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Can I buy a 5-sessions key and use it with my friends in different IP addresses?

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Hello, I'm a player from China. I have a question. Can I buy a 5-sessions key and use it with my friends in different IP addresses? Please tell me if this idea is feasible, thank you!


My friend uses two sessions, I use three sessions at the same time?is this ok?


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The amount of sessions doesn't give you multiple keys. You use one key and are able to launch multiple clients depending on what your key allows. So no he won't be able to log in and share your sessions at the same time.

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but what if someone decides to use a separate virtual machine with vpn for each session to not share ip and get all the accounts banned at the same time? is that possible?

i'm considering to buy a 5 session too but just want this confirmed since i wont be running 5 bots on the same ip.

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