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  1. Blizzard maintenance was already scheduled yesterday
  2. i did fix it by adding Relogger.exe.config manually
  3. Oki Gurete i use what you said to find a way to launch relogger. You need a file named ReloggerGeneralSetting from setting folder that you can find in any of your old install add it in your new one. Then you need Relogger.exe.config from wrobot folder. Do as before take it from old install and put it on new one.
  4. I did a fresh install on windows 10 last updated and i cant launch relogger anymore. edit : I can still launch relogger on win10 with old install but it will ask for update everytime i launch. I dont know if it helps but relogger is use by wrobot when it is running.
  5. i did not update windows because it is a cracked version but i could try
  6. yes i'm go trouble on win 7 not on win 10
  7. i got the exact same problem with relogger.
  8. This is not an issue with all mobs
  9. Is that possible to add to the bot hearthstoning when we need to repair plz ?
  10. That issue was caused by my fightclasse. With a,nother i dont have that problem.
  11. same problem for me. Bot cant really move in water.
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