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  1. enjoy ban here and ingame.
  2. I am embarrassed to have defended this pos. Even if he were to continue using the bot, with his track history, I wouldn't want to sell him any premium profiles/fc's/or plugins.
  3. Disputing was not the route to go. I retract my prior statement. I was lobbying for a refund or partial refund for you but the whole dispute thing is not/and is never, cool.
  4. User error or not, he had a bad experience. The guides here, for the most part suck and the fact every little thing from profiles to plugins cost money is also not too enticing to new members. I think he deserves a refund imo.
  5. Yeah we got it squared away. They gave me a free month. I wish the ips changed on them 😄 Netherwing keeps swinging the hammer
  6. Yeah they just recently updated, site is fine for me it's just my actual proxies are not working. Stuck on auth on multiple realms.
  7. Proxies for you is down for everyone else?
  8. FNV1-45 Quester which is for Vanilla I know, but I have used it with very minor issues on other BC private servers.
  9. As the title states, some quests when completed, are not being turned in. The bot will just keep trying to attempt to farm the objective over and over...
  10. So I found that it's due to my settings frequently getting reset... it's disabling things like selling/repair/pathfinder.
  11. This profile has been dead for a long while now. There are currently some alternatives available both free & PAID for Ally & horde, respectively. Check out FNV's quester 1-45 for alliance which is now free and is incredibly good. Bambo now has a 1-50 horde quester for approximately 20 euro that is also great. Best of luck.
  12. This is happening to me very frequently on both sunwell/netherwing. My bots arent realizing they're dead for some reason. I have tried messing with latency values etc... nothing seems to work. I never use addons with my bot clients. Bot seems to not realize that it's actually dead and even when it does pathfinding doesn't seem to work. The map shows a straight line going to the my corpse rather than a route generated by pathfinder, fixed by restarting the bot but still
  13. Awesome, sounds good & thx for continued support.
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