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    Matenia got a reaction from Razzue in Making Range a variable   
    public float Range { get { if(somethingInMyClass) { return 29f; } return 5f; } }  
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    Matenia got a reaction from viking in Bot behaving strangely   
    Don't use addons
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    Matenia reacted to Marsbar in Bot not saving settings/order IDs   
    Also try running the bot as admin? maybe it cannot create the settings files, thus it doesn't save.
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    Matenia got a reaction from Marsbar in How to heal on vanilla wow   
    No. You've been spoonfed for months now, you never contribute anything back. If you can't create a C# fightclass when I already give you everything you need, you actually need to start teaching yourself some stuff instead of relying on others to do all the work for you.
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    Matenia reacted to Droidz in Add water/roads myself   
    Hello, I use plugin like: Roads Record.cs
    But you can use offmeshconnection tools
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    Matenia got a reaction from 79135 in How to heal on vanilla wow   
    public static void SetMouseoverUnit(WoWUnit unit) { Memory.WowMemory.Memory.WriteUInt64((uint)Memory.WowMemory.Memory.MainModuleAddress + 0x74E2C8, unit.Guid); } public static void CastOn(WoWUnit unit, string spellName) { SetMouseoverUnit(unit); Lua.LuaDoString([email protected]" TargetUnit(""mouseover""); CastSpellByName(""{spellName}""); TargetLastTarget(); "); }  
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    Matenia got a reaction from Marsbar in How to heal on vanilla wow   
    You can't. You HAVE TO target. Vanilla client doesn't allow casting on other units. There are PLENTY of topics all over the forums on how to do this.
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    Matenia reacted to Droidz in [TAURI] Wrobot detected   
    I'm working on it (it takes time, they have a very good team that works on  anti-bot protection they're often ahead of other servers) the current version of WRobot is partially no detected (it sometimes, but I don't recommend using it). I don't answer because when I do, Tauri team tries to slow me down (turn off the protection,...)
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    Matenia got a reaction from klunz in New and confused.   
    There aren't any. There were some for retail back in the day but the creator disappeared after retail support was cut and he would definitely not make them work for private servers
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    Matenia got a reaction from Bambo in Careful with Botting on Netherwing!   
    Nah, definitely not. Pathing is done by wRobot, not his profiles. His profiles literally only supply a general area for wRobot to search certain mobs or items in. Plus I've used his stuff on several chars on NW and never got banned. 
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    Matenia got a reaction from Unknownxx in [TAURI] Wrobot detected   
    They can't implement anything sophisticated in TBC or WotLK because Warden is outdated as fuck. Just wait for droidz to find their detection vector and fix it. This shit takes time.
    Please don't make assumptions about stuff you don't have a full grasp on.
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    Matenia reacted to hoipolloi in How much paypal for a basic wsg profile(vanilla wow)   
    Only looking for this to be a basic wsg profile, which shouldnt take more than 10-15 mins to create&code. Here is the loop it needs to do: red-blue-yellow-cherry-black-green-purple, repeat
    Bot must NOT:
    #2 Stand still on one spot(always moving, always in action)
    #3 Chicken out, it  engages any amount of players even if its 1v10
    #4 Does not get stuck in walls/terrain

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    Matenia got a reaction from Megaherz in Cuenta compartida   
    Yes you can, a lot of people run wRobot trough VMs and a VPN with each VM.
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    Matenia reacted to Droidz in Careful with Botting on Netherwing!   
    You can try code like (no tested):
    if not _oldGetTime then _oldGetTime = GetTime; _randomTime = math.random(1000, 86400); function GetTime() return _oldGetTime() + _randomTime; end end it should not cause problem to the bot and addons (and use custom variable name).
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    Matenia got a reaction from Bambo in Careful with Botting on Netherwing!   
    If this is the time that the Lua function GetTime() returns, then someone with more reverse engineering skills than me would need to figure out what function in memory (C function) the Lua function is calling, overwriting or hooking that one and making it return a seemlingy random value.

    Or you'd have to modify your Kernel32.dll (on your system) so GetTickCount() returns different values.

