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  1. eeny

    game incorrect

    its the same file... just select 3.3.5 instead of a default install
  2. eeny

    game incorrect

    Most people who can help will ask you to post a screenshot of the wow client along with the WRobot logs in \\wrobot\Logs
  3. eeny

    WRobot - Official

    prob best to make a thread for it. 1- Make sure you have purchased a private server key 2- when you install wrobot you need to specify the wow release. in this case 3.3.5 3- if your wow release is not there- PM droidz with a screenshot of the client login page- it will often provide the client version and droidz will figure something out.
  4. eeny

    Demon / Affliction lock 1-60

    You sound like you have your pet on aggressive...
  5. eeny


    few people reported this with my FC and i assume we are using similar code to get turn / run to work. Most people found toggling click to move / use LUA to move in the advanced WRobot options fixed it. A few found the fix the res has to be the same as the screen wow ( Vsync on) for it to turn. .. my 2C- good luck.
  6. nice, you could also change battle shout- remove the timer on it and just have a "buff " condition where buff name 'battle shout' = false. im sure you will find other optimisations once you start using the file
  7. maybe change the "is spell usable " on overpower from false to true? edit- in my XML i just had overpower without any conditions... the bot would just spam it so when it was available it would trigger.
  8. eeny

    Quest TurnIn Repeatable Quest

    I think you need to complete the quest for the first time. once thats doe it should auto repeat. I forget what expansion i wrote it on as well.. i think it was legion.
  9. eeny

    Does Wrobot work for vanilla 1.12? ...yes
  10. eeny

    Quest TurnIn Repeatable Quest

    I did, I put it in the rep Download section I think.
  11. eeny

    [H] [PAID] [Quest] 1-60 grinder

    There are a bunch of other profiles in the random folder in the pack so you have 2-4 zone options at any level. STM is rough because every mob there is for a quest and people always want to group up. The mobs in ashenvale(there are a few locations there) are not quest mobs so it's a bit more quit. STM has less alliance.... But more horse who are equally likely to report.
  12. Hey all, I'm working on a Ret pally party bot for [email protected]@ne 3.3.5 and im looking to get "Art of War" procs to be a bit more smart. The Art of war is a proc where he net Flash of Light or Exorcism becomes instant cast. At the moment im just writing the tank name into the Fight class and running a macro to target the tank when the bot has Art of War and cast FoL. Its effective, however some boss fights are a bit more party damage heavy and im seeing a lot of wasted heals landing on the tank which could go to the party. Does anyone have code or methods to check the health of party members and target / heal them in a DPS fight class. Currently im running this to keep the tank up... if ( ObjectManager.Me.ManaPercentage > 10 && ObjectManager.Me.HaveBuff("The Art of War") && ObjectManager.Me.HealthPercent > 85) { wManager.Wow.Helpers.Lua.RunMacroText("/cast [@Tank_name] Flash of Light "); } FC Attached- thanks Paladin_Ret_party_bot.cs
  13. eeny

    1-300 mining?

    I get reports of this all the time...