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  1. I unbind my jump in keybinds, it's a joke but it looks so bad. Did you ever figure out how to resolve "stutter step" when melee chase mobs that try to run away?
  2. Is this still not possible? Has it by any odd random chance been integrated? Perhaps with macro or option that I overlooked?
  3. Batman

    1-80 potion user

    Doesn't work for vanilla... sadly.
  4. Batman

    1-80 potion user

    I'm glad I found this. Trying and testing it out right now. It would be neat if you added a plugin settings option to consume potions like "Troll's Blood" and other helpful consumables.
  5. Batman

    Warrior - USA v10

    It's a great fight class and because it's an .xml file, you can learn from it too!
  6. Batman

    Warrior - USA v10

    It still works @senojin . If it does not, it is user-error. Disable all your fancy plugins my son. I'm updating right now, version 9.
  7. You should leave a 5 star review. :P
  8. Aww man, I was really hoping this was .xml so I can load it into the Fight Class creator and learn from it. Thanks for the share!!
  9. Batman

    Warrior Class Quests

    Worked exactly as I hoped it would. I can't wait to crack 30 so I can have it do my beserker quest too!
  10. Batman

    Warrior Class Quests

    worked well for the Human Defensive quest. I already accepted the quest in Goldshire... and IT KNEW to skip that part too! Remember to turn it off before you run into STV. :P
  11. Batman

    [TBC] Basic Fire Mage

    Thanks for sharing this. Even though I play on Vanilla, I'm using this to learn how to make my own profile. GLHF!
  12. Thanks a bunch for the awesome replies. I only use the one plugin to auto consume scrolls. I usually have to fight with the bot, go into Keybindings and unbind the spacebar. Even after it re-assigns it to the letter "i". Thanks for the tip @eeny - big help! Gonna check the marketplace for the jumping plugin @Mike-Mail - thanks for not being that asshole, but if you wanted too, that'd be fine too. Usually I never ask something until I double-check everything. I dislike being a turd in need of help.
  13. How do I turn off the random jump feature? How do I disable jump? I don't desire random bot jump. I do not see option in General > Advanced Settings (bottom corner) - do you? Am I blind?
  14. Batman

    Jump when not close enough?

    Where is Random jumping when moving? I do not see this option. Did you remove it @Droidz ? I click "Enter advanced settings" in bottom right corner on General Settings... it can not be found for Vanilla.
  15. Can you please add support for Soul Stone?