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    gurete reacted to Droidz in Repair/Install WRobot   
    You get black screen (mainly when you use remote desktop software or when you try to record or take screenshot)
    Since WRobot 2.0 you can get a completely black WRobot window when viewing with remote software like TeamViewer, to resolve it:
    Close WRobot Open and edit with notepad file "WRobot\Settings \RobotManagerGlobalSetting.xml" Replace <CanProtectAgainstScreenshots>true</CanProtectAgainstScreenshots>  by <CanProtectAgainstScreenshots>false</CanProtectAgainstScreenshots>  (if you don't found first line, add second line before "</robotManagerGlobalSetting>") Save file and you can relaunch WRobot.
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    gurete reacted to virtual in New noob?   
    There have been multiple banwaves  in the past 2 weeks. 
    Everyone is hopeful there is a work around, but as far as i know this is the only public bot available all eyes on us.
    If we can't even make it 2 weeks it wont pay for itself the bot has to make it atleast 30 days to be profitable. 
    But even then who wants to be banned every 30 days.
     But like i said 30 days is 50/50  blizzards get half the gold you get the other half.
    Will see.   3/8 the bans started this time. If you don't see another wave in 30 days then maybe its a fluke :) 
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    gurete reacted to philadelphe in Relogger not working   
    Oki Gurete i use what you said to find a way to launch relogger. 
    You need a file named ReloggerGeneralSetting from setting folder that you can find in any of your old install add it in your new one.
    Then you need Relogger.exe.config from wrobot folder. Do as before take it from old install and put it on new one.
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    gurete reacted to wlhr in Bot detected? Rest in peace   
    ich botte seit nem jahr und hab keinen bann erhalten.
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