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  1. The petnamehere part has me confused.. I want rend to apply to all targets if there is no current rend on them. Is there something to apply to current target?
  2. I am having an issue where I can't get my rend to only be used when the duration ends on the target. It either spams rend or I can set it to apply only once per target but then if it misses it doesn't use it again. For my heals I have it set to Buff time left and that works perfect to reapply renew when it has 2 or less seconds left. But I can't find a condition that is the same for debuffs on targets.
  3. So I just got my Resto Druid to 80 and want to start doing dungeons. Will Wrobot ever support dungeons in the future or does anybody know of a bot that can currently do dungeons? I tried Wrotation and the fightclass just doesn't work that well in prioritizing the party. I also tried setting it to party mode with healer option checked and the leader to the tank to follow and it didn't work that well either.
    This is amazing and it's free. No other 1-80 Grinder has this support and features. Even the paid ones. Pair it with HumanMasterPlugin and automate your way to 80!
  4. @Yakub Can you just leave? If your bot was actually legit you wouldn't be here making a big deal and would just move on. Obviously if it's real you would be better then 99% of the people that make WoW bots, and would have no reason to argue on a forums. You aren't proving anything to us other then the fact you're a fake, ClassicWoWBot is obviously your account. No way in hell someone trying to run a business would back anything you say up because you are literally running it into the ground. You got busted dude move on to telemarketing scams it suits you better.
  5. So I don't really get along with Bambo but I can vouch he offered me a refund and returned my money, so he is not a scammer. Return the mans $100 he gave you for your *Bot* *cough* and maybe you can get a clean slate..
  6. Because most legion servers are running 26365. Wrobot is running 26972, you can attempt to download the 26365 version of Wrobot. I tried doing this and it still would not work for me though.
  7. The amount of sessions doesn't give you multiple keys. You use one key and are able to launch multiple clients depending on what your key allows. So no he won't be able to log in and share your sessions at the same time.
  8. Yeah same usually happens for me. I think the launcher is just to update the profiles. Loading the individual profile for my level seems to always work. But I could be wrong.
  9. Ok I will update that part of the thread to state it is included in PartyHelper plugin. As far as the training I will play around with the PartyHelper plugin again and see if I can't get it working for myself. Thank you.
  10. Huge thanks to @Matenia who just spent countless amounts of hours fixing the PartyBot-Helper plugin to function correctly in 3.3.5 WOTLK. Please show some love and support any way you can! I wanted to make a guide on how to get the best out of party mode. I first had a lot of issues when I used party mode, some due to myself and others due to plugins no longer working. I still have little experience and I am trying to optimize whenever and wherever I can I will keep updating as I find stuff. Not everything will be tested myself, some links I post for easy navigation on supporting p
  11. What do my post have anything to do with that?
  12. I'm using a grinding quest profile on the main character and party mode on the other two characters. It seems to be working great but I know certain classes will have different class quest routes and curious if there is any plugin support to help facilitate the different needs then regroup after. I know I'm probably asking for a lot. A way to run the quest profile on all three separately and then have a plugin control the group/follow controls and if there is a distance between each character it will wait for them to catch up.
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