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  1. So I found that it's due to my settings frequently getting reset... it's disabling things like selling/repair/pathfinder.
  2. This profile has been dead for a long while now. There are currently some alternatives available both free & PAID for Ally & horde, respectively. Check out FNV's quester 1-45 for alliance which is now free and is incredibly good. Bambo now has a 1-50 horde quester for approximately 20 euro that is also great. Best of luck.
  3. This is happening to me very frequently on both sunwell/netherwing. My bots arent realizing they're dead for some reason. I have tried messing with latency values etc... nothing seems to work. I never use addons with my bot clients. Bot seems to not realize that it's actually dead and even when it does pathfinding doesn't seem to work. The map shows a straight line going to the my corpse rather than a route generated by pathfinder, fixed by restarting the bot but still
  4. Awesome, sounds good & thx for continued support.
  5. Hi Ordush, any updates to the FC being made soon? I remember you saying that you were working on some additions for the TBC version. The FC works great but with the broken nature of autopetfeeder for tbc the feed pet issue is cumbersome for TBC botting.
  6. This is great news, could you please close it for both vanilla & TBC too if possible? The gate is still closed in TBC (maybe WOTLK too). Thanks Droidz!
  7. @Droidz Thanks vendoring is fixed with latest update! My bots seem to not be realizing they're red/durability is at zero now though and as a result arent repairing unless I manually force them to town. Edit- Seems to be fine now.
  8. Yeah Nightbane as well. Bot is actually opening the inn keeper dialogue fine now, but it just doesnt sell. I can fix it temporarily by sellling one item manually then the bot vendors everything. No addons on at all.
  9. Latest update has not corrected it. Vendoring on TBC has been wonky for past 2 weeks. Any fixes in the pipeline? It's all vendoring, not just at inn keepers.
  10. Even though it says socks5 on your login, you have to go to the other screen with each individual proxy and change it to SOCKS5. I had the same issue.
  11. Disable all addons. This is usually caused by UI mods like pFUI or Elveui. Also, adjust latency settings under other options.
  12. Having same problems since last update. The bot also fails to open the actual vendors at NPC's that have prompts IE innkeepers or trainers that are also vendors. It can't open the prompt to get to the actual vending portion.
  13. Or just wait let the bot wait it out till natural regen gets you to 100??????????????????????????????? Any quests in water should be completely fairly quickly.
  14. I used to bot vanilla in the background while doing M+ in the foreground. Was banned for 6 months for automation even though i never injected anything into retail. Mind you, I botted Vanilla frequently and not in a vm so take that what you will. When you connect to retail all background apps are scanned. I didn’t even try to appeal. Be careful.
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