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  1. i am working on a wotlk 1 to 80 grinder as one click profile, it will also contain class quests. if you would rather use these free grinders you can link them together in one quester profile
  2. only private bots support retail afaik, and before you ask, no I can not get you any
  3. wRobot does not support retail servers
  4. You need to be a premium seller to encrypt the profiles i believe
  5. that is something which would be considered more advanced when just starting out with creating questing profiles. it would need you to do c# coding. afaik you would need to hook into the wrobot death state and then execute a spirit healer rezz according to the location of the bot like i said, definitely considered more advanced when just learning things. here is a good point to learn wrobot api: https://marsbars.gitlab.io/unoffical-wrobot-api-docs/api/index.html EDIT: i think dying on purpose is not a function of wow itself so you would need to be creative about this
  6. the problem is in your wrobot settings. increase the min max latency values
  7. Botters reporting botters haha. What has life become xD
  8. I know for a fact that this is true, some GMs use wRobot themselves and help their bots a little to not get banned along with the others ^^ I think thats pretty funny though, couldn't they just "cheat" a high level char? probably not the rights or something like that
  9. you are loading a very old version of this profile, make sure to enable the auto update step via profile settings and let it update to v2.0.3 and all steps/quests are in the profile settings list, if you can not find them, you are not looking correctly
  10. has to do with the auto updater i believe, not sure what is causing it but the "encrypted" string in your .xml file gets overwritten with false values that are different products delete all products and redownload them, that will fix it immediately (temporarily)
  11. basically you should change title to "Regret botting on a very fresh server", wait a few weeks and the GMs will get tired and you can start botting with more success on that realm
  12. no, there is no way to detect for wrobot which quests you already have done unless wrobot turned them in itself.. pls add the regarding ID's into the Finished Quest Id list. also an undead would need to be brought to kalimdor at lvl 9 before starting the profile. All in all, I highly recommend starting at level 1
  13. if the 1 to 60 profile is mine and keeps making problems, add me on discord pls Bambo#6404
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