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    Bambo reacted to Ordush in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    I feel that Droidz put an end to this thread.
    No reason to keep it going with the same posts over and over. ūüôā
    Probably, wanna finally lock it, if youthemannowdog is satisfied with how it is now.
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    Bambo reacted to Razzue in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    A bit late to this party... 
    But with that knowledge you should be more than able to make your OWN profiles. 
    In which case hop to and stop your bitching and whining. You're more than free to go find another bot to use! Oh wait...
    And to that glorious topic of "you only spend x amount of hours but make $xxx " 
    I've spent nearly 100's hours on each class (primarily cata and legion) just for making simple fightclasses. And I STILL haven't publicly released them. Even IF I miraculously made 2k on one time purchases from them, that amounts to a whole $2.50/hour with the amount of time I've sank into something as simple as a fightclass (and the time spent on them can only go up whilst profits can go down) 
    Hell, I spent 18 hours a day for 4 months working on a pixel aimbot for an fps game. To this date I've made juuust over 12k from it. That amounts to a whopping $5.42 an hour >.> Minimum wage where I live is 3x that .. so forgive people for not wanting to waste that kind of time for free.
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    Bambo got a reaction from Razzue in Wrobot stopped working !   
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    Bambo got a reaction from 79135 in Wrobot stopped working !   
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    Bambo reacted to Droidz in Wrobot stopped working !   
    I'm sorry, it's taking longer than I thought, the InvisionCommunity team is working on it, they are waiting for the patch to be validated to release it, they did not tell me when it will be resolved.
    I will add time to your subscriptions when the problem will be solved.
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    Bambo got a reaction from Rudikuul in Does wrobot use internet?   
    just one time for each profile start, at least for the usual wRobot auto update code. I doubt it is the reason ūüėē
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    Bambo reacted to Smokie in Wrobot not recognising my licence   
    Please contact our customer support.
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    Bambo reacted to Droidz in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    I want to add that a lot of paid content creators have contributed a lot to WRobot, whether to report and help me fix bugs, in their suggestions, in the help they provide on the forum or on Discord to keep the community active and help many people to configure or learn how to create these own content. Certain paid files greatly improves WRobot usage, and these creators also share free files (of course people have also helped with nothing in return, and I also thank them).
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    Bambo reacted to Ordush in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    @Droidz As soon as I have the time, I will be adding all my fightclasses without in-game interface for free. You can add them to the default download by then. ūüôā
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    Bambo reacted to Droidz in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    I replied to private message of @youthemannowdog, I'll now reply to the public post.
    I cannot dispute that Honorbuddy was a good with a lot of contents, but you have bad memories about Glider, this bot was very basic (watch videos on Youtube). Only Honorbuddy (and maybe Rebot) can compete with WRobot. About price, you¬†have bad memory too:¬†https://web.archive.org/web/20170929193659/https://www.honorbuddy.com/¬†¬†and WRobot itself was already been at 30 ‚ā¨ the lifetime subscription for retail (prices change over time).¬†
    There is a trial version to test WRobot, with access to all files, all forum messages, I do not censor anything (the proof with this¬†post), I cannot be more honest. For normal use (1 session), WRobot is 1.90 ‚ā¨ per month, it is correct as price (of course, I can understand that in certain countries or for certain persons this price is high).
    You also need to remember that you buy a bot, it's for people who like to hack, I try to make it easy to use for all but it's still a type of software for advanced users who likes to tweak, I don't sell a game or family application. Moreover, to reproduce a human behavior is very complicated, big company with big budget does not do much better with total access to the game (look at the result on certain game).
    I understand that it lacks free contents, it is a real problem, believe me I tried many times to find people (that I would have paid) to work on it and I never found one (I never really play Wow, if I create the content myself it would not be great, and I prefer to work on the bot itself). After some research of creator that lead nowhere, I decided to allow paid content, and since many profiles / fightclasses has been released (paid files, but these files would not exist otherwise).
    About the quality of paid files it's complicated, I check all files but I can not test everything, you have the rating system to say what you think of the files. About the prices I tried to maintain correct price, but what can be expensive for someone can be correct price for another, it's complicated too. It takes me time to manage paid files, and I do not touch any commission (except sell subscription which is free for elite users). In summary, if I accepted that users can sell files is for you, without that these profiles / plugins / fightclasses would not even exist.
