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  1. Dreamful

    Framestack dosent show button names

    i will try that thank you!
  2. mmmmmmhh ok, so let us guess then since you dont provide a log shall we ? You have addOns on ? that can cause issues most of the times. Maybe you selected a diffrent mode in battlegrounder ? On what build you play ? 7.3.5 build ????? Did you try to turn of your computer and back on? Try maybe rotate your tower at 90° degree Unplug HDMI cable, wait exactly 7 secounds and plug it in. Maybe you can try hit Spacebar+1+2+3 and then Enter when you start the bot. seriously tho, just post a log and we can help you.
  3. Hey guys, Trying to write a plugin for TSM (3.3.5), and i need to interact with the UI somehow so i tought do it over LUA with the /click function like, /click TSMStartCancelScanButton but the debug tools not showing me the right button when i hover it. And "/click table: 2C460368" dosent work either. /run print(GetMouseFocus():GetName()) -- prints "nil" in chat if hover over the button Anyone can help me and can explain what happens their ? it looks like to me its from a parent and inheritance from it, not sure tho. I hover over "Start Cancel Scan" at that screen, greets, Dreamful
  4. Dreamful

    [C#] dRotation - Shadow Priest (PvE)

    give me a log. so i can know why. For me it dosent.
  5. Dreamful

    Getting gold to my main account. Help!

    Guildbank? Thats what i actually do.
  6. Dreamful

    How to Pass Anti-Bot

    WTH, this is getting out of hand. How they even do this shit without modifing the client, this seems so surreal. Never saw something be on 8 years private servers without interact with an object, NPC.
  7. In that time you wating, you can make it yourself actually. Its a 10 min task with Gatherer or Carbonite, just import nodes and fly the path down thats drawed on the map by the Addon.
  8. Dreamful

    Make Bot Wait

    Anything needs to happen while waiting or he only want to wait and do nohting ? Your question is actually a bit unclear. You can add Thread.Sleep into your function, Thread.Sleep(5000) // Wait 5 Seconds
  9. Dreamful

    function helper

    Yes it is possible. In LUA for Grounding Totem would be simple this, if UnitBuffID("arena1", 8178) -- Checks if arena target has the Grounding Totem buff or UnitBuffID("arena2", 8178) or UnitBuffID("arena3", 8178) then RunMacroText("/petattack Grounding Totem") -- Sends pet to Grounding Totem end Just change up the ID with the Tremor Totem Buff.
  10. Some nameing of conditions are confusing too in the Fightclass Editor in my opinion. if you are expierenced with programming you better go with developing it in a IDE immediatley. Helpful threads, Or join the wRobot discord their is a Developer channel where you get quick help.
  11. Hey NiteKat, On the Left site in Fightclass Editor you see General Settings change the point 'Range' to 25 or 30. That should work. Have fun, Dreamful
  12. Dreamful

    [WoTLK] Paladin Retribution PvP

    just use wRotation Product.
  13. Dreamful

    [C#] dRotation - Marksman Hunter (PvE)

    Well the Fightclass is just for Rading/Dungeons, no pet heal or cd's will be used since its checking if target is a Boss. Its on you, try it if you want. No destro Fightclass because its garbage in 3.3.5 for rading.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Hey Guys, Simple and lightweight Plugin to inform you if you have an Dungeon Invite, it plays a Notification sound and even Auto Accept the LFG invite. It maybe works for Cata, MoP, WoD, Legion since its the same LuaEvent but not tested. How to Place the dDungeonAlerter Plugin and the Folder in your Plugins folder. Activate it If you have any suggestions or good ideas that would be useful just tell me so i will maybe implement it. Peace, Dreamful
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Hey Guys, Since many servers detect PQR now, i begun to migrate all my PQR Profiles to wRobot in C#. All my FightClasses will have a Ingame StatusFrame so you know whats happing next. You can disable it with /dRotation or hide it with the close button. Features Using Trueshot Aura Using Aspect of the Dragonhawk if we have more than 10% Mana Using Aspect of the Viper if we have less than 10% Mana Using Hunters Mark* if its not on Boss Using Misdirection on Focus if you have a Focus Using Rapid Fire* Using Readiness* to refresh Rapid Fire Using Call of the Wild* (Pet Ability) Using Kill Command* Using Silencing Shot Using Kill Shot if Target is under 20% Health Using Serpent Sting if Debuff not on Target Using Chimera Shot Using Aimed Shot Using Steady Shot if everything is on Cooldown *only using if target is a Boss This FightClass is only for Raid/Dungeon Environment and pull max DPS. If you have any suggestions or good ideas that would be usefull just tell me so i will maybe implement it. Peace, Dreamful