingOn Plugin by Matenia [FREE] Use my Discord for Bug Reports, I will fix them as soon as possible. (Link in the Purchase E-Mail) Buy the Profile & Wait for the Email! Download the Profile from the Email. Note down the ORDER ID! (At the top of the Purchase E-Mail) Start the Profile with your Bot (As a Quester File!!!) Enter the Order ID in the popup window and press enter to authenticate your product. Close the popup window with the Order ID before the error appears. [TBC] Alliance 1 to 70 Grinder - 9,99€ Discount: This product is based on my Vanilla Grinder Alliance. If you bought this product you can add me on Discord and get a 30% Discount Discord: Bambo#6404 Disclaimer: I am not associated with the wRobot company in any way! More TBC Products coming soon! (Alliance & Horde 60 to 70 Questers, Gold Making Plugin TBC, Horde 1 to 70 Grinder)