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  1. Yea, its Perma i did write a ticket with the following answer: "Due to the nature of this infraction, we have decided that it's not within the communities best interest to lift the ban placed on this account at this time." Damn 😞
  2. Hey, I just got banned from Warmane on Icecrown for Botting, used Gatherer for about 1 hour. Does Anyone know if they ban Permanently or its just a time ban?
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Hey, Do the intro Quest till Neutral (Till you can make Dailies) then start this Profile as Gatherer. I recommend using a BoP Item AddOn since the Eggs are BoP. Like https://www.wowace.com/projects/arkautolootbop/files Enjoy! 🙂
  4. Perfect settings for this was Zan posted are: Works really smooth like the old one
  5. Seems like the whole "Town.TownInProgress" is not returning true.
  6. And yes, "Disabled if go Town" is checked as option. So it might be buggy i guess.
  7. Hey Droidz, It would be cool if the feature "Pause Bot if Player Nearby" not be true if the player is in Town or Town.TownInProgress. Even if the trigger is "To Town" and player are there he pause the bot till they leave. Just for Selling it would be good if he dosent pause the bot. My actual search range is just 200. This all happens in the 3.3.5 Client. Log attached.
  8. Damn, i am so sorry, i didnt had the .NET 4.8 Framework. Its now working now. Thank you Droidz!
  9. Sure, here both log files 6 Mai 2021 23H49.log.html 6 Mai 2021 23H48.log.html
  10. Same problem, 3.3.5. But only the Relogger.
  11. Hey, I have the problem the relogger crashes instantly in the login process, hes rezising the WoW Window, after that he crashes. Client: 3.3.5
  12. Veeeeery cool plugin thanks!
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