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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is a grinder profile with a slightly different take. It will automatically pick mobs to grind based on player level and location. The idea is that you can take any character at any level at any location in the world and it will try to grind at the nearest relevant location. The profile looks at the following wrobot settings to exclude certain mobs: -Start fighting with Elite (Grind elite mobs) -Ignore fights with players (Don't grind pvp-flagged mobs) -Skip nodes in Water (Don't fight mobs underwater) The profile uses two components that interact with
  2. It is better not to use addons. Otherwise replace WhatsGoingOnFrame:SetBackdrop(StaticPopup1:GetBackdrop()) with WhatsGoingOnFrame:SetBackdrop({ bgFile = [[Interface\Tooltips\UI-Tooltip-Background]]}) WhatsGoingOnFrame:SetBackdropColor(0.2,0.2,0.2,0.8) in main.cs
  3. When walking to the trainer to learn 'First aid' for the first time 'ignore attacked' is set to true. However after walking back and resuming the original task (quester in my case) 'ignore attacked' seems to be still set and the gather quest ignores all mobs untill wrobot is restarted. Am I missing something? My custom fightclass was bugging out. My apologies. The plugin works perfect.
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