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  1. Made a discord server for the leveling profile, as the last one got over crowed with people talking about all kind of non releated stuff Please hit me up there, if you want the newest version (Horde is done 1-40, and finishing allinace up as we speak)
  2. A little update: Horde 1-40 is now cleaned up, and should be released soonish (properly tonight) Alliance is 1-35 done, and hope to push 1-40 out tonight as well. The new profiles will be encrypted, so everyone that want an updated version will have to contact me (will put out a discord server for this) - all problems should be posted in the trouble room on discord server, so i can keep track on them. 40-60 will also be updated soon as well (My best guess would be 2-3 weeks) - 60-70tbc and 70-80wotkl is almost done aswell, will need some testers for these, but vanilla need to be completed first :)
  3. If you play some of the older versions of wow (vanilla, tbc, wotlk) wow don't save the data from completed quests. That means the bot have no chance to know what quests are done. Meaning you need to add the completed quests Id to the Wrobot save list
  4. Yes The bot already tells you this info :) You have to wait till I release the update. Should happen today or tomorrow.
  5. Yea that's why I have updated the scripts now. The problem comes when I have to move to a new zone (or a long distance in the zone) And for some reason it don't take the flight master. I should have removed all those travel problem with the update comming out (hopefully tomorrow) - but the only way to make sure it does the travel right is to make people do it manually (atlest untill droidz have made some changes) There will still be some quests the bot having trouble handle (depending on your gear/ fightclass) But the new Readme file will include how to skip those quests yourself :) And last but not least sorry I dident push out the updated file today, but I simply dident have time to finish the profile (horde is around 39 and ally around 33 now) - hopefully the update will be released within 1-2 days.
  6. fixed up to lvl 32 ally and 38 horde, will update it tomorrow
  7. Just an update, for those interested - the whole profile is beeing tested and fixed up in the progress - with droidz helping on the wrobot side bugs, meaning it should run much cleaner (If you follow the readme file i will add to the profiles) Other than that expect the profiles to be "shedded into zones (i will try to keep it as easy as possible for the user though), and untill at better workaround is found, moving BIG distances (like train/zeppelin/boats - or high level zones) this will have to be done by the user, as this have been resulting in some crazy die loop / wrong direction runs from the bot (some attempts of coding have been done, but as the bot can crash out at any moment doing these steps, and that will end in a result in a loong series of problems). Other than this "quest chains" have been updated, so if you skip a quest, it will skip the whole quest chain, so the bot dosen't "bug out" at questgivers. Test running the horde and the alliance profile 1-40 this weekend - to make sure they both work as intended - and after this a new encrypted version will be giving to the existing buyers + the new buyers (this sadly mean I will have to make a specific acces to each user, so it will take a little time to get cleared, but it will also be in all of our interest, as you all get a better product, and i don't get scammed, and add a extra layer of security so blizzard and others can't detect the bot as easy as before). The rest 40-60 will be tested an runned though at some point the next comming weeks (but understand the time it takes for the toon to go all the way though vanilla is insane, and even though I just have to fix up a quest here and there, it still takes a crazy amount of time for it to run to the end).
  8. Droidz and I have ended in an agreement. I have a lot of work until Monday, so the files will be hidden untill then, and then I push out my updated profiles (encrypted - so they will have to be redownload - this will ensure my profiles ain't shared illegally, but should have no impact on the users, other than I have to set it specific up to all users sepertly). So the profile will be up again Sunday evening / Monday morning. Thanks for the understandment
  9. Okay I belive i own most people an explanation about what have happend. I haven't been released a lot of updates for the profile, mostly as i have been able to run them pretty smooth with the right setup. After that i have grown tired of people keep asking for stuff without even taking 2 min to read the "read me" file that comes with the profile. A lot of the "bugs" have come from people not setting up the addons, or not skipping the quests their toons are not strong enough to handle (this have been a big error). Other than that the wrobot update like 2 month ago broke the qusting tool, meaning i really coulden't make new quests, with caused me to almost ragequit the project, as there where new problems everytime I logged on. But with blizzard annonce of legacy servers I will take the project up again, and keep working on it IF me and droidz can agree on some terms (I need his help to handle some of the server side bugs that comes along) - so for now the thread is hidden, untill we have worked something out. Ill update it when i know more, if not i propperly move on to another bot with my project.
  10. Not looting quest "bosses" (Vanilla)

    Quest - npc
  11. Not looting quest "bosses" (Vanilla)

    I'm running a test now, with the new update. and found that it dosen't loot the "the quests bosses" like: Quest - npc - (Don't loot the body, bot all the body arounds it) Quest - npc - (Don't loot the body, bot all the body arounds it) Will add more when i find them. I have ofc tested for ids and all that stuff - and it loot everything just fine, and complete the quests if the booses are looted manually - but it simply dont go and loot it.
  12. [PAID][TBC] Shadowpriest 1-70

    An amazing fightclass :) nothing more to say :) Keep it up mate
  13. Moving on to fast after turnin step

    okay - ill just wait next update, would be way to much runcode to add that in a 1000+ step profile
  14. Hi guys/Girls I'm working on some fightclasses for vanilla, but i have some questions. First of all to make it a little simpler, I am working on the "pre WOD" fightclass sample, that droidz posted here: My first question is: How do i stop auto attacking after changing form ? like when i go back to human to heal, it just keep spamming auto attacks instead of healing me. My 2 question is: How do i make it check if there are more than 1 target like: ObjectManager.GetUnitAttackPlayer > 1 My 3 question: How do i get it to change target? And my Final question is: I can't seems to get it to cast "Faerie Fire (Feral), working with other buffs / debuffs with: SpellManager.CastSpellByNameLUA(""Faerie Fire (Feral)"); but that one just wont work :s //arcangelo @Droidz ??
  15. "To Town - update"

    Is it possible to make the bot make a path to lets say 3 vendors and find the shortest route. one of the main problems is that it might be close to one vendor "in distance" but when it have to make a path for it, it might have to run 2-3 zones to reach that vendor :S