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  1. eeny

    Shadow Priest 1-60 by Eeny

    Is wand on the action bar?
  2. warlock_by_Eeny.cs Try this one
  3. eeny

    [A] [PAID] [Quest] 1-60 grinder

    Tried looking in the alt files?? If one spot is too busy there is a second and third option for 50+
  4. eeny

    [H] [PAID] [Quest] 1-60 grinder

    Always load as Quester- even the smaller files- all quest files.
  5. Wrobot vanilla doesnt identify quests completed outside of the bot. once a quest is completed its put in a list of completed quests- if you have manually completed quests, it will go back and attempt to pick them up. if you land here you need to go into the profile settings > enable disable steps and untick all the quests you completed.
  6. eeny

    [A] [PAID] [Quest] 1-60 grinder

    Its a multi use file... IP/ computer / whatever
  7. eeny

    [H] [PAID] [Quest] 1-60 grinder

    These are just general wrobot config kinks- the tagged mobs are avoided by using a FC that stops fighting with tagged mobs Should be any of mine), or using a pluggin like this one below. The pet thing is reolved by going into the advanced options > combat options > ignore combat with all pets.
  8. eeny

    Paladin Vanilla 1-60 by Eeny

    A general Ret build for lvling is what i usually go. I personally dont get seal of command till ~30-35 and once im 30 points in Ret I go holy to get + Str / no pushback heals + consecrate.
  9. eeny

    [H] [PAID] [Quest] 1-60 grinder

    This is a profile package- for 1-30 there at any given level i think there are 3+ file you can be running- if the quest isnt working (not uncommon for wrobot vanilla questers) swap over to the grind file or any of the alt files. IF the 'stops' happen on every file its probably not the file but your config or a plugin- try disable HS to town because at low lvl's you run out of bags quick and it will wait for you to have hearth up to go to town.
  10. eeny

    Where do i find my key?

  11. eeny

    Paladin Vanilla 1-60 by Eeny

    Uploaded a new version which should fix this- something must have changed in the wrobot base FC to not auto trigger auto attack when in close combat
  12. I put an example in there
  13. Downloaded and tried the newest version currently up? An older one would check if the target was DOT-able and not cast on those targets.
  14. As someone who has taken " a few" trips to the white room on LB / ND---once you get ported there you are done...The GM has usually made their choice by then. Not recently, but on more than one occasion I have had GM's drag mobs onto my bots - who fired off an alert. I pause the bot window to fight a bit, only to get get ported to the white room, have a 10 minute conversation with the GM and still the acct got banned. IF you are AFK botting, an automated "wtf mate" is not going to get the GM to send you on your way.