    If they actually use Lua to check this somehow, all you would need to do is execute this script ingame (using Development Tools or a macro or an addon):
    _oldGetTime = GetTime; function GetTime() return _oldGetTime() + math.random(1000, 15000); end This can and will result in breaking addons and possibly all kinds of cooldown timers, which rely on this function. Any internal cooldown timer would have to call the _oldGetTime function instead (so anything wRobot needs). This would actually be easily doable, if it's actually confirmed that this is what gets people mass-banned on these servers AND that this Lua change prevents you from getting mass-banned.
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    Matenia got a reaction from salutcmwalol in Fightclass: Delay the moment when the hunter start auto shot   
    You would have to specifically call a macro "/stopattack". Every time the bot "right clicks" an enemy, in TBC it automatically attacks the enemy because auto shot is not an extra skill like in vanilla
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    Matenia got a reaction from howsthisname in Delete quests from log   
    You're posting in the vanilla section, other binaries for TBC+ don't have that method.
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    Matenia got a reaction from infamous11 in Pressing a specific keyboard button   
    You can add imports (using derictives) in the Custom Script part of the quester editor or just add a fully qualified name for the classes you're using.
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    Matenia got a reaction from Dreamful in How to Pass Anti-Bot   
    Client can receive certain packetss, for example for BG invites. If you modify the content slightly, the client might still accept those packets but the text is modified. Now if they accept the fake BG invite, they agree the math problem shown to them is correct, otherwise it's not (I imagine).

    This looks like it's most definitely a modified client though
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    Matenia got a reaction from twixnator in Some assistance required configuring the bot   
    Please update the fightclass (by redownloading) and try again. I made some updates to it recently that could potentially resolve a range pull problem.
    Please also make sure you aren't using the wRobot setting "Caculate target distance by size", as that is only needed for buggy vanilla servers and causes a lot of issues in TBC.
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    Matenia reacted to Ordush in Repairing at full durability   
    i am 100% positive. I do not hook the functions anywhere. I have only made my own versions of functions.
    I can even list the names here. 🙂
    function ButtonControlFC() --<- This is also completely unique and is not even near anything added by the wow api function GetSpellIcon(name) function FindItem(item) function ItemLinkToName(link) function UnitBuffName(unit, spellname) function print(message) --<- well this the same code as added in tbc. function dump(o) --The rest of the functions i have are functions that has to do with how i handle tables, these are functions like AddFood RemoveFood etc. their names are nothing near anything added by the wow api. As you can see, some of my functions are close to wow api, like the item ones. But none of them are actually exactly named like that. 🙂
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    Matenia reacted to Mykoplazma in CastSpell improvement   
    Ok I get it working 5.4.8 18414 offset.
    MouseGuid  = Wow.exe+D65B28
    After that all is ok and you can cast havoc on not current target without changing the current target and spam shadowburn without changing current target - useful thing. And I don't get strange behaviour nothing is blocked etc. I can run around cast shadwoburn and nuke main target in the same time.
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    Matenia got a reaction from Droidz in AV Fixed with video!   
    Meshes problem is only in Vanilla afaik, looked fine for TBC when I last used it (1 year ago). 
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    Matenia reacted to Echoz in AV Fixed with video!   
    Ok, with AV in most cases it will run into walls and getting stuck in a lot of places I finally found a way to fix it took me a long time to get it but here is a video of it in action.
    I am going to make a guide on how to fix this in video form but I spent a long time and time is money for more if you are interested in this please PM me. The video is doing a full AV on X4 speed. So you don't need to look at it the whole time.

    Finally you can set it and forget it. I was able to get exalted with no problems and no ban.
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    Matenia reacted to Echoz in AV Fixed with video!   
    Once I set up a path I had to set up offmesh connections for every graveyard then and only then are you able to fully setup a AV setup. took a lot of time to figure out where the problem was but once I found it I was able to get it to never catch walls. However once graveyard as alliance I was not able to setup a offmesh for the horde graveyard once it was capped. Because it does not show up in the offmesh connections.
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