    About WRobot he is stable, and his API is enough complete and stable (and missing API can be added with lua or C# code), the mesh is not perfect but he works in most areas. Some developers create good dungeon profiles (and have created profiles for complex quest zones, especially when WRobot supported the official servers, I already tested demon hunter start zone profile and he works very fine, look videos in Youtube it is not easy zone to bot). The problem is that in some cases it is must to adapt profile to WRobot, if WRobot badly works in an area it must be avoided the zone, some creator still uses the area and says that it is the fault of WRobot instead than finding an alternative area (of course, in some case you cannot avoid zone and if WRobot have problem it can be complicated).
    In recent times I have used WRobot a lot to test reported detections on several servers (with an old Eeny profile and a simple XML fightclass, no plugin). I left it running ~ 10 hours per day and I had no crashes, blockages or problems. I manually control characters 1 or 2 times per day to equip and resell the green/blue items looted. Some users manage more than 100 bot, with good profile and good settings you can do almost what you want.
    Of course, I understand what you said, if developers have problems with WRobot they do not hesitate to create bug reports, I do not respond quickly but I usually finish by answering and correct it if I find it necessary (and that I can).
    I will try to deliver more free content with the bot (in priority the fightclasses for all classes and grinder / gatherer profiles), if someone wants help me that he does not hesitate to contact me.
    (sorry for my English not always correct)
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    Bambo reacted to Findeh in Calling for developers and testers   
    That's how you kill botting everyone) Give everyone everything for free, let them flood realms and make gms mad. Wait till everyone will do the same as Tauri. What a wonderfull undertaking.
    Nothing bad can ever happen if you populize botting, and give it to everyone, with the lowest enter possible. Right? Oh wait, HB did that once and how are they doing now? Oh, and how is retail wow botting is doing in genereal? Everithing will be fine, lets just do the same.

    Both, guys who are make a living selling paid stuff and guys who make a living with mass botting will be so glad to all of those outcomes. Why shouldn't they, right?
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    Bambo reacted to Findeh in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    That's why mentioned this, have seen lots of irritation by this fact, while i personally do the same with my own profiles deliberately.
  13. Haha
    Bambo reacted to Smokie in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    Would be  interest to see the  Conversation between you two .
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    Bambo reacted to Zer0 in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    There it is. Right on cue.
    Frost mage, shadow priest and ret paladin. All 3 struggled terribly at the same places. But hey, whatever.
    You know what pisses me off? Not the 10 bucks I've wasted. It's the fact that you come here boasting about how perfect all your products are. I know I promised in PM not to call you out, but that's just too rich.
    You think I'm a moron, I think you're a fraud. Let's leave it at that.
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    Bambo reacted to Matenia in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    Enable fighting back. It's not ideal, but wRobot WILL fight back if you get attacked while you're running around trying to find a mob. If he adds them to the targets for the grinder, wRobot will actively target them (and if you keep dying, they are the closest mob, thus being the priority when targeting, getting you killed again), which is much worse than the occasional body pull.
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    Bambo reacted to Matenia in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    Pretty sure he's talking about the HMP combat log bug where it might get stuck trying to look the beacon. Sometimes if other code unblacklists mobs it will continue to attempt to loot them rather than ignore them.Best choice would be to disable combat looting in HMP and just enable it in wRobot. It shouldn't happen, but it's hard to tell when/why things are being unblacklisted.
    - Looting is (minus the combat loot HMP offers) handled by wRobot
    - Pathing, including flightmasters is handled by wRobot (if a profile chooses to go to a certain vector, wRobot decides how to)
    - Tram I can't say, it's not HMP if it's turned off - if it gets stuck it might be wRobot's pathfinding having fucked up meshes
    - Quest turn in is wRobot. It should cycle through all quests - possibly addons interfering or latency settings too low
  17. Haha
    Bambo reacted to Ordush in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    Coco.. Seriously... that tone.. this is not fornite...
    Anyway, you people are just circling around and around and around.. If you think that those of us who develop stuff for wrobot is gonna make better stuff by you guys calling us "apes" and whatnot.. you are very much mistaken. The only thing that this thread is getting out of this is pissing off those of us that actually DO make quality stuff..
