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    Sjd6795 got a reaction from laolaxi in Can I buy a 5-sessions key and use it with my friends in different IP addresses?   
    The amount of sessions doesn't give you multiple keys. You use one key and are able to launch multiple clients depending on what your key allows. So no he won't be able to log in and share your sessions at the same time.
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    Sjd6795 got a reaction from Bambo in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    So I don't really get along with Bambo but I can vouch he offered me a refund and returned my money, so he is not a scammer.
    Return the mans $100 he gave you for your *Bot* *cough* and maybe you can get a clean slate.. 
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    Sjd6795 got a reaction from Yakub in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    Lol 🤣 all of this was a good read.
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    Sjd6795 reacted to Bambo in Purchased profile saying my transaction ID is being used   
    freaking out is the right term sorry but thats hilarious
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    Sjd6795 reacted to Ordush in Party mode and quest profile plugin support   
    This has been asked for forever. It can not be done out of the box.
    And looking at all your posts on the forum, I don't even know that I'd even dare make anything custom for you lol 😛
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    Sjd6795 reacted to Matenia in Weird menu closing noise   
    Just for you, I've updated it to cache first aid known bandages state. This still won't solve all of your issues. You can redownload through the original link.

    But just for the record, while 20€ might seem like a hefty amount of $$$ to you, I have spent easily over a thousand hours on the development of that plugin over the years and I'm still nowhere near the amount I would've made if I had just done freelance work.

    To this day there is no comparable (multi-expac) product on wRobot available and you  can trust me you'd definitely waste more than 20 bucks worth your time setting up wRobot in a way that doesn't vendor in highlevel zones or runs to the wrong vendor because it checks 3D straight path over pathfinding distance, restocks on consumables, adds offmesh connections to make plenty of vendors and transports available, not to mention training, auto equip, anti stucks, combat helpers (and spirit-rezz and anti-drown, before they were implemented by Droidz into the base).
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    Sjd6795 got a reaction from Smokie in Purchased profile saying my transaction ID is being used   
    This has said to been resolved. Testing the script now will post back with update.
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    Sjd6795 got a reaction from Droidz in Purchased profile saying my transaction ID is being used   
    This has said to been resolved. Testing the script now will post back with update.
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    Sjd6795 reacted to Droidz in Repair/Install WRobot   
    Before request help, thank you to:
    Make sure you start wow in 32-bit and run Wow in Windowed mode. Make sure do you use WRobot on administrator Windows session. Keep Windows updated. Try to disable your antivirus/firewall, redownload and reinstall WRobot in empty folder. Delete completely WRobot folder, download and install it again (you can try to download preinstalled version). Try to put WRobot folder on your desktop and in root of the disc. (Re)Install DirectX, Framework (minimum 4.5) (or Framework Repair Tool), SlimDX (4.0 X86), Redistributable Visual C + + 2010  (X86). If the bot does not work at all, that WRobot freeze, change the version of DirectX that wow uses (do not forget to restart Wow) (if this don't resolve problem, you can try to launch WRobot with shortcut "WRobot No DX"). Reset key bindings Wow (the bot uses Forward, Backward, Jump, Sit / Stand, strafe right and left, but I suggest you reset everything). Some wow addon can cause problems, so disable all. Close Windows program like Skype, Teamviewer and all overlays e.g. Overwolf, Geforce Experience,  raptr, AMD Gaming Evolved, teamspeak (these programs can cause problems at WRobot, also programs for record screen or programs which draw/write in game window). Close/disable your VPN, Proxy and program like ProxyCap. If you have already run WRobot, you can try to remove folde "WRobot\Data\Meshes\". If WRobot window is not display correctly, you  can you try to Right-click on WRobot.exe and then click "Properties". On the "Compatibility" tab, select "Disable Display Scaling On High DPI Settings", and then click "OK" ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xS-UCuyq7s ). Some virus/malwares can block WRobot. Scan you computer AdwCleaner and/or Malwarebytes for remove malwares, and anti-virus like Eset or Kaspesky. Disable "Bliz Streaming" feature, for it, on the Battle.net App, go to upper left corner, click the down arrow, go to Settings. From there, go to Streaming and uncheck Enable Streaming. When WRobot is launched, you cannot minimize Wow, of course you can keep Wow in background and use your computer, but you cannot minize (put in taskbar) Wow (if minimized, WRobot don't works correctly). Sometime, you need to put "full control" at "WRobot.exe" (and WRobot folder): https://www.windowscentral.com/how-take-ownership-files-and-folders-windows-10 Do a search to see if a solution exists: https://www.google.com/search?q=site:wrobot.eu+adding+mailbox or http://wrobot.eu/search/. If you start to use bot, you can watch this video: http://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/3633-getting-started-with-wrobot-video/ If your problem is not resolved, request help on good forum, to get quick reply, don't forget to share your log file.
    ps2: You can download this small tool to help you to install all required software: http://download.wrobot.eu/wrobot/others/WRobotRepairTools.exe
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    Sjd6795 reacted to Droidz in Repair/Install WRobot   
    You get black screen (mainly when you use remote desktop software or when you try to record or take screenshot)
    Since WRobot 2.0 you can get a completely black WRobot window when viewing with remote software like TeamViewer, to resolve it:
    Close WRobot Open and edit with notepad file "WRobot\Settings \RobotManagerGlobalSetting.xml" Replace <CanProtectAgainstScreenshots>true</CanProtectAgainstScreenshots>  by <CanProtectAgainstScreenshots>false</CanProtectAgainstScreenshots>  (if you don't found first line, add second line before "</robotManagerGlobalSetting>") Save file and you can relaunch WRobot.
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