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  1. Alright, What triggered the bot to mass die in Wetlands? , just curious m8 🙂
  2. Hey there seems to be more ganks on the hillsbrad profile after the revamp 😛
  3. Hey i was pretty sure this was the HumanMasterPlugin thread, If not then im sorry can you link me to the correct thread? I have tried to reach out on discord but i havnt had any luck with anyone anwsering me in there, so i felt maybe the forums would be easier means of communication
  4. Yup as soon as ur past 41, i would say go Hinterlands to anyone out there using these profiles, Faster XP!! 😄 but yea, 41-50 on the same profile is a bit much, so just be careful with reporters etc.
  5. Hey everything is workning now, but I still have some sort of Auth issue, is this normal or can i fix it? I am a single-botter, with only 1 installation of wrobot on my PC, Only ever used it on my one single session of the same wow.exe Never VPN, Never different client, never different PC, or any other factors, This makes me confused on which factor is prompting the add-on in the middle of a bot session to ask for this ID that i have entered now a few times? The problem seems that the bot stops all actions when suddenly it wants to confirm ID? It does create downtime when this happens is my biggest concern 😢
  6. Ah oke i see, Im a single botter so for me me that would awsome :D... But yea sure i didnt know you had allready tried it xP..
    1-40 so far, solid fightclass, Love the allways stealth mode,
  7. I understand since its a different plugin, it might be more trouble than its worth, Its been doing pretty good so far 1-40 🙂 Do you think there is a way to make it use stealth right after using food for regaining HP, so that it will eat up inside stealth mode, I currently use the allways stealth function and i think this would be a pretty good adition to that,
  8. Well to my suprise STV was almost pain free, and everything up to that point, Badlands seem to be the most heated area, HOWEVER, I skipped it and went straight to hinterlands, the mobs are a little rough but it works fine with much less deaths;
  9. Reinstalled everything yesterday and its running great since then Good profiles, Only real issue ive had so far seems to be the ganks in Badlands, which seem to happen there much more often than STV.
  10. I see. Also, how do i enter the ID? It says failed to auth for 15 min, but it didnt pop up, and it had already been entered once too.
  11. Ok i understand, This seems to be profile related thanks for quick reply m8 🙂
  12. Takes tram from IF>SW>IF>SW for 9 hours, First i thought it was the HumanMasterPlugin, But it seems to be a profile related issue, Do you know how to fix this??
  13. Yes im currently trying to figure out which of the 2 needs to be fixed, HumanMasterPlugin just handles the use of the tram, it dosnt actually tell it to go do it?
  14. Hey do you know why it would that the Tram to IF, then Tram back to SW, And continue doing that for 9 hours?
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