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  1. Haha
    Bambo reacted to Matenia in Banned with no reason   
    Plus you don't even have a wrobot license, how on earth did you end up here?
  2. Haha
    Bambo got a reaction from Matenia in Bambos Profile   
    die profile sind schon seit langem wieder online und bei deiner art weiß ich schon warum ich zu dir nicht freundlich war, meine preise update ich nicht weil es im forum verboten ist threads zu updaten ohne content zu updaten, das gilt für paid profile threads nunmal, augen auf im forum, danke
    Lies doch mal was der Schmeisser noch am selben tag gepostet hat ?
  3. Thanks
    Bambo reacted to Dreamful in Ich brauche quest profil   
    Die vom Bambo sind ganz gut, aber reine Quest profile sind nicht wirklich existend für wRobot.
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    Bambo reacted to Schmeisser in Bambos Profile   
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    Bambo got a reaction from Skemez in Careful with Botting on Netherwing!   
    Hey wRobot Community,
    unfortunately the time has come. The TBC Server Netherwing now is able to detect Mass botters (eventough they hide their IP). If you get caught on one Bot on Netherwing, chances are you will loose every Account being online at that time.
    My source, which I can not reveal here, said that he knows for sure that Namreeb (talented Programmer) has helped the guys of Netherwing to execute code through the warden of vanilla/tbc World of Warcraft. Same thing has happened to Lights Hope's Northdale and I was one of the first mass botters to taste it myself.
    Unfortunately we still have no way of fighting back. Since the arbitrary code gets executed on your local machine it will not help to hide with proxies or vpns.
    The only thing that MIGHT help here is virtualization, from my understanding it should stop the linking between accounts. Obviously you still have to make sure your IP does not reveal you.
    Also as far as my source knows, they do not ban automatically. They look at data, make sure it is not a false-positive and then proceed to ban all of your accounts. Which means that appealing your massbans is absolutely hopeless.
    Another thing that I would like to mention is, the method they are using to execute code on all of our computers, is highly illegal.
    Thanks for your time,
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    Bambo reacted to Ordush in Bambo   
    @Droidz, can you just ban this fool?
    He obviously only made that wrobot account to make that post, which makes it pretty obvious that Bambo is right.
    It's just spam.
  7. Thanks
    Bambo reacted to Matenia in Bitcoin   
    Easier for tax evasion, especially if you're selling stuff you don't want Blizzard to sue you for either.
  8. Thanks
    Bambo reacted to Droidz in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    still no answer...
    You're talking nonsense. VM can protect your data if you run unsafe program, it is useless to reply here with VM, (in case where you use VPN with update webbroser and that you don't accept external application and script) I can do nothing with VPN ip (exept if found fail on your VPN server, in this case I can get your real IP and get access to all your computer/VM if I found fail in your router/OS, but I am not the FBI ^^)
    I've asked you for the links more than 10 times ...
    @Jeeper has buy it, but he have got nothing, you just asked him to pay again.
    I wait reply for:
    for:  https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/11808-need-a-bot-for-wow-classic-official-servers/?do=findComment&comment=57432
    for (I ask this more than 10 times):
    I'll send your phone number, born date, address and all information that I have about you at @jeppe010 (he probably has a service with it's bank to help you with this type of litige, and I send these info to you to see that I am no lie), I'll remove all link to your website and close this thread.
    if someone have problem with this scammer
    Classic wow bot classicwowbot classicwowbot.com www.classicwowbot.com www.classicwowbot.com/reviews [email protected] #Classicwowbot #ClassicWoWBotChallenge top wow accounts topwowaccounts www.topwowaccounts.com topwowaccounts.com Yakub wow bot [email protected] Send me private message, I have information about him I can help you.
    I add links:
     -   https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/scammed-me-of-100euro.1591237/ 
    - https://www.ownedcore.com/forums/wow-classic/wow-classic-bots-programs/888216-classicwowbot-com-scam.html
  9. Thanks
    Bambo reacted to Zer0 in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    47 views / 36 likes. Forget about bots, my man, you've got an unprecedented YouTube career waiting for you.

    In all seriousness, I kinda feel bad for those who will fall for this scam. It's obvious to an experimented user, but probably not so much for newcomers.
  10. Thanks
    Bambo reacted to catrix555 in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    if you google for classicwowbot scam you can find this thread... good job google ?

    Some more words for Google
    classicwowbot fake
    classicwowbot scam
    classicwowbot bullshit
    classicwowbot not working
    classicwowbot.com scam
    www.classicwowbot.com scam
  11. Haha
    Bambo reacted to Yakub in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    Been botting since 2005. I've used great WoW bots over the years, but this one I've been using it and enjoying it, honestly, it's the best bot for WoW Classic, I play on a European realm but saw it works on all regions.
    I love the fact I can actually control my bot/character from mobile application, really fun. I mostly use it for PvP farming, 12-14 hours a day and it's a blast, individual profiles and all features, you should check it out.
    Enjoy it!
  12. Thanks
    Bambo reacted to Droidz in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    You are unbelievable! In 10/15 years of forum administration I've never seen anything like this.
    I get nothing out of this. But you have scammed (and are trying to scam new) WRobot users.
    To solve this story you just have to give me access for a few minutes (or even a TeamViewer access). If it really exists I'll advertise you with a banner for 1 year for free.
    The only person who looks not credible here is you, do you really think anyone can believe your stories? The only chance you have is that my english is bad.
    Can you answers to these questions:
    I'm waiting for proof of what you say.
    You forget him : https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/11808-need-a-bot-for-wow-classic-official-servers/?do=findComment&comment=57411
    Accept Paypal or safe payment method and I buy your "bot" instantly.
    Stop cry, you came here by yourself. I would like users of this "bot" come here to give more details.
    Your bot, 2019:

