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  1. I think part of the issue is I still haven't found a particularly helpful source for figuring out how to use Lua for WoW (my frame of reference is mostly Python, so I'm not hating on LUA or anything). @eenyWhat "runcode" would I use (because right now, the bot stands there trying to interact with the NPCs for a really long time).
  2. Hi y'all! Sooo, I'm finally creating some profiles. Currently working on one for the Anglers Dailies. However, I can't seem to find a good example of a profile where the bot checks to make sure the quests are available before trying to pick them up (I assume it is something we add as a "Can Condition"). If I have twelve possible quests, three of which will be available each day from one of seven NPCs, what is the best way to have it quickly go to each NPC, grab the available quests, and then go about its business? Thanks in advance!
  3. @Avvi You are so awesome! I honestly can't thank you enough (I actually need to spend some time going around and "liking" all the posts you have made that have been so so helpful to me while I try to figure all this out)! You are my god! One question: If I wanted different times for killing vs looting (if it splits it 50-50, there is going to be a lot of dead time during the looting phase), would I change it to: public void pluginLoop()  { while (Products.IsStarted && _isLaunched) { bool lootStuff = false; if (!Products.InPause) {  wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.LootMobs = lootStuff; Thread.Sleep(300000); // spend 5 minutes killing shit lootStuff= !lootStuff; Thread.Sleep(60000); //spend 1 minute looting shit } } } I'm going to try that and see what happens, but I have a sneaky suspicion I am going to have overlooked something.
  4. @Avvi No, it loots whatever is lootable (currently when I have two grouped up killing low-level mobs, one of them will start just following the other around looting their stuff).
  5. Thanks! But is there a way to put that on a timer? Or maybe an even smarter idea I haven't had yet? Because when you are farming low-level mobs, you don't just kill and loot them individually (especially if you are in a group). You kill a shit ton of them, then y'all loot.
  6. Hey y'all! So I'm having my bots farm in groups at the moment and need some simple way to get them to spend a couple minutes killing things before doing a mass-loot (both because it's more efficient and because otherwise they end up looking very bot-like. I was hoping I would be able to figure it out using Avvi's sample plugin, but I am still in a little over my head (I am also wondering if his sample plugin might have way more code in there than I need, and I'm not particularly well-equipped to identify). Thanks for any help!
  7. I totally applaud and appreciate the attention and work you are putting into this! Side note: I taught myself python relatively well. Could I learn how to write profiles for WRobot? Your profile is actually the one I was referring to, though. Let us pay a one-time fee for the product.
  8. Being able to bot WQs is useless? Are you crazy? As to it being ban-bait—you understand this is something HB has been doing since the dawn of time, right? Are they going to be able to make a profile that can do all the world quests AFK?
  9. So sorry for the miscommunication. I don't think WQ questing should have to be a paid addon. I think it should be included in the product (like the most popular bot(s) do). The developer ABSOLUTELY deserves to be paid something for all that work! Never meant to imply otherwise.
  10. Still quite expensive (and for a product that shouldn't have to to be paid as a subscription and really shouldn't even have to be paid (if WRobot is going to compete with the other bots out there)...
  11. Wait, do you mean it doesn't have an option to auto-quest 1-110? The description made it sound like it did. So there is only one World Quest profile being developed and it's 30 E/month?
  12. Hey y'all! So, this is my first post (exciting), and I'm worried...because I feel like these questions HAVE to be answered elsewhere (either in the forum, or in info about the bot). But searching "world quest(s)" only seems to bring up a paid profile (requiring a monthly subscription) that does world quests. Does WRobot come with the ability to do some of the world quests? None of them? Is there some sort of community project that is actively developing it? Are the developers? Also, does WRobot do anything with Broken Shores storyline quests? Suramar? Class quests (for the third relic slot, full artifact tree, etc.)? Thanks in advance for any help!