    This is like yelling at your parents because you don't like all the candy in your bag.. It's fair enough that some of you compare this to HB or whatever, and you expect more.. but honestly, you guys have what you have got. If that's not good enough, then you certainly won't get better stuff by acting up. That is not how the world works lol....
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    Bambo reacted to Matenia in How safe is WRobot on private servers nowadays ?   
    That's exactly why people are selling their code. Wrobot as a company doesn't hire anyone. There are no comissions or payouts.
    Money from our personal sales goes directly to us. Minus the fees for store websites and PayPal (roughly 10-15% - but a flat fee on small transactions, so out of a 6.50 fightclass I am usually left with 5‚ā¨ before taxes).
  19. Haha
    Bambo reacted to Matenia in How safe is WRobot on private servers nowadays ?   
    Just spend 30 minutes making one. Then you can post your level 1-5 quester with all the other failed projects of people who realized they are in way over their head.
    Or you can spend roughly 400 hours on getting a more or less 1-40 quester going and then release it for free because you're a good soul. I mean who doesn't like working a fulltime job for 3 months completely for free?
  20. Haha
    Bambo reacted to Ordush in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    Agreed! @Smokie it's just like the post you wanted me to delete because I called you out as being @Mike Mail.
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    Bambo reacted to Matenia in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    Can you just shut up creating drama for no reason?
    Your previous account was banned because you scammed someone by selling an incomplete profile that you were incapable of finishing. You're not allowed to sell anything now that you've been given another chance.

    You bother me almost daily because besides a bit of copypasting, you can't really code. Don't come in here shitting on people who have put in actual time and effort to provide decent products. 
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    Bambo reacted to tonycali in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    I kinda started the Wrobot Fight class / Grinder profile store here when i asked Jisabi to create me mage / warlock fight class and started a demand for them years ago.  You can try wrobot as is but if u don't have time or don't want to learn to code a quick buy was worth it especially before jerk job GM's on servers started really regulating and cracking down on bot detection / areas of known botters favorite hot spots.  Best bet is to make your own now or pay bambo to customize your library of self made grinder locations  to put it all into a 1-60 run.  HMP was kinda  a must for a long time though unless u want to have to babysit the bot.
  23. Thanks
    Bambo reacted to Matenia in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    I didn't want to start this - but yes, thank you. And as much as I like helping people, I don't quite enjoy getting daily questions (aka please fix this code for me) from people who don't understand what a variable or a function is or how to properly concatenate (or fomat) a string.

    There's no reason Smokie should be shitting on paid content. We (i.e. other sellers and elite) know his history here and he's not someone I'd call a developer.
  24. Haha
    Bambo reacted to Smokie in [Releasing] Crafting / learning a spell Custom Script   
    i decided today to give away a custom script ive been working on for a a few days, you can craft whatever you want and learn any spell you wish (save money, live better. Fuckmart:D) 
    its a custom script and you can call for it with C#
    Enjoy : 
    public class CraftOrBuySpell { public static void LearnthisSpell(string skillname) { Lua.LuaDoString(string.Format(@" for i=1,GetNumTrainerServices() do local name = GetTrainerServiceInfo(i) if (name == '{0}') then BuyTrainerService(i) end end ", skillname.Replace("'", "\'"))); } public static void Crafting(string skillName, string itemName, int quantity) { Lua.LuaDoString(string.Format(@" if (TradeSkillFrame:IsVisible() ) then TradeSkillFrame:Hide(); end if not TradeSkillFrame then CastSpellByName('{0}') end if TradeSkillFrame:IsVisible() == nil then CastSpellByName('{0}') end for i=1,GetNumTradeSkills() do local name, _, _, _ = GetTradeSkillInfo(i) if (name == '{1}') then DoTradeSkill(i, {2}) end end if (TradeSkillFrame:IsVisible() and {2} < 2) then TradeSkillFrame:Hide(); end ", skillName, itemName, quantity)); } } CraftOrBuySpell.Crafting("First Aid","Linen Bandage", 50);  
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    Bambo reacted to Kamogli in How safe is WRobot on private servers nowadays ?   
    I used Bambo's 1-70. Bambo's work has a very high reputation, so I doubt the reason was this profile. Might have been unlucky or wRobot has detection issues on NW in general. I guess I'll find out 
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