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  1. what instance are you looking at- chances are if its bottable someone here has a working copy already.
  2. eeny

    Demon / Affliction lock 1-60

    This is the code for drain soul, it should be stopping after 4 shards- by chance are you using a non enligsh client? as for wand got a log file from the session- usually its when the bot hits a logic error on the mob and is trying to cast a spell it cant yet and studders. if (DrainSoul.KnownSpell && ObjectManager.Target.GetDistance < 25 && ObjectManager.Target.HealthPercent <= 15 && ItemsManager.GetItemCountByNameLUA("Soul Shard") <= 3 ) { DrainSoul.Launch(); Thread.Sleep(Usefuls.Latency); Usefuls.WaitIsCasting(); }
  3. eeny

    [H] [PAID] [Quest] 1-60 grinder

    I may have changed it a few releases ago because feralas gets busy at 45. Is there and issue with tanaris at 44 not 46? If there is use the alt files to force to not to stay.
  4. eeny

    Sunwell Quester 1-50

    This guys gone and given you a free 1-50 file. Quit the low effort bs, the LEAST you can do is give an explanation of what you are seeing... jfc
  5. eeny

    Quester Error

    Secondly- the file has empty quests in it. When the bot loads a quester It checks all the quest's, this file has two empty "<none>" quests which are causing the namespace issue. remove them and it loads fine.
  6. eeny

    Quester Error

    Allow me to be the first to provide the low effort " you file dont work!" Comment with absolutely no further explanation that (to me) you are known for.
  7. eeny

    [H] [PAID] [Quest] 1-60 grinder

    You may not be the only one here with those issues- over the past week something is wrong with the pathfinder server for lots of people which is giving bots odd paths to get from A>B. see the thread below. Personally i make use of the alt / test files- get the bot some-what close to the zone indicated on the file and let it go. Selling is a hard one since the profile doesnt control the way the bot sells or interacts with vendors. Do you have a log file from the failed vendor session- does it show why its not selling (blacklisting vendor)?
  8. eeny

    Feral druid 1-60

    Hey Drekal, What file are you using- One of the three files is a feral_drink.cs file that should break for for food / drink. Personally i think a Feral druid bot with passable gear should not need to drink too often (at all in my view).
  9. eeny

    [A] [PAID] [Quest] 1-60 grinder

    The area should be blacklisted- the main line file 6-45 is in the same area- does it do the same?
  10. eeny

    [A] [PAID] [Quest] 1-70 grinder 1.0.0

    I havnt tested fully- but i used the file on WOTLK 1x and got through some lvl's. The mob ID's are mostly the same.
  11. eeny

    Demon / Affliction lock 1-60

    lol it was updated < 3 days ago- your last DL was 4 days ago. So its super unlikely your using the latest version. Also if you have a problem with a free fight class- a bit of description of whats going on helps. A little effort on your part goes a long way. I have got to the point of ignoring " broken plz fix ASAP" comments.
  12. eeny

    Demon / Affliction lock 1-60

    FNV mentioned that and I removed the pause code a few days ago. Still happening on the new version,?
  13. eeny

    Demon / Affliction lock 1-60

    uploaded new version, you will need to re-download. Let me know how it goes / any other ranks of healthstone that dont work
  14. eeny

    Demon / Affliction lock 1-60

    I swear the ID's of healthstone change with server, i have had to fix this so many times... mind giving me the ItemID so i can add it. Wrobot client > Tools >Development tools > Bag items. Can you give the name + the ID.
  15. eeny

    Demon / Affliction lock 1-60

    The C# source is there- modify as you see fit.