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  1. [Paid] Vanilla/TBC Leveling Profiles 1-70

    Will have a look at it - for now just uncheck it (product settings) -> profile settings -> uncheck the step and keep going :)
  2. [Paid] Vanilla/TBC Leveling Profiles 1-70

    Will send it in a couple of hours :)
  3. Now I wanna fish 🤔 Think I'm grabbing it and setting up on a private server on my TV - just watching it do its magic 😁
  4. [Paid] Vanilla/TBC Leveling Profiles 1-70

    Everyone that have bought a profile the past couple of days - and havent recived it, check your mail! If i missed someone i'm sorry, then send me a message. Paypal for some reason said my account had some "strange actions" - so its locked it for now -.- but changed it to my private account.
  5. [Paid] Vanilla/TBC Leveling Profiles 1-70

    Yea i have made an update comming out in a secound :)
  6. [Paid] Vanilla/TBC Leveling Profiles 1-70

    Should not run to low level trainers anymore :) Yea the loop happend if you restared the profile - should be fixed now, grab the new version of sellfy ;) Yea to be honorst i have NO idea how it even got there - it have no steps or anything that should make it run there :s been working on some of the meshes, so lets hope it dosen't happen again :D
  7. You could as all others follow the guide :) I don't know if you ever been playing vanilla yourself - but its hard as hell to level, even by hand - it tooks months upon months to level though the game. If you ever pull 2 mobs together, or one is running away you simply just die. But i have had a lot of toons going to level 40 - and some even to 60, i admit without a doubt its not a 1 click profile - but that is not the profiles fault - its simply just how vanilla is made. Have you setup the plugin that help with a lot of these bacis problems? do you run a good fightclass ? and what have been the problems with the quester ? I mean i guess i have picked up the quests, gone out to complete it - and ofc turning them in ? Do you still run around in starter gear? or do you actually have updated your gear ? - are you running a melee class with no pull in it? so it runs heads on into groups of mobs? I have no idea how you setup the bot - and instead of writing to me asking for help, you simply just make a post saying "it dosen't work"....
  8. [Paid] Vanilla/TBC Leveling Profiles 1-70

    Will be fixed in the update tomorrow :) Seems a little strange - I think I haven't added the quest ID - can you try to add these ids to your complete list: 3905 And 112
  9. Answered your pm - the 1.1.3 is the version of the profile it started at 1.0.0 and then when i made a huuuuge update it went to 1.1.0 and after that some small updates have pushed it to 1.1.3 :) It is must likly that you need some prequest - as already mentioned. The only way to get around it is to skip the steps manually, I've made a guide in the pm i send you. what you see if one of the biggest problems in vanilla -> wotlk. It simply dosen't save what quests have been done anywhere + 80 % of all quests in vanilla is a part of a bigger questline, that why i have said start in level 1, that way I can controll what order and what quest that have been done.
  10. [Paid] Vanilla/TBC Leveling Profiles 1-70

    I haven't had so much time fixing up stuff as i have been sick - so I have made talked with @y2krazy - and he will from now on help out with the bugs on the 1-60 profile :) welcome to the team !
  11. [Paid] Vanilla/TBC Leveling Profiles 1-70

    Wrobot dosent allow that right now :/
  12. There are several ways. I think the most easy way would be to make a repeatable quest in an If statement checking for the shells and bags, like so: If wManager.Wow.Helpers.ItemsManager.GetItemCountByIdLUA(xxxx) >= 1 || wManager.Wow.Helpers.ItemsManager.GetItemCountByIdLUA(xxxx) >= 1 Pulse a quest with as complete return (wManager.Wow.Helpers.ItemsManager.GetItemCountByIdLUA(xxxx) >= 1 || wManager.Wow.Helpers.ItemsManager.GetItemCountByIdLUA(xxxx) >= 1); * remember to set is as "is not require in questlog" and "is a repeatable quest" And run this code wManager.Wow.Helpers.ItemsManager.UseItem(xxxxx) || wManager.Wow.Helpers.ItemsManager.UseItem(xxxxx) to open them Endif wManager.Wow.Helpers.ItemsManager.GetItemCountByIdLUA(xxxx) < 1 || wManager.Wow.Helpers.ItemsManager.GetItemCountByIdLUA(xxxx) < 1 and then make a go to step every couple of steps if it have found more Or make a plugin that check for the items, and use it when its found :)
  13. [Paid] Vanilla/TBC Leveling Profiles 1-70

    it have been fixed it was the encryption - download the newest version on sellfy :D
  14. Swimming vanilla-WOTLK

    Seems really strange as I have pretty much everyone reporting it to me. I can try to create a video showing it, will get back later with a link.
  15. NPC database for Vanilla

    I have only added vendors that sell food/water ;) So if you set it up properly it should work. //arcangelo