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  1. Not looting quest "bosses" (Vanilla)

    Quest - npc
  2. Not looting quest "bosses" (Vanilla)

    I'm running a test now, with the new update. and found that it dosen't loot the "the quests bosses" like: Quest - npc - (Don't loot the body, bot all the body arounds it) Quest - npc - (Don't loot the body, bot all the body arounds it) Will add more when i find them. I have ofc tested for ids and all that stuff - and it loot everything just fine, and complete the quests if the booses are looted manually - but it simply dont go and loot it.
  3. [PAID][TBC] Shadowpriest 1-70

    An amazing fightclass :) nothing more to say :) Keep it up mate
  4. [PAID] Vanilla Questing profiles

    add the plugin avoid it as it says in the "setup" and set it to max 1 mob - and it should stop going into groups :D - and no it not works on retail, it is specific made for vanilla / TBC, but is it have "quest required to go to new quest inbuild" so if you find some quests to hard for your toon - go and remove the pulse part in the profile, and it will skip that chain - and run a lot more smooth :-) Yea heard about this - ill consider it - but if you have a pull in your fightclass, it should be possible (did it with a warrior) - and in the future if you dont want to do a quest, simply remove it in the steps (take a look at the setup option :D ) Hunter / Warlock that have a pet - makes it much easier the "first 30 lvls" or so :) after that it dosent really matter much - so far both around lvl 20 is bugged with the traveling - but ill soon release an update with a message "go to xxx place" as the bot navigation is way to buggy to make it works 100 % - And it is not that i don't run updates with the bug reports, mostly awaiting droidz to release some kind of security in the bot, so my profile dosent get stolen every time i release a new update - as this is really anyoing after 6+ months of work :) - But yeah questing is crazy hard in vanilla / TBC even if you play yourself, and the bot gets better and better, and the profiles are beeing updated as well, so in the near future, we should be looking at something that can run pretty much 100 % afk (unless the travel wont work - then it would need human interaction in the beginning to move to new "zones" that require boats/zeppelins)
  5. Moving on to fast after turnin step

    okay - ill just wait next update, would be way to much runcode to add that in a 1000+ step profile
  6. Hi guys/Girls I'm working on some fightclasses for vanilla, but i have some questions. First of all to make it a little simpler, I am working on the "pre WOD" fightclass sample, that droidz posted here: My first question is: How do i stop auto attacking after changing form ? like when i go back to human to heal, it just keep spamming auto attacks instead of healing me. My 2 question is: How do i make it check if there are more than 1 target like: ObjectManager.GetUnitAttackPlayer > 1 My 3 question: How do i get it to change target? And my Final question is: I can't seems to get it to cast "Faerie Fire (Feral), working with other buffs / debuffs with: SpellManager.CastSpellByNameLUA(""Faerie Fire (Feral)"); but that one just wont work :s //arcangelo @Droidz ??
  7. [PAID] Vanilla Questing profiles

    To answer totally honest. If you are looking for a 1 click wonder, this is not it (yet) - and might never be. I would say 95 % af the quests are working flawlessly, but there are still some navigation problems, especially boats - zeppelin - tram and elevation, and when it needs to go to town/trainers, and some of the "underwater quests" Some times the bot also just do some strange things (like going to some random cords, and running around in circles, without any explanation in the log). So if you buy it, you should have that in mind, and keep an eye on it like every hour or so, On another note you need to restart wow between new spells learned (Wrobot can't do that itself) so not a bad idea no matter what. - and remember you are botting vanilla/tbc, that's way harder than retail, as anymore than 1 mob pull will kill you. Anything with a pull is fine, but it will ofc run easier with a warlock/hunter that have pet. And have a look at the setup in the thread the addon "avoid it" is helping you with your problem. Thanks for the kind words :) Yes indeed the navigation of the bot needs some heavy updates. And how you did it, is the way to go for now :) - all that said, if you don't want to endless grind yourself to max level in vanilla, I'm pretty sure this is your best option // arcangelo
  8. "To Town - update"

    Is it possible to make the bot make a path to lets say 3 vendors and find the shortest route. one of the main problems is that it might be close to one vendor "in distance" but when it have to make a path for it, it might have to run 2-3 zones to reach that vendor :S
  9. how to start?

    you propperly havent installed all the needed components for the bot to run :) check this: under the install nptes + make sure your windows is fully updated and try again
  10. Can't gather items with ' in the game

    Stolen booty - Thwarting Kolkar Aggression - Samophlange Part 2 - Supplies for the Crossroads - Actually just the gather part seems broken :S even when it dosent have ' in it and propperly others :S
  11. Tram

    The tram seems to have 1,0,0 as cords And therefore it seems like a "bug" as that one dosesnt change - making it impossible to get the toon to take it
  12. Can't gather items with ' in the game

    I have seen it now in 2 quests: When it tries to gather this: and the onces you gather between ratchet and nordwatch hold:
  13. [PAID] Vanilla Questing profiles

    Yea but as mentioned a huge update making it MUCH more afk frindly will be relased by the end of this weekend :D Ofc, as mention i several comments, send me a pm on the discord and you will get a 100 % off code for the updated links
  14. The "discover" quests

    I never really found a good way to make questes like: & Anyone have a good tip? Have used like a follow path And like "quest complete, when distance to something is below x" But it seems to still have a hard time setting it as complete
  15. [Vanilla/TBC] "swim + breath"

    It still not really working. The movement is stuttering, so it is so easy to detect. (Think I tried all settings + the plugin posted in here) Other than that, it keeps dying from getting out of breath.