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  1. [H] [PAID] [Quest] 1-60 grinder

    The main line will get you to 60. There is also a 46-60 file in the random / dump section.
  2. on LH / Ely Reports only is my guess. Each time i have have seen the white room and got a GM to speak, they have said i was reported and they watched me.
  3. Yep - may bad! new version inc Edit- Coding issues with the divine shields.. uploaded
  4. Im trying to make FC's for vanilla and ship them as .cs files. For the life of me i cant get a "hostile unit near=x" condition to work like it does in the xml FC editor. I cant find any Working examples i can copy the structure from either. Attached is what i currently have- trying to get it to work for Thunderclap... once i have something working i can go apply it to other classes. Anyone got a file i can look at to see how it should work? Warrior_Aoe2.cs
  5. Updated Removed the seal of command / judge spam at low lvl's as it was just a mana hole... FC will now just use Seal of the Crusader without judgement until Seal of command is learnt in talents (1-20). personally i think the FC works best with just crusader but that's up to you to test and decide if you want to spec into that. Added Exorcism for undead / demon target when mana permits Added hammer of wrath Added Immune shields + heal
  6. C# Plugin Questions

    Certainly doable by Lua- Does the exact same thing- you could partake with what you need from there.
  7. C# Plugin Questions

    Big question not in your description: what Expac are you looking at?
  8. He was AFK for ~2 months. Arch looks MiA...
  9. Demon / Affliction lock 1-60

    Put wand on action bar
  10. This is a continuation of the below thread- however Vanilla isnt legion where a 32 bot can 'manage' against a lvl 40 mob. We need the ability to specify what vendors to use in a profile and we need the ability to put a level range on the vendors so the bots dont go walking into chain deaths. wManager.Wow.Helpers.NpcDB.AcceptOnlyProfileNpc = true; Isnt cutting it any more...
  11. Health Potions

    That will work as a plugin... or you can see how the code works and apply it where you want.
  12. Yep, im an idiot- didnt think of it that way- thanks man!
  13. Anything... Mostly its a spell. This was one from a previous thread. RunMacroText("/petautocaston Firebolt")
  14. So there is no way to send a macro from a quest profile pulse?
  15. Can i put a request in that Iequip doesnt "pulse" while the bot has a target? use case- I am making 1-x AFk scrips to start bots which include getting the bot to purchase gear / wepons. IEquip is trying to equip after buying the item with the vendor window still open. this Sells the new 'better' item instead of equipping. if you could stop is pulsing while the bot has a target ( or has vendor window open) it shouldn't take away functionality.