    2020, new ui, all time few options:

    And WRobot:
    Look what we can do with real bot 5 years ago (this can help you for your next scam): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSM1U1FmdbM
    Good story... "very careful due to Blizzard" but he uses wow in the bot name (it is protected name)? In bot name he uses classic but is is bot for legion/bfa?
    In the forum you have 4 posts in 2 hours, but only 75 threads in 3 years? And you say "WoW classic by some retard *rofl*, just because it has classic in his name, doesn't mean it's made ONLY for classic silly!" to summarize you said that the bot is always called like that and that this site has always existed (which explains the 3 years of the forum) tell me why your domain exist only since 2 weeks ( Created on 2020-03-23 > http://whois.domaintools.com/classicwowbot.com )
    Finally, I'm sure it is you in the photo (if you want I can told your error and how I found you to not reproduct this error), I have all the informations about you, you are a programmer (IOS and Android application, you have an Apple developer license that's for that you are able to make the video with your iPhone).
    What is sad is that you have to scam people to make money and you cannot make money from your creations (make Windows/IOS UI, website, bank account, video, ...for you scam take probably few days). And scam people at this time with current world problems, I wonder how you can sleep properly.
    What will happen now. Most of the people that you have / will scam will find this page on google, contact me, I will put them in relation  and give your informations and they can file a complaint against you.
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    Bambo got a reaction from Matenia in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    After this shitstorm in this thread no sane person would buy your product lol
  14. Haha
    Bambo reacted to Yakub in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    posted on 5th of March 2020, in this very thread and yet you're running around free, scamming people just because you support their product.
    Are you really trying to manipulate people with that scamming background of yours? On a serious note, let's cut the crap, aren't you a bit ashamed of yourself?!
  15. Thanks
    Bambo reacted to Sjd6795 in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    So I don't really get along with Bambo but I can vouch he offered me a refund and returned my money, so he is not a scammer.
    Return the mans $100 he gave you for your *Bot* *cough* and maybe you can get a clean slate.. 
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    Bambo got a reaction from TheSmokie in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    After this shitstorm in this thread no sane person would buy your product lol
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    Bambo reacted to Droidz in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    On this point I agree with you, my english is poor (like the French on your reviews page).
    I didn't ask anyone to help me. It is you that came here.
    I dedicated WRobot to Wow private servers and I stopped WRobot support for official servers because WRobot was not intended to work with the anti-cheat updates that Blizzard has made. But it was the last bot of it generation alive, and one of the bot with the fewest banwaves during those years of support of official servers.
    - According to my experience while watching the videos your bot is easy to detect (Icon, window name, ...).
    - It is easy to make fake video and a fake bot site.
    - The reviews in French is poorly translated (I'm French, a Frenchman does not write like that).
    - Comments on YouTube are all made with blank accounts.
    - Your domain name, your accounts on various forums/sites are all 1 week old.
    - You don't accept PayPal (even if you say soon you won't), but only bank transfers and Bitcoin.
    - You say it's not your bot and that you have no partnership, but you defend him as if it were your own.
    - No public chat/forum or thread on popular forum (I've never seen a real public bot without that).
    I won't answer anymore, and I'll leave this post as it is, people who will read it will be able to make up their own mind.
  18. Like
    Bambo got a reaction from eXzord in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    Thats not true. No idea Who you are. We Support all our projects. Even These old wrobot files here in this forum
  19. Haha
    Bambo got a reaction from Sjd6795 in Purchased profile saying my transaction ID is being used   
    freaking out is the right term sorry but thats hilarious
  20. Confused
    Bambo reacted to kaleruka in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    be ware - bambo scammer - he was kicked from orca & dont do his job to other bot. &scam people for support
  21. Haha
    Bambo reacted to rickyhenderson00 in Botting for classic   
    listen asshole i was just asking if i can still use it on the live server for classic or not. i already know it says 'private servers' but if i tried to use it on classic live servers would it work? yes or no question. no need to be a dick lmao.
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    Bambo reacted to Ordush in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    I feel that Droidz put an end to this thread.
    No reason to keep it going with the same posts over and over. ?
    Probably, wanna finally lock it, if youthemannowdog is satisfied with how it is now.
  23. Thanks
    Bambo reacted to Razzue in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    A bit late to this party... 
    But with that knowledge you should be more than able to make your OWN profiles. 
    In which case hop to and stop your bitching and whining. You're more than free to go find another bot to use! Oh wait...
    And to that glorious topic of "you only spend x amount of hours but make $xxx " 
    I've spent nearly 100's hours on each class (primarily cata and legion) just for making simple fightclasses. And I STILL haven't publicly released them. Even IF I miraculously made 2k on one time purchases from them, that amounts to a whole $2.50/hour with the amount of time I've sank into something as simple as a fightclass (and the time spent on them can only go up whilst profits can go down) 
    Hell, I spent 18 hours a day for 4 months working on a pixel aimbot for an fps game. To this date I've made juuust over 12k from it. That amounts to a whopping $5.42 an hour >.> Minimum wage where I live is 3x that .. so forgive people for not wanting to waste that kind of time for free.
  24. Haha
    Bambo got a reaction from Razzue in Wrobot stopped working !   
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    Bambo got a reaction from 79135 in Wrobot stopped working !   
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