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  1. The amount of sessions doesn't give you multiple keys. You use one key and are able to launch multiple clients depending on what your key allows. So no he won't be able to log in and share your sessions at the same time.
  2. Yeah same usually happens for me. I think the launcher is just to update the profiles. Loading the individual profile for my level seems to always work. But I could be wrong.
  3. Ok I will update that part of the thread to state it is included in PartyHelper plugin. As far as the training I will play around with the PartyHelper plugin again and see if I can't get it working for myself. Thank you.
  4. I wanted to make a guide on how to get the best out of party mode. I first had a lot of issues when I used party mode, some due to myself and others due to plugins no longer working. I still have little experience and I am trying to optimize whenever and wherever I can I will keep updating as I find stuff. Not everything will be tested myself, some links I post for easy navigation on supporting plugins. If they don't function correctly please reply to the thread or send me a message and I will update/remove them from the thread. First I will start with some problems that I had Follower being left behind Usually due to the leader getting to far ahead Follower randomly stops following Usually due to incorrect settings Plugin compatibility Plugin no longer works Follower not eating/drinking Party mode is very basic it does not support this on it's own Follower not training abilities/using vendors Party mode is very basic it does not support this on it's own Following to close/standing on top of leader Usually due to incorrect settings Movements are very similar/suspicious Doesn't matter if you are a follower or leader pathing is all the same Leader out levels my follower Usually due to being left behind Using a questing profile Some of the above issues I have been able to solve others not so much due to plugins no longer worker as intended. Solve follower being left behind https://wrobot.eu/files/file/428-wait-party/ It's simple only activate this plugin on the leader and when out of range it will pause the bot allowing the follower to catch up, I have found a setting of 60 works perfect. Solve follower randomly stops following https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1645-partybot-helper/ Along with the WaitParty plugin this one will also communicate world coordinates to your other Wrobot clients plugin to ensure you stay together(Needs more testing). Setting the stop follow distance to 1 seemed to work the best. Solve follower not training abilities/using vendors https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1645-partybot-helper/ Same as the previous plugin it is suppose to add support for vending and training. I have done some testing and my follower did go sell and repair equipment, further testing needed on training I will update when I experience this. Solve follower not eating/drinking https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1641-partyregen/ *Included in PartyBot-Helper Plugin* I don't have much experience using this plugin. My follower is a heal bot priest I don't use much mana and lose no health with a protection warrior leader. Feel free to test this plugin and reply if it works or not for you. This plugin is only required if you don't use PartyBot-Helper plugin otherwise it is included. Solve following to close/standing on top of leader This is due to incorrect settings. The party bot plugin may solve this with the stop follow distance. I recommend setting follow distance to 15 in Wrobots party mode settings. This allows your leader/tank to go in first and get aggro then your healer or DPS follows up closer if needed. The followers path on their own, they do not use the in-game follow so you don't have to worry about them getting stuck behind something that often. Solve movements are very similar/suspicious https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1547-smoothmove/ I recommend activating this plugin on your leader just to change the smoothness of how it paths that way the follower isn't exactly the same. I don't have much experience with this plugin so play around with it and see how it works for you. Solve leader out levels my follower Make sure you are only using grinding profiles, the follower will not pick up or turn in quest. If your leader is questing it will out level the follower for sure. Make sure your follower is also not being left behind. Tips and tricks Turn of flight masters in Wrobot so your leader doesn't fly off without you Use free for all looting so only your leader loots, this prevents the follower from dragging behind. It also doesn't require you to install another plugin to roll for items that drop Be careful if you are set in healer mode on the follower it will not attack back if the leader happens to run away from combat and the aggro switches to you Unless you plan on questing by hand on specific class quest try to stick to classes that don't require special quest for abilities Only have the leader skin or mine nodes that way the follower isn't delaying the leader Additional fight classes, profiles and plugins I highly recommend https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1486-paid-humanmasterplugin/ https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1863-free-project-wholesome-wotlk-fightclasses-all-10-included/ https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1791-paid-alliance-wotlk-1-to-80-randomized-100-afk-grinding-class-quests-all-starting-zones-except-dk-auto-updates-automated-zeppelinsboats-oneclicklauncher/ https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1792-paid-horde-wotlk-1-to-80-randomized-100-afk-grinding-class-quests-all-starting-zones-except-dk-auto-updates-automated-zeppelinsboats-oneclicklauncher/ https://wrobot.eu/files/file/303-move-during-combat/ https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1471-whatsgoingon-showing-bot-status-ingame/ Thanks to the following people for creating these fight classes, profiles and plugins that make all of our lives easier! @Talamin @Matenia @reapler @Droidz @Bambo
  5. I'm using a grinding quest profile on the main character and party mode on the other two characters. It seems to be working great but I know certain classes will have different class quest routes and curious if there is any plugin support to help facilitate the different needs then regroup after. I know I'm probably asking for a lot. A way to run the quest profile on all three separately and then have a plugin control the group/follow controls and if there is a distance between each character it will wait for them to catch up.
  6. Thank you. I'm not trying to say the plugin isn't worth it. I appreciate all the work that went into it. I couldn't create something like this myself, however due to the monopoly of the market the price is seen as justifiable. There isn't any other plugins like this because no one cares to make them for a private server bot. I was just trying to point out and give feedback on a small minor issue that I feel you could easily create a solution for given your experience with it. I don't know how WoW monitors for bots but that was one concern of it spamming a menu constantly could lead to suspicion of bot usage.
  7. It's using first aid? Disabling my sound doesn't seem like the appropriate action. Why would it be spamming the first aid menu over and over? That should not happen, it has nothing to do with me playing the game while I am botting. I'm sorry but that sounds like a sorry excuse to fix an issue with the plugin that cost a hefty amount of $$$. Also the ESC button starts working fine and doesn't STOP working with the plugin disabled.
  8. @Matenia It's being caused by the HMP I can disable that plugin and the noise goes away.
  9. Oh also my escape key will randomly stop working as well.
  10. So this just started happening and I have no idea what is causing it. Literally nothing in the logs show a menu trying to open or close. But when I start the bot it automatically will close whatever menu I have open. Then I can hear the noise as if a menu is being closed just a constant thunk thunk thunk noise.
  11. Check under my purchases in the very top then select the bot you purchased. Your key should pop up.
  12. So it seems the hunter doesn't back pedal until you get your pet at level 10. But after that works well enough.
  13. I have tried two profiles that have back pedal support default settings and neither of them are back pedaling.. Does anyone have a solution for this?
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