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  1. Sorry to hear that, and at the same time, I'm mature enough to understand that to stop being the only public bot was the only possible logical action. If you decide to create a private bot for official servers, please let me know; I'll be more than willing to support its development and maintenance. Thank you @Droidz
  2. gurete

    Ban wave - 30 March 2018

    It's a well known fact that they can detect and flag trial accounts, and instaban after they get upgraded to a bchest or legion I'm surprised that some people still consider that Blizzard are idiots, after they have been handing us our asses on a platter (for quite a long time now).
  3. gurete

    Ban wave - 30 March 2018

    I would be grateful if you could specify what do you mean with "wait and see". I've been running out of accounts and cannot afford to lose more by testing, thank you.
  4. Bot is currently detected. You would not be risking anything; you would be straight up throwing your account to the trash. There are profiles for legion questing, but you need to pay for each profile individually. They are expensive; on the positive side, they are pretty good, and the author / scripter is quite responsive. This is not the time to start botting, at all. Just wait, that would be wise. Droidz will have to tell us something, eventually.
  5. 1) Yeah, how many accounts does matter. A day has 24 hours. Your setup requires manual intervention for a lot of things. Again, it's not sustainable, TRY IT and then we can talk like grown-ups. 2) Every single multibotter has gone through that point (market controlling) before going harder. You'd better don't think that you have unique knowledge of the Ins and out of the wow economy, because it's not unique. We've all controlled realms and then tried to move to a a bigger scale. What you said about finding the market completely proves the point. Niche markets can't hold beyond a cou
  6. I was kind of expecting this sort of answer; sadly, it proves the former presumption. You are doing 1-2 accounts and think that you know the deal. You don't. You have no idea. All those numbers you provided are not sustainable at all. I could criticize every single point you mentioned. From the just "buying keys in sales" (I just burned through 100 keys in these 3 Wrobot banwaves, do you even understand the complications and dangers of doing so), to the € per k that you say you are obtaining. It's crazy and no, you are not getting that. But just better
  7. yeah, there is a dependence on realm economy, of course. But There's also a big difference between having 1-2 bots and having 10+. If you want to devote 3+ hours a day per account mingling with profiles and the AH.... but that strategy doesn't work when you try to use more accounts, at all. And it gets old and stale soooo fast. Better to just stand fishing at the AH . I also doubt that you consider laundering your returns in that equation. It takes a lot of time, whatever way you choose to try to turn your gold into real money. In short, it's really clear to me, as a multi-bot
  8. gurete

    Ban wave - 9 March 2018

    I appreciate the perseverance, but you should already consider going under the radar. Seems clear enough to me that staying public will have all eyes on us, since there's no public alternative. Choose your battles wisely!
  9. EDIT: @nauper Seems to have issues with the latest Wrobot updates. Does not compile properly, crashes Wrobot. Deleting the dll and the folder makes the bot work again, so it's something related!
  10. I don't think it's a matter of the windows version , Droidz. I run windows 7 on 4 computers. This is happening in 2 of them. On the other 2 , the relogger is working just fine. But if I try to copy the installation to a new computer / new VM , it will still be failing to run. Where do Wrobot stores temp settings pls? We might need to delete them, since it seems that the relogger is trying to use the OLD_NO LONGER EXISTANT obfuscated launch file.
  11. Helllo, both things were already done. Is there a new update that could change something related?
  12. As I was having severe issues getting the bot to work with the last update, I decided to do a full reinstall as advised in the thread. Deleted the previously installation. Cleared the registy from related entries. Looked for related data files on ProgramData and AppData. Installed all dependencies again, and reinstalled Wrobot. Now, Relogger won't launch. It won't lauch AT ALL, so there is no log to be provided. This is all info that I can provide of the issue: Nombre del evento de problema: CLR20r3 Firma del problema 01: Relogger.
  13. Sounds like issues with the pathfinding server......I remember that the server had big issues yesterday and the day before, causing really strange behaviors in all bots. Maybe it's related to the banwave or maybe irrelevant, but is something that @Droidz should be aware of.
  14. This would be amazing. Even at a small price!
  15. Retail is working very well too. The Delete part has issues with certain items; it might be those that normally require a confirmation before deleting, Blue-quality items.
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